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  Hints and Tips for: Cyberpunk 2077 
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 Cyberpunk 2077 Cheats

Cyberpunk 2077

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

How to Save Barry (Happy Together):
Written by OncomingStormDW

This is spoilers for the side quest, Happy Together.

It involves a character named Barry, It is assigned by two police officers 
who are standing next to the staircase in front of your Apartment.

-=Saving Barry=-
The point of this quest is that sometimes you should stick around and listen 
to the NPCs instead of skipping their dialogue, only selecting options that are 
highlighted to progress the story, and that sometimes, Optional objectives are 
worth your time.

If this was the hint you needed, good, take a moment and see if you figured 
it out.

-=If not, here is the Quick-Steps version=-
* Use any of the options once you reach his door, he will then let you in.
* Sit next to him and talk to him, make sure to use the kindest possible option 
  in the first choice.
* In the second choice, make sure to ask him how Andrew died, he will then reveal 
  that he has a niche in the local equivalent of a graveyard.
* This will take you back to the second choice, choose the kinder option... 
  (Do Not Pick The "Forget About Him" Option)
* Visit Andrew's grave
* After being berated by Johnny, you will then have a new gold dialog option 
  when you speak to the cops who gave the mission, using it will result in them 
  intervening and saving Barry's life.
* Mission Accomplished, Samurai.

Save Game Editing:
You will need to go to;

C:\Users\< your username >\Saved Games\CD Projekt Red\Cyberpunk 2077\

Now that you are there you should see files titled ManualSave and AutoSave. You 
should now locate the saves you wish to edit and identify them either by looking 
at the date saved or the screenshot.png located inside the folders. Make sure that 
you navigate to the correct folder and change the username to match yours.

Open the file that’s title contains metadata within your saves folder with a text 
editor of your choice.

The information in this file should align with your current game state e.g. Gender, 
current quest, position and lifepath. Now to change these values you simple edit 
them, for example, if I wished to change physical gender and the pronouns my 
character uses i would change bodyGender and brain gender from “Male” to “Female” 
like so

Now just load up the game and witness the changes you have made.

How to Access Bonus Content:
Written by >noderunner_

How to access bonus content including the Soundtrack, Wallpapers, Avatars, Short 
Story, Posters, and Sourcebook.

-=Method #1: Steam Properties=-
Right click on the game in your Steam library and select "Properties".
A window will open, click on the "LOCAL FILES" tab then on the "BROWSE LOCAL FILES..." 
You are in the game folder. Navigate to the "BonusContent" folder.

-=Method #2: Manual=-
You'll find the bonus content in the following location:

...\Steam\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077\BonusContent

Radio Stations List:
Written by Glyber Dunk

A tier list of the radio stations.

Tier List: Hip-Hop / Modern


The Dirge is in my opinion the best flat out, because it has modern artists that 
we all know and love, mixed with a-lot of ones we've never heard of; yet they seem to 
all feel like they belong, and seem accurate to what a cyber punk hood rat would 
listen to.

-=Tier List: EDM=-

Honestly the first two stations are the only decent ones in my opinion, the other 
two seem to be very arcade and do not fit night cities theme at all.

-=Tier List: Screamo=-

No station ranks pretty high here for me, because if you're listening to screamo in 
CP77 you probably need to be alone with your thoughts, it gets better man. I promise.

Vending Machine Exploit Guide:
Written by Tannco

How to Profit

* Purchase the "Mechanic" perk.
* Buy stuff from vending machine.
* Be ware, only buy from those selling price is 10$.
* Disassemble what you bought, you'll get 6 common components and 3 uncommon components.
* Each common can sell for 5$, 8$ for uncommon one.
* Sell the components you get.(or you can keep it for crafting)
* Profit.

How to Change Key Bindings:
Written by Syn MarviN

Guide to Change Key Bindings

Change Windows View pane to Show Hidden Files. 
Go C:\Users\YOU\Appdata\CDPR\CP77\Usersettings.json and edit these for arrow key usage.

-=How to Edit Keybindings=-

"name": "forward",
"type": "name",
"value": "IK_Up",
"default_value": "IK_W"
"name": "back",
"type": "name",
"value": "IK_Down",
"default_value": "IK_S"
"name": "left",
"type": "name",
"value": "IK_Left",
"default_value": "IK_A"
"name": "right",
"type": "name",
"value": "IK_Right",
"default_value": "IK_D"

Defeating Adam Smasher boss:
During the "Totalimmortal" main mission, you will fight Adam Smasher. It is recommended 
to equip a revolver, assault rifle, and sniper rifle (this covers different types of ammo 
so you do not run out of bullets). Adam Smasher will initially use melee attacks. Shoot 
off his right arm (when aiming at him, to your left). Once he loses this body part, it 
causes him a lot of damage and he will stop using melee attacks. He will then mostly 
resort to using the rocket launcher on his back. When he shoots rockets, you will always 
want to keep moving because they are targeted at the area where you were standing. They 
are easy to avoid. Between his missile charges, shoot him with the sniper rifle and assault 
rifle from a distance. He will also start spawning some lesser enemies as his health drops. 
The ninja-type enemies are easily defeated with 1-2 frag grenades (they may evade your 
bullets -- so throw a grenade to save ammo). Circle around the upper area and keep your 
distance to Adam Smasher. Only focus on the lesser enemies when they get close to you, 
otherwise focus your attention on Adam Smasher. He has a lot of health, but after his 
initial melee phase, he is pretty limited in his moves. Shoot off the rocket launcher on 
his back, and he will be defenseless and not have much left to attack you. At that point,
you could also hit him with melee weapons if you run out of ammo.

