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  Hints and Tips for: Club Penguin 
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 Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin

Submitted by: RM 

Puffles special trick:
Make sure they are well fed and rested then play with them.

Green puffle       - Uses propeller cap.
Blue puffle        - Bounces ball on its head.
Black puffle       - Catches fire and fly around the room.
Pink puffle        - Uses the trampoline.

Easy coins:
Go to the mines and play Cart Surfer. Keep jumping by pressing [Space] and press 
[Down] [Down] [Down] to do a backflip for 100 points. Then, jump and press [Right]
or [Left]. You will spin for 80 points. Keep switching off. When you come to a turn,
grind it by holding [Down] and pressing the [Side]. Eventually, you should finish 
with somewhere between 230 and 360 coins in less than one minute. Repeat this to 
get as many coins as desired.

Furniture Catalog secrets:
* Click on the orange rug to get a puffle pumpkin.
* Click on the stool on the coffee table to get a fireplace.
* Click on the oven to get the big screen TV.
* Press [Up] or [Down] on some of the items and they will change.

Igloo upgrades:
Click on the doors to make them open.

Secret places:
* The dojo is on the purplish mountain.
* The iceberg is the floating ice in the water.
* The lighthouse brings you to the beach.
* The mining shack is the snow drift to the right of the forts. 
* The sewer in the plaza brings you to the ice caves.
* The upper right speaker in the dance club brings you to the boiler room.
* The first closet at the sport shop is the entrance to the secret agent HQ. 

Boiler Room:
Clicking on the top left cabinet lets you read the past eight newspapers.
Note: Always click at the same time.
ET shows a music note and makes a noise
EI shows an igloo
EP shows a blue puffle
ES shows a skull
ED shows a sun(the D stands for day)
EF shows a flower
EG shows a game controller
EH shows a red heart
EL shows a fourleaf clover(the L stands for lucky)
EZ shows a slice of pizza(the Z stands for the z's in pizza)
EC shows a cup of coffee
EN shows a moon and stars(the N stands for night)
EM shows a coin(the M stands for money)
E1 shows a laughing face
E2 shows a smiley face
E3 shows a straight face
E4 shows a frowning face
E5 shows a surprised face
E6 shows a face sticking out tongue
E7 shows a winking face
E8 shows a green sickly face
E9 shows a red angry face
E0 shows a red angry face
Shift! shows a large !
Shift? shows a large ? 

Different dances:
Wear the coffee apron to pour coffee. 
Wear the chef's hat to make pizza. 
Wear water wings and/or the inflatable duck to swim. 
Wear a Hawaiian lei and/or a grass skirt to hula. 
Wear a hard hat or a mining hat to drill using a jackhammer. 
Wear the lasso to twirl it around. 

Press the indicated key to use the command. 

KEY		Effect
D - Dance
W - Wave (or wear a whistle)
S - Sit
T - Throw a snowball
J - Tell a joke
Y - Say yes
O - Say ok
H - Say hello
B - Say good-bye
N - Say no

Astro Barrier:
On the level 11 wait for about 25 seconds for a blue ship to appear. Shoot it, 
then the secret levels will be available. On level 7, when it tells you about 
the blue dots hit it. You will gain an extra life. On level 11, shoot the 
orange switch and the other things to get extra points.

*Sometimes clicking on the jokes, riddles, or poems at the top with allow you
 to read bonus ones.
*When you put your mouse on Aunt Artics face it shows her wearing spy glasses.

Spy Phone:
The red light is flashing something in Morse code. Click on the red light to 
make a comb, scissors, and a wrench appear.

Ice fishing:
In the end keep a fish and do not let it go. Keep it in the water and let the 
big one eat it.

Diver's Helmet:
Click on the newspaper hat in the clothing catalog to get the Diver's Helmet.

Machine gun snowballs:
To fire the machine gun snow balls make sure your mouse pointer is not clicked
on the chat bar. Press T and click the mouse at the same time very fast. 
When you press T, the targeter will appear on screen. 
Note: If you do not press T and click at the same time, instead of firing you 
will start walking to where the pointer is located. This requires practice.

Bean Counters:
If you carry six bags you fall.
The anvil, fish, and flower pot fall in the same place the entire game.

Hiding places:
At the beach inside the fish cart. 
At the pizza parlor in the desk. 
At the dance club in the speaker. 
At the lodge attic, go to the bottom left hand corner. 
Any place with an object against the wall. 

Parties and special occasions: 
Open your own party at your own igloo or a place in Club Penguin. 
Find anything that has a source. 
For example, at the lighthouse there is a fish cooler; sell fish.

Free item:
When the Migrator (big pirate ship) appears, there will always be one free item.

Glitch: Walk on walls:
Go to the fish cooler and click on the door. Then, quickly click on the top sign.
You can now walk the walls.

Viking Helmet:
If you find the Viking Helmet in the clothing catalogue, open it and close it until
it turns blue. You can now buy it for 1,200 coins.

Hidden message:
The light on the spy phone flashes "SOS" in Morse code.

Hidden animations:
*Click the door of the coffee shop on the home page. A penguin comes out.
*Click the penguin above the "Login" button to have it appear with different
 colors and costumes.

Red Viking Helmet:
Go to the gift shop or sports shop. Open the clothes catalog. Look for the paint can.
Click on the brown spot on it. The Red Viking Helmet should appear on the penguin's 
head. click on it. The Viking Helmet should then appear on the screen. It cost 750 

Gold Viking Helmet:
Click all the stars on the necklace. Keep clicking the Red Viking Helmet. Once
The Blue Helmet appears do not close out of it. Keep it open then click the 

Blue Viking Helmet:
Go to the gift shop or sports shop. Open the clothes catalog. Look for the paint 
can. Click on the brown spot on it. The Red Viking Helmet should appear on the 
penguin's head. click on it. The Viking Helmet should then appear on the screen. 
Click on the helmet. Then click the helmet on the penguin'shead again. 
Repeat this process two to four times. The Blue Viking Helmet should appear. 
It costs 1,200 coins.

Night Vision Goggles:
Find the snow shoes in the catalog. Click on them and the night vision goggles 
will appear.

Perfect Puffles:
Click on the Puffle. Have it take a bath. Feed it before it gets done taking a 
bath. You now have a perfect Puffle.

Bow tie:
Click on the white part on the Leprechaun Tuxedo in the clothing catalog for a 
green bow-tie to appear.

3D Glasses:
Go to the gift shop and open up the clothing catalog. Click on the Winter Boots 
and the 3D glasses will appear. They will cost 50 coins.

Fuzzy look:
Press [Minus] during game play and the screen will change to a fuzzy look.

Hidden animations:
While on the home page of Club Penguin, look at the very top. You should see the 
Coffee Shop, the Night Club, the Gift Shop, and a penguin. Click on the "N" on 
the Night Club. The penguin should now look like a ninja. Then, click on the 
penguin several times. It will change into different clothes. Next, go to the 
"Contact Us" page. Look at where the three buildings are located. The penguin 
is not there anymore, but put your pointer over the Coffee Shop door then quickly 
over the Gift Shop door. Two penguins should waddle out towards each other. 
When they meet they will say, "Hello!" and switch buildings.

Pizzatron 3000: Dessert mode:
Click the giant red lever on the pizza machine until it turns to play in Dessert 
mode. Note: You must do this every time you play.

Moving other peoples furniture:
Submitted by: hacker dude

First go to your house and click edit house. Then go to your spyphone and press
visit hq. Then go to someones igloo and you will be able to move their furniture.

Massive snowballs:
When you are on the iceberg in the top right hand corner, you can see the town of 
Club Penguin. Throw snowballs at it and they will look massive.

Submitted by: isaiah

While ur playing sled racing, s soon as ur about to hit a slope or hill press (s). 
u will then teleport a little further than the other opponent(s).

Perfectly healthy Puffles:
If you have a Puffle that you need to fill, do the following. Bathe your Puffle. 
Feed your Puffle. Then when you look at your Puffle's stats, they will be 
completely full, no matter what stage they were at before.

Catching Waves:
Submitted by: stephen

When you have a silver surfer and your surfing,rotate your mouse left so many 
times in tha air and you will spin about 10 times!but!always click your mouse 
when your going down!thats is how you make good money!

Toggle sites:
If you are a Secret Agent, get your Spy Phone out. On the left side of the phone, 
there is a scroll button. Use it to scroll or use the normal way.

Submitted by: Nyasia

When you go surfing take you red puffle with you and the puffle will surf too! 

Submitted by: Ruby3859

to get a stone igloo click on the door of the white deluxe igloo.

Submitted by: brian roman

to get a silver surfboard go to any fashion catalouge and press the penguin with 
the surfboard then the clam then finaly the starfish now simply buy it.

Submitted by: rose0923

If you want a giant bracelet, popping in front of you on the screen, this is the 
cheat for you. First, go to the book room. go as far as you can from the stairs. 
After, click on the stairs. Hurry, and click on the books and click on Rockhopper 
and the stoaway. Rapidly click to the last page. You will see a friedship bracelet.
When you are at the first floor of the coffe shop, you should see a BIG friendship 
bracelet in front of you.

Submitted by:kellie leaterwood

Club Penguin How To Get Your Clothes To Take Over Your Body! First, open your player
card. Then take all of your clothes off and keep the player card open the with the 
player card open dance then don't close the player card and just move it to the side
and your clothes will be moving by themselve.

Submitted by: maikel2000

Go inside shop called winter sport then click on the book in the right hand side then
go to page 6 and you will see a penguin with a surf bourd click the surf bourd and it
will change colour.

clubpenguin glitch:
Submitted by: devin

Click on your player card end put on some clothes then exit your player card then
click on it again then put some difrendt cothes on the whith out exiting your player
card click on your penguin then exit then when you go on your player card again you
will have different colothes on your player card.

Submitted by: ajit

Go to book room and take out captain rockhoppers book and at the end of the book 
there is a free item.

Submitted by: Kiyo31

This cheat works for members.
1. you haft to have a work out thing.
2.When your moving it to a place press up on your aroow key and it w ill have 
  wheights on it!

Submitted by: candygirl69

Click on the headphones on the clothing catalog and u will get a red electric guitar. 
It will cost 975.

Submitted by:candygirl69

*By clicking on the cash register in the igloo catalog a moose head will appear. 
*By clicking on the Ficus plant also in the igloo catalog Mullet will appear. 
*By clicking on the upright piano in the igloo catalog a pipe organ will appear. 
*By clicking on the home stereo in the igloo catalog concert lights will appear. 
*By clicking on the fire pit in the igloo catalog a candelabra. 
*And by clicking on the red football jersey in the sports catalog in the sports shop
 a orange football helmet will appear.

Submitted by: mason moo

* If you click on the snow flake in the clothing catalog then a viking helmet will
* If you click it 4 times a blue one will apper. DANGER! NOT FOR PENGUINS UNDER 

Air guitar:
Note: You must be wearing clothes on and have a guitar before you start this trick. 
First, bring up your player card and take all the clothes off, but keep your player 
card open. Put on your guitar while still keeping your player card open. Drag your 
player card to the side so that you can see your penguin. Make your penguin dance 
while your player card is still open. Your penguin's clothes will "jump" and you 
will be playing an air guitar.

Submitted by: trinn8quinn

To get the snow globe igloo if it isnt in the catalog follow my directions. Go to ur
igloo and click edit igloo. Then go to the igloo upgrade catalog. go through the 
catalog and click on all of the words snow. Then go to the page with the basic igloo
then click on the window in the basic igloo. This cheat isnt fake and if it doesnt 
work then u are doing it wrong.

Submitted by: calais2000

How to see your red puffle surfing:

1. take you red puffle for a walk
2. go to the cove
3. play catch some waves
4. you will see your puffle surfing

Submitted by: edward banfill

Infinite coins First go to cartsurfer ang jump [space] then press right and then keep 
falling lef. and you have a lot of coins.

Submitted by: irishflapper

Click on the penguin to a flower surf board then click on the clam and then the star
fish see wat happens.

Submitted by: jake

Go to the gift shop and go to clothes artical then click on the blue back pack and a
coffie apron will apear.

Submitted by: Babers

Go to the gift shop click on the piano keys and the pipe organ will appear. Click on the
door of the double wide gray igloo and you can get the secret metal igloo by going to 
upgrade igloo and you can buy it for 5000 if you are a member.

