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  Hints and Tips for: Brewpub Simulator 
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 Brewpub Simulator Cheats

Brewpub Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K 

Fancy Lager for Beer Enthusiasts Club:
How to Complete It

-=The Recipe=-
* 10-20l batch 20g if 5-10l recipe 10g should do the trick
* 20g Choco for sweet tooth mission.
* 20g vanilla and 20 g strawberry for the fancies.

Also notice 5-10 l vs 10-20 liter brew recipe has different 
bitterness index which means one of them should be of lesser 
quality the 10-20l APA is a 5 star recipe. 
Remember Flavors should always be added in the bucket.

Note: If your flavor profile is achieving gold status when 
you first add your flavors to the fermenting bucket but you 
fail the quest, then I can think of two causes for the failure.

* Your quantity is insufficient. Double check that you have the 
  minimum quantity in the fermentation bucket before closing 
  the lid.
* Your base lager recipe is not achieving 5 stars. After you’ve 
  boiled your beer and added the “lager” yeast (you’re not using
  ale yeast, right?), compare your alcohol content, ibu 
  (bitterness), and SRM (color) to the expected range on the 
  recipe. As long as all those numbers are within the proper 
  range it should be a 5 star beer. Just take your time and go 
  through the recipe step by step.

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