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  Hints and Tips for: Broforce 
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 Broforce Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Cheat Code Menu List:
Written by Gorzon

Show some code you can enter on the menu, they're not all cheat.
-=How to enter a code=-
* First, you need to be on the main menu.
* Type the code with your keyboard
* Once you finish entering the code, a sound will normally be played.
-=The codes=-
(Uppercase can be lower)
After killing someone, T-BAG the ennemy and the corps will bounce.

alaskanpipeline - Unlock all bros.
seagull         - Unlock the bro who are before The Brode.
mranderbro      - The game will try to reduce load time (the code say that), 
                  i didn't see a change.
abrahamlincoln  - Enabled 2 cheat in campaign  
                  CTRL + F11 : Finish the campaign level.
                  CTRL + F8 : Do nothing.
smokinggun      - Add in the level editor
                  SetPieceBackground doodad
                  Cutscene Level Event Actions
                  Execution function actions.
(Thank to SoupCalhoun and Brenn)

Unlocking all characters:
To unlock all characters easily, start level 1 and rescue the first 
prisoner. Restart the level and repeat until all characters are available.

When Pigs Fly:
While using a bro who is equipped with a knife, jump onto a pig. Stand in
the right position and you can knife it while remaining on the animal's 
back. Knife it repeatedly and the swine will take flight, carrying you 
along with it.

Easy "Hot Brotato" achievement:
Hold [Melee] to throw an object, such as small Mooks, dogs, or a grenade.
Find a level with a grenade mook in the early city levels. Attract his 
attention to get him to throw a grenade at you. Run up to the grenade, 
hold [Melee], and aim at enemies. Repeat this process until they are hit.

Easy "Rest In Pieces" achievement:
Play as The Brode character, who is the completely yellow melee woman. 
Use her special attack on the devil at the end of a level.

Easy "Shaken, Not Stirred" achievement:
The martini throw is the first of Bro Bond's four specials, and thus can 
only be used once. Throw the martini precisely on a terrorist's body. 
Because it is lobbed, aiming may be difficult. The martini will fall 
approximately 2.5 tiles away from him when launched on a level surface.

Easy "The Last Supper" achievement:
Play as MacBrover, the character who throws dynamite. Use his special 
attack to toss a turkey bomb in front of a troop transport truck. 

Several Mooks will appear and run towards the bomb. If you do not 
detonate the bomb manually, it will explode after a few seconds.

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