Submitted by: conner

Take your puffle for a walk,go to the iceberg,and dance with your puffle,if over 50 
through 80 people are doing the same,the iceberg will tip!but aunt artic will give all 
the people who particapated a golden puffle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by: jimmy

click on the crobar in the upgrade igloo catolog to get the secret stone house

Submitted by: harish

To get the red viking helmet go to the clothing catalog .go to the the page where a 
penguin and a plant is there .click on the plant than u will see a red viking helmet.

Submitted by: Emosarahdez

The coins u get on the Pizzatron 3000 double if u use candy pizzas! 
Peace! End the war not the world!

Submitted by:  frederick

Go to ice berg dance with puffle make 59 - 80 penguins do the same and ice berg will 
tilt! And youll get a golden puffle with 1000 coins.

Go to ice berg and dance till it gets to full and make sure about 25 penguins are 
doing the same and the ice berg will tilt and youll get 1,000,000 coins and free 
gold puffle without membership.

Submitted by: shaurye

If you wana throw hundred of snowballs at a time press t and the click on the person 
you want to throw to . Do it continuosly but quickly

Submitted by: Isabelle

If you want a free freindship bracelet go to the book room and look at the libary, 
and click on rockhopper and the stowaway. On the last page of the book there is the 

Submitted by: shaurye

If you wanna get unlimited coins first download cheat engine 5.3 . Once you have 
downloaded the software you need to go to gift shop and open the clothing catalogue . 
Then you open cheat engine and click on the computer screen on left up corner . 
Once you have done this a screen will open , over there at the bottom there will be 
a window list option . click on that and find club penguin in the process list and 
double click on it . multiply your coins by 8 and put it the value and click the first 
scan. once you have done this double click on all the adresses . Once you have done 
this double click on the value of every address and type 800000000 in every value of 
address .once you have done this minimize cheat engine and open the screen of club 
penguin . close the clothing catalogue and reopen it. Now your coins is unlimited.

Submitted by: Sexy Gurl

This is for members only.I know how to make ur penguin hold an AK-47 and u can kill 
other penguins and blow up club penguin.First u must the dojo put on the tour guide 
hat then play cart sufer earn 100 coins.Then put on the yellow bikin and go on a 
date with Rockhopper(this part u must do if ur a boy or girl).Then buy a yellow 
puffle and a red puffle take ur red puffle to the cove stil in ur bikin.Then go 
how take the bikin off and go to the ice berg ur penguin should be holding an AK-47 
then hold down the D and the J key to blow up Club penguin.If this cheat doesn't 
work its means u did it wrong and try again.If u read this and u do it wrong u must 
keep trying again til it works or something terrible will happen to u and i will 
make sure it happens.

Submitted by: daniel

when playing jetpack go to the end with no coins. you will get 1000 coins

Submitted by: linarth75

Easy way to be a agent! First keep your computer on for 30 days in real life and if 
it doesnt work then you probably didnt keep your computer/laptop for 30 days straight!

Submitted by: andrew ramirez

Floating snowball. Throw a snowball at the air, and then you have a floating snowball.

Submitted by: tyler baker the dude

Note: Members only dudes. Ok, when you go in the sports shop, click on there catalouge.
On the first page there is a red football jersy. Click on any one of the zeros. Then 
you can get the orange football helmet.

Submitted by: Bleuxoxmas

Ok, this is cool! First, click on your black puffle and make sure it is healthy 
enough to be taken to the ice berg. waddle to the top of it and dance, your puffle 
would look like a tornado, and look like it is about to hit CP!

Submitted by: keiya

click on the deluxe snow igloo's door and a secret deluxe stone igloo will appear

Submitted by: Merry152236

you can buy two puffels with out being a member you can buy a red and blue 
puffle but u have to have enough money to buy one each are 800 coins each

Submitted by: polabee

name of the fish               - mullet
name of the ship               - migrator
cost of player card background - 60
puffle which catches fire      - black
issue of the newspaper         - thursday
copies of old newspaper        - boiler room
game with a shark              - jet pack adventure

Submitted by: hannah m.

to get unlimited puffles go to the book room, than go to the beach,then 
the ice berg, then thesports shop. get the latest pin and accesories and 
put them on. then go to the pet store and click on the basket of puffles 
71 times. you must do these in this exact order or else your acount will 
be destroid and you will be band from club penguin. be careful!

Submitted by: Muttin12345

Read newspaper #124. go to tips and secrets. Put your cursor on the penguin 
with beans on him. He will say " It's a living.."
If the #124 newspaper isnt in the boiler room or the one on the top right 
corner(New Newspaper) Then you are to late.

Submitted by: Elijahc149

This is how to chat in servers that wont let you chat in!

First log in your account. Next go to any country. Then go to a server that you
 cant type in. then click the question mark icon on the bottom right corner on 
the chatbar. Then there will be a check in the box on the bottom the check will 
be gone. Click it. exit it out. Now go to any place in clubpenguin. 
Now you can type in anything in a non-chat server!!!

Submitted by: kevster97

GO to the clothing catalog and press on the PENGUIN STYLE book and press the 
admiral suit and press on the liitle pocket that it has and green goggles will pop

Submitted by: tonyfuzzy3

To tip the iceberg you need 50 penguin to tilt the ice berg and if you do aunt artic
will give you a golden puffle.

Submitted by: marcus241997

Heres the code for the fish bowl igloo.First go to your igloo then click edit igloo.
Then upgrade igloo.There should be a snow globe igloo on the 6th page. Then on the 
page where it displays the igloo it should say "Make your home into a souvenir and 
display it proudly" Then click that wording.A little peice of paper should pop up 
and it should display the fish bowl.

Submitted by: Doofy

First go to your igloo. Then click the upgrade your igloo icon. Then go to the page 
with the snow globe igloo on it. Then click the words above the globe and a fish bowl 
will appear. It will cost 2400 coins!

Submitted by: laceyred

1.If u click on the tenis racket u can u will find a secert orange football helmet.
2.if u go in the gift shop and click on the russian hat u wil find a viking hat.
3.If you go to the gift shop and open the catalog click on the whit adrimal jacket's 
  rainbow badge and you will find a secert green snorkle.
4.If you go to the sports shop and flip on to the surfborad page click on the green 
  penguin who is holding a sufborad.when u click him his surfborad will change.

Submitted by: Rofforaffel

Go On the igloo upgrade and click on the door click on the deluxe snow igloo and wup
you have a secret.

How to make the Newspaper stand up:
Submitted by: Collgirl8888

First go to the boiler room.
Click on the draw,where the old newspapers are kept.
Then hold your mouse on the last newspaper and then quickly pull it up. 
You will see that the newspaper is standing up.
Then do it to the rest.
Be careful not to put your mouse on the newspaper when its standing up though coz 
it will make it go down again. 
Good luck! By the way, my name on clubpenguin is Ying785, Collgirl8888 and 

Submitted by: thinky1919

To become a free member for 50 days do the following:Go to pizza parlor,then to 
gift shop,then go with your puffle for a walk,and play catching waves and score 
300 coins.Then u will see "Congratulations, you are now a member for 50days".

Submitted by: killahdom7

How to get Red and Blue Viking Helmets, and get the Green Snorkel
First go to the Gift shop.
Then click on the Penguin Style book.
Look for the mermaid.
Click on her Seashell that is on the Pearl Necklace.
Buy the Red Viking Helmet (750coins)
Click on the Seashell 4 times and you will see the
Blue Viking Helmet (1200coins)
Now for the Green Snorkel...
Go to the White Admiral Jacket.
Then click on the Rainbow Badge.
Green Snorkel-200coins

Submitted  by: Chilly102497

If you go in the bookroom and click on the big book on top of the shelf you can read 
books. the two books on the bottom are books you write yourself. Have fun writting!

Submitted  by: Razrules123

For a perfect puffle u need to first bathe it then make him sleep then feed him puffle
food and u are ready with a perfect puffle no matter wat condition it was before.

Submitted  by: celsey555555

First go to the gift shop.then click on the seashell on the mermaid outfit. A red 
viking helmet should apear. on club penguin my name is celsey55555.

Submitted by: Rteuvle

Go to the cove with with your red puffle than play catchin waves and your red puffle 
will surf with u Good Luck!!!!!! If u want to be my buddy here is my name Rteuvle.

Submitted by: Richard Hoeksma

How to make snow balls come out of the ground press (T) and then quickly run away.

Submitted by: Cadbury454

If you go to the gift shop clothes catalog & click the stripes on the admiral jacket
you will get a green snorkel for 200 coins.

Submitted by: brandi ann

Go to the pizza parlor and go to pizzatron 3000 and there is a lever and it is red and
click on it and play and play then you have a game that is candy if you didn't get it
you did it wrong.

Submitted by: Bellabo 06

There is a new game and the ice-berg it is called Aqua Grabber.
First, how to get to the ice berg, you see the floating piece of ice in the water 
near the right hand side of the map, click on it. go on this 'thing' on the side 
to play. Then what you have to do is you have to use the arrow keys, go down with 
the down key then you have to hold down the space bar to grab a object then go back 
up and try to get it in the big net.
TIP: You need to get air or your penguin will drown in its submarine, so sometimes 
there is a bubble that come up from the bottom or when you get an object and bring 
it up, you go right up above the water to get more air. If you want to be my friend 
on there my penguin name is Bellabo 06

Submitted by: Miley

On bunny hill while your sledding stay one space from the right and you will not hit 
anything and your'e most likely to win.

Get silver surfboard:
When you go to the sports cataloge on the page with the surfboards, click on the 
surfboard the penguin is holding. Then click on the shell and the starfish. Ta da!! 
Theres your silver surfboard for 800 coins.

Submitted by: Brandi Ann

if you go to the sports shop and you press the tennis racket in the middle of it 
you can get a orange foot ball helmet!! and if you want to be my friend my name 
is Brandi Ann.

Submitted by: Pinnk 70

Dear penguins,
First,If you go to the book room and click on the "My Puffle" or "Burnt out Bulbs" 
there are secret coins. Try moving things or like on page 6 and 8 in "My Puffle" 
you have to grab the sky and pull it down to get the coin! Weird huh?! Anyway, 
I have four names (Pinnk 70, OMJTo,Rock hoger and Yeah blah), for who knows, 
I might run in to you some time?

Submitted by: Raylee

Are you tired of having the same things on the new book game? On the puffle one it 
makes u whatever color u r at the time. Origanally it makes u have a blue puffle. 
If u bring ur own it will be that color in the story. Enjoy! My penguin's name is 
Pinky Rlc14. U may find me in server Fjord.

Wisdom Viking Helmet:
Submitted by: Megagurdain

To get the Wisdom Viking helmet you just need to click on the pot of gold but it 
won't be the pot of gold in the May catolog. Any way double click really fast and 
it will be the wisdom viking helmet/bluw viking helmet. If you want to be my buddy 
I'll most likley be on the polar bear server play games. My name is Megagurdain

Submitted by: Colour Em Up

This is only for secret agents To get a pro spy phone first go to the book room 
second go to a members igloo and third play cart surfer and get 327 cions after 
the is over it will be wrirtten congtratulations u have won a free pro spy phone 
do it in the same order atherwise u will be banned from club penguin (if you want 
to be my buddy so im alway online on north pole) colour em up (canada)

Friendship Bracelet:
1 - Go to the coffee shop
2 - Go upstairs
3 - Click on the library
4 - Click on the rockhopper book( Not the journal)
5 - Read or skip to the last page
6 - Click on the bracelet

Slapper Action!:
Go in an empty space and have nothing on or something you wave with. Press the W 
rapidly and your penguin will be slapping! (im afraid it will do no harm to other 
penguins) You can slap others if you like but they will not react.

Submitted by: todd

When u r playing the game catching waves let the wave catch up to u. u will then 
see a counter counting the points u r earning. to make the counting go very fast 
do tricks with the arrow keys while the counter is still going.
DO NOT DO AIR TRICKS TO EARN POINTS!! if u r good at riding in the tunnel while 
doing the trick i explained at the end of the game u will have A LOT OF COINS!!

How to make a huge friendship bracelet appear on you screen:
Submitted by: Troybro

first go to the book room and go as far away from the stairs as possible, 
click on the stairs, open up the book called "Rockhopper and the stoaway" 
then flick through the pages as fast as you can.