How to Disable double-tap Dodge:
Go to \r6\config\.

* Open "inputContexts.xml" with a text editor.
* Search (Ctrl+F) for . Look at the lines directly below.
* Next to DodgeForward, DodgeRight, DodgeBack, and DodgeLeft will have the count set to 2. 
  Change this number to 99.
* Save and exit the file.

With these changes, you can no longer double-tap in a direction to dodge, but you can 
still hold a desired direction and double-tap the crouch button to dodge in that direction.

How to Get the Mantis Blades:
Written by Viix

In order to get the Mantis Blades, you need to visit a ripperdoc. 
To be eligible for the Mantis Blades, you need 20 street cred and 16,000 euro.

Mantis Blades also have their own special attack, after holding and releasing your 
left mouse button, V leaps forward towards a target and stabs them for massive damage.

Tip: You should focus on reflexes, which increases your movement speed, passive evasion, 
crit chance, and damage from Mantis Blades.

Hints, tips, tricks, and secrets:
* Save Skill Points: Do not use your skill/attribute points immediately after earning them. 
Sometimes you will encounter mission objectives that require a technical skill check to 
overcome —- like a locked door. In conversations, you can also do certain things if your 
skills/attributes are high enough. You can pause the game in the middle of a conversation 
to upgrade those skills and pass the checks.

* Earn Extra Skill Points By Doing Everything: Do not focus on just one weapon or playstyle. 
Frequently change playstyles. Grab a shotgun in a level. Use stealth takedowns. Hack 
everything and start crafting in the menu from the start. You can sprint everywhere instead 
of driving to earn Athletic XP. By doing all this, you will earn skill points to use on 
anything, not just the skills you earned them from.

* that allow you to inflict substantially more damage with headshots. Combine that with a 
silenced weapon skill that increases damage even more for a deadly stealth headshot build.

* Quickhack Everything: You gain XP every time you hack something in the environment. Use all 
available ram whenever possible to get more XP while exploring or fighting —- earning extra 
hack XP will provide more skill points. It is recommended to get in the habit of opening 
your hack scanner anyway since you can find bounties, access points, and more with quickhacks.

* Hack Access Points For Easy Money And Crafting Components: Access Points are found basically 
everywhere in the environment. If you see cameras or objects connected to a network, use Ping 
to easily find Access Points —- or just scan and find them nearby. Make sure to complete as 
many of the reward conditions as possible. Additionally, hacking an Access Point leads to a 
short mini-game where you need to connect numbers in a series —- the numbers need to be on 
the same row/column. The more of the numbers you connect correctly, the more rewards you 

* Avoid Using Fast Travel: If you only fast travel, you will miss out on conversations for 
calls and texts on your phone. Usually these are for nearby missions (gigs) marked with a 
yellow "?" on the map. Complete as many of these as possible to earn extra money.

* Loot Most Things: Do not just take the loot you need and leave the rest. Check bodies 
after a gunfight and grab weapons, as you can dismantle them for crafting parts. Use scan 
to find items that are junk specifically made for selling —- sometimes you will find 
something rare and very valuable. You need a lot of money -- so grab all the weapons and 
open all the boxes. However, you do not need to grab random junk.

* Do Not Rush Through Act 1: At the start of Act 2, you need to buy a new vehicle. If you 
do not have enough money, you will have to walk around Night City. Take your time and 
complete many hustles and gigs to get extra money before attempting "The Heist" mission.

* Quickly Buy A New Cyberdeck: The starting Cyberdeck is worthless because it cannot be 
upgraded. You will not notice this in the early game, but quickhacking can be a very useful 
tool, especially if you want to sneak.

* Get A Level 20 Sniper Rifle At The Start: You can find a very powerful sniper rifle at 
the start of the game. On "The Ripperdoc" beginner quest, you will enter the neighborhood 
with Jackie. Enter the Esoterica shop, but stop in the alley before taking the stairs down 
to the Ripperdoc. To the left is a path to an elevator. Follow it to the rooftops and 
check the chest near the ledge to find a Level 20 SPT32 Grad Sniper Rifle. It does 694-848 
damage. Its full potential is unlocked at Body 6. It sells for 642.

Infinite money:
To farm money with crafting, unlock the following basic perks:

* Advanced Datamine: Level 1 – Upgrades the Datamine daemon, increasing the amount of 
  eurodollars acquired from Access Points by 50%.
* Mechanic: Level 1 – Gain more components when disassembling.
* Workshop: Level 1 – Disassembling items grants a 5% chance to gain a free component of 
  the same quality as the disassembled item.

That last perk is not required, but it helps when crafting. Access Points are a great way to 
farm for free components -- so you might as well earn +50% money each time you loot. Next, 
travel to a soda machine. There are many in your building. Simply buy lots of NiCola and 
other drinks —- make sure they cost 10 from the vending machine. Disassemble the junk you 
purchased from the vending machine to get six Common Components and 3 Uncommon Components. 
Then, sell the components at any vendor. Common Components sell for 5 each, and uncommon 
sell for 8 each. For a 10 investment, you will get 54, giving a 44 profit for each soda you 
purchase. Buy 50 NiCola for 500, then disassemble all of them and sell the components to 
earn 2,520 per machine. You can only purchase 50 in each machine, but if you find multiple 
machines in a row (like in your apartment building), you can easily buy 100, 150, or 200 
to maximize your profits and earn 10,000+. Unlock the Scrapper perk to make this easier. 
These machines are literally all over the city. Just purchase as many sodas as possible, 
collect everything, and sell the scrap for huge profits.

