Cricket 2007 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Cricket 2007 
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 Cricket 2007 Cheats

Cricket 2007

This game is titled also "Cricket 07"

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Rishab gupta

Highlight, but do not select, the "My Cricket" option at the main menu with the mouse pointer, 
then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Press 
[Esc] to pause game play and re-enter the code to disable it. 

Code           Effect
asif         - Your bowlers have full stamina.
yousaf       - Super Batsman.
afridi       - You play Supersix.
salman       - You play Super Four.
wasim        - You have super bowlers.
waqar        - You bowl superballs.
rhodes       - You have super fielders.
inzamam      - Your batsmen have full stamina.
akhter       - Your bowler bowls with super speed.
haier        - Empire does not give noball despite.
malik        - Fielders have some enough flying abilities to catch the bowl.
gul          - Your bowler always has all special deliveries.
saqlain      - Your bowlers bowl with magic moves.
razzaq       - Faster runners.
rkobat       - Super batsman.
rkosix       - Super Six.
rkopowerbowl - Super bowler.
rkofly       - Flying fielder.
rkosd        - Special deliveries.
rkoall       - All rk code effects.

Full Stamina:
Enter "ASIF" at MAINMENU by keeping your mouse cursor at "MY CRICKET" Option (Nether 
enter Nor click), Play & You will observe that your BOWLERS always have 100% stamina.
Enter "INZAMAM" (WITHOUT "") at MAINMENU by keeping your mouse cursor at "MY CRICKET"
Option (Nether enter Nor click),Play & you will see that Your BATSMEN always have FULL

Super Speed:
Enter "AKHTER" (WITHOUT "") at MAINMENU by keeping your mouse cursor at "MY CRICKET"
Option (Nether enter Nor click), Play,Bowl with Fast or Fast Madium or Medium Pace 
Bowler (No Spinner) & You will observe that You bowler bowl with Super speed which 
has never been seen before & may be equal to 200 Km/h or greator. By using this cheat,
you can out your opponents very easily except PAKISTAN TEAM.

Empire Quitness:
Enter "HAIER" (WITHOUT "") at MAINMENU by keeping your mouse cursor at "MY CRICKET"
Option (Nether enter Nor click),Play,Bowl & You will observe that Empire don't give
NOBALL despite parameter of your Bowler,s SpeedMeter reaches in RED ZONE,so in this
way, you can increase your bowler's speed but not equal to 200 Km/h or greator.

Fly Mode:
Enter "MALIK" (WITHOUT "") at MAINMENU by keeping your mouse cursor at "MY CRICKET"
Option (Nether enter Nor click)& While playing you will observe that your fielders 
have some enough Flying abblities to catch the bowl. In AUTO FIELDING,Press [Shift]
key to fly your Fielder chasing the ball.

Special Deliveries:
Enter "GUL" (WITHOUT "") at MAINMENU by keeping your mouse cursor at "MY CRICKET"
Option (Nether enter Nor click),Play,Bowl & you will see that your Bowler always 
has all Special Deliveries.

Magic Move:
Enter "SAQLAIN" (WITHOUT "") at MAINMENU by keeping your mouse cursor at "MY CRICKET"
Option(Nether enter Nor click),Paly,Bowl & you will see that your (All kind of) bowlers
bowl with magic move.

Fast Running:
Enter "RAZZAQ" (WITHOUT "")at MAINMENU by keeping your mouse cursor at "MY CRICKET"
Option(Nether enter Nor click) & You will see that your runners run so fast such as

These all above cheats work in any difficulty. These Cheats can be deactivated by 
re-enter at PAUSE MODE(Press "ESC" While Playing) but cann't be avtivated at PAUSE
MODE,To do this, You will have to perform above Method.Play & Enjoy.

General strategies:
Submitted by: BoneK

* You can make batsman out by bowling with a slow medium bowler and bowling shot of
  the length bowl (slower delivery).

* With fast bowler you can bowl the good length bowl. The keeper will have no problems
  catching it. Keep the speed to almost full, but not full. Also, any swing will do. 