Secret items:
Unlockable      How to unlock
palm tree     - igloo catalog-click on the palm tree.
cake          - igloo catalog-click on the refrigerater.
Big-screen TV - igloo catalog-click on the LCD television.	
viking helmet - gift shop-click on the pot o gold.

Surfing Puffle:
Note: You must have a Puffle for this to work. Go to your house and make your Puffle 
happy. Take your Puffle for a walk. Go to the cove and select the surfing game. Your 
Puffle will surf with you. Your Puffle also adds 1 or 2 points for every trick.

Steal furniture:
Note: you must be a member. Go to a non-chat server. Go to an igloo on the map. Sit 
down in the middle. Press [Tab] and something will turn yellow. Drag that item out 
the door and it will end up in your box.

Submitted by: jandleclub12

Bring your red puffle for catching waves and he will surf but not on survilvile

Submitted by: joel alcazar

Go to dance club with any puffle dance and you can get one million coins and a 
gloden puffle with you can become a member.

Submitted by: Cossette

Step 1:when your 45 days old get the tour guide hat. 
step 2: bring up your player card and put on the tour guide hat. 
step 3: dont close the player card. 
step 4: go to messages icon and go to activities. 
Step 5: when your at activities click tour guide and then you will say stuff without 
        the hat on.

Submitted by: max

Click on the dragon costums arm and get crystal staff

Submitted by: max

Click on emerald hat and get the woods mens hat

Submitted by: daniel

Do you want to get a crystl staf then just click the hand of the dragon

Submitted by: Ajay

Bring your PINK puffle to AQUA GRABBER game and it will help you

Submitted  by: Abby 250

If you want to get unlimted coins the EASY way then here is how you do it first go to 
the Night Club at 8:30 PST in( in club penguin time)and then every five minuets click 
the green puffle to get to 30 minuets then you will see a penguin and it will give you 
unlimted coins!!

Submitted by: max

Go to book room then go to the last page of rockhoppers journal then get the key use 
it as a pin then go to rockhoppers ship and you are able to go into his courters

Submitted by: Tranrob

Go to the may clothes catalog and go to the page were there is an emerald dress click 
on the emerald hat and you will get a woodsman hat! ::important notice:: there is a 
woodsman tunic but i dont know how to get it so figure it out on your own!

Submitted by: rebecca

Go to the gift shop and open the MAY's cataloge. Then go to the 10th page and on the 
casual suit jacket you will find a white patch. Click it and you will find a 
CHESSY NECKTIE costing 125.

Submitted by: taylor
Go to the back of the gift shop book all the way back and click the top one and hold 
it and go down and you will find a message.

Submitted by: luislimiguel

Open the penguin style the turn to the last page where it says how to get coins 
use u mouse and click and put it down then u will see a note

Club Penguin Security Camera:
Submitted by: Alwin

Go to any house that has the security camera. point to the camera and swave youre 
mouse and look at the security camera still swave the pointer and the camera 

Submitted by: Sarah 

On astro barrier on the opening paige press 1,2,or 3.If you press 1 you go to level
10, press 2 to go to level 20,and 3 to go to level 30!Also my CP name is Renee K and
you can find me usually on server snowboard.

Goblet Pin:
The pin is just on a lamp in the coffee shop, above the sofa facing the counter.

Submitted by: pj

If u go to the clothing catologue click on the dragons hand it and will give u a staff

Go to the hare catolog and go to the bunny and click on the necktie it will give u a 
viking helmet.

Submitted by: Rockman 543

Hello I know how to make your penguin fly without a propellor hat and at the same 
time make your clothes move by them selves. First put on a lot of clothes then open 
your player card and take off everything and put on the propellor hat then dont exit 
your player card and dance your penguin should be floating and the clothes should be 
moving by them selves.

Yearbook 2005-2006 in the book room:
Go upstairs of the coffee shop and click on the books and read the yearbook on the 
page of the month March click the word March / On April click on the puffle that 
turns blue / on May click on the hat that lights / on June click on the cart / on 
July click on the Cactus / on the page before August click on the pom-pom on the right 
/ On September click on the higher lightbulb on the right and thats all I know about.

Submitted by: : wyatt

this is a clothes cheat what u need to do is where some clothes click yur playa card 
and take off ur clothes but dont close out of it click on someone else and exit there 
playa card then u should see that u are wearing clothes but ur playa card has none.

Submitted by: lubna

If you click on the leaves of the large house plant you will get a cofee plant. 
click on the vase to get the plush grey chair.

Submitted by: jeodude

If you wanna know how 2 get 50k in clubpenguin,firstly you need 2 go on the iceberg 
then dance for bout 20mins,then go around the whole iceberge in circles then you will 
claim your prize and get gold puffe plus 40k,then go to dojo and stay there for about 
10mins then you claim your prize and get 10k.also its my 810 birthday(club penguin)

Submitted by: Rockman 720

Type "I SAW A MONSTER IN A BOX!!" it matters how many exlamation marks. Move around 
and the words should be flashing.
If you want to be my friend I go to bobsled in the weekends.

Submitted by: anthony z.

if you go to the "Coffee" shop and click the board where it says Coffee & crosants and 
it changes to tea & scones.

Submitted by: Sarah

This isn't a cheat but it's a secret on the new CP homepaige there is a starfish clicking 
it will change it to a seashell, and a castle also by the light house you see a lost spy 
phone click it see what happens!
P.S. It's me Renee K again but I now only go on first paige servers!Hope to see you,and 
also my buddy list is almost full so if u wanna be my buddy cuz u saw me from here say 
"I saw u on the web!"

Submitted by: charlie

The right hand speaker in the clib is a secret passage way

Submitted by: Bill

Go play the surfing game and jump like your ready to do a flip but instead hit 
W A S or D and you will grind in mid air!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by: Anonymous

more money bags in thin ice!
on the last level of thin ice there is a fake wall you start going up until the 
end and right and one step down and right...
you need to pass all the fake walls to press the button(the circle) (the more 
levels solved the more money bags...
Penguin name:365pink Girl I always go to antartic,south pole,sub zero or big foot..

Submitted by: A PERSON

go 2 the surfing game and try to get off balance a bit then go in the air (u still 
have to be off balance when u do this) then u will fall off ur surfboard and fly 
head down.

Submitted by: Sarah

Way to have more than 100 buddies:
first have ninety-nine buddies or less
Now all the penguins you want to be your buddy
Really fast click on add buddy and go on to the next one before they have time 
to respond wait for there answers!

Submitted by: 1997 Pony

To get the night vision goggles, you have to go to the secret HQ and read the F.I.S.H. 
Next go to the page with the super spy gear and click on the spy glasses. 
You will find the goggles. They cost 1000 coins.

Submitted by: tandertana

To get the crystal staff you must go to the clothing catalog.Then you click on the 
queens crown and then you have a crystal staff.

Hidden icons:
Do not type this in the chat box. 

Code  Effect
ep   - Puffle icon
em   - coin icon
e1   - Opened-mouth smile icon
ew   - chocolate ice cream cone icon
eq   - strawberry ice cream cone icon
et   - music icon (plus fart noise)
eu   - confused like face
ei   - igloo icon
eo   - popcorn icon
el   - luck charm thing
ek   - cake icon
eh   - heart icon
eg   - game icon
ef   - flower icon
ed   - sun icon
ez   - pizza icon
ec   - coffee icon
eb   - light bulb icon
en   - moon with stars icon
e2   - closed-mouth smile icon
e3   - straight mouth icon
e4   - frown icon
e5   - surprised icon
e6   - sticking out tongue icon
e7   - Wink icon
e8   - Sick green face icon
e9   - Angry face
e0   - Very sad face

Submitted by: CP Master

First get ice cream apron. Then go to the water rink and dance. you magically make 
icecream out of water and it doesnt melt.

Secret - How to tip the Ice Berg:
This can be true or not. You need 100 penguins to tip it to the left. You get 5,000
coins and a yellow puffle if you tip it. The error is the the ice berg can only 
carry 50 penguins. Give up or bring puffles to tip it. Careful not to break it. 

Gray Fish:
If you get a flashing lure fishing rod you can catch gray fish. 
Each gray fish = 8 coins.

Submitted by: Rockman 720

Go to an ultimate safe chat sever and go to a place selling free items. When is 
says would you like to buy it click tab untill there is a red box around your 
igloo item. then click enter and there should be that item floating on your screen. 
PS. This works for pins too.

Astro Barrier Cheats:
1. While on the loading screen press 1, 2 or 3 to get to levels 10 20 and 30.
2. When you beat level 6 shoot the blue and green targets to get an extra point 
   and live (shoot the blue one first).
3. When you beat level 10 wait 30 seconds and a blue ship will appear, shoot 
   it to get to the secret levels!

Tour guide:
For this glitch you must have the three items below
1. consrtuction hat
2. tour guide hat
3. rainbow bracelett

There are 2 glitches both concern the rainbow bracelett if you do not have the rainbow 
bracelett you must go to the book room and open up rockhopper and the stow away.
the first glitch concerns the bracelett and construction hat. Make sure you have both 
on thr braclett on in the ski mountain and the consrtuction hat on in the player card,
then you will dance. If you dance correctly you will be dancing without the construction
hat and the bracelett will move. Do same thing with the tour guide hat.

Submitted by: lily

see a cirlce on the screen
sit in a members igloo and pres ctrl and keep your mouse anywere and you will see a 
circle on the screen. My name on club penguin is suzie miley i usually am on blizzard 
server say yo i kno u on the cheatbook website if u see me!

Submitted by: Egeoray

When you open the better igloos catalog you see a penguin painting click it and you will 
see a lava lamp it costs 450 coins .. 
By the Way my ClubPenguin Name is Egeoray normally I go to America Slushy

Submitted by: ohanto1

On the club penguin june 2008 catalouge for house decorations and click on the surfboard 
on the surf towel and there should be an inflaitable dragon, if you click on the seaweed 
there will be a clam, if you click on the red reflection on the water on the sunset 
painting you will get a lava lamp.

Club penguin ice burg:
Submitted by: Raj

If 50-90 people dance on the ice burg with their puffle the ice burg will tip. Every body 
who was particapating will receive a golden puffle and 1000 coins!
P.S. You can do it with me, Bbluueyy(thats my club penguin username), 
at 1:00 pm on July 28.See you there!

Submitted by: Salina

Cheesy Tie && Divers Helment
Okay, for this to work you have to have June 08' catalouge. Then go to page 7 and click 
the pocket on the divers suite. A divers helment will come out. Then go to page 18 and 
click the overalls and a Cheesy Neck Tie will come out. THIS ONLY WORKS FOR JUNE 08' 

Submitted by: penguin50110533

On club penguin go to anyplace you desire and put on any item that has a special dance
and press D and your clothes are in front of you and you are in back you are invisible
in your own clothes!

Submitted by: Blitster55

If u want 2 have the name of a place on ur screen without the map up thn this is the
cheat for u just clik on the map then pull up a name of a place then exit the map and
that name should float on the screen untill u go some were else.

Seaworthy Snowballs:
Submitted by: Shellzzzzz

First go to the iceberg (North-East of club penguin. looks like a chunk of ice floating 
in the ocean) Second throw a snow ball into the water on the edge of the iceberg. 
Now it looks like the snowball is swimming. ICEBERG+WATER=SEAWORTHY SNOWBALLS

Puffle underwater:
Enter the game "Aqua Grabber" (found at the iceberg) with a pink puffle and it will 
be with you for the duration of the game!

Rockhopper's Quarters:
Whenever Rockhopper visits the island, you can access his cabin, but not without finding 
his key. It is located at the end of his journal in the Book Room, once you have it you 
can visit his quarters whenever he visits!

Catching The Mullet:
Submitted by: RM
At the end of the club penguin game ice fishing there will be a big red fish called a
Mullet. If you save the last yellow fish on your hook untill the Mullet comes, hold the
yellow fish in front of the Mullet's mouth, the Mullet will bite on the fish and then 
you reel it in you will catch the Mullet. 

Submitted by: Pinguru 2

Hello!go to the pizza game on clubpenguin and click on the red lever.
Click to play and the pizzas will be candy pizzas!!!!

Submitted by: hannah

go to the iceberg and click on aqua grabber. when it asks u if you wanna play say no
the click the water to the left when your still on the aqua grabber, and you will be
floating on water!!