Johnny Silverhand's weapon:
The Malorian Arms 3516 is a very powerful and unique pistol. The gun shoots explosive 
rounds and fires a flamethrower attack when using the melee function. The Malorian Arms 
3516 is given by Grayson for completing the "Chippin' In" side-job, which is unlocked 
after completing the "Tapeworm" side-job, which involves completing multiple other 
missions. Successfully complete the "Automatic Love", "Transmission", "Life During Wartime", 
and "Search And Destroy" missions. Talk to Johnny Silverhand after each of these major 
missions. Once you complete these missions, you will be near the end-game. Return to the 
Afterlife bar, and talk to Rogue to start the "Chippin' In" major side-job. Complete it 
to unlock Johnny Silverhand's powerful weapon.

Riding the rollercoaster:
There is a rollercoaster on the coast of Pacifica, Coastview. The rollercoaster becomes 
available once you reach Act 2 in the story. Even if you are under-leveled for Pacifica, 
you should not have issues walking to the rollercoaster entrance booth. Go to the Mega 
Ride gate area to find the rollercoaster. Scan the cart to see the power is out. To the 
left of the cart is a lower section under the railing with a walkway. This maintenance 
area has a yellow "DANGER" electrical box. Interact with it to restore power to the 
coaster. You can now return to the cart and choose to get in. Johnny will even talk to 
you. He will ride alongside you the entire time. As you ride, you can also interact to
raise your hands. Watch for the island to the far east to see a space shuttle launch.

Secret Arasaka Memorial Room:
Travel to City Center, Corpo Plaza, and go to the Arasaka Building. To the left of the 
main doors is the Arasaka Memorial. Enter and go to the back of the hallway. Enter "2023"
as a code. Inside are the names of developers on the walls.

Secret Kabuki Developer Room:
Travel to the circle-shaped mall in Kabuki, Watson. It is the mall where you visit the 
Nethacker vendor for a main job. Go around to the back of the mall to find a door with 
a keypad near the stairs in the lower section of the mall. Check the map for an exact 
location. If you found the correct door, Johnny will appear and challenge you to open 
it. Enter "605185" as a code on the keypad to unlock the garage door. You can sit down 
inside the tech room, and Johnny will play his guitar for you. Select the TV power icon
to view a series of photos of the developers.

Starter Tips:
Written by DragonAura

In this guide, you will find out about a few top tips for new players of Cyberpunk 2077!

-=Tips to Easy Start=-
Best Perk to Learn at the Start of the Game!

So most players will not notice this because there are lots of other cool perks, which 
seem essential, however this specific one will help you out a lot!

So at the start of the game, when your level is lower than 10, upgrade the “Cool” 
attribute once or twice, then go to “Ninjutsu” and learn perk “Dagger Dealer”. It 
allows you to throw any melee weapon which is a knife.

At the start of the game your enemies are not very strong, so if you throw the knife at 
their head, there is a chance of instant killing.

Hope you found this guide useful! Please like and award to support me. I will be posting 
more guides on Cyberpunk and other games!

-=Weapon Upgrades=
So many new players believe that when you find a new weapon that is better than your 
current one, you use it.

However, players don`t realise that upgrading exists! To access upgrading, press “K” 
and then click “Upgrading” tab and bingo!

To get the components for upgrading, you can disassemble weapons, clothing, weapon mods 
and you can also find components in the city in boxes and from some defeated enemies.

Upgrading gives you Crafting experience points and every new level in crafting gives 
you perk points.

Also, on the map you can find the “Junk Traders” which can sell you the components. In 
addition, when you reach a higher level, you can unlock a special perk, which allows 
you to craft better components from worse ones.

Advanced Guide, Tips, and Tricks:
Written by F11Gamer

This page of my guide includes a set of Cyberpunk 2077 starter tips. I have prepared 
various tips and tricks for beginners.

They revolve around the exploration of the world, stealth mechanics, combat, and 
leveling up the protagonist.

-=Tip #1: Don’t get hung up on role-playing games=-
This is not to say that the choice of background should be taken extremely seriously. 
Because it will only affect the first half hour of the game. Over time, unique plot 
lines will open up and certain phrases will appear, but all this will not be in 

In addition, no matter who you start playing, the character will still be a kind of “kid 
from the neighborhood.” Even if the character in the past was an office plankton. Thus, 
it would be better to take the backstory if you want more canonicity, a child of the 
streets or a nomad. On the other hand, the corporate will open up the opportunity to 
play the game as a scoundrel – this path will be familiar to all those who want to play 
some kind of renegade from the Mass Effect series.

However, the corporate will also have the opportunity to play the role of a positive 
character. Therefore, a positive ending can be obtained even in this scenario. After 
all, not a single choice, except for the final ones, radically changes anything. 
Therefore, you can not go in cycles strongly on role-playing.

-=Tip #2: You don’t need a high level of difficulty=-
Before you decide on the difficulty, you need to know that the choice of difficulty will 
only determine the outgoing and incoming amount of damage. As well as the health of the 
opponents. At the same time, the gameplay does not fundamentally change at all. Roughly 
speaking, at a high level of difficulty, you just have to “pick” enemies for a long time, 
but no more.