* Play Straight and hit the Six hit shot only when the bowl is near your half crease
  length or else see your stump flying towards the keeper.

Submitted by: Pratik Darji

You create 11 players and all of 100% ability and play the game u won the game any team.
I try this hint and my higest score is 1057/4 against Australia. Please try it.

Submitted by: Pranav

While playing, To get more runs in less time Hit as many as Leg-Square or stright
drives By Pressing Shift. It will go a six. 

Hints for best batting perfomance:
Submitted by: satyam ramawat

If you want to build high score in cricket 07:

1. Set the batsman in the front of ballmarker.
2. Press the shift button of left hand side and also press the "S" with them.
3. Now when the ball is just touchin the before that press any arrow key.
4. You will notice that batsman easily hit the six and four.

Submitted by: Brijesh

u create 11 players and all of 100% ability and play the game u won the game any team.
I try this hint and my higest score is 2475/2 against Sauth Africa. please try it.

Submitted by: udgam

With a fast-medium bowler,bowl an out swinger or straight delivery at or near the leg
of the batsman (not on the off side). With a fast bowler bowl a leg-cutter on the off-
side of the batsman.keep a slip ready. This cheats are of right handed batsman.
Use vice versa for left handed.

Submitted by: punit pathak

If you want to take wickets early select a medium fast bowler and bowl the ball near
batsmam's foot or say bowl a yorker. the batsman will either be bowled, caught or score
only 1 run.

Submitted by: nimit aggarwal

Make a new player and make player's all things full and add to a squard do it again 
and again in a same get everything 100 for details contact me 

Submitted by: Harry and Gaurav

To Hit Sixes In 5 star Game without getting out,just move the batsman foot at the 
middle wicket(only legstump full should be visible) and press the advance shot 
button with boost shot(shift) to the leg side.If you get the timing it goes for six.

Submitted by: Tarique Latif Jarwar

That is actually not a cheat but a handy trick if u r a bowler, first have a fast 
bowler (e.g.  Shoaib Akhter) then bowl from round the wicket,but first u have to 
decrease batsman's strength by putting bounce, then have a York bowl at batsman's 
feet with full speed bowl,the batsman will try to hit Six but a good yorker will 
bowl him out.have practice in nets & first u will also be hit for some sixes but 
dont get upsett keep bowling he'll be bowled out. By the if anyone knows how to 
use the cheats of Placing the cursor at My Cricket or else.Do inform me on my 
mail adress

New ball tricks:
Submitted by: vishnu

You must have come across a ball which has made ur batsman caught behind or by slip
as it slicks his bat and u see the radar showing no swing.i'll suggest a method 2 
do this. Especially during the new ball session,use the button s.the bowling speed
must either be completely full or completely low. Click any direction left or right
when the bowler jumps and hold it down.try for an over using same bowler.u'll get 
that trick for sure. recommended for new ball session only. use specially skilled 
pace bowlers like Mcgrath,ur created player(100%),harmison, shane bond etc. 

Submitted by: arsalan

when the pitch condition is dry in a test match your spinner play a key role at 4th 
and 5th day give a quicker bowl to the batsman at good length and take one fielder
at silly point and 1 at short cover.

Submitted by: arvind

To get batsman out easily choose a spinner,place a fielder at short fine leg and bowl
yorkers on the legs of the batsman.when the batsman hits it the ball will go straight
to the short fine leg fielder.i got aus team out for8 runs using this method. For any
more tips contact me at

Submitted by: mohanrajmichal

Ball fixed at yeaker(batsman leg side) and feildeing leg side (close)at two filder
deliver speed 83kp get.

You play the wet pitch take legspiner bowler bowling marker fixing the center of the
pitch (medile stempe)and delivery to bowl no speed to get lbw or bowl.

Submitted by: A trick for making batsmen out

Its a good way to make a batsman. Where we come then-When you ball with a fast bowler
(e.g.B.Lee)you will ball a reverse swing around the wicket(if the batsman is right-handed) 
and ball over the wicket(if the batsman is left handed). You can do the same trick using 
yorker ball from fast medium bowler(G.McGrath).

