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  Hints and Tips for: Big Ambitions 
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 Big Ambitions Cheats

Big Ambitions

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Fastfood Restaurant Tips:
Tips for Fastfood Restaurant

* Ika Bohag has all the furniture you need (chairs, tables etc.).
* Make sure you are picking a table and not a desk! A desk can only 
  have one chair. Tables are also cheaper.
* Customers will also just sit in chairs and eat without tables. 
  Good for making a diner style layout.

-=Storing burgers=-
* Use normal storage racks. If you buy goods from wholesale that are in 
  boxes, they always get stored on a normal storage rack. 
  You donít need fridge or freezer.

-=Grillís yellow/red icon=-
* The yellow icon is likely indicating you are low on inventory. If it 
  is red it means it is out of stock.

-=Where to get a dustbin
* Trash bin is at AJ Pederson and Son, the appliance store on 5th avenue.

How to Optimize the Business of Lawyers:
It seems no one has said this yet, but there are some other ways.

A 10 capacity office business will basically never have 10 customers per 
hour, so there is no need to hire 10 lawyers. Iím sure some of them might 
be sitting there and wasting away.

The highest Iíve seen in a 24/7 law firm is 3 per hour, this was in a 75 
capacity building, meaning that at the lowest hours there only needed to 
be 3 employees working.

You can check this by looking at the graph in the bottom right of the 
ĎInsightí tab and pressing the Ďyesterdayí button on it. Lawfirms get 
slightly more customers on saturday/sunday, so beware!

Iíve only opened up 10 lawyer offices in Hellís Kitchen and garment district, 
Iím not sure if Midtown has better customer flow or how much difficulty 
affects it, but there is a lot of room to manipulate lawyer shifts so that 
you donít have a lot of employees wasting money.

At one point on hard mode, I had a 60k net average daily 5 person law firm, 
with a 6th person working on the weekends.

I think I have a 20-30k net average one right now in garment but I havenít 
checked it lately because garment is terrible for this and I just left it 
alone after setting it up. I can only get three customers per hour here and 
only during 11 hour shifts, which sucks, but it works.

Some store types are quality over quantity, or price over quantity, one of 
the members on the discord called it a ĎFill rateí, assuming you have no 
competitors in the district and 100% indexes, a jewelry fill rate is 
apparently like 35% of capacity.

Other stores, like fast food, are quantity-based, meaning itís easier to 
have a full 30 people in there making lots of small purchases.

Tips to Save Money on Cleaning:
You can just only hiring part time cleaners, one per building that you have.

Hire retail assistance with some cleaning skill, then i add them to clean 
for an hour before opening then they stand by the till once the shop is open.

Cleaning skill % means how much that employee can clean in an hour. Itís mentioned 
somewhere under ď?Ē. Itís not uncommon for some customer care employees to have 
like 17% cleaning. Which could be trained for a day to 27% to almost double the
 performance there. Not enough for larger fast food restaurant with high customer 
capacity, but the giftshop should be able to do just fine with 1..2 h cleaning 
after a single shift or a whole day.

Putting a customer service employee with a cleaning skill of like 15% on the 
cleaning station for 2 hours everyday. and have had no issues. cleaning employees 
arenít that necessary if you have a customer service employee who also has a bit 
of cleaning skill.

Delivery Contracts Guide:
When you select a business in BizMan, there is a section called Deliveries 
with a heading ďDelivery ContractsĒ. What is this for? Read below.

-=How It Works=-
You can setup a contract with local delivery from like NY distro INC where 
they deliver daily to your store. But itís inflated costs, I wouldnít recommend.

If youíve got a large operation that small 20 box contract likely wonít make up 
for a warehouse and some vans or trucks. Itís good for smallish stores that donít
 move much merchandise, but if you sell a lot of any product, a logistics set 
up with drivers is probably better.

I have noticed that you can order that wholesale contract multiple times for 1 
store so maybe you can get enough goods delivered to stock a large store (but I 
havenít really tested it). It would be easier than the logistics route but I 
donít think the game was meant to be played that way so it may not work, lol.

If you do not use all the merchandise before delivery youíll probably clog the 
businesses shelf with one type of product after a period of time using wholesale 

-=How to Cancel=-
Disable it in the BizMan menu under the businesses delivery tab. Pretty sure 
there is a red toggle somewhere in that menu as well.

Happiness Explained:
The annoying employees that ask for a peaceful work environment require 50% 
happiness, there is like no other reason and it can be just ignored.

Itís not a complaint, itís just one of the requirements that they can have 
like ďpart/full timeĒ

Typically better just avoid those ones because itís annoying to micromanage your 
happiness for no real benefit.

You can also enter a sad period if your happiness level is 0% which means you 
canít enter any buildings except your house or car. I recommend at least keeping 
your happiness level at least 25%.

How Does Marketing Works:
Written by Kyle

Marketing affects the promotion index, which is comprised of both Marketing and 
Traffic, 2% of marketing is 1% on the promotion index, so if you have 70 traffic, 
you want 60% marketing to reach max effectiveness.