In this regard, if this is your first playthrough, then it is better to choose, for 
example, the average difficulty level, thanks to which you can enjoy moderate action 
and storyline. But a high level of difficulty should be chosen only by those who are 
already well acquainted with the game, due to which they understand the mechanics and 
what needs to be pumped in the first place.

-=Tip #3: Don’t Download Everything=-
With pumping in the game, things are almost the same as with when you need to choose a 
backstory. And in short: the game will absolutely not limit your choice in any way and 
will not punish you for making the wrong choice of skills. Especially if you play on a 
low difficulty level, although on higher difficulties you should not freely scatter 
skill points in any case.

The essence of the advice is that you do not need to try to mold a character from a 
universal character or a “jack of all trades”. Try to just focus on the core skills. 
In addition, fully pumped open in their “branches” at the end of the best abilities 
that always look better than any standard features.

However, it cannot be said that if you do not have enough “Technique” or “Strength”, 
the character will lose a lot. Since quite often skills begin to duplicate each other. 
For example, if you don’t get to secretly crack doors, then there will always be second 
doors that you can knock out corny.

-=Tip #4: “Technique” is useful to everyone=-
Regardless of which type of passage you choose, “Technique” will be required for everyone. 
Especially for those who want to get legendary items. The main reason is crafting. For 
example, if there are no skills related to technology, then it will not be possible to 
create items, as well as improve them. However, if you want to create legendary items, 
then you need level 18 in Technique.

In addition, if you contact crafting, then it is imperative to pump the skill “Creating 
Parts” and “Automatic Garbage Dismantling”. Plus, a skill that reduces the cost to create 
will not be superfluous, because cool equipment will require a huge number of components. 
And since it is either difficult or expensive to obtain or buy all this, the skill will 
be indispensable. Although if you do not plan to engage in crafting, it is still 
recommended to download the equipment for the sake of parsing garbage, which can later 
be sold for good money.

And finally, in the “Techniques” branch, we also recommend that you take immunity to 
explosions from your own explosives without fail. At first glance, this may seem like
 complete nonsense. However, in Cyberpunk 2077, it is actually easier to explode from 
your own explosives than from the enemy.

-=Tip #5: Not all implants will be useful=-
Unfortunately, not all implants in the game are implemented at the proper level. And 
this is not counting the fact that they do not change the appearance of the character. 
On the other hand, some of them will still be of great benefit. 

For example:
* For those who have invested well in the reaction, Mantis Blades will do.
* For those who play the role of a formidable enforcer, Gorilla Hands will do.
* For those who have invested in composure, Leska is definitely suitable.

In addition, it is mandatory for the character to install a modification for the legs on 
riperdocs, which makes it possible to jump as high as possible. Or, alternatively, you can 
install an analogue of this implant, which makes it possible to make a double jump.

-=Tip #6: Do side quests=-
We strongly recommend that you do side missions between the main tasks, since from time to 
time you need to swing. Of course, the quests won’t have serious requirements in terms of 
level and stats, but more advanced characters will be able to unlock some new dialogue 
options. In general, the higher the level of the character, the greater the variety in the 
passage awaits him.

-=Tip #7: Build Reputation=-
Reputation is an extremely important indicator in Cyberpunk 2077. Because thanks to 
reputation, new tasks will open. In addition, after clearing areas, new tasks will also 
open. At the same time, it is worth considering that the maximum reputation level is 50, 
but it is actually quite easy to get to this mark if you actively clear areas.

-=Tip #8: Don’t feud with Johnny=-
Unfortunately, the developers have decided not to reward players for internal struggle 
with Johnny, so there is no point in fighting him and confronting him. Moreover, if you 
are friends with him, then a huge number of new quests will open, unique items and other 
equally useful content will open. However, if you are at enmity with him, then this 
content will not be able to be seen. Therefore, those players who want to feud with Johnny 
and oppose will be disappointed, especially in the ending. Because nothing but a sad ending 
can not be seen.

-=Tip #9: Don’t Lose Iconic Weapons=
In no case should you sell or dismantle iconic equipment. Because there is no way to create
 a cult weapon again, and it, in turn, is required to create cooler weapon options. So in 
no case do not lose the iconic weapon.

-=Beginning of the game and role-playing=-
The choice of a character’s backstory should be taken seriously: it determines the first 
20-30 minutes of the game, opens up unique storylines, influences the ending, and provides 
a few special phrases in the dialogue that help your roleplaying.

No matter where you start, your character, V, will always be the “kid from the neighborhood”
 – even if he worked in the office for several years. Given this and the events of the 
game, the path of the nomad (Nomad) and the child of the streets (Street Kid) will be more 
canonical. The Corpo is an option for a second, “sleazy” playthrough if you want to look 
at the path in the spirit of a renegade from Mass Effect.

However, nothing prevents you from playing like this in the very first run – the game does 
not set any restrictions. Even as a corporate, you can play a good guy and reach a positive 
ending. Almost all choices in the game, except for the key ones before the very end, do not 
affect anything and only change the details and methods of passing intermediate episodes 
and additional missions.

-=Up LVL=-
Pumping is divided into five characteristics, which include 2-3 branches of abilities that 
affect several different aspects of the hero.