Submitted by: Brittany

Go to the sports shop,and click on the catalog.Flip to the surf boards.Then click on 
the surf board that the penguin is holding.After you do that you click on the sea shell,
and then the sea star.When you are done the penguin should be holding the silver surf 
board.Ten you should be able to buy it for 800 coins.

Finish the mysterious tremors cheat:
1: Talk to G until he points to the monitor.Then click the monitor of snow forts 
   youll see the bear and the crab.
2: Go to gadget room and pick up the life vest.
3: GO to the dock and the blue penguins will have the target and ask for it they will 
   make you play a game.You will have to throw snowballs at the target three times 
   until they give it to you.
4: Give the blue penguins the life vest you picked up.
5: Go to the invention cabinet thats at the hq on the left of the scanner to get into 
   the gadget room and with the code decoder on the bottom right of your screen enter 
   the word ”key” with the code decoder into the lock and pick up the item in the cabinet. 
   Remember the lock word is ”key”
6: Go to the ice burg and use the magnet and get the spring in the middle of the water.
7: Go to the hq then gadget room and place the spring in ice on the test chamber,Hit the
   lever and press the flame button to melt the spring and press the lever again and put
   it back in the inventory.
8: Talk to the penguin with the propeller cap and ask for the prime gear poster then put
   it in your inventory.
9: Go to ski village talk to the penguins with the melted snowman they will talk about snow 
   forts having the best snow.Go to the beach go to the penguins playing down and pick up 
   the green bucket then go to snow forts to fill it up.(put back in inventory)
10: Now go to the pizza parlor and pick up the music sheet on the floor near the piano
11: Go tot he stage and put the sheet on the piano stand at the stage and play it with the 
    colors until the puffle comes out.
12: Show the blue prints from the propeller penguin to the yellow puffle to draw.
13: Give it the snow from the bucket
14: Now go back to the test chamber in the gadget room and put the gear created from the 
    puffle there on the machine and press the lever and press the snowflake button then 
    hit the lever again.
15: The gear should now be hardened and now go to snow forts
16: Click the clock to get behind it and now you have to enter put the gear in the center 
    for it to spin and the spring on the top left and the target on the outside left.
17: Leave the tower you will get a call from the bear then talk to g and thats it!

Do two things at once!:
If you are a Member, put on the miners hat (Or something that makes your penguin to something
when you dance/wave) and start drilling. The, click on your penguin. Take off the hat. (Or 
something that makes your penguin to something when you dance/wave) Don't click the X button.
Waddle to a different place and dance. You should be doing too things at once!

Submitted by: Blitster55

this is for ppl who have a whistle and a bell if u wear them at the same time and wave there 
will be a bell and wistle sound. BUT WAIT!heres were it gets good,mak sure the volume is low 
then by wearing both hold down the "w" and u will mak a loud wierd sound

Submitted by: Elizabeth

How to get more coins on cart surfer:
First press space[jump] and press up now you will get MORE coins!!
My penguin name is Cutiekid22 and Im ALWAYS on Rainbow come find me!!!Good luck!!

Submitted by: Tammytiggy21

Club Penguin Easy Money.
1.Play Cart Surfer and only do backflips,sideflips and grinds do it about 3 times 
  to have 1000coins.
2.Play Jet Pack and dont collet any coins and you'll be rewared 1000coins at the end.
3.Play Bean Counters and stack the beans in 3s so your most likely to catch the last 
  one that falls out of the truck it gives a tiny bonus to catch them all which equals 
  more money.

Submitted by: ADONISZA

When the mirgator comes click on the brown tall thing "in the middle of the ship" 
and you will go in a secret room!

Submitted by: nick

Go to hq and go to the F.I.S.H and open it and on the left hand side you will barlry 
be abel to see but there is words and you can hilite them with your mouse and its ur 
tabel of contents! 
P.S my name on cp is Randigurl818 i usually go on marshmallow,tuxedo or snowcone. 
ADD ME!!!! and tell me u read my cheatbook cheet.

Submitted by: Blitster55


Submitted by: keeley

First loggon to cp then go to the sports shop, Open up the sport shop catalog then 
go to the surfboard page. 
click on the penguin on the page 2 times then click on the shell and the starfish 
on the floor then a sliver surfboard 
will apear and you can buy it. it may cost more than 300 coins.!!!!!!.

When you are alone in the Dojo and you step on one of the coloured tiles, the 
instument behind it will start to play.

New features:
-When you click on Members Igloos on the map, you will be ablle to see them as a map,
 but you can also see them as a list in the future.
-The Spyphone is now located at the bottom left of the screen.
-If a buddy logs into the server you’re on when you're in Club Penguin, a dialog box 
 will pop out of the Buddy button in your Toolbar that tells you which buddy is online.
-Your puffle can now send you mail!
-The loading list for Mancala, Sled Racing and Find Four has changed slightly when 
 you're waiting for players.

2 amount of coins:
-Gain coins until level two and you still gain your coins until you get to the fans.
-Find the fan under the two 10 coins if you get stuck between the fan and the cloud 
under the fan the game will end but your coins will be double.

Submitted by: sammy00

how to prank a penguin with-out letting them know (only for peole that can not 
use typing first go to a hiding spot then say hello thenifhe or she knows your there put 
there player card to the side then press t a-loy of timesbut aim at them.

Submitted by: lauren2273

To get 67 puffles without being a member just go to someones igloo with a black puffle 
double click it then quickly go to the coffe shop tehen earn at least 200 coins then 
quicklygo to the pet shop then click the puffle you want
then buy it well a blue or red!
then buy it
then get 600 coins
then spend them all
then you have all the puffles!!!
my penguin name is lauren2273
if you wanna meet my im always on mammoth
mostly in the ocffe shop or the pizz paulor

Submitted  by: jacob

how to get esey coins go to cart sufing then keep hiting down space n space right 
when u get 2000 poits start dieing but keep getting poits by hiting down space n 
space right n when u get no lives turn when the games over u shou have 300-400 
coins if u whant to be my freind my name is coolboy3003

Submitted by: SAM CLANCY

If you go on puffle round up with any puffle you will have 3 of your puffle in the 
game by the 5th round that colour disapears i would recomend blue

Submitted by: Cheetah1099

If you go to the iceburg at the olimpics games party,it will have a 3 lap race. go 
backwards once on it and you will win!

Submitted by: Mariaone

If you go to the ice berg and 50 penguins are there dancing with their puffles all 
the penguins dancing will get a golden puffle and alot of coins. Meet me tomorrow at 
August 25 on the country Ice Berg with your puffle at 5:00pm. I am Mariaone at 
clubpenguin. Meet you there!

Catching the mullet:
When your near the end of the game catch a fish and don't put it in the fish pile. 
Let the mullet eat the fish.

Submitted by: Louie

For this cheat you have to on a non chat server.First go to the Dance Club and go on 
the game DJ3K.When the blue bar comes up press tab until the yellow box is on the 
"Your home"button press enter.Then when you are at your house click yes and then the 
game comes up.Then press tab until the yellow box is on the x and hold down enter.
You will get 1 million coins.

Submitted by: Bronson23544

Goto pet shop and in front of it will be a circle have your penguin go to the circle 
then when your there click on it and you will be in a secret place and it will lead 
you to other secret places.I will be in mammoth or ice cube or avalanch and i will be 
in the Night Club or at my huge igloo having huge parties.My name is Bronson23544 and 
I am famous.

Submitted by: bigpimp5


Submitted by: megan

I will show u how to turn invisible. first take off ur cloths then turn the same green as 
the soccer pitch. then go neer the wall of it and turn around so ur back is facing u. and 
no one will see u because u blend in!! then u can put a hat on so people think ur at is 
floating... they might even think it is a pin!

Modes at Aqua Grabber:
Main treasure: Find the main treasure: Clam Waters: It is at the Clam Soda Seas: near the 
cave at the bottom part near the puffer fish
Rare Treasure: You get a treasure that has mostly Cost Clam Waters: at one of the clams 
the black pearl [you can only find one] Soda Seas: In the path were the mullet is guarding.
When you get to the bottompart wait for the crab to get all the coins. And get the treasure
when it is finished collecting the coins Finish without losing a sub; you finish the level
without any one sub lost. 
Time limit: you will see a clock when everything is colored the time limit is ended. You need
to get the main treasure before the time limit will end.
Compressed Air Mode: Get the main treasure WITHOUT bumping anything. Your sub also get fast.
If you are in a hurry to unlock some accievements, get ONLY the main treasure.

Submitted by: catbluegirl

i am always in vanilla but if u go to the iceberg then u get ur puffle and make it dance and 
tell eveyone to get there puffle and go to the iceberg and they dance and u might tip the 
iceberg and remember if u see me in clubpenguin add me as ur friend plz bye.

Submitted by: Yaddie24

To walk on walls you need to do a couple of things.First go to a place with a wall like the 
town.Or even the dojo.Go to your bottom right corner and click the arrow by the magnifying 
glass. Go to custom and type 700. Then scroll down to a white line that splits the screen. 
Click right on it and zoom back to 100 or 125 and you will be on the wall.

Submitted by: cooldude 4

hi u need 50 penguins to tip the iceburg and if u do aunt artic will give u a golden puffle

Submitted by: luke

Sometimes if you look in the telescope or the binoculars you can see rockhoppers ship.

Submitted by: Katie

Type: ClubPenguin Member nopay and instently you will have available access to buying 
stuff for your penguin even if you have a non member and it is free! 
Type: SwearGivePass
And you will be able to swear and talk rude and give out your password! 
Type: NumberHack! 
and you will be able to type numbers and do more emotes 
Type: Coines please 
then you will earn the amount of coins you type in! 
(This only works if you have cp trainer 3)

Submitted by: cbcullison

to tip the ice burg you need your puffs and nobody come without their puff ok bring 
your friends we need atleast 50 people and make shure you dance ok so on the 27 of 
september at 5:30 cp time come to the ice burg if you want to add me im usualy in 
woolsocks at the coffie shop and my name is cbcullison.

Dance on the Night Club!:
Submitted by: Conxnut

Note: You need Internet 7 for this ok.

1. Stand by the gift shop door in the town.
2. Click the zoom button at the bottom right corner of the page.
3. Click custom zoom.
4. Then type, 625.
5. It go's a bit slow but don't worry!
6. Go down a little bit until it shows half the Night Club.
7. Click just above the door of it about 5 times.
8. Watch you penguin move on top of the door.
9. Click zoom, and then click 100.
10.It's back to normal! And your penguin's on top of the Night Club!

NOTE: Penguins may not see you if you zoomed in a different way.
If you found this difficult and need some help.
Add me on msn: Good Luck!

Submitted by: the hulk

Stand on the mini pie in the middle of the town then u need to get 600 coins by playing 
beans at the coffee shop.Just follow the prompts and u will tip the burg and receive a 
rainbow,silver and gold puffle.If u don't believe me check out my Iggy my name is raindrop55

How to earn 10000 coins!:
Submitted by: kp92

what you do is go to dj3k and press down the 1,6,and2 buttens on the game plus psh one 
of the piano keys five times, then you pusk one of the red keys seven times and, BOOM!you 
have 10000 coins!

Submitted by: kristiane

Cheat one: If 70 to 100 people are at the ice berg (some with puffles) and you all dance 
on the FLAT area it WILL tip and..... you will claim one thousand coins and a free yellow puffle.

Cheat two:Ok this cheat takes a bit of practise,do not type it but press T really fast whilst 
clicking on someone or something and you will fire loads of snowballs at once. 

Cheat three:when you are playing astro barrier instead of pressing to play press 2 or 3 and 2 
will take you to level 20
and 3 level 30 also if you wait 25 seconds after completing level 10 a blue ship apears shoot 
it and play secret levels.

From kristiane
P.S my name on club penguin is kriddy009 tell me you saw me on cheat book and i will add you.

Submitted by: Yaddie24

This is a good way not to get messed around with. Dont listen to people who say I know how to 
become a ninja,I can get you a million coins, You can get a golden puffle,I know how to tip the 
iceberg,And i can become Rockhopper. People will think you are weird and make fun of you. 
My clubpenguin name is Yaddie24 if you want to be my buddy then go to yukon or mukluk at the dojo.

