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  Hints and Tips for: Darksiders II 
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 Darksiders II Cheats

Darksiders II

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: BoneK

Item Duplication:
You will need a friend to perform this glitch. When sending a gift from a serpent tome, 
complete the usual process (select a friend and settle on 1 to 5 gifts to send). Right 
after you send that gift, as the "sending gift" message disappears, quickly push the PS
button and exit out of the game to the home screen. Start the game once more and head 
to a serpent tome. Check for online messages, and you should receive a notice that is 
bundled with the items that you sent to your friend. That friend should also have 
received those same items, which combined means that you now have twice as many of any
gifted items.

Darksiders 2 Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your
achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", then "View all 
my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement                    How to Unlock
A Stroll In The Demonic Park - Complete the game on any difficulty setting.
A True Horseman              - Complete the game on APOCALYPTIC.
Abracadabra                  - Open all Death Tombs.
All You Can Eat Buffet       - Complete Sticks and Stones.
Antiquing                    - Complete Lost Relics.
BFA                          - Unlock Everything.
Bravo Old Chap               - Defeat Wicked K.
By Your Command              - Collect the Interdiction Stone.
City of the Dead             - Complete City of the Dead.
Clipped Wings                - Defeat Archon.
Crow Carrion                 - Defeat the Crowfather.
Death Will Tear Us Apart     - Collect the Soul Splitter.
Diamond Geezertron           - Unlock the final skill in either skill tree.
Dust to Dust                 - Defeat the Guardian.
Epic!                        - Death Reaches Level 30.
Feeding Time                 - Level Up Your 1st Possessed Weapon.
Fire of the Mountain         - Complete Fire of the Mountain.
Four My Brother              - Complete the game on NORMAL.
Full Potential               - Unlock All Combat Moves.

Rewards from Darksiders:
If you have played a copy of the first Darksiders on the same system you can
unlock various pieces of equipment to help get you started on your journey. 
Go see Myria the Shaman in Tri-Stone to obtain them.

Unlockable                                  How to Unlock
Chaos Fangs/Level 1 Scythe                - Complete the first game at least 
                                            once on any difficulty.
Pauldron of the Horseman/Level 5 Shoulder - Play the first game and earn at 
                                            least one achievement.

Defeating Bheithir easily:
While fighting Bheithir, lure her to the right side of the platform. You will be walking
backwards if you are locked on her as a target. If timed correctly, you will fall onto 
a little lip on the edge of the platform. From that position, keep shooting her. She 
will continue trying to walk toward you, occasionally breathing fire (it will not hurt
you) until she eventually starts to fly. Then, a cutscene of you killing her will play.

Soul Arbiter's Maze puzzle solutions:
The Arbiter's Maze is found in the Land Of The Dead, near the City Of The Dead.
Inside the Soul Arbiter's Maze, each level has two directions you can take. 
Follow one set of directions to reach the next level of the maze, or follow the
secret directions to find a hidden treasure. Reach the end of the Soul Arbiter's
Maze to fight the Soul Arbiter boss. Defeat him to get the Soul Arbiter's Crown.

Level 1: Next Level: North – West 
         Secret: South – East
Level 2: Next Level: East – South – North 
         Secret: North – North
Level 3; Next Level: West – East – North – North
         Secret: North – South – East
Level 4: Next Level: East – West – North – South
         Secret: West – East – North
Level 5: Next Level: West – West – North – East
         Secret: West – North – South
Level 6: Next Level: South – East – East – North – North
         Secret: East – East – East – South
Level 7: Next Level: South – West – East – East – East
         Secret: South – South – West – North – North
Level 8: Next Level: North – West – North – West – East
         Secret: North – South – South – East – North
Level 9: Next Level: East – North – East – North – South
         Secret: South – West – East – East – North
Level 10: Next Level: West – East – North – South – West
          Secret: North – South – East – West

Chaos Fang Scythe:
Have a save file from the first Darksiders game on the same storage device where your 
current Darksiders II file will be stored. You will automatically receive the Chaos 
Fang (lvl1 scythe w/ critical damage boost) in game when you start the sequel. 

Paudron of the Horsemen Armour:
Have a save file from the first Darksiders game on your HD. In Darksiders II talk to
Mryia the Shaman, who is located on the east side of Tri-Stone. She will hand over a
level 5 "Paudron2 of The Hosemen" armour to you.

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