Backyard Football 2002 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Backyard Football 2002 
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 Backyard Football 2002 Cheats

Backyard Football 2002

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Jonathan

If you enter in "MRCLANKEY" as your coach name you'll have the practice robots as you team.

Joe Montana:
Submitted by: nightraider

On the player selection screen type in "JOEY" and the transperent kid will now have a 49ers
helmet and jersey,named "Joe" ,and will have the best QB stats in the game.

Perfect custom player stats:
Enter "PERFECTDUDES" as a coach name.

Walter Payton:
Submitted by: nightraider

On the player selection screen type in "SWEETNESS". Now the tranperent kid will have a Bears
helmet and jersey, will be named "Payton", and will have the best RB stats in the game.

Easy touchdown:
* Select Rich Gannon as your QB, Pete Wheeler as your RB, and any wide receivers of your 
  choice. On offense, select #1 and choose "Outside Handoff". Give the ball to Pete Wheeler
  and have him run it up the sidelines. About 95% of the time, he will break away for a TD 
  if you use it all four downs.

* Get two receivers on each side. Make one do a slant route and one a fly.The one 
  doing the slant will be wide open.

Recommended team:
Choose the following players:
Drew Bledsoe: QB
Pablo Sanchez: RB
Junior Seau: Blocker
Vikki K.: WR

Set up the following team:
Drew Bledsoe: QB
Pablo Sanchez: RB
Ernie Steele: WR
Jevon Kearse: WR
Junior Seau: C

Pablo Sanchez: S
Tony Delvecchio: LB
Jevon Kearse: CB
Keshia Phillips: CB
Junior Seau: DL

Pablo Sanchez: BH
Tony Delvecchio: Line
Jevon Kearse: Line
Keshia Phillips: K
Junior Seau: Center

Pablo Sanchez: Returner:

The rest do not matter, except keep Tony Delvecchio and Junior Seau.
Note that the kicking line up and defense are the same

Pablo speaks English:
Go into season mode and put Pablo Sanchez on your team. The other players do
not matter. Once you get to the team photo, click on Pablo Sanchez. His card
should pop up on the left side of the screen. Hold [Shift] and click on his 
card. Pablo should start speaking in English. 

Save season mode game:
To save during a game in season mode, call a timeout and go to "Change Playbook".
When that screen appears, select the "Save" button. A screen should appear with 
a list of saved games. Choose to save again. You can now quit the game and 
return to that point at any time.

Enter the following as a coach name: 

Effect                           Code
Play as Houston Texans         - HOUSTONS
Play as Practice Dummies team  - MRCLANKY

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