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  Hints and Tips for: Dead Cells 
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 Dead Cells Cheats

Dead Cells

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

When you get hit, you may notice that a portion of your health bar turns 
orange and steadily drains. This health is recoverable, and you recover 
it by attacking enemies. If you get hit and don't expect to immediately 
get hit again, try counterattacking (or attacking some other nearby enemy)
to preserve your precious health. In particularly hectic situations, 
though, you'll probably save more health by just rolling away than you 
would by trying to recover it by attacking.

Lightning Bolt:
* Location: 
  It is been dropped by Inquisitor In the Ramparts and the Graveyard.
* What it Does: 
  It has continuous casting ability with a Heavy Damage, but you will 
  have to be careful of too much power as it can also destroy you.
* Stats: 
  Damage – 108
 Improved Damage – 173
  Added damage on weapon level-up – 10.8(17.3)

How to Perform Speed Run?:
For the start and a easy method to have a slight more speed all you got 
to do is roll, this will surely give you more speed rather than regular 
walk or run. And if you have an Assault Shield, which takes you ahead 
while protecting you, is also a good method. You can use it along with
the roll, it will add more to the speed.

Now let’s come to the main motto of this guide, the process to perform 
Speed Run. You will need to keep some points in your head:
* Firstly you will need an Assault Shield. 
* When You Jump, Press Roll and then press the Shield button. 
* So all you got to do is Roll + Shield as fast as you can while in air. 
  And there you are on a running-spree.

How to fix Antivirus false positive locking files:
This error Opens and Closes a Black Dialogue Box, and Dead Cells won't 
start. In some case, you might also receive a message such as: File 
Locked. According to the details shared by developer, the main cause 
of this issue is ANTIVIRUS. Not to worry too much about this error as 
it is pretty common with Indie Games, and especially in games which 
are available in Early Access. In order to fix it all you need to do 
is Add the Dead Cells Folder in your Steamapps directory to your 
Antivirus' white-list/Exclusion List. 

How to fix PS4 controller issue (Wireless Connection):
This issue usually takes place when, the controller has got some 
wireless connectivity problems. Try using the controller in the wired 
format by simply plugging it in. Dead Cells supports the PS4 controller
natively i.e. it would works as simple Plug-n-play. Secondly, the 
controller works on steam easily without installing any extra software.
So uninstall any other software that you have installed. If you are 
still facing the problem the try restarting your PC.  If nothing works 
then try contacting developers via the official site of the game and 
provide them your PC specs details. They will look into and provide 
you a solution as soon as possible.

How to Beat the Assassin:
Written by Zedilian

This's a complex and thorough guide to help you beat the final boss of 
the Brutal Update - the Assassin.

-=Some Basic Info=-
The Assassin is the final boss of the Brutal Update, which many people 
consider like very overpowered and unbeatable guy. Truth being told, he's 
really very tough, but not immortal. You enters the fight with him after 
the Clock Tower or the Forgotten Sepulchre regions(and after visiting the 
Collectors' room of course).

-=Some facts about him=-
* He has enormous amount of healh.
* He's very agile and evasive.
* He has TWO main stages of the fight.

-=Preparation for the Boss Fight
The Assassin is a kind of a boss which can't be beaten casually. 
You need a certain set of items and power-ups.

13 or more Brutality points. The boss has massive amount of hp, so in order 
to actually deal some nice damage to him you absolutely need to collect many 
At least 7 or more Survival points. Pretty obvious, you need some health to 
tank the possible damage from the boss. Also we're interested in that "bonus 
damage after parrying the enemy attack with a shield" stat, but we'll talk 
about this later. 
Tactics points are optional. Since I discovered that almost all skills are 
not very effective against the Assassin and used only to deal some additional 
damage, you don't need much of them. Toxic cloud, any bombs and grinder/crusher 
should be good enough. 
A powerful shield. This's the vital part of the preparation. Yes, the whole 
idea of beating the Assassin is based on parrying his attacks with a shield. 
Any shield would be nice, but the most effective ones are with the "bonus 
300% damage to the next mellee attack" stat and Sturdy shield, Force shield, 
Spiked shield and Blood shield. 
A good trusty sword or melee weapon of any type with quick attack speed. 
This choice is up to you and the randomizer of the game, but my fav ones are 
Spiteful sword, Frantic sword and Blood sword. 
As many items with "-[amount]% of all damage taken" stat as possible. This 
could be mostly shields, skills and necklaces. 
"Ygdar Orus Li Ox!" is a good insurance too. You can get the "Never Fallen" 
achievement, if you manage to end the game with it though. 
The last but not the least - you need many Dead Cells overall experience 
and shield parrying experience too. And many, many failed tries. 
And a calm nerves, of course. 

-=Here's my set=-
The Assassin's Behavior and Attacks

The less HP he has, the quicker he becomes and the stronger attacks he 
perform. He also has two main parts of behavior - melee and ranged ones, 
which he switches one after another.

