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  Hints and Tips for: Bellwright 
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 Bellwright Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks:
Make sure to check different villages when hiring. Staying in the 
first few would limit both your renown gain and options for recruiting.

The game has a soft gate for how many villagers you can have at different 
stages of progression, so while you can always grind to get more renown 
and get any number of them, it will get progressively harder without 
advancing the rest of the game.

There are alternative ways to gain renown like gaining trust levels in 
villages or building animal trophies, so you can try to do quests in 
farther settlements to bypass that limit even early on.

You can actually craft Straps with a Toolmaker after building a Village 
Hall, so itís an early game grind until you reach that point in progression. 
You can opt to only spend Straps on the most critical research you need 
until reaching it.

To plant Wheat, you need a Thresher. Itís unlockable right after a Farm. 
All you need is a little bit of Wheat from the fields to start your own 

My personal advice with food is to diversify the production. This way, 
you get benefits in different areas depending on your needs and have a 
backup when needed.

Having foraging as a backup is always good, but early on before you 
unlock a Hunterís Camp, Trapper is really good as well and isnít locked 
during winter.

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