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  Hints and Tips for: Beat Banger 
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 Beat Banger Cheats

Beat Banger

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Cheat Codes & How to Enable Console:
Full list of cheat codes currently (Version 3.48) 

Code              Effect  
ping            = Returns “Pong!”
hello           = Returns “Hey!”
clear           = Clears the console window of entries
history         = Returns previously entered text in the form of 
                  an array (sorted form most recent to least recent)
reload          = Reloads scene (Highly recommended not to use 
                  during level, currently softlocks game)
handsfree       = Automatically activates notes (Also sets “clean_game” 
                  to false, resulting in no progress, money, score, etc.)
nofail          = missing notes does not take your hearts away 
                  (Does NOT effect “clean_game” stat)
hidehud         = Toggles all hud element visibility
fail            = Forces FAIL event
end             = Skips to end of level (If “handsfree” was used, the 
                  command will go back to level select, otherwise it 
				  goes to successful level end screen and subsequent 
clearsaveonly   = Resets save data (Shop purchases, money, level progress)
clearalldata    = Resets all game data (Save Data and Options)
resetsteam      = Resets Steam Stats (No noticeable effect currently)
opendata        = Opens user data directory (The directory your save file 
                  and settings are located in)
logs            = Opens beat_banger.log file
givemoney [int] = Adds [int] to your current money amount (e.g. “givemoney 
                  1500” returns “Gave player $1500” and adds $1500 to total 
calculatebeat   = Honestly, not really sure how to use this command
rewind -[int]   = Reloads level at [int] note. Note: “-” is required before 
                  [int] otherwise command leads to softlock
saveload        = Saves game, then loads game
freecandy       = Unlocks all levels (Must use on level select screen 
                  [Unlock state gets cleared after leaving screen, to 
				  permanently unlock all levels, complete last level and 
				  previous levels will be unlocked])
-=Scene Unlock Commands=-
goto [scene_name] = Jumps to [scene_name]

* intro (Jumps to developer splash screen and subsequent “warning” screens)
* warning (Jumps to “Warning” screens)
* mainmenu (Jumps to “Main Menu” screen)
* levelselect (Currently jumps to Act1 level select menu)
* mods (Jumps to “Mods” screen)
* cutscene (Jumps to selected level’s end cutscene)
* game (Jumps to last played character level [Very buggy, no real reason 
  to use this, instead use “loader”] )
* loader (Jumps to selected level load screen, starting level from the 
  beginning without issue)
* gallery (Jumps to “Gallery” screen)
* modifiers (Jumps to “Modifiers” screen)
* scorescreen (Jumps to selected level’s ending score screen)
* soundtest (Jumps to “Sound Test” screen)
* pointshop (Jumps to “Shop” screen)
* extras (Jumps to “Extras” screen)
* credits (Jumps to “Credits” screen)
* demo (Jumps to “Thank you so much a-for-to playing my game” splash screen)
* error (Opens log file in game window)
-=How to Enable the Console=-
Just press the "F2" button on your keyboard.

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