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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Pass That Freaking Cat:
Written by Someone

There is how to pass the cat:

So firsty to pass the cat you need to understand that he is not smart 
and can navigate as good as you.

You can push the boxes by pressing the interact key near them (Z, X, Enter). 
So cat has an issue that helps you pass him he.

Must slow down every few seconds, you must use this to your advantage 
and go fast all the time.

I use the “block” term so you can change words “block/blocks” to steps.

So lets begin with the trajectory!

So firsty you push all the boxes out of the way to procide, to the triger 
when the run starts, the triger is at the place near 2 metal boxes 
(the onece that are coloser to the cat).

Start running straight forward to the boxes and then up to the top wall 
dont forget to make the cat go behind you.

Then run right and down cat will ran out of energy and will slow down at 
that moment and you must run into a 1 block gap you can make it if you 
will calculete 2 blocks of the down border.

After that you run one block down and run to the right till you hit the 
box in front of you and immediately start running up and push the box to 
the top 2 times and go to the exit its to ur right if you wouldnt be able 
to see it.

There You Go!

You passed the cat section in changed! Now you can do a save.

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