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  Hints and Tips for: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 
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 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Cheats

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Extra tiers in Exo Survival mode:
Successfully complete 50 total rounds in the four Tier 1 maps to unlock Tier 2. 
Successfully complete 75 total rounds in the four Tier 2 maps to unlock Tier 3. 
Successfully complete 100 total rounds in the four Tier 3 maps to unlock Tier 4.
The only map in Tier 4 is Riot.

Secret zombie round in Exo Survival mode:
To reach the secret zombie round in Exo Survival mode, you first must unlock the 
Riot map in Tier 4. Play the Riot map in Tier 4, and complete Round 10. A DNA 
Bomb will then drop, infecting the enemies and transforming them into zombies 
for Round 11. Successfully complete Round 11 to view a special cutscene showing 
the horde of zombies as they overwhelm the area.

Zombie Mode Teaser Mission:
After you have unlocked all of the Exo Survival Maps within the game, you can access
the Zombie Bonus Round. You will be able to play it after completing the first 10 
rounds of the Tier 4 Map, Riot.

To unlock this map you must complete:
* 50 rounds on Tier 1 maps to unlock Tier 2.
* 5 rounds on Tier 2 maps to unlock Tier 3.
* 100 rounds on Tier 3 maps.

Zombie armor and character: 
Survive 25 waves in each map in Exo Survival mode, beginning with Bio-Lab (Tier 1) 
and ending with Riot (Tier 4). Successfully complete the indicated map tier to 
unlock the corresponding piece(s) of the zombie set:

Tier 1: Zombie gloves and kneepads 
Tier 2: Zombie Exo-Skeleton and footwear 
Tier 3: Zombie pants and chest armor 
Tier 4: Zombie character 

Info: The entire zombie set is unlocked for use in Multiplayer mode after you have
survive a total of 225 waves in Exo Survival mode.

Special scorestreaks:
The following maps have unique scorestreaks that are obtained from Orbital Care Packages:
Ascend: Auto-Turrets 

Explosive barrel kills:
You can shoot the indicated moving explosive barrels on the following maps to get 
kills if enemies are near them when they explode:

Comeback : The Walker Tanks.
Defender : Laser Air Defense.
Detroit  : Rail Turret.
Riot     : Sensor Network.
Solar    : Solar Reflection Tower.
Terrace  : Sniper Drone.

General Tips:
* Familiarize yourself with the new Exoskeleton. It's perhaps the biggest change in 
  Advanced Warfare and gives players extra mobility in both the campaign and multiplayer.
* Hardline is a great perk, as it lowers Scorestreak costs by 100. Thus, you can earn 
  even more Scorestreaks over the course of a single game if you play well enough.
* Always remember which multiplayer mode you're playing and try to contribute to the team.
  It's not always about killing the other enemy, unless you're in Team Deathmatch of 
* Experiment with different loadouts for different game modes.
* Some grenades allow you to detonate them manually by double tapping the reload button.
* Being seen on the minimap puts you at a disadvantage every time you use an Exo ability, 
  so consider using the Blast Suppressor perk.

Zombie character and gear:
Successfully complete the indicated task in Exo Survival mode to unlock the corresponding 
zombie gear for use in Multiplayer mode:

* Zombie gloves and kneepads: Successfully complete 50 total rounds in the four Tier 1 maps.
* Zombie Exo and boots: Successfully complete 75 total rounds in the four Tier 2 maps.
* Zombie pants and chest armor: Successfully complete 100 total rounds in the four Tier 3 maps.
* Zombie skin: Successfully complete Round 11 (secret zombie round) on the Riot map in Tier 4.
* Zombie shirt: Successfully complete at least one round on every map.
* Zombie loadout: Reach Level 10 (max) for the "Weapon Proficiency" stat at the Exo Upgrade 
* Zombie helmet: Reach Level 10 (max) for the "Armor" stat at the Exo Upgrade Station.

Certain maps have unique scorestreaks that are obtained from Orbital Care Packages. 
* Ascend: Auto-Turrets 

Shoot moving explosive barrels.
* Comeback: The Walker Tanks.
* Defender: Laser Air Defense.
* Detroit: Rail Turret.
* Riot: Sensor Network.
* Solar: Solar Reflection Tower.
* Terrace: Sniper Drone.

Easy "Class Warfare" achievement or trophy:
Play thirty minutes with every class then lose on maps of the tier which you have unlocked. 
At first, you will only have the four maps in Tier 1 available. You can view unlocked maps 
in the private game creation menu. It will indicated how many rounds you must complete in 
each tier to unlock next one. Playing on locked maps will not qualify.

