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  Hints and Tips for: Chasm 
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 Chasm Cheats


Cheat Codes:
When playing press "Backspace" then type any of these codes.

Code                     Effect
CHOJIN                 - God mode.
ARMOR                  - Full Armor.
KILL                   - Kill all monsters.
AMMO                   - Full ammo.
KEYS                   - Get all keys.
INVISIBLE              - Invisible.
WEAPON                 - All weapons.
FULLMAP                - Reveal entire map.
Go #                   - Warp to any level.
depth                  - Toggle horizon distance.
reanimate              - All monsters respawn.
reverse                - Reverse left and right sound channel.
nick                   - Show current name in multi-player mode.
nick [new name]        - Select new name in multi-player mode.
killp [player number]  - Kill player in multi-player mode.
shadows [number]       - Set upper shadow limit.
respawn [seconds]      - Set respawn time.
kick [player number]   - Disconnect player in multi-player mode.

More Cheat Codes 
These codes must be entered after the "chasm" command at the dos prompt.

Code           Effect
-nosound       Turns off the game sound
-warp #        Warp to level #

Some Quick Tips for Combat and Gameplay:
Written by Saeryf

Just some quick tips for anyone, whether familiar with Metroidvania 
titles or just starting in the genre. This guide won't go over controls and 
such, since that's covered in-game, but can give some good general tips.

-=General Gameplay Tips=-
If you've come from any of the 2D Castlevania titles you may have immediately 
tried some of these, and been rightfully excited to see that Bit Kid decided 
to code their game such that these tactics are still a thing.

If you attack as you're coming down from a jump and you're hitting attack fast 
enough you can immediately attack again upon landing. This allows you to hit 
some enemies far quicker than you normally would be able to. (Mainly larger 
enemies, but if you're hitting attack just before landing you can hit some 
shorter enemies twice as well).

You can press attack and back-dash at the same time to do a retreating swing. 
This is very helpful for those little kobold buggers that like to shank you 
in the face while you're still locked into an attack animation otherwise. 
(Also, exceptionally useful against those dang snakes and their charging at you, lol).

You can attack "downward" with some weapons (the starting sword for instance) 
by aiming a diagonal downward away from you. It's not a full on Shovel Knight 
style down-stab, mind you, but it can be helpful for getting an extra hit in 
on some enemies before they can get in range for damaging you (like the little 
beetles circling some single character wide platforms). 

A quick tip about familiars is they work much like they do in the 2D Castlevania 
games, they level up as they deal damage to enemies. I'm unsure if there's an 
upper limit to the level of these familiars as I only have one so far and it's 
now level 17 (and counting!) and it definitely seems familiars level especially 
fast with the killing blow on enemies. This particular familiar is tied to a piece 
of equipment, I don't know if all familiars are, or if there even are any other 

Another, non-combat related, tip is to jump around at pretty much any walls you 
find. Illusionary walls are a thing, and sometimes even lead to entirely separate 
secret areas with a few connected rooms and some extra items and such. (You may 
not have missed anything major in your playthrough, my procedural playthrough 
seed just had some in it so far).

Anywho, just some random tips for people. Hopefully these are helpful to people!

How to Unlock Extra Game Modes:
-=Nightmare Mode=-
Nightmare mode is unlocked after beating the game.

-=Mortal Mode=-
Mortal mode is basically permadeath – if you die once your save file is locked 
out. You must beat the game once on Normal or Hard to unlock it, and it can be 
used with any difficulty level (Easy-Nightmare)

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