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  Hints and Tips for: Beyond The Wire 
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 Beyond The Wire Cheats

Beyond The Wire

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Artillery Guide:
Written by [503.]captain swiftfingers

Simple artillery guide and what i have found to work.

-=Basics of a Squad Leader=-
* Your job is to lay down the physical artillery pieces, which your 
  gunners can then build.
* Press T and select the middle command (2 seems to be the limit).
* You want to find flat ground with long sight lines(will light up blue 
  when ready) keep your squad within 250m of the objective, i wouldn't go 
  closer than 100m as you can be picked off easily by a disgruntled sniper. 
  Make sure to set up your rally whilst laying the arty pieces down.

Once set up you can being to issue commands. Place an attack mark and get 
your team to line up as best as they can. Get them to fire off a shot 
individually to range them in, giving feedback on where they are hitting. 
Use your binos (number 5) to help with this. You may need to get closer 
to the front and relay info back.

-=Basics for Gunners=-
* Your job is to follow your squad leader, Build arty pieces with your 
  shovel and man the guns.
* In order to build the arty pieces, pull your shovel out, hold lmb and 
  it will start to build. 
* Once built man the gun by holding F. 
* Allow your squad leader to find a target and listen to him closely.
* When the fire command is issued, fire individually and listen to the 
  feedback of the fire commander. R to reload.
* To aim left and right use A and D, UP ranging is down via the mouse 
  and not very accurate. 
* If you get on target i would recommend to turn your sensitivity down 
  and try to not move your mouse, only pushing lmb as minor changes will 
  make a huge difference in long range shooting.
* The explosion radius of shells is not huge but even suppressing the 
  enemy is helpful to your team.

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