Force. Melee combat, heavy weapons and stamina. A strong character will be able to more 
successfully bully opponents in dialogue, kick doors, tear off machine guns from turrets 
and fire them.

Reaction. Blades, rifles, pistols. The only branch where there are no non-combat skills 
at all. The best choice for dodgers, stealthers and other opponents of heavy weapons.

Technics. Crafting, working with mechanics, energy weapons (it can break through walls). 
An experienced technician can notice important things when discussing robots and machines, 
as well as show off their wits in dialogues on the topic of repair.

Intelligence. Hacking, programming. Hacking, cheating machines, reprogramming turrets and 
cameras – it’s all about the mind. Also affects dialogs related to code and hacking.

Coolness. A thread entirely dedicated to stealth and how you carry yourself in conversations. 
Unlocks V with more calm and cool response options in some dialogues, as well as a powerful 
passive ability that is useful in combat.

In total, the hero has 50 possible levels, for which he receives 50 points of characteristics 
(not counting those that you will be given at the beginning of the game). You can scatter 
them evenly and be able to do everything little by little, but it’s better to choose two 
main characteristics for yourself and pump them up to a maximum of 20 points, and either 
scatter the remaining ten at will or invest in something third: for example, in the same 
reaction so that you had a larger selection of weapons.

Keep in mind that 20 points in reaction will not give you anything other than combat skills – 
there are no abilities in this branch that increase your income or skills outside of battles.
And no one needs composure, except for fans of pure stealth: even a loud cabinet-silovik 
can covertly go through the game, composure only increases the already working invisibility
and allows you to inflict monstrous damage from weapons with a silencer.

Therefore, the advice is this: be clear on who you want to win back and scatter the additional 
50 stat points in a 20-20-10 pattern – two main stats, one additional and everything else a 
little bit.

Of course, you can ignore our recommendations and choose anything (especially on easy-medium 
difficulty), but it is much more interesting to play when you know one thing very well. Yes, 
and high difficulties still require thoughtful pumping, if you do not want to suffer.

Based on the “canonical” roleplay, we can recommend the following set:
Corporat: intelligence and composure + reaction and technique. So you will have a master of 
hacking, able to sneak into the territory of the enemy with a silencer on the weapon. In the 
event of an open confrontation, it will be fought off with the help of a short barrel, rifles 
and blades (ordinary swords or wrist weapons). Due to slightly pumped equipment, he will be 
able to slightly improve equipment. Strength can be ignored – with stealth you will not need 
it anywhere, except for rare boss battles, which, however, can also be taken with stealth 
skills with good ingenuity and pumping.

Street Child: Strength and Technique/Intelligence plus 10 points to choose from. It’s more 
logical for a gopnik from the bottom of society to be a mountain of muscles, and invest the 
rest in what you like best. Technique will allow you to create the best equipment, 
intelligence – to hack enemies and get money from stealing other people’s data. As a result, 
you will get a terminator machine that can assemble a huge machine gun for itself and open 
steel doors with its hands.

Nomad: technique and reaction plus 10 points to choose from. Nomads are better suited for 
sniper rifles and energy weapons, to which you can optionally add all the same intelligence 
for hacking and strength for stamina or close combat if you are not a fan of swords. With 
this layout, the character will become a skilled mechanic from the Wasteland, able to cut 
enemies with blades and shoot them with a sniper rifle or revolver. Well, or energy weapons, 
if you want to be a real combat engineer.

Characteristics determine the maximum threshold of your abilities: that is, if you have 10 
reactions, then you will not pump blades, rifles and short barrels above 10. Abilities 
develop according to The Elder Scrolls scheme – the more you use, the better you do it. 
Only affects damage and effectiveness: a character who cannot shoot a machine gun will be 
able to use it if his strength allows. It’s just that there will be little use for this: 
the damage from the weapon depends on whether you downloaded the characteristic, abilities 
and the necessary perks. The shotgun will be like shooting salt from the reaction priority 
player, and the revolvers will turn into water pistols in the hands of the enforcer.

Ability points are given not only for a new level, but also for the development of these 
same abilities, as well as rare chips that can sometimes be found among loot. That is, 
there are much more than 50 points for obtaining perks in the game, they can be spent more 

-=A few more tips for pumping=-
In the tech tree, be sure to take immunity to explosions from your grenades. Useful, as 
it is very easy to get blown up by your explosives.

Do not download knife throwing in the branch of composure. This is a surprisingly useless 

Vehicles are needed by all characters, regardless of the type of game, if you want 
legendary equipment. The reason is craft. Without tech skills, you won’t be able to 
improve and create things, and if you want to craft legendary equipment, you need skill 
level 18.

If you are going to craft, upgrade the following two abilities: automatic scrapping 
(unnecessary items for sale will immediately turn into crafting parts and will give you 
experience for scrapping) and creating parts from other parts of a lower rank. A skill 
for a reduced cost of creation and improvement will also be useful: the best equipment 
requires too many parts, and it is very difficult to get them, let alone buy them. If 
you don’t need craft, don’t download garbage analysis, it’s better to sell it.

All branches have an infinite ability in which you can invest an unlimited number of 
points. Think thrice before doing this: there are a lot of abilities in the game that 
are more useful to invest in than another increase in crits.

If you develop intelligence and hacking, invest in the skill of increasing the amount 
of money for stealing other people’s data. This is a profitable source of income, and if 
you master the local mini-game, then each theft will bring you a thousand or two 
eurodollars, which is very good.