Submitted by: Keyur Sharma & Chirag Bogra

We have discovered an unplayable ball which is bowled by a LEG-SPINNER in case of HARD AND
NORMAL pitch. If a DRIFT BALL using Default "D" key is pitched before the short-pitch length. 
i.e-As closest  to the bowler. No short as per our knowledge can be played on this ball. The
ball is not considered as a NO BALL or a bouncer even if it goes above batsman's head.
We have seen bowlers like "SHANE WARNE","STUART McGILL" and other LEG SPINNER'S of well known
teams bowl this delivery.

Submitted by. mithun

While placing a foot over noball suddenly press shift key the umpire wont give noball.

Submitted by: Sush

Put"RKOALL"without "" by keeping your mouse cursor at my cricket (neither enter nor click) 
you will get all things.

Submitted by: Kobid Karkee

This is a very useful cheat. This is a bowling cheat & works most of the time. While bowling 
to take wickets easily take any sorts of spin bowler. Then while bowling bowl the ball beyond
the stumps. If the batsman tries it to hit it most of the time he gets bowled. The cheat is 
more effective when you use the full flight ball ("W" one). The countries like India, PAkistan,
Sri Lanka where batsman height is less is most effective.

Submitted by: JAGTAR SINGH



Submitted by: Tushar

Take any spin bowler like harbajan S.warne .While bowling hold down SHIFT key and pitch the
ball at half screase .I have try this with australia and they were all out for 6 runs. 

Submitted by: Sathish B(

First u must select the bowlers and all bowlers should be spinners.... then bowl the ball to
batsman and the ball pitch should select back to batsman. i e back to wickets and bowl the 
ball.... they never get the even single run......... this is the one of the very usefull 
cheat code compare to alll above cheats.... pls try it.

Submitted by: Vishvas Raval

When the ball is pitched up just near from batsman's foot smash the ball with Shift + S + 
Right Arrow Key though You will miss time and get the shot in late you will recive 4 runs 
and atleats 2 runs if fielder on boundry stops it.

Submitted by: Mohammed Riyaz

While Batting, When the bowler bowl Outside leg stump (when the marker is outside leg stump)
Just move to the off stump and when the ball comes close then click "W". It will surely go 
for a four.

Submitted by: akhil

When ur running to the danger end press the W button as soon as u reach the crease...the 
batsman will dive.........u will get less chance of becoming runout.

Submitted by: Sankar Sundar

Scoring more doubles is easy in 2007.Place the ball to the fielder in the boundary and run
two runs initially.Then the wicket keeper or the bowler will hit the stump claiming for run
outs. In that time one can score an extra run.We can also dive by pressing "W".

Submitted by: Mayur

If U are booring with the bolwing and if U want to bat with both tems then. while playing
press Esc and choose last option controlar select the batting team and enjoy For any help
Mail me on 

Submitted by: Arun Sathiya

First create 11 players of full abilities.Next go to the load/save option and click save.
Then in the rooster menu save it in a new rooster file.Then click load.Now play a match.
You will see that all your players play superb.My highest score is 3584/1 against Australia.

Submitted by: abhinay

Fist take a spin bowller then take the mark to the off side with a fast speed the middle 
stump will always be jumped out.

Submitted by: subhadip brahmachari

Take any spin-bowler(may be off-spinner or leg-spinner)then place the ball marker at the 
last place of the pitch between the wicket-keepers legs.give the lowest speeds.the batsman 
can score no runs. This is applicable to all levels.this is not a cheat,a trick just.......

Submitted by: NEERAJ

Here is simple trick to keep the opponent batsmen from playing:

1.just keep the marker on the leg stick and bowl a faster one and he gives a simple catch.
2.take a spinner (specialist) always bowl round the stick..keep the cursor just beside his
ankle.........the batwsman tries to hit for a reverse sweep and he is cleanly bowled and u
can easily win number of matches..........try this i tried and bowled out the australians
for just 12 runs ......(5 star).....check it out.

