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  Hints and Tips for: Commandos 2 - Men of Courage 
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 Commandos 2 - Men of Courage Cheats

Commandos 2 - Men of Courage

Cheat Codes: 
Update by: Wim Van Gool 
Update by: Mohsen Shahmohamadi

While playing Commandos 2: Right click on a Commando, and then 
type in GONZOANDJON and then hit [Enter]. 
This will activate the Cheats.

Note: No text will appear on screen when typing GONZOANDJON 
it will look like you are doing nothing.

After the Code has been entered you can then access the following

RESULT                                      CHEAT CODE
Mission skip                              - [Ctrl] + [Shift] + N
Invincibility                             - [Ctrl] + I
Invisibility                              - [Ctrl] + V
Destroy all opponents                     - [Ctrl] + [Shift] + X
Place selected commandosunder the pointer - [Shift] + X
Display frame rate                        - [Ctrl] + [Minus]

Notes on Cheats:
E-mail: uzgarjin@hotmail
Submitted by: Faizan

Teleport will move the selected Commando from their current location to
wherever the cursor is situated.

Your commandos wont show as invisible but a Red V will appear in the 
bottom right hand corner of the screen to let you know the cheat has 
been activated.

If you use the Win Mission cheat you will get all the bonus books for 
that level. 
Disclaimer: Please note these cheats and level codes are provided for
reference only, this is not trying to influence players to cheat in 
any way and using these cheats and codes could decrease enjoyment for
the game.

Password of Directly Jumping to a Mission
by lee collier 
Here are all the level codes for all skill levels 
for commandos 2. In order to use them goto single 
player, then pick your character id name and then 
enter them under keyed mission and hit enter. 
Stage1   -   XHGDR       PLKUM     PVTSL   
Stage2   -   WKUC4       JE5SH     SKDJF   
Stage3   -   YSM51       DFY3B     3DYNG   
Stage4   -   B7D8F       K9D3H     9BG3S   
Stage5   -   3GHSL       NMWQ9     KJWJK   
Stage6   -   AZLM1       16G3L     E2J7H   
Stage7   -   JAHSG       WL3CZ     ZX78Y   
Stage8   -   UN63A       LPQ6T     TRIB4   
Stage9   -   VAZ2P       SRCM8     TRD78  
Stage10  -   9TT5W       PAEN8     1LPQD 

Submitted by: NGUYEN VIET KHOA

When your character doing Something in a long time, press right mouse
to fast complete this action.

Game Tips:
Submitted by: Matthew Gatioan

Send Sapper to locate mines, once he locate all mines in an area send him 
to deactivate the landmines while he holds the mine detector. Once his hands
touches the mines quickly left click on another mine to deactivate. So sapper
can deactivate land mines safaly and faster. 
Do the same to Diver when deactivating under water mines.

If you are such a hurry to knock out an enemy before somebody sees you, don't
run just walk or crawl and quickly punch the enemy while your are behind. Now
hold shift and left click to tie the enemy, while he is tying carry the enemy,
it does'nt matter even its not finish now go to a safe place and right click 
now that enemy is completely tied up. But in the area where you knocked out 
the enemy is safe while one of you commando is tying just let him walk or 
just right click and watch the enemy automatically tying like there is a

Remember when spy is in disguised don't let the enemy see him running or else
you know what happens. Same to all of your commandos when disguised.

Avoid the little fishes in a huge group without a food or else they will
become a killer fish. Don't get theif and the sniper underwater for too long
they only have a small air storage.

Don't enjoy killing and shooting the enemies it could sound the alarm and it
may decrease you score when you finished the mission.

The best way to knock out enemies inside a huge building with many hiding
points is select diver and use the hook or press S to the a side near a 
closed door and pull it to the other side of the door. Now make a distraction.
Use a handgun or knock on the wall, when an enemy(s) open the door, they will
be knocked out. Don't use the cable trap of driver its good for only one enemy.

You can slide down on ladders by double right click on the mouse. Don't do it
on high ladders it will hurt your commandos. Climb down first until you are at
the half of the ladder if I'm right.

Use whiskey for item transport very useful when too many enemies are on the way.

When an enemy sees somebody tied up use spy and let him disguise as an officer
and quickly let him go to the tied enemy so when the other enemy gets there he
thinks the officer is punishing that soldier.

Be careful of throwing wine or cigarettes on the ground that has sight of the
enemy (the green triangles) Be sure to throw when its not cover by their sight
or else they will not get that. And also if you trick a soldier by throwing a 
cigarette or wine and if he see an officer or spy disguised as an officer he 
will not get it. But some soldier will try to get it and if he get back to his
position and he sees an officer he will not use it until the officer leaves but
some are naughty they do it even in front of an officer.