If you need pistols or blades as an additional weapon, and not as a main weapon, then 
10 reaction points should be enough for you (at least on medium difficulty).

For good implants, breaking most doors and other little things, 8 strength is enough 
for you. The best implants will require 12, but this is already an extra expense – 
leave it to the enforcers.

If you do not want to download stealth and do not plan to make a completely invisible 
character with a silencer – just forget about composure. You won’t lose anything if 
you don’t download it. You can go through the whole game on stealth without investing 
a single skill in it. So it is only needed by ardent fans of the most inconspicuous 
game and those who want to win back a calm mercenary.

Unfortunately, the augmentations in Cyberpunk 2077 are rather modestly implemented: a 
bunch of passives that do not change your appearance, and four combat arm implants that 
change hand models.

Mantis blades. The choice of those who have invested as much as possible in the reaction 
and especially in the blades – augmentation receives all the bonuses of bladed weapons. 
Useful if you want to save a weapon slot (the blades are on the fist button) or if you 
don’t have a normal sword or knife.

Gorilla hands. An excellent choice for enforcers and those who find it difficult to 
complete melee missions, as they can be used in the ring.

Fishing line. Pretty weak weapon without leveling composure, whose bonus is area damage. 
Not a particularly necessary thing, you can ignore.

Rocket launcher. Free infinite explosives with low accuracy and rate of fire. There is 
not much use, since the rocket launcher takes up a grenade slot and is less effective 
than a banal hand explosive spam. It flies more precisely and faster, and a pack of five 
grenades is much more useful than one slanting rocket from an implant for a lot of money, 
which also does not apply to grenade bonuses.

Of the useful things for riperdocks, be sure to put yourself a leg implant that allows 
you to jump high. Or its counterpart with a double jump. These are almost the most useful 
augmentations in the game, which will greatly facilitate your passage. Hackers will 
benefit from an implant with increased memory for hacking, and characters with eight or 
more points of strength will benefit from an improved skeleton with a 40% increase in 

-=What to do in the city=-
The number of side activities at first can turn your head. Night City is jam-packed with 
all sorts of content, and chances are you’ll want to watch or do everything you can get 
your hands on. But this is a dangerous path – you will almost certainly quickly get tired 
of either the excess of monotonous missions.

To make it easier for you, remember: everything interesting in the game is marked in 
yellow. The most set and more or less plot tasks are marked in the corresponding section 
of the magazine. These tasks are given to you directly by the characters by phone call. 
By the way, if another friend calls with an urgent request at the wrong time, you can 
just say that you are busy now. Then you can just call back at a convenient time and 
start the quest.

-=General Campaign and Side Mission Tips=-
Activities marked with blue labels are strictly optional farming of resources and money. 
If you do not want to deal with outposts and towers, feel free to skip. Everything 
interesting is yellow, except for Silverhand Tarot cards. They have a separate mission.

Try to complete side tasks between missions to pump up. Tasks do not have serious 
requirements for the level and your performance numbers – just a more developed hero 
will have more interesting options for dialogues and passage. The higher your level, 
the more variety. Well, strength too.

Reputation on the streets opens up new missions for you. If you have cleared one area, 
then expect new missions to appear in it later. The maximum 50 renown levels up very 
quickly and is easy to get by clearing a couple of districts.

It is not necessary to spend money on buying cars. The city is full of fast travel 
points, and other people’s vehicles can be stolen by threatening the driver with a gun 
(although you can’t call someone else’s car later or use its trunk as a warehouse). In 
general, the cars here differ from each other mainly in appearance, and local races 
can be won almost on foot. Plus, several vehicles are given to you for free in the 
story. Given the brutal prices for cars, there is no point in buying them – only if 
you set yourself the goal of collecting.

Be sure to complete the mission with finding Delamain’s taxi. This is a full-fledged 
story quest, although from the beginning it looks like a banal search for seven items.

It is better not to quarrel with Silverhand. The war with the inner rocker will not
 give you anything, but the union will open up a huge number of tasks, unique items 
and other content that will be a shame to miss. Alas, for those who want to compete 
with Keanu Reeves, there is nothing in the game – except perhaps the appropriate 
endings. By the way, if during his missions you are offered the key to the container, 
be sure to agree.

Take your actions seriously. If you listen to the terms of the quest or don’t listen 
to the character’s advice, you may fail the quest. If a character asks you not to kill 
people, even if it’s a bunch of killers, don’t expect thanks for completing the task 
with noise and gunfire.

It is not worth exploring the very first area from the prologue clean. Better focus on 
the story. As soon as the big Cyberpunk 2077 inscription appears on the screen, the 
prologue will end, and now you are free to both explore the entire Night City and close 
all the side effects.

Don’t leave the main side quests for later. The obligatory campaign here is very small, 
since most of the well-placed tasks are hidden in the “sides”. In addition, friends’ 
quests open up new paths and even endings.

-=Think ahead=-
In Cyberpunk 2077, you won’t be able to become a jack of all trades, so when creating 
your character, pay attention not only to the thickness of the beard and the length of 
other interesting places, but also to your initial characteristics. Think about which 
style of passing you are most close to. The game will almost always give you a choice: 
stealth, hand-to-hand combat, firearms, or advanced hacking of the security systems 
and microchips of the enemies themselves. Improvements on the upgrade tree will help 
you effectively and without much energy to solve the most difficult situations, both 
during the battle and outside the battles.