Submitted by: zarak

This is a hundred percent sure wicket taking tip.bring an offspiner and bowl straight delivery 
right behind the leg-stump>>that will be a low full-toss to the batsman and he will give out a 
simple catch!never try to bowl at such a length behind middle or off!! 
the length should be to its full behind leg stump.


Create 11 players of full stabilities by going to "create a player" save the game
and load that game whenever u require.ur players will get all the good tacts and ur stamina 
will be 100%.i have scored 17845/5 against australia ini week.try this to break my record.

Submitted by: T.Sri Sai Ram

Select teams like Australia or England.Take B.lee For Australia and S.Harmisson for England.
Bowl the special ball ALT (by holding SHIFT key).The ball reverse Swings and the batsman is 
bowled out (pitch the ball too short so that the ball yorks). 
Contact me at

Submitted by: saad

take a legspin bowler. bowl full flight behind the stumps. i got 5 consecutive wickets with
this cheat also take a good bowler and keep minum speed and full swing. the ball will move 

Submitted by: O.G.Jeyan

First Create 11 Players and save it in a roster.Now play a game.You can score top score. My 
highest score is 10531/0 against AUS in ASHES.

Hi it is not a cheat code just trick:
Submitted by: ragu

Under or against a tuff bowling attack after the ball spot is fixed press and hold the right
arrow key (for right hand batsman) and left arrow key (for left hand batsman) and after the 
ball reaching u just press the "s" or "w" atleast u will get 1 or more runs on leg side.

Easy Wicket:
Submitted by: kuku

While playing the game and while bowling only with a fast or fast-medium bowler who has a 
space ball then this hint is useful. While starting the runup press space button then with 
the keypad pull the blue ring downwards totaly but to the middle stump.Press the "s" button 
to prevent no ball and as the ball is put the ring automatically advances to the middle stump 
of the batsman.He will try to hit it for a straight drive or straight six but he will be bowled 
going under the bat. I once got SA all out 0/10 in 50over match the first 10 balls of the 
innings were full of wickets.

Submitted by: deepak

If u want to play reverse sweep with right hand batsman then press the left arrow + Up arrow
+ W then he will play reverse key. for left hand batsman press Right arrow instead of left 

Submitted by: pradeep sati

You can bowl out any team easily by using this trick. Use a medium fast bowler and pitch the
ball in bowlers half with no speed, the ball is unplayable & the batsman will get out. This
trick will not work when the pitch is hard, do the same with a spin bowler in that case.

How to out the players in a one day match:
Submitted by: Vansham Aggarwal

With any type of bowler you can try this trick. For example: with a fast bowler.
If the batsman is right-handed then you should bowl from the left. Set the bounce of the 
ball to be set on the bats man's feet. When the batsman hit the ball 3 things can happen:-

1. he pushes the ball to the fine leg
2. he defences the ball
3. he hits the ball and balls get to the square-leg fielder and is considered out for a catch 

One of the 3 options written at above will happen 


Another way to out the batsman, but this can be risky because batsman cn hit a six.

1. set a fielder to the deep-extra cover or set the fielding OPEN 1 
2. With any bowler (not a spin bowler) set the bounce of the bowl out of the off stump i.e. it 
   should a wide ball towards the off side.
3. The bats man would be hitting it towards to the cover side Or it will be missed by the batsman 
   and will be given a wide.
4. If he hits the ball towards the 
covers then the fielder would catch it or it can go for a six.


Total cheating:
Submitted by: Sankesh S Bhora

Save the game after every over is finished in the main menu. by this you can continue the game 
from where you have saved from load option in main menu, that is if you have lost a wicket in 
the previous over you can quit the game and load the game from load option in main menu.

Submitted by:V.Sajay

While playing shot click shift+w and shift+s alternatively.You notice that your batsman hits 
six always.

How to bowl with the spinners:
Submitted by: sathvik

Choose a spin bowler and place the bowling marker behind the stumps.The batsmen wont score runs 
definitely if he tries to score he will get out.

Get easy wickets in test matches:
Submitted by: leo

Choose a left-chinamn bowler and while asking what kind of delivery to bowl press "s" then place 
the blue mark on the half of the pitch and straight of left stump and press "s" then there will 
be a ball in the laft-bottom screen and it will be an arrow mark also, then press right arrow 
don't let the arrow go too out and don't let the arrow go too in.