Submitted by: Yaddie24

This cheat is to get the black mask.(Some people call it the ninja mask) In the halloween cataloggo 
to the page with the skeleton and the ghost,click the lantern and there it is!
My clubpenguin name is Yaddie24 and I will be at yukon or mukluk if you want to buddy me.(I will 
give you more cheats if you buddy me) I will be hanging out at the dojo most of the time

Submitted by: Yaddie24

This is a cheat to get the golden viking helmet for halloween.
Open the catalog and there should be the frankenstine costume.Next to it is the jack-o-lantern. 
click it 4 times to see the blue viking helmet.Then go to the right and click the yellow puffle. 
It will cost 1500 coins. My clubpenguin name is Yaddie24 I will be at yukon server or mukluk. 
I will mostly be hanging out at the dojo.

Submitted by: Yaddie24

Heres a tip on how to find fever (fever owns a very great cheat website) His server is yukon he 
goes there alot. Check the map and see if it says Fever. A bunch of people would be swarming but 
go to you buddy list and click the smiley face without a mouth. Wait intil it says fever. Keep 
checking the map to make sure hes online. Eventually you will see him.He will give you his password 
if he trusts you.If you abuse it then he will ban you and delete you. My clubpenguin name is 
Yaddie24 I will be at mukluk most of the time otherwise it will be yukon. 
fevers website is

Submitted by: Nirvana 911

AWSOME CHEAT: if you play dj3k and hold tab it give you coins, but it depends how long you do it. 
i did it for only 10 minutes and got 100 coins! But what i prefer is that you get something heavy 
and put it on tab so you can go away and do somthin else. NOTE: im always in the country america 
and in the server summit. you can find me on at 4:30 p.m. on thursdays but other days im on all 
the time.

Hidden Rooms:
On your Map, there are certain hidden rooms that aren't marked: 
If you click the floating ice to the right, you will go to the Iceberg.
If you click the small house up and to the left of the cove, you will go to the Mine Shack.
If you click a part of the mountains to the right, you will go to the Dojo.

Hidden Newspaper Content:
In the Newspaper, hover over certain titles such as "Riddles", "Jokes" and "Poems"- If they 
turn yellow, click for hidden content! Also, if you're a secret agent, sometimes there are 
hidden messages for agents, hidden in the newspaper!

Easy coins:
Go cart surfing and jump and press down,down,down to do a backflip for 100 points. Then
jump and press either left or right to get 80 or 40 points!When it comes to a turning,
press down and the direction of where are you turning.One go takes half a minute and you
will get 220-350 coins. Keep repeating and get as many coins as desired.

Spy and Seek:
1.Talk to G. Put the 3 tracking devices and the yellow duck, and the blue print on the wall
  into the inventory.
2.Go to the Ski Lodge. Pick up all the Find Four pieces. They are on the window, the stool 
  under the phone, and under the ladder.
3.Go up the ladder. Pick up the Find Four pieces by the bricks, on the typewriter, on the 
  table beside the phonograph, on the box, and on the box in the corner.
4.Pick up the string on the rug.
5.Go downstairs and talk to the penguins playing Find Four. Give them the pieces.
6.Go to the Forest and pick up the sticks.
7.Put the sticks, the blue print, and the string together to make a kite. Put the kite on
  a transmitter.
8.Go to the Mountain. Put the kite and transmitter on a poll.
9.Go to the Plaza and talk to the penguins. After the puffle blows a bubble, click the gum
  stuck between the penguins. Take the bubble gum and put it on the yellow duck in your 
10.Go to the Dock and help the penguin by pulling up the brown start handle. Then borrow 
   the penguin’s Air Pump.
11.Put the Air pump on the duck to inflate it.
12.Go to the Ice Berg, and put the duck on the water.
13.Go to the Mine Shack. Talk to the penguin.
13.Click and drag the wooden boards, making the metal beam drop on the left side.
14.Click twice on the cart surfer cart that hass tipped over and weld all the cracks.
15.Place the transmitter in the cart. Click in the Mine for the cart to go.
16.Answer your spy phone and talk to G. Take the Binocular 3000 from G at the HQ.
14.Go to the Lodge. Click on the Gone Fishing door. 
15.Go right. Look through the binoculars.
16.Go to the HQ and talk to G.
17.Go back to Herbert’s camp and place the spy phone on the Binoculars.
18.Put the spyphone/binocular in the third tree to the left.
19.Go to the HQ. Watch Herbert and Klutzy.
20.Collect your medal and receive your chocolates.

Submitted by: dolphinj73

To get a black scuba mask, go to the gift shop, open the catalog, and go to the page 
where there is a penguin standing with a beach background behind him. Click on the 
lighthouse in the background. A little window will pop up. You can now buy the scuba 
mask for 200 coins. My penguin name is dolphinj73. If you see me around, Be my buddy!

how to beat the mision question for a crab:
Submitted by: taylor shortell

\talk to gary.hell start the macane.then the crab will snap its claw and the 
machene will break.the cage breakes open and the crab jumps out.hell run out 
the door
out of the hq AND into the giftshop.he"ll run out of the giftshop and then on the 
ski lift.then hell jump off of the mountian.go down after him.youll end up in the 
wilderness.grab the survival guide,and follow the crab.he'll lead you to a cave.
then click on the door and it will be locked.leave to the tree stump and you will 
find a bunch of puffles having tham and they will run the 
black puffle.hes stomach will growl.leave to a place with puffle o's and get out 
the the string and it will the bag and put it in your 
inventory.go to the puffle and give him one.he will follow you everywhere!go to the 
cave and throw in a puffle o.the puffle will go inside.go will get trapped.
the poaler bear will come out and talk.keep clicking and saying stuff.he will tell 
the crab to come and he will have a thing that will chop down wood.go to the pipes and 
stuff.throw a puffle o on the bar.the puffle will turn on the water.then put one on 
the left side of the pipe.ot will open the cage.grab the rope.meatle thingy and the 
blue prints and uut them in the inventory.grab the hot sauce and put it in the puffle 
o's.feed one to the puffle.he will go crazy and open the door.
follow the manual to do the rest.

Gold Viking Helment ( tip for October 2008):
Submitted by: Magie742

Ok this is how you get the gold helment. Frist you go to the gift shop and click 
on the clothing catalog.Then you click on the pumpkin.Then you will see the red 
helment when you do click on the red one four times.Once that is done you will see 
the Blue Helment.(if you dont see the blue helment you did some thing wrong)As soon 
as you see the Blue Helment then you click on the yellow puffle next to the color 
penguin.Then you will have the Gold Helment! it will cost you 1500 coins but the blue 
one will cost you 1200 coins.

Submitted by: : mhay

Go to the Gift shop, Go to the page were penguins are holding or wearing shoes, then
click on the pink flipper... You will get Bracelets!

How to tip the iceberg:
Submitted by: Stephanie

First you need fifty penguins with their puffles on the iceberg. Then, dance on the
left hand side of the Iceberg Dance for thirty minutes or so then the iceberg will 
tip. After that, Aunt Arctic will give you a golden puffle!

How to make the candy pizza in Pizzatron 3000:
Submitted by: Stephanie

First you must enter the Pizzatron 3000 game
Then when you see the machine, click on a red lever
Then press play. You will have your candy pizza!
(or some ppl say it "dessert mode")

Submitted by: Nirvana911

Hear is some more cheats for the Halloween Catologoue. Go to the page with frankenstein
on it and click the the jack-o-lantern.There will be a red viking helmet for 750 coins.
Click it 4 more times and there will be a blue viking helmet. It will be 750 coins.When
you are still on the blue viking helmet, click the yellow puffle next to frankenstein 
to get a golden viking helmet. It will be 1500 coins. Go to the page with the skeleton
and the ghost. Click the torch in the background. You will then see a super-hero mask 
for 100 coins.Then go to the page with the desinger and detective. Click the tower in 
the background of the designer.You will then see a black scuba-diving mask for 200 coins.
After that go to the page with the shoes. Click on the glitter shous and then the shoes
to the left of them. You will see mixed braclets for 150 coins. If you go to the hair 
catologoue go to the page with the blue mohok. Click it. Then there will be a purple 
one for 500 coins. If you want to get the silver surf board go to the sports catolougoue.
Go to the page with the penguin holding the flame surfboard. Click. You will then see a 
flower surfboard keep it here. If you look on the ground you will see a clam and a star 
fish click the clam and then the star fish the penguin should now be holding a silver 
surfboard. It costs 800 coins. Go back a few pages to the chear leader. Click here palm
palms and there will be an orange football helmet. It will cost 360 coins.

Submitted by: BB Buttons

To get the BLACK superhero mask then click on the clothing catalog and go to the page 
with the ghost on it, above the ghost there should be a light type thing click on it 
and the Black mask box pops up it is 100 coins so spend spend spend.

Sea at Ice berg:
Go next to the aqua grabber on the sea (any side but the right is better) then a singh
will come up click no (don't if you want to play aqua grabber) then sit down.

Submitted by: cbcullison

Go to the dojo get a mining helmit then go to the iceburg wearing only the mining helmit 
the under actions click dance when you are on the lefthand side of the iceburg and if you 
are lucky and tip it 2 times you get the choice of a rainbow puffel or a golden puffel and 
you get 10,000 coins.

Surf's Up- Keep Your Balance:
When playing Catchin' Waves, it is important to keep your balance and not fall over. If 
you go to low on the wave your Penguin will begin to wobble- Don't press anything for a 
moment, not making any radical movements and you should be fine after a moment. To instantly
regain balance move your mouse to the left of the screen. Make sure not to go into the air 
while wobbling as you will automatically fall off!

Landing Flips While Surfing:
Sometimes you can be so caught out performing radical flips while surfing, you fail to 
notice your high-speed return to the wave- Wipe-out! Luckily, there is an easy trick that
will mean you will always land your flips, simply click just before you hit the wave and 
your penguin will right itself automatically.

To Get a Silver Wand, Go to the Stage Its a New Version Called:
Submitted by: Zaherul

Fairy Fables Once u get in it , Click on the custume trunk and see the 1st page click 
The Bag Above Twee and a Silver Wand will pop up its cost 150 coints.

How to be a ninja in card jitsu quick:
Submitted by: mhay

Go to the sensei (On the pillow) and choose competition mode each time you win the number 
of wins will increase. Ex: White belt: Won 1 Game, Now Yellow belt, got to win 2 games.

Hint - Fast snowballs: 
Submitted by: Nicholas

To throw snowballs fast, put your cursor over the place you want to fire. Press T, then
click with mouse. You should fire a snowball. To fire fast, rapidly type T and click the
mouse button.

Submitted by: mewichigo98

Go to the coffie shop go to the years books and in the blue year book click on jan. 
and click the pink super penguins eyes/ then on feb. click on the fish/ then for april 
click on the green puffle/ then for june click on the purple octobuses eyes/then for 
july click on the music jam/ for august click on the melts/for septmber click on the 
closed eyes puffle/.

Submitted by: emzi99

How toget two penguins on at a time
go to the map click the beach go on rock hoppers ship get the free item go and play 
treasure hunt then while u have treasure hunt on click new internet then type cp (club 
penguin) then get to the home page sign in as a different penguin and then u can walk 
2 penguins do itagain as much as u want and then u r walkin loads of penguins.

Always get the fish:
When your fishing at the cabin and there are dangers right next to a fish, right click
and the game will be frozen move your cursor over the fish and left click. Your worm 
and line should have moved towards the fish. P.S. you can do this to get out of trouble.

How to complete mission 8:
Talk to G. bring the helicopter hat with you when you go to the dock. Talk to Herbert 
and after that, take the lantern. Go into the town. Go to coffee shop. Help penguin pick
up cookies. Ask if you can take one. Leave the coffee shop. Give the puffle the helicopter
hat. Next, give it the cookie. Take map piece. Go to the sport shop and take the pegs. 
Go to HQ and talk to G.( In the gadget room.) Get the hammer on the wall. Go to Snow 
Forts. Click on map piece and go to plaza. Talk to the penguin with the newspaper. Go 
to pizza shop and ask pizza penguin for a pizza. Take pizza to penguin with newspaper.
Put newspaper in pocket and go to the beach. Take net from outside and go into lighthouse.
Talk to penguin. Take balloons. Go to the HQ’s Gadget room and click on the big pump. 
Read the message on the top and talk to G. Ask what super helium is. Then ask if you can
take the pump. Go to the gift shop and blow up the balloon and put it on the gift shop. 
Take the net. Then the pegs. Then the hammer. (You need to do this because you wouldn’t 
be able to go to Herbert’s lair!!!) Go to dock and go down the tunnel Herbert made. 
There are two tunnels. Click the page next to your map. Follow the first instruction.
(Top left corner!) Click on lantern. Follow the directions on the map. Go into the big
tunnel with clothes coming down from it. Click on the boiler room. Talk to Herbert. 
Talk to G ON PHONE! Fix boiler. Talk to G ON PHONE again. Go to HQ and talk to G. 

