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  Hints and Tips for: Bear With Me: The Lost Robots 
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 Bear With Me: The Lost Robots Cheats

Bear With Me: The Lost Robots

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Guide:
Written by TheDeluxeTux

This will help 100% the game.

-=The Lost Robots=-
In the opening scene, examine all of the film reels in the room for CINEMANIAC.

In the newsroom, examine all of the news articles for CLIPPINGS, CLIPPINGS EVERYWHERE. 
Keep making the typist rearrange the news board for POKING THE CHAMELEON. you may not be 
able to earn this one until later in the game.

At the riverside, use the white paint on the board for NEED A FRIEND, and use the poet’s 
cane on the poet for STICK TO THE CHEESE.

At the garage, examine all of the cars for GEARHEAD. Try several times to retrieve the 
item from the animal there for I’M MORE OF A DOG PERSON. Examine the swinging magnet in 
the back for PATIENT ONE. You may have to wait on the screen for a while until this one 

Back at the newsroom, after cracking the safe, close the safe to earn SECRET KEEPER.

In the office, examine the bobblehead several times to earn BULBTASTIC.

When you break into the factory, save. Solve the conveyor belt puzzle with no mistakes 
to earn I DON’T MAKE MISTAKES. If I recall correctly, the correct answer is to toggle 
the top 5 switches, the eighth switch, and the bottom switch.

When you return to the garage, save. Solve the robot reassembly puzzle with no mistakes 
to earn CONNECTING THE ACCOUNTANT. Here is a solution. The format is: wire (from left), 
section (from left), spot in section (from left).


When you get back to the club, SAVE. When the singer starts singing, pull the lever 
immediately for SIMON COWELL STYLE. Reload the game and wait a few minutes before 
pulling the lever for THREE YESES (will pop when lever is pulled).

Once behind the bar, select one of each booze from the shelf in a tall glass for THE 
TEDTM. After that, mix one of each cocktail for COCKTAIL MASTER. The correct cocktail 
is the one in the lower left corner, so do that one last. The bad guys will quiz you; 
intentionally select all wrong answers on each question for I WASNT REALLY PAYING 

When the lighthouse opens up, go there *immediately* for OVERZEALOUS.

LOST ROBOTS NO MORE will pop at the end of the chapter.

-=Chapter 1=-
Make the magnifying glass for ARTS AND CRAFTS. Before leaving the office, use the record 
Out in the hall, ask the robot about the red man for LAUGHING STOCK.

In the study, use the globe for AROUND THE WORLD.

You will automatically earn FEAR OF THE DARK and PHOTO DEVELOPMENT 101 through normal 
progress. SAVE after developing the photo.

You will be controlling the Red Man. Kill Millie for MURDERER and then later examine 

RELOAD and direct the Red Man to the window for RED HAS LEFT THE BUILDING. 
Show the cloth to Millie for EVIDENCE.


EXELSIOR will unlock at the end of Chapter 1.

-=Chapter 2=-
In the control room, hit a suspicious button on the control panel for DEEDEE DON’T 
After crossing the bridge and leaving the area, return for EYE OF THE SEAGULL.

After solving the puzzle in the mill, SAVE. You will be given control of Red Man.

Attack CBG for DARK KNIGHT FALLS. Reload, and destroy the diner for SEEK AND DESTROY.

At the mansion, go to the far right for MISSED A SPOT. SAVE.

Go upstairs and sell out Brian for DEAD OFFICER MITCH. 
Reload and do the opposite for IM A BEAR NOT A RAT.

In the Casino, examine everybody for SOCIAL BUTTERFLY.

SAVE before talking to King. Tell him about the Mugshots to earn RABBIT SEASON and 
decide not to shoot him for GOING TO NEED A BIGGER GUN.

Reload. Do the opposite of what you did above for DUCK SEASON and DO YOU FEEL LUCKY, 

In the basement, click on the flytrap-looking plant for OH SNAP. Answer the questions 
The answers are: 1, Left, 38, CBG, 140, Howard, Your mom?

When you solve the voodoo puzzle you will earn THE FIFTH ELEMENT.

-=Chapter 3=-
SAVE at the start of the chapter. Do not touch the umbrella. Examine the door 
mechanism, then click southeast, west, east, a random direction other than north, 
and north. If you guess correctly, you will earn VOODOO PEOPLE PUZZLE PEOPLE and 
shortly afterward NOT GONNA RAIN.
Later, in the voodoo lair, examine all voodoo objects for CALL ME VOODOO JONES.

When playing as ted, at the docks, examine the duck about a dozen times for IM A 

In the mansion, examine the couch for NO REST FOR THE WICKED. In the library, 
solve the book puzzle for BOOKWORM.

At the vault, you will earn THE MACHINIST for solving the puzzle with no mistakes. 
Put the keys in this order from top to bottom: air, water, earth, fire. 
With the top key being number 1, turn the keys in this order: 
1, 4, 2, 3, 2, 3, 1, 4, 3, 1, 2, 4.

Pick up the suitcase and return it to Sharkey for A BEAR ALWAYS PAYS HIS DEBTS.

During the interrogation, say “He got you!”, “Oh snap!” and then “Get me a Nerve-wreck 
double special” to get CHESTBURSTER and YOU GOT SERVED LAWRENCE.

In the evidence room, examine the sorting hat for DRINKINDOR.

In Flint’s room, examine the rabbits for TRUE COLORS.

Later, select the mugshots again at the vending machine for TWO FOR ONE.

At the climax, save. When Amber and Red face off, use the sword for GROUNDHOG DAY. 
Reload, and get HE’S GONE.

For earning everything else, enjoy TRUE DETECTIVE.

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