-=Check your health=-
Articles have already appeared on the Internet in which the authors complain that 
some visual effects in the world of Cyberpunk can provoke real headaches and even 
epileptic seizures in people with a corresponding history. The main trigger can be 
“brandens” – attractions of the future in the form of a virtual reality system in 
which the characters observe and feel all kinds of life scenes, most often pornographic 
or shocking content. These recordings often consist of a lot of flashes, flashes, harsh 
sounds, graphic artifacts, image distortion, so be careful if you are prone to painful 
reactions to such things.

-=Don’t hesitate to get trained=-
Of course, the game is quite intuitive in terms of basic mechanics and controls, but 
still, we strongly advise you to take a tutorial in the prologue. It is very short and 
will help to consolidate all the skills that will be useful to you in the future.

-=Don’t rush through the story=-
Once in Night City, do not rush through the main quests. Walk around the city, explore 
the surroundings, find interesting side activities, communicate with different characters, 
and most importantly – try to earn as much money as possible. This often doesn’t matter 
much in games, but in Cyberpunk, extra cash in your pocket can help you out in a critical 
situation, changing the course of events.

-=Look for workarounds and stay out of trouble=-
Leveling up your hero plays an important role in Cyberpunk 2077. Many quests and tasks 
will be marked with a red mark of “high danger” until you reach the desired condition. 
Do not try to break through the concrete wall with a kitchen knife – in almost all 
missions you can find alternative paths, and if the enemies press too hard – step back, 
build up muscles, brains and cybernetics in your body. Despite the rich selection of 
weapons – this is not a shooter. You can’t solve problems with clever headshots.

-=Drive carefully=-
When you’re behind the wheel, there is an underlying desire to start playing Grand 
Theft Auto, knocking down pedestrians left and right. In Find City, this does not work, 
especially in wealthy areas where the police are as tough as possible. There will be no 
ceremony. Sometimes a couple of shots are enough for the cops to send you to the next 

-=Obvious answers don’t always help=-
The dialogue system in Cyberpunk always challenges your wits. Even if you see an icon 
that indicates a unique line due to your hero’s backstory or high intelligence skill, 
it doesn’t mean that it will automatically benefit you. Sometimes it happens that 
completely non-obvious remarks can open up new branches of dialogue that will help 
you out at a difficult moment. Think beyond the usual patterns of video games. 
Analyze your interlocutor and look for an individual approach to him.

-=Don’t collect junk=-
In the process of passing the game, you will inevitably collect a lot of items, weapons 
and just garbage, which will interfere with navigating in your inventory. In Night City, 
it is not necessary to look for merchants to get rid of trash. Find a self-contained 
parcel terminal, unload everything you don’t need there and get a small profit.

-=Try to make the most of it=-
Passing story quests, he will be attentive to the smallest details, take into account 
all the nuances, search every centimeter of space in search of things that can help you. 
Check and recheck items received from side characters. Side quests can also contain 
extremely useful items that can help you in the future. Do not ignore the opportunity 
to ride through the whole city to complete the task in 100%.

-====8 Cyberpunk 2077 Things You Can’t Miss====-
-=Find all the missing Delamain cabs=-
After the prologue, you will return your car. It is located in the parking lot next to 
Megatower H10. If you don’t know where to go, mark the side quest “Where’s my car, 
chumba?” in your journal. As soon as you get into it, a Delamaine taxi will crash 
into the car, after which it will disappear from the scene of the accident. You will 
be contacted by the main AI and informed about the possibility of receiving compensation.

In the end, by following the Compensation quest, you will unlock the Reintegration 
quest, during which you need to return 7 cars. At first glance, it’s boring. Cars 
are scattered in different parts of the world, including in the wastelands. But the 
quests associated with each of them are unique and fun in their own way. And after 
finding all the cars, you will unlock the most interesting ending, in which V will 
have to make a difficult decision. And at the end, the taxi will become part of V’s 

-=Work with River Ward=-
At some point in the game, you will be given the contacts of Police Detective River 
Ward. As soon as NPC missions become available, immediately take them on. You will 
get to know him through the side quest “Guardians of Disorder” by Elizabeth Perales.

In the future, one of the best chains of side quests awaits you. V will become 
embroiled in a dark and twisted series of events involving Night City’s notorious 
serial killer. And River is one of the partners for the sex scene, but only if your 
V is a girl.

-=Use an eye implant=-
The first cyber-implant V receives in the story is Kiroshi’s new optics. After 
installing the implant, if V has no weapons in his hands, holding RMB will allow 
you to move the camera a little closer. But the game will not inform you that 
further scrolling of the mouse wheel will allow you to zoom in / out of this zoom. 
This is a great feature when you need to keep an eye on distant targets, cameras 
or turrets in stealth mode. Or just to explore some of the details of Night City.

Well, do not forget to activate the scanner in order to examine objects, things 
and analyze enemies. Sometimes, identifying vulnerabilities can save your skin, 
especially against thick-skinned enemies.

-=Buy an Akira bike=-
As you progress through the game, you will receive constant messages from various 
fixers and other characters who sell cars and other vehicles. At some point, a 
message will come from Wakako, the leader of the Tiger Claws gang, and she will 
offer to buy a Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X motorcycle for 22,000 Eurodollars.

It’s a great bike and once you get it, you won’t want to get behind the wheel of 
a car again. Kusanagi is parked in Westbrook, near the Skyline and Salinas fast 
travel point.

