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  Hints and Tips for: Banished 
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 Banished Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks for Getting Started:
Before you play the Banished game, you will definitely want to 
know these simple but useful tips and tricks. 

* If your population becomes stagnant you will find that workers will die 
off faster than they are replaced. If you havenít built a town hall, do it.
It allows you to track statistics like food production and population growth.

* Every year you should be building a few houses. The biggest problem with 
a growing a population is you have kids living with their parents and there 
just isnít enough room for a baby.

* I usually set up my town with 5 house side by side in a row. I then put 
another 5 running parallel to them. Farms are directly across from the houses 
to cut down on walk time. I always try to build the biggest farm you can. I 
think it is 15◊15. I then put down a log cutter, blacksmith, and weaver. 
Depending on my population and trade I might put down multiples. When you have 
a surplus of labor and a steady growth going, put down a school. Warehouses 
are very important. Build a lot of them for the years you donít produce as much.

* It is possible to fish and hunt the wildlife to extinction. It takes a lot 
to do that and you should never run into the problem if you donít overlap 
hunting cottages or fishing docks. After I figure out where Iím putting my 
next expansion I would find a spot of untouched wilderness and put a gathererís 
hut, hunting cottage, herbalist, tree cutter, and a house or two all together 
in the middle. Hunting lodges donít need to be where there are deer.

* There is a removal tool that allows you to just collect a certain resource. 
If you find you are running low on iron, click the tool and make a huge square 
over iron. If you are still low on tools, make more blacksmiths.

* My year usually starts with me pulling everyone from their usual jobs and 
making them farmers. When you click on a farm you can adjust how many people 
can work it. Large farms should have 6 workers, and at least 4. Orchards are 
luxuries. They take years to see a return and even then it isnít much. When 
winter comes I reassign all the farmers to various other jobs I need. Most 
buildings can have the maximum worker count raised, and it should be. Having 
one fishing dock with max workers is better than 3 with 1 or 2 workers.

* It is possible to reach a point where your town becomes self sufficient. A 
friend of mine tried it. He said there would be years where a large population 
of the community would die off, but would rebound many years later for a surplus. 

* You will be cursing old people in this game for taking up valuable space 
for a 20 year old to have a baby with a 11 year old.

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