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  Hints and Tips for: Chocolatier 
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 Chocolatier Cheats


The following is a complete list of every chocolate recipe there 
is to acquire, along with the city and location needed to acquire 
it, and any quest prerequisites.

Makola Market: sugar, milk solids, cacao beans, hazelnuts, coffee 
beans, mint leaves, cinnamon 

Pettah Market: sugar, milk solids, cacao beans, almonds, coconut shavings, 
truffle powder Kurunegala Cacao Plantation: Colombo Cacao 

Hong Kong 
Kowloon Market: sugar, milk solids, almonds, raspberries, coffee beans, 

Cevahir Market: sugar, milk solids, hazelnuts, bing cherries, coffee beans,
mint leaves 

Upper Thames Market: sugar, milk solids, caramel, almonds, bing cherries, 
mint leaves 

Zoma Open Air Market: sugar, milk, cacao beans, almonds, cashew nuts, 
Besalampy Farms: Mahajanga Cacao 

Ingredients: sugar, milk solids, cacao beans, cashew nuts, truffle powder 

New York 
Canal Street Public Market: sugar, milk, mint leaves 

Mercado de Santa Clara: sugar, milk, cacao beans, mint leaves, truffle powder 
Granja Benalcazar: Quito cacao 

Rio de Janiero 
Mercado Centro: sugar, milk, almonds, coffee beans 

San Francisco 
Ferry Market: sugar, milk, almonds 

Central Sulawesi Market: sugar, milk solids, cacao beans, almonds, macadamia 
nuts, bing cherries, coffee beans, truffle powder 

Paddington Market: sugar, milk solids, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, 
bing cherries, mint leaves 

Caroni Market Ingredients: sugar, milks, cacao beans, cashew nuts, 
Trinidad lemons 

Le Farme de Port-au-Spain: Trinidad Cacao 

Visa to Istanbul:
After you've achieved Entrepreneur rank and have purchased at least one chocolate shop, 
be on the lookout for a random encounter with Cyrus Rush, who will offer to sell you a 
visa to Istanbul for $5,000. Buying the visa will enable travel to the port of Istanbul.

Some time after you've achieved Chocolatier rank and have purchased all six factories, 
Peter Schumaker will approach you and offer to sell you the Corporate Airship for 
$250,000. With this invaluable mode of transportation, you'll no longer have to pay 
any travel costs and your travel time will be reduced.

Sydney and Making Amends:
Once you've achieved Chocolatier rank, purchased all 6 factories and earned the awards 
for collecting 10 Infusions and 10 squares recipes, build your earnings up to 
$10,000,000 and then talk to Evangeline Baumeister in San Francisco. She should give 
you the final quest in the game, which opens up the port of Sydney.

Tips and Tricks:
When you get stuck,if you are in a place,and in this place have a factory,try to 
change the recipe to a recipe what you have the ingredients. EX: You have a coffee 
square.But you are broken,and don't have a coffe.But you have sugar and cacao. 
So,change the recipe to Basic Chocolat Bar.

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