Get a wicket everyball:
Submitted by: Anuj Kailash Agrawal

Use a spinner and bowl from around the wicket.
You should bowl too full at the off stump so that the ball marker is set on the batsmen's pad 
(the fullest length possible). You will get a wicket every ball.

Submitted by: Munaf Ahmed

Select medium fast bowler and put rhe bowl marker on the middle stumps the batsman have bowled.

Get the batsman out with leg spin bowler:
Submitted by: B.Ragavendra

Make use of the flipper and zooter. with zooter bowl the ball exactly on the legside with full 
speed it will work... in test: With flipper bowl just before the speed increses on the foot with
around the stumps it will work.

To take Wicket Easily in ODI or T20:
Submitted by: ALI SARGANA

Take Pakistani team and play. Try to take bowl first Bowl with Shoaib Akhtar and M Sami if Batsman 
is Right Handed bowl from other side put the blue ring in batsman foot and move the ball in stumps 
Batsman try to hit the ball and will bowled Try this I bowled INDIA on 0 in two Overs ALI SARGANA

get batsman out easily:
Submitted by: sheenu

in a test match bowl from over the wicket to a left handed batsman from far to the bat but not too 
far the batsman will give a catch to forward shortleg or wicketkeeper.

How to make batsmen out:
Submitted by: suhas

Take India.Bowl at just the right side of the wide marker and pitch it near the crease.
It will be edged and caught by slip or wicket keeper.

Turn fielders red:
Submitted by: Guhag

Select Victoria Bushrangers in the Australia State team. Replace it with a team of (playing 11) 
Your fielders will turn red, puke, and then have superpowers.

Submitted by: NEERAJ


Easy sixes very easy:
Submitted by: guru prakash

hi guys,want to hit easy sixes it is too easy.first create a entire team of full created players 
and their abilities to full there should be 6 batsman and 5 bowlers of any type then the team is 
100 percent. open the option batsman timing guage.then play, (to hit sixes play at the ideal time) 
then hit sixes by the combination shift+s+down+right or shift+s+down for right batsman and for left 
the vice versa.pls dont play the shift+s+down+right when the ball is full in the offstump the ball 
may get behind the bat and it will knock the stump so play straight drive(shift+down)when ball is and enjoy the cricket 07 bye

Easy win in just 1 ball:
Submitted by: Abhijeet

First of all decide with which team u wanna play....
Suppose if u want to play as India V/S Australia.... Start playing with the team u which u want
to be loser....While playing with that team dont make a single run leave the stumps & let the 
bowler bowl u out.....then when u'll start bowling (Remember u gave target of 1 run to ur 
opponent) press Escape & choose option reassign controller.....Select other team & ur target 
will now be just 1 run.....Enjoy...

Submitted by: hari

Just try this . you play any test or an one dayer against any team in the game modes option. 
but make sure you select the manual squad option and select the best batsmen and bowler in the 
specific team . i did this trick and like that my highest score in one dayer is 707/5 and my 
highest in test is 6039/6 declare.try this it will work.

To Get Batsmen Out early with out scoring any run:
Submitted by: Mohsin

While Playing a One Day Match Set the field as Open 1 and then take a good leg spinner e.g. 
Afridi,Mendis etc and then bowl over the wicket to right and round the wicket to left hand 
batsman and to a right hander bowl a googly(the delvery which is bowled by pressing "A" with 
leg spinner)at a full length very much outside off stump(rigt hander and use the opposite trick 
for lefty) and spin it as much as u can then u'll see that the batsman will try to loft it for 
six through covers and ur fielder wil catch it very easily. And if u have a situation such as 
the other team requires even 2 runs to win from even 10 overs u take any type of spinner(don't
bowl straight or arm delieveries) and bowl it straight into the feet of the keeper u'll see no 
run will be scored and on some delviereries the batsmen will get Out. 

