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  Hints and Tips for: Bless Unleashed 
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 Bless Unleashed Cheats

Bless Unleashed

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to create a Guild?:
To start the guild formation process, look for the Guild Registrar NPC in large 
cities or camps. It’s easy to see on the World Map because of its symbol. When 
you speak with the Guild Registrar, you will be given the option of forming your 
own Guild. You have the power to alter the Guild’s emblem, handle applications, 
and allocate officials, veterans, members, and initiates as a Guild Master. 
Depending on the role granted to each member, the authority to change Guild 
characteristics varies. You can find basic information about the Guild on the 
Guild Info tab, such as the Emblem, the current Guild Master, the number of 
members, and the Guild History.
To form a Guild, you must satisfy all of the conditions listed below:

* You are a Level 10 or above player.
* You haven’t joined a guild yet.
* You haven’t left a guild in the previous 24 hours.
* You haven’t been kicked out of a guild in the past 24 hours. 
  In the previous three days, you haven’t disbanded a guild.
* The cost of forming a guild is 30,000.

You can name your Guild once you’ve completed all of the criteria.

How can i Vote-Kick?:
You’re stuck in your dungeon because a player went AFK? Are you afraid of 
receiving a punishment if you leave the dungeon? Don’t be concerned! 

That is something for which you can do. Just follow these simple steps;

1.Go to the party menu by tapping the “View” button and sliding over to “Party” 
  to access the vote-kick function. After that, choose a party member and choose 
  “Remove Party Member” to toss them out.
2.After that, a vote-kick screen will appear, giving players the option to kick 
  the elected user via the “Menu” button.
3.The user will be booted out of the dungeon as well as the party!

How to Fuse Items:
To fuse items in Bless Unleashed you need to visit the Fuse Specialist. 
He can be found in each city and the location is marked on the map.

Items available for fusion are shown in the specialist’s inventory. 
Select the items you want to fuse but keep in mind that you will need a 
certain amount of points. You can increase points by adding other items.

When the points requirement is met you can press space to Fuse items. 
The process ends with you having a new item in your inventory.

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