Club Penguin Animation:
Submitted by: Johnant2

When u are on the home page,right under 'PLAY NOW' you can see a spy phone. 
Click on it. U will se a spy picking it up.

How to do Dessert Mode on Pizzatron3000:
Submitted by: Irine

First, click on pizzatron 3000 and on the lever near the bottom click on the lever then 
click play and soon you will make pizzas that are topped with icing chocolate syrup, icing, 
chocolate chips, marshmellows, jellybeans and licorice. YUM!! My penguin name is Miley Carly

Submitted by: Eunice

First login, then dress your penguin in ALL (or molstly) bright colors, after that, go 
to your edit account card(down in the right hand bottom),then press moderate account, do 
the steps in that(might need a parent). Now, go to the homepage, and click on the nightclub, 
and coffee shop, first "nightclub", then "coffee shop." And, out comes your penguin and one 
of your penguin's friend!(this might not work, but it did to me.)
Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas!

Easy coins:
Get a Silver Surfboard. Go to the Cove and start "Catchin' Waves". Select the "Competition"
option. Competition tends to get you more coins because you are being judged. The more you 
impress the judges, the better you wll do. Use your mouse to steer. Move your mouse up and 
down and your surfing penguin will follow it. Move your mouse to the right to speed up and
to the left to slow down. To jump, move your mouse up over the wave. Your penguin should 
jump in the air above the wave. To get easy coins get well ahead of the wave and do some 
flips. To do a flip, move your mouse in a small fast circle, but keep it above the wave. 
Steady yourself when coming back down into the wave after a jump by holding the Left Mouse
Button to "grind". If you start to lose your balance, slow down or move the mouse pointer 
behind your penguin. 

Catchin' Waves: Tricks:
Shooting The Tube : Get close to the wave, but not too close to avoid crashing.
Spin moves        : Press W, A, S, or D (or the [Cursor Keys]) while in mid-air.
Ice Breaker       : Press A + W or [Left] + [Up].
Coastal kick      : Press A + D or [Left] + [Right].
Lazy Wave         : Press W + S or [Up] + [Down].
Blender           : Press D + S or [Right] + [Down].
Backstand         : Press A + S or [Left] + [Down].
Surf Fever        : Press W + D or [Up] + [Right].

Submitted by: sam

1.This cheat is to get the black mask.(Some people call it the ninja mask) In the halloween 
  cataloggo to the page with the skeleton and the ghost,click the lantern and there it is!

2.if you play dj3k and hold tab it give you coins, but it depends how long you do it. 
  I did it for only 10 minutes and got 100 coins! But what i prefer is that you get something 
  heavy and put it on tab so you can go away and do somthin else.

3.To get a black scuba mask, go to the gift shop, open the catalog, and go to the page 
  where there is a penguin standing with a beach background behind him. Click on the 
  lighthouse in the background. A little window will pop up. You can now buy the scuba 
  mask for 200 coins.

4.Go to the Gift shop, Go to the page were penguins are holding or wearing shoes, then
  click on the pink flipper... You will get Bracelets!


Mission 10 trophy:
Submitted by: Blossom7932

Go to the gift shop, talk to the lime green penguin (Store owner) Now, say "I be 
happy to help" Click on the basket of balls, table, and clothes in the pile, now, 
go outside the giftshop, click the table, put it on the ground, next click the balls, 
put it in the table, now finally click the clothes and stack it on the table, now fininsh 
the mission and get the employee of the month trophy.

Submitted by: Sonic123

Go to the pizza place click on the flower sack in the lower left hand conner of your 
screen and no one will see you.

Aqua Grabber:
Submitted by: cuttles556

When you get to the big clam go over to the will see a pearl sized rock.pick 
it up with the aqua grabber.go over to the clam but be careful not to hit anything or 
you will drop it.drop it in the clams tounge.then grab the pearl.try not to hit anything
or it will drop.take it and drop it in the net and you won the game.

Submitted by: Nicholas

Okay This is a way to get to the boiler room first you login then you go to nightclub then
you to the speaker on the middle right then you click on it boom your at the boiler room.

Submitted by: Brooke

First go to the gift shop click on the catalog go to the page with snowflakes on it then 
click on the snowflakes and a red hoodie should pop up

Submitted by: Katrina

If you go to your igloo and click on one of your puffles and click go for walks your 
puffle will be next to you and when you dance our puffle will do a coll dance with you.

Submitted by: sky walker 08

Go to the gift shop and then open up the penguin style book to the first pg.After that 
click on the red bucket of paint.I'm always on the surver avalanche.

How to sit on a troph at the mine shack:
Submitted by: Jaida

1. Walk towards the mountains at the mine shack. (Note: Don't go inside the mine!)
2. Click on the top of the troph.
3. You are now on top of the troph!!!!!!

How to get a silver surf board:
1. Go to the winter sports catalog
2. flip through until there is a surfboard page
3 click the penguin the clam and finally the starfish.
4. you can buy a silver surfboard!!

Submitted by: mileysky1998

If ur a member go to ur igloo click on edit igloo then click upgrade igloo go to the 
candy igloo pages then on the top in the purple spot it will have 4 candy words click 
all of them and u can have a ginger bread house!!

Submitted by: BEN

If you want to make a snowball come out of the ground you throw a snow ball anywhere 
and quickly run away and you see the snowball come out of the ground!! have fun! my 
penguin name is pheonix2008. im usualy at yeti and in the coffee shop!!

Submitted by: flurry pengu

Here's how to get the gingerbread igloo go to the page with the candy igloos click on the 
four words candy and it'll appear!

Submitted by: judy90753

First go to the cove and then go to the hq then click your map.then click the water 
and you will be in a secret room its like back stage and theres back rounds and clothes 
and stuff in the room.

Walk on Intangible Areas:
Simple way to walk on entrances, doorways, etc. Simply walk over and quickly enter your
mailbox. Wait until you think you've reached the entrance/doorway/whatever and exit. 
You will be standing there and will not wwarp into another room!

Becoming a Ninja:
Talk to Sensei and select Competition Mode. You must face and beat opponents in Card-Jitsu.
As you defeat opponents you will get belts of different colours:
* White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Brown and finally Black.
Once you have your Black Belt it's time to challenge Sensei. You MUST play him a few times,
about 5. He will continue to beat you automatically for a few games, so don't worry. After
a while you will be able to beat him just like any other opponent. Once you've beaten him 
you are a true ninja! You will recieve your Ninja Mask and access to the Secret Ninja Hideout!

Secret Stone Igloo:
On the 4th page of the Better Igloos catalogue, click on the crowbar/ floorboard; you will
find the Secret Stone Igloo!

Submitted by: shimon

First, go to play astro-barrier, finish lv 10, then it will show you the trick with the 
orange box, then wait 25 seconds and you will see a blue space ship, shot it and you will 
play a secret levels.

Submitted by: joshielle

Don't do this you will be banned.try to click the mouse to be 3 flips or flops.
while clicking the arrow keys and the W,A,S,D.get all coins in jetpack too.

Submitted by: pumpkynhead

Go to the puffle shop and buy a red puffle and take it for a walk and go to catching waves 
and the puffle will surf with you if you walk the purple puffle and go to the new dancing 
game the puffle will dance with you take your pink puffle to aqua grabber and it will go 
with you.

Submitted by: pumpkynhead

On astro barrier before you press start type 1 2 or 3 if you type in 1 them you will be on
the 10th level if you type 2 then you will go to level 20 if you type in 3 then you will 
go to level 30.

Auto Teleport:
If you are a secret agent, and you get bored of scrolling through all the rooms to teleport
using your spy phone, you can just click the Visit HQ' button and then just click on the 
surveillance screen that shows the room you want to get to. This way is a bit easier and 

Build your own Dojo:
Ok, so when you become a ninja go into the hideout and click on the catalog, Then after 
you can buy the ninja suit, theres another page that says Dojo igloo, i think it looks 
like a real cp dojo.

Dancing Puffle:
Enter the game "Dance Contest" in the Nightclub with a Purple Puffle and it will dance 
alongside you as you play!

Hidden Items:
These are the hidden items in the Jan. '09 Gift Shop Catalog. 

Unlockable	How to unlock	
Spikester Wig      - Click on the red paint bucket below the yellow puffle ($500)(First page)
Spikette Wig       - Click on the small circle on the left of the page ($500)(Second page)
Fruit Headdress    - Click on the flower vase on the left of the sleeping penguin ($350)(Third page)
Yellow Scarf       - Click on the golden present below the tree ($100)(Fourth page)
Russian Hat        - Click on the mountain on the far left ($600)(Fifth page)
Viking Helmet(Red) - Click on the tree on top of the penguin with the Chill wig ($700)(Sixth page)
Viking Helmet(Blue)- Open the Red Viking Helmet pop-up four times ($1200)(Sixth page)
Pink Pom Pom Toque - Click on the entirely black top hat on the snowman's head ($200)(Seventh page)
Red Hoodie         - Click on the snowflake above the pink mitten on the left ($400)(Ninth page)

Candy Igoo (Gingerbread house):
Submitted by: Blossom7932

Go to your igloo, click on edit, and igloo upgrades, now, go to the candy igloo page then, click 
on all the words "Candy" And... Volia! You have the gingerbread igloo, ( This is for members only, 
and it cost 2100 coins) Hope this cheat helped!

Easy Parties:
OK so make a few friends so that you have fifteen. Make sure for speed, ask and dont wait for 
friend requests. Then (members only) decorate your igloo then ask friends to come over. if you
are not a member, look on the map and click on "member igloos" and select some igloos if there
is a party there, stay and have fun!

Moving a puffle:
Submitted by: Ruthie

You must hav 2 puffles.Put 1 on v lead. Click on the other 1 and click v lead. 
Then it will automatically move!

Red Hoddie:
Submitted by: Mickey21002

If u want the red hoddie, u must go to the gift shop and open the clothing catolog.
It will not be in the march catolog!If u see the snowflake, click on it and u will have the 
red hoddie!

Submitted by: Sydney

When you go to astro blaster {On the top floor of the night club} on level 11 there will 
be a thing that sais hit enter wait 15-20 seconds and a ship will appear shoot it and you 
will get secret levels!

Your Own Dojo:
Dojo Igloo              - Ninja Rank needed ($5000 2nd page Membership Needed).
Ninja Suit              - Ninja Rank needed ($1000 1st page Membership Needed).
Rice Paper Wall Screen  - Ninja Rank needed ($500 3rd page Membership Needed).
Stone Lantern           - Ninja Rank needed ($575 4th page Membership Needed).
Hand Gong (Interactive) - Ninja Rank needed ($400 5th page Membership Needed).

Submitted by: p.k.

If you are a secret agent in club penguin go to the HQ and and click on the book that says 
FISH, go to the table of contents on page 1, highlight the secret letters, then you'll be 
able to read it.

Yellow Scarf:
Submitted by: xX-Namine-Xx

If you click the Snowman on the left side of the Snowman on the right you will find a 
Yellow scarf!
Hopefully you get one! 

See your pufflle surf in you igloo!!:
Submitted by: kailyn

you have to have a RED puffle to do this.
- first go 2 feeding the puffle
-then click on the bathtub thing
-u have 2 have coins
-then watch your RED puffle surf in the tub!! club penguin name is oreo 2 fun if u want 2 be buddys.

Surfboard in the water:
Submitted by: gaddydude

Go to the ice berg and go towards the edge of the ice berg and dance the surfboard will 
be put down in the water.

Aqua Grabber - The Best Game To Get Rich:
Submitted by: Spyman099

When you are playing Aqua Grabber and you are really trying to get to get the Grand Pearl 
i am about to tell you when you are down there is this Rock pick it up then drop it in the 
animals mouth (I forgot the name) then get the grand pearl and put it in the net IT WORKS 
TRUST ME!!! And the other level to get the jewl put the cream soders in the net survive the 
puffa fish when you are to the huge one go down to the gient hole then get the jewl survive 
the puffa fish (again) the put it in the net THE END OF MY CHEAT.