Depending on the business type it can make a dent, in a jewelry store even one 
more customer can bring in thousands of dollars. Fast food businesses and cafes 
donít typically need it because they always meet building capacity (or at least, 
mine always have), but it can stabilize your customers per hours and bring in an 
extra few over all during your weaker hours.

Law firms mainly struggle due to demand and competitors in the district in my 
experience, I use marketing to provide a slight boost, I am pretty sure this 
works but I donít really pay attention anymore.

It isnít broken, itís just not always necessary and trying it out and seeing if 
it works for your business is something you have to do when setting up your new 
businesses. Keep in mind the weekend gets more customers too, so itís not as 
accurate as a measure if you compare weekdays to it.

-=For example=-
I disabled my 3k in marketing and my 29 customers hourly went down to like 16 
(19 on some days) and my net profits dropped by like 30k.

How to Move Headquarters Office:
Want to find a way to easily move offices for my headquarters to a bigger space?

-=Did You Can Move Headquarters Office=-
Unfortunately no easy way to move.

Would suggest just making a second one for your new employees, hq for the first 
16 businesses only need 5 slots (4 purchasing, 1 logistic for 16 locations).

Albeit i would probably move if i had a 4 slot office regardless.

-=Important note=
In case youíre not aware. You can jam in as many desks as possible in headquarters. 
The ďmax capacityĒ is only applicable to lawyers and developers, when external 
customers are involved.

As Kyle said, unless itís a 4 slot, than probably just make a second one. 
Youíll likely eventually have several HQ.

Gameplay Tips:
Written by Swisspike

Story mode. When you are asked to get one rounded display case, donít buy one, 
buy THREE.

This way, you can sell cheap flowers, cheap gifts, AND expensive gifts.

I was getting $2400 profit a day by the end of the first week. a storage unit for the back. Your employees will automatically restock 
the display cases.

Next..with your first employee, donít put him directly in the store. He (or she) 
sucks. Train them for several days. Youíre making 2k+ profit per day, and their 
training is only about 15% of your profit. My dude, day 14 now, is trained up to 
almost 70%.

Give yourself one day off a week, to re-stock. I left my apartment at 7:30 am, 
and didnít get finished re-stocking until 5 pm. Youíre just not going to do this 
in an hour or two.

Track your sales, daily. I am at the very start of my third week, with a full 
week of sales. I just boosted up the cost of my three products, incrementally. I 
will see total sales, and total profits, at the beginning of the next week. I will 
PRECISELY determine what price gets me the most profit this way.

Buy cleaning supplies, and when your store closes each evening, clean to 100%. 
This is a no brainer. LOTS easier to do it, and still get eight hours of sleep, 
instead of trying to do it in the morning, when youíre pretty busy.

I have already spent twelve thousand dollars getting the most expensive interior 
for my store, floors and walls. If you donít, you will lose ratings, customers, 
and money, FOREVER.

I still need music.

My first employee is part time. I have him working six days a week, for four hours. 
9 am to 1 pm. I work the rest of the time, from 1 pm to close at 8 pm. This gives 
me all morning to run errands, AND saves me a buttload of money. $35 an hour for 
24 hours in a week is $840 a week. Full time, at 40 hours, is $1400 a week. I can 
use this extra $560 a week for other things. I only work seven hours per day, plus 
the cleaning.

I am not sure if I will ever hire a cleaning guy. This is a LOT of money. 
Many when I am rolling in the dough.

Buy a truck. Holds twenty boxes. I need about eleven boxes a week for my three 
products, total. Canít do it in the starting vehicle, unless you make two trips. 
Nope. Inefficient. Get the truck. Take Monday off, get your four boxes of cheap, 
four boxes of expensive gifts, two boxes of cheap flowers, and some paper bags.

There are two wholesale stores. Use the one farther south. It is cheaper, and a 
drive through.

Using the information above, I am generating about $17,000 profit a week. I plan 
on completely paying off my loan, and saving up Ė cash Ė to start my second 

Prolong Your Death Guide (100 and 150 Birthday):
Written by Coppenst

Guide to reach birthday 100 and 150 in the game.
When you reach the age of 90, you will die in the game

-=To prolong your existence=-
* Go to the Hospital in North East Midtown
* Talk to the doctor who is sitting the the open office

Everytime you go to there, he will do -11 years in exchange for payment 
(this will be updated as I continue the game):

* 1st Payment = 700 million dollar (age 89)
* 2nd Payment = 875 million dollar (age 99)
* 3rd Payment = 1,093,750,000 dollar (age 109)
* 4th Payment = 1,367,187,000 dollar (age 119)
* 5th Payment = 1,708,984,000 dollar (age 129)

How to Change Clothes:
You can buy a wardrobe from Ika Bohag then you can change your clothes. 
It costs $700.

A cheaper alternative is going to the Gym.

In the backroom there are changing closets/wardrobes.

You can also change your clothes there.

Note: You only have to pay the entrance fee for the Gym.

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