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  Hints and Tips for: Cattails: Wildwood Story 
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 Cattails: Wildwood Story Cheats

Cattails: Wildwood Story

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K 

Random Tips and Stuff:
Written by i uber spies

-=Useful Tips=-
* All NPCs, excluding the moles and kittens, can be married. Yes. 
  Even the big cat spirits. You can even have kittens with them!
* The skill “Hunter’s Gamble” can instantly kill any pounce-able 
  hostile enemies. Bats, Rats, Snakes, Adders and Crabs. Hell, even
  the weird void slimes in the dark ruins and a ghost can be 
  instantly killed. Even if you miss, the enemy will be gone anyway.
  It’s a win-win!
* The teleport back to den skill is useless. Why? Because you can 
  save and reload to end back up at your den anyway.
* You can complete the story-line in 3 days. Most out-of-season 
  stuff are already sold in shops already. The only cat you can’t 
  recruit in spring is Zephyr (…unless?), since fireflies are 
  exclusive to summer and autumn nights.
* There’s an island out in the ocean. You need thistle to access it. 
  Say hello to my favorite eldritch monster! Time doesn’t pass indoors.
  What does this mean? You can wait out your skill cooldowns and not 
  waste any time.
* There’s a smiley face hidden in the game’s files.
* Some skills such as wild slash and tiger’s breath can break rocks. 
  Do whatever with this information.
* According to the game’s files, the Forest Guardian’s birthday is 
  at Spring 999. The Wildwood Champion’s at Summer 999.
* There’s 103 total unique mail in this game. Cool.
* You actually don’t have to sleep (…Actually you do, for just one  
  necessary event in the story)
* Toads are a pain in the ass to get.
* Your kittens’ passive and active skills seems to be the same for 
  all savefiles. Their skills are:
  * Kitten 1: Keen Adaptive
  * Kitten 2: Delicate Lucky
  * Kitten 3: Enterprising Vivacious
  * Kitten 4: Caring Subtle

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