Special Stand:
Submitted by: Darkness5353

Ok first go to the mine and go to the back of the mine and go up on top of the rail and 
sit and there should be a pole sticking through your body!!!

Easiest way to get coins:
Go to map and click the iceberg in the right top corner. Now go to the submarine and play
aqua grabber. Do the main treasure in the clam seas. you will get 300 coins for the main 
treasure and 25 for each of the the small ones! you can get 1000 coins in about 5 to 10 mins!

Mountain Climber Suit:
Submitted by: yoyochlo

First get on a user: Hint: You have to be a member. Go to the Sport shop, then go to the page
with the rock climbing mountain. Click on it and buy it.
Here is another one. Click on the pot of gold backround in the picture with the two penguins. 
You can buy the pot of gold for 200 dollars. 
Also, to get the pink boa you have to get to the page with the writing and click more.

Green Birdhouse Cheats:
Go to the igloo and click edit igloo. Click the "Better Igloos" cattleog and go to the snow
fort page. Go to where it says "Build Your Own Snow Fort" and click the tower on the right 
hand side. It will ask you if you want the green birdhouse!

Cart surfer cheat:
Submitted by: XxMCRxX

first- go to cart surfer
next- hold down the down arrow
third- while holding the down arrow hit a side arrow
last- hold both buttons down for a rail grinder
profit- depending on how long you hold it determins how many points you get

Astro Barier Secret Levels:
After level ten there is a cut screen. Wait for twenty five seconds and a blue ship will 
appear in the top left corner of the screen. Shoot it and you will be sent to the secret 

Secret Path on Thin Ice:
When playing thin ice get to the last level and go into the big wall(go into the 5th block
down from the bottom). You will find yourself going down a path keep hitting dead ends until
you get to the bottom. For each level you finishes completely(no more ice only water) you 
will get a money sack. By the end of the game you get about 400/500 coins depending on how
many levels you did completely.

Long Tip and Hint:
First to get heaps of coins, do the Pizzatron 3000 or Mine carting or Surfing. To become 
a secret agent, go back to your igloo and click on a icon the the top right and a test 
will appear. Get most of the questions right and bam! To become a tour guide which includes
a free hat, you must be 45 days old.

Astro barrier:
when you are playing astro barrier, before starting level 11,hit the orange block and every 
thing else.after that ,wait a while and a blue spaceship will pop up.if you will then shoot 
it you will get secret levels.

Gingerbread igloo:
Submitted by: Sarah3310

1.Go to your igloo
2.Click the edit igloo button
3.Click the upgrade igloo catalog
4.Go to the page that has two pink igloos on it
5.The word "Candy" will appear 4 times within these pages
6.Click the 4 "Candy"s once each
7.The Gingerbread igloo will appear for 2100 coins.

Secret symbols:
Submitted by: bart sim3


How to hump a penguin:
Submitted by: Lancer Evo55

I know how to hump a penguin. first, click beetween a flying penguin's feet. then fly a 
make him stop flying. it will look like ur humping him!!

Green baseball outfit:
Submitted by: Dani

Go into the winter sports catalog. on the first page its theme is baseball. click on the 
baseball man in green in the background and u can buy a green baseball outfit.

How to get the silver surfboard:
Submitted by: podologo

Nnumber 1: go to the cove. 
2: click on the word wave. then it should show the sliver surfboard.

Have the costume of Sensei in Dojo:
You'll first need to collect $20000 each for the hat and the beard ($40000 for both).
To buy these items, go to the dojo. If you have over $20000 you will see a door with the
sign 'Dojo Shop' (if you don't have $20000, you won't see it). Click this to be able to 
buy this costume.

Get a bunch of money:
Submitted by: mindy1315

Here's an awesome glitch! Go to the coffee shop, click bean counters and then quickly click 
your igloo before you reach the game, when you get to your igloo it should say "Do you want 
to play bean counters?" Click yes, if it didn't come up than try again, but when you click 
yes at your igloo when you click the X whenever your done with the game it says "Congratulation's 
you won ___ coins!" then when you click OK your still in the game! Click the X several times to 
get tons of money then log out and back in, bam! you got money!

Aqua grabber fishing:
Submitted by: The dude

Go to soda seas and get all the cream soda barrels. Then go to the last cream soda barrel place 
and there will be a lumpy part where there is no water. Bump it hard and a worm will come out. 
Use the worm to catch the fish in soda seas. 200 coins per fish brought to the net. Additionaly 
you can use the fish to catch the Mullet fish (big fish). I have never caught the mullet fish 
before so I dont know how much coins it is worth.

Black graduation cap:
In the may catalog in gift shop click on the teacup. it is on the page of the girl with the 
posh and blue designer scarf and butterfly shirt.

Get lots of coins:
Submitted by: Andromeda4

Go to the coffee shop in the town, then head towards bean counters. Just before you get there
go to your igloo. It will say, "Do you want to play bean counters?" click yes. Play for a while
and when you exit it will say, "Congratulations, you have won ??? coins. When you click ok you
will be still in the game. Keep clicking exit until you want to stop. You will be getting the
coins you earned over and over again. Log off and back on. You have the money!

How To Make lots of money:
Well go to the coffe shop and play the coffe tossing game. Than right before it says wanna
play bean tossing or whatever RIGHT BEFORE IT SHOWS UP click your house than click play get
your score to like 1000 than click the x butten in the upper right hand corner and it will 
say do you wanna quit and la la la than just click yes. Than you kepp doig that your score
will go up realy high and when you satisfied just log off and press play than look at how much
coins you have.

Cool Glitch- Sledding:
Submitted by: Blossom7932

First go sledding ( Any track will do) Then When the track is almost full, and penguins are 
running to it, Click "your home" Then you can see you quit the race, go to the ski hill again, 
and join another sled race ( Dont quit!) And when you enter the game, you will play another 
penguin! Or double yourself and other penguins! Note: The Other penguins won't see this, 
only you can see.

Negative Furniture:
Submitted by: han kee

first go to the igloo furniture catalog.then buy just buy one of the item.then click view items.
then,click the item.the item will arrive at your igloo. then,click the catagory of the item.then 
quickly click the same item before it even loads.

Secret door:
Submitted by: Amy

If you are a ninja on cp go to the dojo and click on the door on the left and you can enter a 
secret place in the dojo.

Unlock all Medals in Missions:
Unlock each medal by completing the required mission. 

Unlockable	How to unlock	
Golden Puffles Medal       - Unlock by finding Aunt Arctic's two disoriented puffles in mission 1.
Wilderness Survival Medal  - Unlock by surviving yourself in the wild with the materials used in 
                             mission 2.
Electromagnet Medal        - Unlock by removing the giant magnet on top of the gift shot in 
                             mission 3.
Golden Tube Medal          - Unlock by rescuing the distressed penguins on top of the ski mountain
                             in mission 4.
Gold Investigation Medal   - Unlock by capturing the crab and finding the remains of the polar 
                             bear fur in mission 5.
Golden Box Medal           - Unlocked by receiving credits that you thought outside the box in 
                             mission 6.
Silver Watch Medal         - Unlocked by repairing the clock tower quickly in mission 7.
Boiler Spoiler Medal       - Unlocked by perfecting the plumbing system in mission 8.
Secret Squad Success Medal - Unlocked by managing other multi-members in mission 10.

Candy house:
Submitted by: katerina554

First go to your igloo. Then go upgrade igloo. Go to the page that has the pink igloo(candy igloo). 
Then press all the words "candy" in that two pages. an candy house will appear!!

Show the picture thingys over ur head:
Submitted by: Riki

ET-Music Note+Fart Noise
EP-Blue Puffle
ES-Skull-*not sure about this one*
EG-Game Controller
EC-Mug With Coffee
EN-Moon and Stars
EW-Pink IceCream
EQ-Brown IceCream

Rapid Snowballs:
Submitted by: Smarty

I know how to make your penguin throw rapid snowballs!First hold t on your keyboard then keep 
clicking the penguin you want to throw the snowball at.Remember you arent typing anything so 
make sure you didnt click the chat bar.And click very fast.You will win snowball fights with it.

Green Soccer Jersey:
Submitted by: Joel

1.Login into club epnguin and go to the ski villiage.
2.Go to the winter sports shop.
3.Click the catolog.
4.The first page is a soccer theme.
5.Click the soccer ball next to the word soccer.
6.Then click the green soccer jersey but only for members.

Thingies in books:
Go to the coffee shop then upstairs. Click on the bookshelf. To get the friendship bracelet, 
you need to read, Click to the last page, the book that has a word stowaways to the last page.
To get the "captains quarters key" (pin) read rockhoppers journal.

Purple,red and pink puffle:
Submitted by: Britney

The purple puffle will dance with you at the Night Club in club penguin.
The red puffle will play 'Catchin Waves' with you at the cove.
The pink puffle would play Aqua Grabber with you at the iceberg.

Hiding in Pizza Parlor:
If you look on the bottom left corner, you can see bean bags. Click on it and your character
is hidden and its name.

Ice Fishing Secret And Bean Bag:
Submitted by: Enrico

-=This Is The Ice Fishing=-
1st you got a worm catch the fish at the last one you must put the fish down to catch its 
a mullet you got 65 fish and 1 mullet.

-=This Is The Bean Bag=-
1st you will get the Bean Bag And dont Catch It 6x You Will fall and if you get a fish/Rock(I 
dont Know this pair Of)/flower pot you may fall too much If you get 1 or 2 or 3 you may win 
the coin is 360 or 230 or 190 or 460 or 500 or 854 or 671 or 733 

-=Hint at bean bag=-
if your coin is 710 + 854 = 1564 you win
if your coin is 1564 + 854(again) = 100104 you win

-=Hint for money maker=-
+ 50000 + again + again =1600104 wow!

Book room:
Submitted by: bluebellbabi

In the Slime Green book (i think that is its name) I have found the cheat for each page. 
These things will be availiable after finishing typing each page.

1.When given the option, type busiest. After completing the page, click and drag the mop 
  up to the top of the page and let go. It should appear on the other side of the window. 
  Now drag it around that side and it will clear the mountains to reveal a coin. Click on 
2.When given the option, choose a tree. After finishing the page, simply click and drag the 
  bowl away from its spot and click on the coin.
3.Choose 'fell' when given the choice. At the end of the page, click the round green blob 
  at the top of the page and drag it around. keep doing this until all the slime has 
  dissolved, then click the coin.
4.Choose 'made' when asked. At the end, push the penguin sat on the floor around by pointing 
  just behind him. soon he should have flipped onto the ceiling. now, push him forward and a 
  hole should form in the ceiling and a coin will fall out. get the penguin back to safety 
  and claim the reward.
5.Choose 'dropped' when prompted. At the end of the page, slide the mop and penguin out of 
  the screen. watch the walls carefully, as it will flash green in a sequence. then, you 
  have to copy the sequence, and when you have done, the door will swing open to reveal a
6.Choose 'Shout'. Click and drag the paint bucket aside, and click on the coin.
7.Click the Lightbulb above the penguins head, and it will fall to the bottom of the screen. 
  The screen will turn into a maze, drag the light bulb around it, dodging the walls and get 
  it to the light bulb shadow. Once you have completed the puzzles, a coin will appear above 
  the penguins head. Click on it.
8.At the end of the page, Drag the capes out of the box. When it seems you have finished, 
  click on the box and you will drag out a sock. now switch the sock for the cape in the 
  penguins hand. Do the ame with the other sock in the box, drag it to the other hand. 
  A coin will appear.

Now complete the last page, it has no coins. At the end you will get 800 coins.

Where The Items Required For Sensei's Scavenger Hunt Are:
* The first item is in the Ski Lodge, click the fireplace.
* The second item is in the Book Room, click the candle.
* The third item is in the Pet Shop. Click on the black puffle in the cage to make him turn 
  red and catch fire. Then click on him again to get a single burning hair from him.
* The fourth item is inside the Mine. Click on the lamp near the cave entrance.
* The fifth item is in the Pizza shop. Click on the bottle of hot sauce on top of the brick 
  pizza oven.
* The sixth item is at the Cove. Click on the stick in the campfire 
* The seventh item is up at the beacon on top of the lighthouse. Click on the jetpack near 
  where you play the Jet Pack Adventure game. 
* The eighth item is at the Dojo, outside in the courtyard. Click on the lamp on the left 
  side of the main entrance.

