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  Hints and Tips for: Beastmancer 
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 Beastmancer Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Church Basement Key:
If you go to Bestiary and double click a monster icon, then type in the 
nickname textbox “gimme gimme KeyChurch” (case sensitive) it will give 
you the key.
Sends You Back to The World Map:
Go to any monster screen (Bestiary -> double click in a monster icon) 
and in the nickname textbox type “LET ME OUT” and Enter.

100% Achievement Guide:
Written by Jupis

A guide to help people reach the 100% achievements in this game.

-==Story Related==-

-= Dangerous
Win 20 battles, you'll get that by playing.

-= Unstoppable
Win 100 battles, wait to have the legendaries to focus on this one, you'll have 
to farm with them to end the game anyway.

You'll first defeat Nero in the arena, and you will meet him soon after to 
unlock this achievement.

-= Red's Bane
Story related, you have to beat Myr.

-= The Hunt
Story related, you have to beat the Wild Lioness.

-= Rebel
Story related, you have to defeat Marius. 

-= Innocence Lost
Story related, you have to defeat Paulina.

-= Magnicide
Story related, you have to defeat Alexius.

Story related, you have to defeat the Wild Walker.

-=Forgotten Hero
Story related, it is the good ending of the game.

-=Beast Lord
Story related, the second ending, and it is the bad one.

-==The Optional Bosses==-
You will meet this guy in the quest of Dressus the guy that is in shop that sell 
crystals and heal monsters, he isn't very strong, and it's needed to beat him to 
have all the monsters in the game.

She is in the arena under the tavern, you need to talk to the girl that can 
replenish your mana after beating Nero in the arena to have the key to go there, 
you'll have to beat 2 guys before her.

After beating nero in the arena, you'll have to talk with him in the tavern, he 
will give you a quest, do it, and then later in the game find him under the church 
and side with Circe.

-=Holy Warrior
After beating nero in the arena, you'll have to talk with Diomedes, and do his 
quest, later into the game he will dissapear you'll find him under the church
 you'll have to side with Diomedes.

-=Pirate Hunter
This achievement is forcing Memnon to fight with you basically, and to do so, 
you'll have to kill at least 3 persons before the cursed tower and they are : 
Nero, Myr, Circe or Diomedes, The Wild Lioness, Marius, i did kill them all to 
be sure, the fight will be at the cursed tower, before the stairs to Alexius, 
he is less strong than Alexius and 3 legendary should be enough to have no problem 
against him.

-==The Leveling Achievements==-
Reach lvl 20 with your character, it is the easiest of them, you will get it by 
simply playing.

-=Legendary Beast
Reach lvl 20 with a common monster, this is the most time consuming of the four, 
cause they deal no damage, you gain more xp if they land the killing blow, i did it 
personally with the canon testudo.

-=Legendary Monster
Reach lvl 20 with a rare monster, i did it with the guardian noctua, cause it was 
my starter, it is time consumming and a bit useless cause you won't use it anymore 
after that, but it shouldnt take more than 2 hours.

-=Legendary Demon
Reach lvl 20 with a legendary monster, you are actually close to be forced to do so, 
cause you need them to end the game (i think you can with rare but it would be much 
harder and longer) the best area to xp is the Volcano imo.

-=The Grimoire
It is Cato the guy that sell books of magic that give you this quest, it is very 
hard to miss cause main quest will lead you to him, you'll have to get back 4 
pages of a book. 

1 - In the room close to him.
2 - Under the church.
3 - In the Formican Nest, after the boulder that block the path.  
    (It is located in the Hidden Cove)
4 - In the Black Fort's dungeon. 

After that you'll have to go to the Volcano and summon him and i suggest you to 
capture him.

-=The Deadly Six
You gotta capture all the 6 legendaries, before everything you'll have to talk 
to Cato the guy that sells magic books to know about the second island in the 
game and to know about the rune key also.

1 - Light : He is under the church after the altar that resurrect monsters where 
    Diomedes and Circe are.
2 - Nature : At the end of the Formican Nest there is a portal that open a 
    jungle where is the boss.
3 - Wind : After the Black Fort, The Northern Pass at the end.
4 - Fire : At the end of the Volcano.
5 - Darkness : In the Scorching Plains inside the Catacombes.
6 - Water : You'll have to talk with The Wild Walker in the Cursed Tower to have 
    the location, he is at the end of the Temple Island.

You just have to depretrify all the monsters in those statue for this achievement, 
i highly suggest to capture them cause they are unique and you won't be able to 
get them again.

1 - Tetsudo King : He is in the Broken Coast
2 - Forest Guardian : Forest Ruins
3 - Araneus : The Lost Jungle
4 - Colossus : Black Fort's dungeon
5 - Golem Rider : Scorching Plains' Catacombs
6 - Merfolk General : Temple Island

You get this achievement by having the 14 spells in the game.

1 - Lightning Strike : Buying it from Cato or asking him embarassing 
    question about the prince being a beastmancer when you first meet him
2 - Inspire : In Cato's shop you loot it
3 - Freeze : I don't remember where you loot it exactly, but i know its a loot 
    on the first island (Maybe close to Nero?)
4 - Healing : Buy it from Cato
5 - Incinerate : Buy it from Cato
6 - Lightning Storm : Buy it from Cato
7 - Mass Healing : Buy it from Cato
8 - Arcane Shield : Black Fort after you beat the guy with the key, on the book
9 - Mass Inspire : Cave Depot after reading the map in the Black Fort
10 - Dispel : I don't remember, i think it's a loot from the second island
11 - Mass Arcane Shield : I don't remember
12 - Mass Incinerate : I don't remember
13 - Meteor : In a chest in Volcano
14 - Armageddon : After ending the quest with the grimoire, get back to Cato 
     for the reward

-=Monster Lover
You have to capture all the monsters in the game a single time, i don't know if 
it count if one of them die, i didn't try it, they are 64 in total.