While playing a test match Bowl first two overs with fast bowlers a bit outside off stump and 
full and u see the edge going straight into slip's or keeper's hands. While having Spiners on 
try to play mostly leg Spinners have feild set as aggressive 2 bowl an off spinner by leg spin
bowler a bit on the off side u see batsmen getting caught by silly point feilders as well as 
short leg feilders By using this trick I bowled India All OUT for only 4 runs.

Take a wicket with INDIA:
Submitted by: Karan Garg

Choose Z.Kalm. Bowl from the leg side of the batsman. Choose out swinger. 
Bowl just before the leg of the batsman. You will find him bowled.

Submitted by: Ritesh Singh

If you have any problems in taking Wickts. Then take any fast bowler and pitched the bowl far 
from Batsman and front of the pitch. And Try Slower delivery. Batsman Will be OUT.

Easy out:
Submitted by: prabodh

Always keep your ball on the full leg stump and place your one filder on leg side when batsman 
try to flick he will catch by the fielder rather he is five star difficulty.

Diving while running:
Submitted by: Aswin S Kumar

While running for runs while batting (pressing d) when we reach the crease after scoring runs
(1,2,3,4etc)press the 'w' key .Then you can see that your batsman will dive through the 

Submitted by: suniel dhakal

choose a spin bowler. then swing the bowl behind the stumps at medium speed .after then u can 
just see the result,the batsman is bowled. if either he swings his bat he also might caught to 
leg before wicket(L.B.W).

Easy to get a wicket:
Submitted by: gourav

hi freinds 
please select a fast bowler and bowl yarker on leg stump and try to leg spin you got always 
a wicket I all out sri lanka on 0/10 in 1.4 overs.

Submitted by: ALI SARGANA

Hi guys I have discovered a new cheat code because I m also a creator of GTA Multan City 
>Go to Cricket 2007 Select your team while playing any tornament and keep your mouse arrow 
on your team without moving and write "NOSBALL" and play a match and start bowling with left 
arm fast bowler you will see that the ball goes with the speed of 1000kmh and batsman cant 
see the ball and get bowled.

Submitted by: jeffery

bowling:- to take wicket easily keep the marker just below the leg of the batsman and he 
will get bowled (sometimes he will face the ball)

Submitted by: giri haran

after every over it gives us time showing an menu in that menu you select the save option 
and same it in the next over if you get out you can play from the biginnig of the over.

Easy Wicket:
Submitted by: Rizwan Hafeez

This tip always work,never matters if it is a one day or test match.....All you 
have to do is bowl with Leg spin bowlers like Mushtaq Ahmad or Shahid Afridi on wet or damp 
pithes and try to bowl between the center of batsman's foot and empire's head. and Keep the 
bowl just straight to leg stump. now just move left spin direction arrow at half position.
aiming at the stumps (just on the line of leg stump) with the minimum speed 
(the speed meter should be filled by only 1-2 lines).......You will see your 
opponent getting out LBW or bold very easily. Moreover they won't be able to 
score runs.

All wicket in below 25 runs:
Submitted by: prabhat mishra

Give the ball on leg of the batsman cut the ball inside to the wicket (give full cut) keep
many filders on off side the bats man was caught or bold or take 1 run.

While running between the wickets, press W to drive and avoid run outs. When batting 
in between fielding restrictions, only two fielders are outside the circle there. You 
can use [Shift] to loft the shots without tension. 

Hidden trophies:
There are trophies that you can only win from completing tournaments within the respective
tours rather than a separate tournament.

* Sharja One-day tournament: Complete One-day circuit tour. The particular trophy will be 
  won in the third tournament. 
* The Ashes Urn: Full English or Australian-hosted Ashes tour; the full series 
  (not scenarios).

Getting all English domestic trophies:
* English Domestic Trophies: Complete two seasons of English Domestic seasons as a Division
2 side using 2006 division sets (Essex, Surrey or Somerset recommended). By doing this, 
you can win the first season and be promoted to Division 1, and win season 2 to attain 
the remaining Division 1 titles.

* Tour Bats: Complete each tour with at least 50% tour success, which is determined by
matches won and sub-series finals won.