Fast Money I MEAN FAST!!!!!:
Submitted by: AnimalCrossingdude234

ok ok hi again im here to help with ur money. first go down to the iceberg go into the submarine 
thing and click on clam waters, forget about the stupid little ones keep going down until u see 
a big rock like pear grab it and drop it into the grand pearl, now u can pick up the grand pearl 
and take it to the net but be careful with the big fish wait for it to go and then go up. ok the 
next level is to get the black pearl right underneath the net there is a little clam, wait for 
it to sleep and grab the black pearl!!!! then go and get the grand pearl how i told u to. ok dont 
do the last 2 clam waters levels just keep repeating the 1st one and wolla u will be a club
penguin billionaire!!! note:in one hour u could get up to 3350 coins not guarranteed to work
happy playing!!!

Ninja quickly:
Submitted by: AnimalCrossingdude234

ok ppl here is a really easy trick for beinga ninja fast!!!!!
1.NEVER go on practice mode 
2.Always go to sensei and click competition mode(he normally gives an oppponent thats one belt 
  above or ur grade.)
3.Play every day on card-jitsu for about 10 games and soon u will be a ninja!
  Happy playing!

Dessert Pizza:
Go to the pizza shop and play pizzatron 3000. Before you start the game, click on the red lever
then you can start the game. You will be making pizzas with lots of lolies with chocolate sauce
and other stuff!

Gone Fishin':
-=Recommended rod=-
The flexible 7 foot rod with standard reel is best for a beginner. All fish will be easier to 
bring, especially the bigger ones. 

-=Avoid breaking lines=-
Exceeding the maximum line tension while fighting a fish may result in a broken line. Always 
follow the recommendations for lure speed and line tension. 

-=Catch a grey fish=-
If you are a member, buy a Rainbow Rod. You can catch grey fish. They start at the top and swim
down to the bottom. If they start at the bottom they will swim up to the to. 

-=Catch a mullet=-
Keep last yellow fish, but do not click to let go of it. Keep it in the water and you can catch 
a mullet and get bonus 100 coins.

How to get Secret Agent without having to be 40 or something days old:
* Get a Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force game for DS.
* Make an account on it.
* Go to upload and click the Wifi option.
* When it is done connecting, it will ask if you have a Club Penguin Account.
* Put your username and password on it and click the check mark.
* I don't know, but i think you have to transfer some coins too.
* When you log in to your Club Penguin account, in your mail it will say you have the requirements
  to become an agent.

If you wear the chef hat with or without the pizza apron and dance you toss pizza dough, if you
wear the coffee apron andyou pour coffee, wear any instrument and dance to play them, wear the 
clown wig and suit to juggle, wear a hard hat and dance to drill, wear a lifeguard whistle and
wave and you will blow it, hold the lasso and it will twirl in the air, wear the water wings 
and/or the inflatble duck and you will do a swimming dance and if you wear the hawaiien Lei 
you hula dance. You can't wear anything else but the outfit.

Card-Jitsu Fire:
You can become a fire ninja on Club Penguin by playing Card-Jitsu Fire at the Dojo. Heres
the Club Penguin cheats guide to becoming a ninja. Follow it carefully, and you will be a
 fire ninja in no time!

-=Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Fire Cheats=-
1. Click on the Map in the lower left.
2. Go to the Dojo Courtyard.
3. Go to the Ninja Hideout.
4. Go to the Volcano by clicking on the tomb and going through the door.
5. Talk to the Fire Sensei. Sensei will give you the fire deck for Card-Jitsu fire.
Card-Jitsu fire is all about the number of the card. When playing Card-Jitsu fire, 
select one of the center stones. It will give you a number of 1-6 which will then give
you an option of which type of card you want to play.

* If you lands on water, ice, or fire then it will be a water, ice or fire battle. In this
  case, always choose the highest number of the card type chosen.
* If two penguins land on the same stone, or the stone has two Card-Jitsu cards on it, 
  there will be a regular Card-Jitsu battle. In this case, choose whichever card you 
  think will beat your opponent.
* If you lands on the spot with a water, ice, and fire on it then it will be your choice
  which card type will be played. In this case, choose the type which you have the highest
  number for.
* The object of the game is to make your opponents run out of energy, which can be found 
  on the left side of each penguin icon. You can gain energy by beating an opponent in a 
  1 vs. 1 Card-Jitsu battle. If you lose a battle, you will lose one energy.

Once you have received your fire ninja deck, you will be able to compete for your fire 
ninja outfit. To do this, click on the Earn your Fire Suit option.
On the left side of the Volcano, you will see a legend with all of the Fire Ninja clothing
items. Remember, you can check the percent you have completed and the next item you Once 
you have unlocked all of the Fire Ninja items, you will be able to beat Sensei. It may 
take a couple of times to beat Sensei, but after you beat him you are considered a Fire

When you have completed the journey of becoming a Fire Ninja, you will be able to do the 
Fire Ninja dance. To do this, put on all of the Fire Ninja clothes and press D to dance.
will unlock by clicking on the progress bar in the bottom right corner at the Volcano.

Cool Free Non-member Spy Glasses:
Submitted by: ChampionerX

Find a walkthrough of mission 11, The Veggie Villian. The walkthrough should tell you how 
to fix the brown penguins glasses. Then complete the mission via the walkthrough video then 
after you claim your medal and your gift, exit and click your player card and go to your 
awards and click the globe thingy. Click the red button and take the glasses!

You can tip over an ice cube jts by drilling or dancing on it! it rly works! you need at
least 100 ppl on the icecube... when it tips over you recieve 5000 coins.

How to read with news paper on:
* Go to you penguin.
* Go to newpaper and then click the "we need you" on the newspaper.
* Once you click it you will see a send question message or something like that.
* Click it and then put anyword in it and click submit.
* Then once you subitmitted it click tab untill it is on the chatbar and then talk 
  and click enter on you keyboard and Tada!
* You could talk with newspaper on.

How To Become A Ninja When Black Belt:
Submitted by: Silver3590

When you got the black belt, don't beat SenSei at first. You must login for 2 times. 
Then, Challenge SenSei for a card-jitsu match. Before that, Here are some tips to beat 
SenSei and be the ninja.

Fire Beats Ice, Ice beats Water, Water beats Fire. (some tips for beginner players)
Put what to beat SenSei?
There are also some tips if you wanna be the ninja:
1. Put Ice out because SenSei always starts with 9 Water.
2. Put Fire. SenSei puts out Ice.
3. Put Water. SenSei puts out Fire.

These are special Clues that SenSei does. After this step, you will become the ninja!

Continue SenSei's journey at the ninja hideout after earning the ninja mask.

Card Jitsu/Card Jitsu Fire: No losing:
No losing on Normal Card Jitsu:
When the gong sounds, immediately click the X button in the corner of the screen. That
will prevent a message saying "(opponents name here) wins".

-=No losing on Card Jitsu Fire=-
When you lose one energy after the game says "You lost one energy", immediately click
the X button in the corner of the screen. That will prevent a scroll opening up saying
that you have come in any place but first, depending on how many players are playing 
in the match.

Rockhopper's Key:
If you go to the end of The Journal of Captain Rockhopper (found on top of the Coffee 
Shop) you will find a key with a puffle on it. This key is called Captains Quarters key.
It will allow you to access his secret room (it is in the Migrator)where you can play a 
game and look at his noticeboard.

Arctic Antics: Bomb making:
Buy a magic seed and mystery parcel. Plant the seed. Wait for the seed to become a 
sapling. Open the mystery parcel. Then, plant the bomb on someone. 

Arctic Antics: Walkthrough:
1. Go down to the river. 
2. Follow river to the right. 
3. Look under the platform. 
4. Investigate the entrance. 
5. Pick up heavy iron bar. 
6. Crawl back out. 
7. Go back up the bank. 
8. Walk along the riverbank to the left. 
9. Follow river left. 
10. Follow river left. 
11. Go towards the woods. 
12. Go under the bridge. 
13. Pick up the silver whistle. 
14. Go towards the river. 
15. Climb the tree. 
16. Crawl along the branch. 
17. Jump to the far bank. 
18. Walk to the right. 
19. Go towards the grass. 
20. Pick up the broken pencil. 
21. Go towards the river. 
22. Walk along the riverbank to your left. 
23. Go towards the object. 
24. Climb the stone. 
25. Open the hatch. Get some rusty nails after you open the hatch. 
26. Climb off the stone. 
27. Go around the stone. 
28. Go away from the river. 
29. Walk left. 
30. Go forward. 
31. Go left. 
32. Pick up the torch keyring. 
33. Go right. 
34. Go left. 
35. Go along the bank away from the object. 
36. Blow the silver whistle. 
37. Move towards the trunk. 
38. Climb back down. 
39. Follow river to the right. 
40. Go back to field. 
41. Walk over to the house. 
42. Look around the building. 
43. Walk to the edge of the field. 
44. Walk left, following the fence. 
45. Pick up a wooden crate. 
46. Heads toward the building. 
47. Put down the crate. 
48. Climb on the crate. 
49. Climb through the window. 
50. Search around with the torch. 
51. Pick up the old hammer. 
52. Climb back out of the window. 
53. Climb down the ground. 
54. Pick up the wooden crate. 
55. Walk around the building. 
56. Go back towards the river. 
57. Go down to the river. 
58. Follow river left. 
59. Follow river left. 
60. Go towards the woods. 
61. Cross the bridge. 
62. Follow the path uphill. 
63. Go deeper into the woods. 
64. Go farther to the path. 
65. Climb up the ladder. 
66. Fix the ladder. 
67. Climb down. 
68. Go towards the interesting tree. 
69. Go to the pathway. 
70. Turn off into the undergrowth. 
71. Follow undergrowth to your right. 
72. Pick up large key. 
73. Go towards the tree. 
74. Go towards the rock. 
75. Go up the rocky hill. 
76. Go uphill. 
77. Go to the right. 
78. Pick up woolen gloves. 
79. Scramble down the bank. 
80. Go to the other way. 
81. Go towards the tree. 
82. Follow the path downhill. 
83. Follow the path downhill. 
84. Go deeper into the woods. 
85. Go farther to the path. 
86. Climb up the ladder. 
87. Climb further up the ladder. 
88. Pick up the Ice Crystal. 
89. Climb down to the ground. 
90. Climb down. 
91. Go towards the interesting tree. 
92. Go to the pathway. 
93. Follow the path downhill. 
94. Go to the river. 
95. Go towards the river. 
96. Follow river to the right. 
97. Go back to the field. 
98. Walk over the house. 
99. Look around the building. 
100. Walk to the edge of the field. 
101.Walk right, following fence. 
102. Unlock gate and go through. 
103. Leave the quest. 
104. Walk out of the edge of the Quest world!.

Hidden igloos [2 found only]:
Submitted by: Hunter33183

First, go to ur igloo and press edit igloo.Next, press the small igloo on the right, 
and flip the pages until you get to the Ice Castle, when you're there click on the 
door and the Pink Ice Palace appears. Flip more pages until you get to Deluxe Snow 
Igloo. Then press the door and the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo appears.

How to become an EPF agent:
Submitted by: Doom Dawg

I'm sure you've heard penguins talking about EPF agents and stuff. Well this is how to 
become one. First, ask around and see if anyone around you is a EPF agent. Then, ask them 
to send you a invitation. If they do, read the message and it will probably have a button 
to teleport to the Phone place. Teleport there. Then the phone on the wall will transform 
into a screen. It will say things to you about a test. (all agents do the test). once you 
have conpleted the test you can either do your own thing or go to the EPF command room. 
Once inside the EPF room click on the Tube Transplant thingy to enter the mission launch 
room. Once inside there you can click a mission on the thing on the wall or by clicking 
on the thing in the bottom right corner of your screen. Hope you enjpy this cheat.:)

Make your puffle wash itself over and over again:
To do this cheat you need to be a member. First make sure you have the puffle washing 
furniture from puffle shop. Then make sure a puffle in the puffle washing then quickly 
click the puffle and make it sleep. It will wash itself over and over again.

How to be standing on the door at any place:
1.Go to any place e.g pizza parlor.
2.Click on the door.
3.Click on your post cards and wait for 10-15 seconds
4.Press the x at the corner.
5.You have done it well done!

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