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  Hints and Tips for: Battlerite 
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 Battlerite Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Alysia Snow Queen Guide:
Written by Texyalen

Alysia the snow queen which summon the strom and freeze it's enemy, she is a heavy 
disabler which may bit slow compare to other, but don't underestimate her power, 
which today we gonna take a deep look into this charater.

-=Play Style=-
Alysia mainly focus on the defence position, as her have low dps so every aim is 
matter,so don't go solo or flank enemy, which put youself into great danger. 

The normal attack will apply chill, which slow targert for 25%, if hit multiple 
times you will casuse enemy to freeze.

The right click for her is a long range attack, a cystal lance that hit enemy on 
long range, which a skill card that gonna boosted it to explosive lance that deal 
speard chill, which recommand to pick up.

-=Glacial Prism=-
The Glacial prism is a small shield temporary defence the tragert, have limit of
 time(2s) so alway cast it while in fight or chased by melee.

The shift version is a ice block that block you tragert from enemy attack, which 
small heal(30hp), a perfect skill to save low hp teammate.

-=Flash Freeze=-
a Aoe skill that hit a area, and apply chill on all hit tragert,there a skill 
card boost this skill to strom freeze, a must own imporvement.

-=Ice Crown=-
Ice crown will push out enemy on tragert and block any bullet or project, use 
while melee chase you tail or keep other ranger to harm you.

-=Frozen Gallery=-
The ultimate skill of her is very large freeze skill, this skill require 
reposition youself, the space skill to place youself,so you could hit two or 
three tragert same time.

-=Card Selection=-
Snow Queen (Disable)

For the card selection part, my frist and common build is like below, by boosted 
up the cryogenic lance card, the right click became a Aoe skill, and flash freeze 
became a strom Aoe,in this build I give up glacial prism and normal attack boost 
which are not so effect skill.

This build is pretty nice for newbie, which maxmum this hero disable power.

-=Strom Gurad (Support)=-
The second build is a team player, which pick up two cards on gacial prism, so 
you team could absorb more damage, and one card boost the movement since this 
hero really slow,the rest two card you could pick as you like. 

Since this build hava low attack power, so you may need to stick to team more.

-=Cystal Lancer (Support)=-
My final deck is bull and aggressive, which I highly against newbie play it, this 
role pick up too three dmg boosted cards, which mean Alysia became a dmg base hero, 
the wintry blast will kick melee enemy hard while they tried to take you down, and 
other lance and flash freeze Aoe will inflict heavy damage.

It's sure a very powerful play style, but only try while you played it on disable 
build severl times,Alysia is really fragile so you gonna need high reflect to keep 
it alive, but once you master all skill of her, this build will land nightmare on 

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