1 - Eye Bat : In the practice island, or at the beginning of the game in 
   the cave close to West Coast
2 - Swamp Gecko : In the practice island or Broken Coast
3 - Merfolk Soldier : West Coast
4 - Carcinus : West Coast
5 - Undine : West Coast
6 - Kobold Shaman : Cave close to West Coast
7 - Kobold Hunter : Cave close to West Coast
8 - Kobold Warchief : Cave close to West Coast
9 - Kobold Warrior : Cave close to West Coast
10 - Cannon Testudo : Broken Coast or given by Captain Memnon if you did 
    the practice island
11 - Wizard Testudo : Broken Coast
12 - Shinobi Testudo : Broken Coast
13 - Testudo King : Statue [UNIQUE]
14 - Ratkin Brigand : Western Road
15 - Ratkin Raider : Western Road
16 - Ratkin Assassin : Western Road
17 - Noctua Druid : Western Road
18 - Noctua Scout : Western Road
19 - Treant : Western Road
20 - Umbra : Razed Village
21 - Fire Formican : Formican Nest
22 - Earth Formican : Formican Nest
23 - Ice Formican : Formican Nest
24 - Queen Formican : Formican Nest [UNIQUE] [You find her in the east 
     of the entrance]
25 - Horror : Black Fort's dungeon
26 - Spectre Knight : Black Fort's dungeon
27 - Colossus : Statue [UNIQUE]
28 - Noctua Guardian : Forgotten Pass or with the statue in Forest Ruins
29 - Fenrir : Northern Pass
30 - Snow Gecko : Northern Pass
31 - Garudon : Northern Pass
32 - Ghoul Archer : Church's basement 
33 - Ghoul : Church's basement 
34 - Stone Golem : With the Light Demon (Legendary) in the church's basement
35 - Viverrus : Given by Drussus after completing his quest and beaten the 
     Hooded Man [UNIQUE]
36 - Simion : In the Lost Jungle
37 - Troll : Lost Jungle
38 - Alpha Simion : Lost Jungle
39 - Vine Elemental : Lost Jungle
40 - Araneus : Statue [UNIQUE]
41 - Demonic Knight : Black Fort's dungeon (Not sure)
42 - Forest Guardian : Statue [UNIQUE]
43 - Dagon : Far Coast
44 - Sand Gecko : Red Wastes
45 - Obsidian Golem : Volcano
46 - Vorax : Scorching Plains' Catacombs
47 - Golem Rider : Statue [UNIQUE]
48 - Ghoul Champion : Scorching Plains' Catacombs
49 - Wolvenaur : Scorching Plains
50 - Finfolk Guard : Temple Island
51 - Merfolk Captain : Temple Island
52 - Finfolk Magus : Temple Island
53 - Gargoyle : Volcano 
54 - Flauros : Volcano
55 - Plague Champion : Scorching Plains' Catacombs
56 - Finfolk Archer : Temple Island
57 - Merfolk General : Statue [UNIQUE]
58 - Sathanus : Demon of the Grimoire [UNIQUE]
59 - Samael : Demon of the Light [UNIQUE]
60 - Triffida : Demon of the Nature [UNIQUE]
61 - Arch Garudon : Demon of the Wind [UNIQUE]
62 - Abaddon : Demon of the Fire [UNIQUE]
63 - Messorius : Demon of the Darkness [UNIQUE]
64 - Scilla : Demon of the Water [UNIQUE]

Get the 18 recipes for Alchemy to unlock this, i unfortunately don't remember 
most of them so this list will be pretty empty, if people remember some be free 
to write in comment, so i add them, the blue and red crystal are gifted by the 
quest of the alchemist, the big mana potion too if i recall, the big health 
potion is on the corpse of Titus in the Formican Nest every merchands or nearly 
sell one recipe and most of them are looted on corpses. 

You need to spare everybody in your game, you also need to fulfill the quest 
in the tavern by chosing either Diomedes or Circe (i did chose to spare Circe) 
if you don't do this quest you won't have it, so the list of people to spare 
should be this.

1 - Nero
2 - Myr
3 - Circe/Diomedes
4 - The Wild Lioness
5 - Marius
6 - Paulina
7 - Myr (again)
8 - Alexius
9 - The Wild Walker

-=Not So Green
When you first meet Memnon accept to train on the island.

-=My Champion
Ending the game with your first monster alive, he doesn't have to be in your 
team when you end the game, just alive.

-=Court of Owls
Win a fight with only the three different Noctua in your team.

A bit similar to the one before, you have to win a fight with the 4 types of 
Testudo only in your team, one of them is one of the statues.

-=No Attachments
Win the game with the option permadeath enabled, i suggest you to play directly 
like this, if you're careful you shouldn't even have deaths.

Tips: Do not get to the Cursed Tower without being lvl 20 you wouldn't succeed!! 
You cannot return once you enter the Cursed Tower so end everything before.

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