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  Hints and Tips for: Baldi's Basics Plus 
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 Baldi's Basics Plus Cheats

Baldi's Basics Plus

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Eat Cheese:
Written by Tazer-Studios

This Tutorial is about the cheese: There is an incredible variety of cheese 
available worldwide and the different flavors, textures and styles all come 
with their own methods for eating and enjoying the flavor at its best. This 
article will give you tips on how to eat cheese so that you can fully 
experience its flavor. Now before we get hungry, we must get Baldi to teach 
us. He is already doing it.

-=How To Acquire The Cheese=-
First of all, you must sneak onto Wallace's house. when you do, quickly enter 
the door as soon as Wallace opens it without knowing. If for some reason the 
door is occupied. You can go into the opened window instead. Now you have to 
get to the fridge. Beware of gromit, he is the smart one who always knows 
there is something wrong. Now quickly take all the cheese. If you do get 
caught by gromit, you might as well get your crowbar. It's gonna get messy.

-=How To Use The Cheese=-
If you somehow successfully brought the Cheese into your home, you might 
contact Beans to help you out, for a messy reason. To use the Cheese, use 
your hand to grab the Cheese. Take a glimpse at it's holes for inspection. 
There might be Tiny Dancing Engineer inside it. When you finish inspecting 
it, you must call Beans into your house. Beans is well known for giving 
Cheese the perfect flavour. When you bring him into your home. Beans needs 
use his large mouth to sweeten it. You are wondering why it gives it good 
taste. Because he chews gum all day and his tooth is sweet. Now insert the 
Cheese into his mouth. He must gently rub the Cheese against his Teeth. 
When your done, you boosted your Cheesy Taste to 110%. Now that your ready, 
you are on to the best part.

-=How To Eat The Cheese=-
Now that you are done. you have to eat it? how? you haven't been to eating 
practice? Well this will teach you how to eat Cheese!. First, pick up the 
cheese using your right or left hand. Then, position it infront of your 
mouth using your arms. Open your big wide mouth open then move the cheese 
into your mouth. Close your mouth and bite it. Chew the Cheese then 
swallow. Your done! you finished your cheese. 
All of that work is worth it.

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