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  Hints and Tips for: Battlezone: Combat Commander 
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 Battlezone: Combat Commander Cheats

Battlezone: Combat Commander

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

In-game cheats, to be typed in the console (usually accessed using Ctrl+` or Ctrl+~ 
depending on keyboard layout).

Code                     Effect
game.cheat bzbody      - Invulnerability.
game.cheat bztnt       - Infinite ammunition.
game.cheat bzfree      - Infinite biometal.
game.cheat bzradar     - Perfect radar.
game.cheat bzedit      - Enables editor.
game.cheat bzview      - Enables satellite access on Shift+F10.
ai.winmission          - Instant mission victory.
game.cheat bzwinner    - Instant mission victory.
game.cheat bzloser     - Instant mission loss.
game.cheat bzstealth   - Moves the user to team 0.
game.cheat bzunstealth - Moves the user back to their original team.
game.cheat bzlockaip   - Prevents the AI from switching between plan sets.

-=Profile Name Cheats=-
playisdf     - Starts game as ISDF campaign.
playscion    - Starts game as Scion campaign.
playallisdf  - Starts game as ISDF campaign + all missions unlocked.
playallscion - Starts game as Scion campaign + all missions unlocked.

Tips & Tricks:
Written by Rebellion

1. Keep spending!
Letting the income of scrap come to a halt can be detrimental as the player is 
only able to hold so much before a cap is reached. Keeping a tab on your upgrades 
and having a constant flow of new units will allow the player to have, not just 
a fresh arsenal of vehicles, but also ones of the highest spec.

2. Extra firepower!
In order to get the upper hand in a potentially tense 1v1 battle, consider weapon 
linking in order to fire two weapons at the same time. The additional damage dealt 
could be the difference and ensure victory!
3. Save often!
Having committed to making an awesome base and an army to be proud of, the last 
thing a player needs is to lose it all having not saved! The auto save system you 
might be used to is not applicable for this 90’s remake so make sure to save as 
often as possible to prevent table flipping!

4. Defending is key!
Making sure you base is fully fortified with any units upgraded as much as possible 
is recommended before considering taking on the enemy. Ensuring your Recycler is 
always deployed, and Scavengers set up over bio-metal pools for scrap acquisition, 
will allow for good defensive preparation with the eventual construction of 
defensive structures and units.

5. Repair and reload!
Keeping ones ammo well stocked and armour in good stead will ensure longevity on 
the battlezone. Service Pods deployed by Recyclers will provide a quick fix for 
single units whereas static Service Bays provide slow healing over time. 
For mobility Service Trucks provide healing for units and structures.

6. Know your units!
Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the units produced by your Factory can be 
hugely beneficial. Reliance of particular vehicles can lead to a quick demise so 
understanding good unit combinations can aid in the formation of a fearsome assault 

7. Navigation Beacons!
When it is necessary to mobilise units and send them to specific locations it is 
vital to have Navigation Beacons set up. Their presence allows for speedy mobility 
to targeted areas of interest.

8. Consider a strategic approach!
Like other RS games you have the ability to overlook the battlefield and control 
them that way. By accessing the terminal in your Relay Bunker a top-down view of 
the battlefield will become available.

9. Customise your loadouts!
The terminal inside your Factory or Recycler allows for the customisation of your 
weapon loadout for many of the units at your disposal.

10. Multiple constructors!
Having more than one constructor in operation ultimately allows for the speedy 
construction of base units, as well as the ability to upgrade far off Extractors 
and set up gun towers at crucial locations.

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