An officer has an ability to command a soldier to look to that area or go to 
that area. If the Spy is use a liutenant's uniform he can only command a soldier
to look that. If your Spy has an officer uniform and you command him to talk 
to a liutenant, he can only command him to look at that.
Officers know each other so keep away your spy unless you infiltrate them so 
the soldiers will only obey you.

Finish a Commandos work
This is not a real cheat like I said at the above to locate the mines just right
click oe send it to another work.

Submitted by: Bartosz Bednarek

If you take a Diver, put on diving equipment and go under water, then use a 
harpoon under water, you will still be able use it on the dry land just holding
Ctrl button - nice way to kill silently (instead of throwing knifes - unlimited

Submitted by: Shivesh Kumar Singh

These are the level codes randomly provided by me.
Mission 4- GDNCQ
Mission 5- 24TCG
Mission 6- KT1WN
Mission 7- Q3YWX
Mission 8- 9Q9XC

Here is a tip for "never run out of rifle ammo": 
Submitted by: Dinh Khanh

In mission 08 "Saving Private Smith" and some others. when you get in touch with
ally solders, take the rifle they are using then replace with your german rifle 
to them by using exchange option. Since then, it is no need to waste your time 
to collect rifle ammo from enemy dead bodies any more because the ammo is unlimited.
This will help you to save time cause high score when mission complets. The most 
important is do not forget to arm the ally solders with rifles taken from the 
enemies, otherwise they will be useless. 

Bonus missions:
Submitted by: damodar shenoy

Collect all the brown bonus books during a mission to complete the photograph at
the end and unlock a bonus mission. Note: The "Saving Private Smith" mission does
not have an associated bonus mission. 

Hint: Stealth:
Submitted by: damodar shenoy

Always be aware of your enemies vision range. Do not assume that they cannot see you. 
There is a good chance that the soldier will move around and will spot you. Use the 
"Eye" tool and place it on an enemy soldier to reveal his vision range. Remember, if 
your commando is standing up and is in the "light" area of the vision range, he will 
be seen but it will take about five to ten seconds for your enemy to react. During 
this time, go into crawl mode. If you are in crawl mode, and are in the "light" area
of the soldier's vision range, you will not be seen. However, if you are not using 
the spy and are wearing an enemy uniform, you will not be seen even when standing. 
However, the darker area of the vision range is the hot zone. You will be seen, and
the enemy will react automatically no matter what, except if you are using the spy.

Hint: Easy kills:
Submitted by: damodar shenoy

Always try a stealthy approach rather then using guns. If you are using the Green
Beret, you can sneak up on the enemy and cut him. Remember to pick up his items. 
This will not alert other soldiers unless the "sound bubble" appears, which is rare.
A good tip for handling many soldiers with only a gun is to use the guard vision. 
Guard vision will place your shooting range in front of you. If an enemy soldier 
goes onto that vision range, the enemy will be killed as fast as possible. This is
useful method and it does not not matter how skilled you are at shooting in the 
game. The CPU will always do better.

Use the following trick when you have the diver on a mission with an enemy that you
get behind to throw the knife at. The game's line of sight feature works as follows.
When you lay in the light area you will not be spotted, but if you stand up a blue 
sight will appear which indicates your enemy does not know who you are. The longer 
you stand up, the more suspicious he will become. However, if you lay down in the 
darker area the same thing will happen. Use the diver then take out his knife. Next,
go up to the enemy then lay down in the darker area and crawl towards him. The blue 
sight will appear, but do not worry as he will not notice you for awhile. Once you 
are in range, throw the knife. If done correctly, you will kill him while remaining

Soldier Long Move:
When using Spy in a generals uniform and ordering soldiers to move wherever you want
them, you can make them move over really long distances. First tell the soldier to 
go as long away as possible. Then cancel Spy`s control over the soldier and move 
towards him. Then take control over him again, and make him go as long away as possible,
and on, and on... With this metode you can move soldier over long distances.

Tank,battle ship etc.attacking hint:
Submitted by: S.Sibi bose

When you get a tank,battle ship or any other armed vehicles you can use the driver to 
shoot your enemies or your enemie's vehicles.Just hold Ctrl you will get a vision like
thing place it on your enemies or your enemie's vehicles then press left mouse button 
to shoot. If you can't get a vision like thing right click on the vehicle you will see
driver's face then you'll get it.

Attacking with vehicles:
Use the following trick when you get a tank, battleship or any other armed vehicle. 
You can use the driver to shoot your enemies or enemy vehicles. Hold [Ctrl] to display
a reticule. Place it on your enemies or enemy vehicles, vehicle, then press Left Mouse
Button to shoot. Note: If the reticule does not appear, Right Click the vehicle. 
You will see driver's face then the reticule will appear.

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