-=Talk to the cops in V’s megatower=-
After completing the prologue, you will see a couple of police officers trying to 
get through to V’s neighbor on the floor below. They seem to be worried about the 
guy inside, whose name is Barry. It may seem that this is one of the side scenarios 
that you can just watch a little, but in fact, communication with the police activates 
an unusual and touching side quest.

The quest has multiple endings. Show interest in Barry and you can get the best 
of them!

-=Meet Meredith Stout=-
At the beginning of the game, you will be given the opportunity to cooperate with 
Meredith Stout, one of the senior employees of Militech. If you meet her and 
complete the quest on her terms (or just don’t pay Royce in the quest “Crash into 
the Maelstrom” by killing him immediately), she will call you later and invite you 
to her motel.

This will be a bed scene during the “Venus in Furs” spin-off, and at the end of 
it you will receive the iconic club “Vstanislav Shishkin”. Yes, yes, the same 
dildo. Unfortunately, the sex scene with Meredith is similar to any scene with a 
prostitute in the game.

-=Explore the bar at Conpekey Plaza=-
During the first global mission, you will visit with Jackie Konpeki Plaza – a luxury 
hotel owned by the Arasaka company. When you arrive there, disguised as arms dealers, 
V and Jackie will stop at the bar where the cyborg is luring you. There will be an 
opportunity to go further or look into the bar.

Definitely, you should stop by the bar, because here you will meet a cameo of one 
of the most important people in the gaming industry – Hideo Kojima. You can even 
listen to what this “Japanese genius” has to say.

-=Visit vending machines=-
If you play like me, you will pick up literally everything that is crooked in the 
world of Cyberpunk 2077. But since there are some restrictions on carrying capacity, 
V will soon be simply overloaded with this approach. You won’t be able to run and 
will get other debuffs. You can find a shop, a dealer in weapons, things, and so 
on, but it’s much easier to get to the nearest vending machine. Such devices are 
marked on the map as a “cardboard box”.

Press J to immediately drop all the junk, and then sort the weapons by price and 
sell the cheapest for sure. Remember that iconic weapons can be upgraded to match 
the V level, as well as increase their rarity with the right components.

Useful Tips for Update 2.0:
-=Quick Tips=-
* Saves prior to 2.0 are currently broken, especially if you’ve completed the game 
  on that save. Cyberware will remain on your body even if you remove them, some 
  people report that they can’t add or remove them at all, others are having issues
  with their wardrobes, etc. It’s clear CDPR wants you to start a new game.
* You can no longer purchase components. They can be gathered via hacking stuff, 
  finding them around the world, or disassembling weapons and gear (you get whatever
  tiered component based on the tier of the item you’re disassembling).
* You can now buy cars from either the AutoFixer terminals on site or through your 
  computer at your apartment(s).
* You can upgrade and craft items now under your inventory (it’s no longer a  
  separate menu tab). Upgrading is pretty straight forward, you need X of whatever
  tier component to upgrade your gear to that tier.
* Regarding component farming, I have found more success doing the following: don’t
  disassemble weapons, sell them. You can disassemble clothes to your heart’s 
  content because they’re automatically saved to your wardrobe once you own them 
  and they don’t add stats and they sell for hardly anything. Weapons on the other
  hand can be sold for quite a bit and I have found the money grind to be rather 
  tedious since 2.0.

-=General Tips=-
* Just a reminder for anyone curious: if you find random locked boxes with 
  exclamation points they are rewards for NCPD missions. You would just need 
  to find the mission that coorelates with that box in order to open it.
* Updating your keybinds so that you are using Hold for run instead of Toggle 
  will make your life a lot easier if you’re a stealth-style character. Having 
  the toggle is janky because if you don’t press it on time before walking up 
  to an enemy to knock out you’ll have to reposition yourself to reset the prompt.
* Reloading saves resets NPC schedules. This can be a useful tool for those who 
  prefer to take the stealthy approach. (Just hit F5 before a potential encounter
  and reload the quicksave)
* Using the environment to kill your enemies while stealth may immediately put 
  you in combat (this applies especially to hacking cars and using them as weapons),
  even if you’re hiding now everyone knows where you are. Consider this option 
  carefully if you prefer the stealthy approach.
* Toggle walk will prohibit you from sprinting while in crouch. You need to make 
  sure toggle walk is off when crouching if you intend to use your Ninjitsu perk 
  because you can’t toggle it off while crouched.

Tips for Those Who Are Having Difficulty with Stealth:
Since the update I’ve always asked myself, what’s the damage of my pistol? I could 
kill everyone with 1 shot to the head and now I can’t kill anyone?

Well, here are some tips on how to have more fluid gameplay when playing in stealth 

* The “meta” really lies in your cyberware upgrades, so always read and make a point 
  of filling in the gaps with items that will really make a difference in your gameplay.
* That said, always have updates that will do stealth damage/critical damage/head 
  damage to your cyber software. (makes a lot of difference)
* Always choose the weapon that will have the highest chance of head damage multiplier.
  for example, Jackie’s “La Chingona Dorada” pistol (which I like to use stealthily 
* No matter how small it may be, the status of the accessories you put on the weapon 
  is very, very important, 3% critical damage from your silencer makes a lot of 
  difference, so always try to use accessories that amplify your damage according 
  to your game
* And this goes for all types of playstyles, whether you want to use a Katana, use 
  items that will amplify your melee attributes, etc.

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