Submitted by: Nahin

When you are bowling with a fast bowler you press alt (reverse swing) and ball a short 
pitched delivery aiming at the wicket. The ball will automatically go to the wicket and 
most of the time it will be a bowled out.

Take wickets easily:
Submitted by: abhijth

go to create leftarmchinaman bowler.when u r bowling click d put it near 
the bat.put the fielders near with custom field
it is a useful trick
my best bowling figures are 1/10

Spin bowl trick:
Submitted by: abhi

if u want 2 take many maidens and cut down runs u can do it with a spinner using the 
spin bowler move the cursor up off side on the keeper and give a very slow delivery 
he wont score any thing and can make him stump easily.

Taking most wickets in one day match:
Submitted by: Randhir kumar

this is very useful tips if you are facing taking wockets in one day match of 10 overs. 
suppose if u r ur playing as india then choose left hand bowlers for left hand batsman & 
pitch the ball on his leg and u can take wickets. u can do same for right hand batsman ... 
and another way to take wickets is that u pitch the ball on off side of batsmen and u can 
take the wickets by catching by wicket keepers or off side fielders...

Just winning the game without playing atleast one ball:
Submitted by: yajiv anhsirk

when you start playing in "play now" mode we can change in &reassign that way you 
choose the team which you want to loose &press soon as the game starts you 
press esc and go to quit option &press "yes" to fotify the match .then automatically other 
team will win.this can be used in long mathces like test,20-20.

Getting Batsman out easily:
Submitted by: Umer Farooq

I have found this method of bowling out any Batsman. First Take a fast Bouler and then choose 
the Alt Bowl(Reverse Swing) and make it a very Short Bowl and Press S it will become a very good 
Yorker then choose Almost Max Speed and max Swing and watch Wickets Falling. I used this method 
to bowl out all India team on only 6 Runs :-)

How to take test wickets by a spinner:
Submitted by: Daryl

first place two silly point fielders and then throw a legspin delivery at the tip of the foot and 
apply full turn,he will be caught out and if you only apply bit of turn then he will some times get 
bold or caught(this is for a right hand batsman)

To hit a six on every ball:
Submitted by: ron

first adjust the batsman on the crease .then press shift before the bowler starts his run up keep 
it pressed .when the blue marker comes if it is in the good or full length then press the direction 
in which you want to hit .then press the button 's' if your timing is good it will go out of the 
ground. be sure if it is a short ball then press the 'down arrow button' it will go for a four if 
feilder is not there.

Use foreign player in your national side:
Submitted by: Mohit Bangre

All the other cheats available for this game are either hints or tips. 
This is the first cheat which I discoverd accidentally.

1. Start a tournament
2. Select Squad
3. Choose your favorite team (other than your team)
4. Check form of your favorite player.
5. Now go back & continue your game
6. When teams will be shown select first opener and click on move.

Boom foreign player in your national side.

Note: i) This player can bat, feild & keep but he wouldn't be able ball.
ii) Only one player can brought through this cheat.
iii) Don't make too many changes in the team as this may lead to crash.
iv) This cheat also works in domestic tournament.

Ipl 2012 Patch For Cricket 2007:
Submitted by: Aamir Khan

In Main Menu In Ipl 2012 then select My cricket option with num lock close on your keyboard and 
type FASTBOWL and then start the exhibition match and choose Your fast bowler then hit option 
A then begins to bowl remember to give high power and wind and see his bowl the world fastest 
bowl with 260km per hour any queries contact me on gmail at

Run the Fielder Manually Infinite Times:
Submitted by: Priyanshu Kumar
Email :

In My Cricket option change the Missing String 07 to Semi-Auto. Then, start the match. When the 
ball will be in fielder's hand, press any directional button (i.e. Up, Down etc.) Then the fielder
will run wherever you want for infinite time.

Get Easy Wickets:
Submitted by: Sarang Desai
Email :

Get a fast bowler like G.McGrath,Z.Khan,etc. Now bowl through the right hand side. 
Place the marker on the batsman's leg and press the Shift key (default settings). Now you you 
notice that the batsman get bowled or catch out or gets one or two runs. Best Of Luck!


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