Easy "Exo Survivor" achievement:
This requires access to the "Riot" map, which is a Tier 4 map that requires all previous 
tiers to have been unlocked. You can also access the map if another player invites you to
their game that already has it unlocked. Play a private game on the "Riot" map. There are
only a total of eleven rounds. Start by select the Specialist class, which comes with a 
Sentry that will help until the supply drop. When you get a supply drop with a scorestreak,
always take the Sentry or Flying Drone. Save your upgrade points, and spend them all on armor
after Round 9. When you reach Round 4 or 5, switch your Exo to the Heavy class to get extra
damage and health. Use your available Sentries once in each round. Get on top of the main 
building's entrance. You can reach the roof from either side by jumping on top of the smaller
buildings. Snipe enemies from that location. Either use the Sentry or wait for them to climb 
and shoot them as they jump. The last round features an enemy that cannot jump. Get a sub 
machine gun for Round 11. Your Exo will start disabled, but afterwards it will work fine. 
Switch your Exo to the Light class, and all moves will be available. After shooting a few 
enemies, you will receive a "Go there" message with a marker. Go directly into the main 
building to view a cutscene and get the "Exo Survivor" achievement.

Easy "Exo Survival Veteran" achievement:
Start a private solo match on the "Bio Lab" map in Exo Survival mode. After the first wave
starts, jump off a cliff. Keep repeating this process until you get the "Exo Survival 
Veteran" achievement.

Zombie invasion in Exo Survival mode Tier 4:
Unlock Tier 4 of Exo Survival mode (see "Unlockable Exo Survival mode tiers"), then complete
Round 10 of the Riot map. This causes a DNA bomb to drop on stage, unlocking Round 11 where 
all enemies are zombies! Complete this hidden final round to earn an Achievement/Trophy as 
well as a special cutscene.

Secret "Ride Of The Valkyries" song ("Havoc" DLC):
Interact with the wrench stuck in the wall (decontamination area), bone saw by the dead 
body on the metal table with blood splattered on the wall and table (B holding room area),
and the rolling table inside the door that is cracked open (Exo Room) in the "Exo Zombies"
map to begin playing the "Ride Of The Valkyries" song as background music. Note: You will 
hear a short clip from the song each time you interact with one of the three objects.

Exo Suit in Exo Zombies ("Havoc" DLC):
As soon as you spawn, turn to the left. Open the first door on the left (not the one with
power lines leading inside), and go to the main hub. At the hub, unlock the door on the 
right which opens the path to Hallway A. Proceed through the hallway, and find the small
blue tunnel on the left. Follow it to another area with stairs that go the right side. 
Open the door at the end of the stairs, and proceed through that door to find Exo Room 
signs on the walls pointing in the correct direction. The final door to the Exo Room is
inside the morgue and requires 1250 credits to open. Once you go through that door, 
drop down, turn 180 degrees, and activate the control panel to unlock the Exo Suits 
in the center of the room.

Easy "Look Both Ways" achievement or trophy:
Use this trick to not damage any of the cars. Immediately as you get to the traffic, only
worry about getting over to the middle part where all the enemies are located. Then, just
shoot down the middle where no cars are. Alternately, instead of shooting them, melee them
to be safe. 

Use this trick to not damage any of the cars. Immediately as you reach the traffic, only 
worry about getting over to the middle area where all the enemies are located. Then, 
just shoot down the 

Easy "Sitting Ducks" achievement or trophy:
Mark the target, then take out the two guards near the truck. Quickly go to right over 
the parking lot and descend as much as possible. If done correctly, you should be able 
to line up three guards on the lower walkway connected to the parking garage. One of the
enemies will walk back and forth. Wait for them to get aligned in a row before taking 
the shot. If they are taking too long, you will have to follow orders and kill the two
guards on overwatch so that you do not fail the mission before returning to this location.

Easy "Burgle Burgle Burgle" achievement ("Havoc" DLC):
Enlist the help of another player. Have the other player get and deploy the distraction
drone, then shoot ten zombies that gather around it.

Secret music ("Supremacy" DLC):
Interact with the three small sharks in the Carrier Exo Zombies map to play a hidden song.
You will hear a sound after interacting with each shark. To find the three small sharks, 
first get an Exo Suit. Then, enter the large hangar room (red room), go up the stairs, 
and turn right to enter the locker room. The first small shark is above the "Captain DJ"
locker. Next, go to the "Hangar 02" room. As soon as you enter the room, turn left, and 
look at the floor in the corner with the beam (next to the blood stained wall) to find 
another shark. You may not be able to see it because it blends in. The final shark is in
the lift (green) room. After entering the lift room, jump up on the platform, and go to 
the right corner to find it on the lift.

Easy "Genius" achievement or trophy:
Start the first mission under the Recruit difficulty setting. When you reach the subway 
you will be instructed to throw a Threat grenade. Target the group of enemy soldier that
come down the stairs. If you fail, reload from the checkpoint and try again. Consider 
moving to the left to position yourself in front of the stairs; the soldiers will stop
descending and group up for the grenade kill. 

Easy "Heavy Handed" achievement or trophy:
During the "Captured" mission, pick up twenty different weapons. Do this under the Recruit
difficulty setting. Each time you find a new weapon, empty it so you cannot pick it up 
again, then take a new weapon.

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