-=First stage(100-45% hp).
TELEPORT. The Assassin can teleport away from you in two cases: first is 
when he finishes his melee sequence and teleports away to the corner of the 
arena to perform a ranged one. The second is when he's still at his ranged
 part, but you approach too close to him, so he also tps away.
MELEE SLASH. Basic attack. He runs towards you and quickly hits with his 
blades two or more(up to six) times in a quick consistency. Every success 
hit stuns you for a short amount of time.
HOOK THROW. Ranged attack only. Similar to your characters' skill, the 
Assassin throws a hook at you and, if not blocked, pulls to him. After 
that you become stunned and immobilized, then he charges his powerful 
attack, dealing great damage and pushing you across entire room.
SHURIKEN THROW. Ranged attack only. The Assassin throws one or more(up to 
five) shurikens at you, dealing damage. 

SPEED DASH. Long-distance attack. When the boss lost some hp and standing 
very far from you, he can charge his speed dash attack, which will be shown 
to you as a yellow line acroos all arena. Then he, obviously, dashes through 
entire floor, dealing huge damage and stunning you.
SHURIKEN RING Ranged attack only. The Assassin spins many shurikens around 
him, then throws them away in all directions. Also he always starts the 
second stage of the fight with this attack. 
Dead Cells - How to Beat the Assassin (Final Boss of the Brutal Update)

-=Second stage(45% or less hp).
When the Assassin has 45% or less hp left, he enters the "rage" mode. 
He pauses the game, says "Let's finish this.", unlocks the final attack 
and charges shuriken ring. Also in this mode the Assassin attacks at the 
max speed and brutality.

SKY SWORDS. Boss' magic - always on. The Assassin literally makes the swords 
constantly fall from the sky at you until the very end of the fight. The 
swords always fall at your current position(homing). It's shown to you as a 
shrinking blue vertical pillar. Deals damage to the main character, obviously. 

The strategy of the fight, according to the previous sections

As I said, the whole fight strategy is based on the shield parrying and then 
damaging. During my many failed previous tries I found, that dodge-rolls and 
jumps are not very effective for this fight, because they waste more time then 
parrying and more complicated. Also, dodge-rolls and jumps will not damage the 
boss, whereas parrying certainly will.

So, with a calm heart and focused mind you enters the final fight, ready to 

Firstly, ALL of the Assassins attacks can be parried/blocked. Even after his 
successful hook's hit'n'stun you still can time it right and parry his powerful 
attack completely.
Secondly, all parried shurikens reflect back at the boss, dealing additional 
Thirdly, don't try to run close to the boss during his ranged sequence(cause 
he will teleport), just stand a few meters away and parry all stuff he throws 
at you. Then when he runs towards you for melee slash, just parry his attack,
 which will abort his sequence, and then deal some damage to him a few times. 
Then repeat till the victory.
The tricky part starts at the second stage of the fight with sky swords. 
This's the part, where the Force shield is truly shines, cause it creates an 
incincibility forcefield around you for the entire 3 seconds, which in fast-
paced action like this is like eternity. But if you have other shield it's OK 
too, but you need even more concentration and reaction to evade all this falling 
sword thing and parrying the Assassins' max rage attacks at the same time.
Healing self with potion is very tricky, cause you almost never have enough 
time for that. And you absolutely wouldn't have it during the second stage of 
the fight, so it's smart to have an additional Tonic at your inventory as an 
Speed dash attack is easier and more useful to dodge-roll, than block or parry.
Don't panic.

Boss Loot Guide:
Written by Saint Lucifer

In this brief guide I will summarize for you, which blueprints each Boss will 
drop for you on consecutive kills.

-=Minor Spoiler Warning=-
This guide may contain mild spoilers, related to items & item locations.

If you fully want to explore the game on your own and don't want to know about any 
secrets or item locations, do not scroll down.

If you however are on the lookout for a specific item or are stuck on finding 
something, feel free to take a look.

-=General Infos=-
* The numbers infront of the rewards represent the amount of kills, so "1." 
  means first kill, and so on.
* It is possible to collect all rewards on BC0, if not explicitly stated otherwise.
* BC stands for "Boss Cells", which reflects the game's difficulty and so to speak 
  the "New Game Plus"-mechanism. 
* So BC1 means, you have beaten the game once and activated the higher difficulty, 
  whereas BC0 stands for the standard difficulty that everyone starts in. 
* It is always possible for a Boss to drop his Outfit instead of an item, which 
  is not a bug or a players mistake, just RNG since they always only drop 1 
  Blueprint at a time.

Concierge (Black Bridge)

-=Flint (Melee) & Challenge Rune=-
Heavy Crossbow
Impaler (Melee)
Melee (Mutation)
Ammo (Mutation)
Alienation (Mutation)

+ 1 Outfit on each BC difficulty.

-=Conjunctivius (Crypt)=-
Tentacle (Melee)
Cursed Sword
Gastronomy (Mutation)
Recovery (Mutation)
Advanced Forge (Hub Upgrade)

+ 1 Outfit on each BC difficulty.

-=Mama Tick (Nest)=-
Scythe Claw (Melee)

+ 1 Outfit on each BC difficulty.

Secret: + 1 Special Outfit when sacrificing Mushroom at the Altar.

Time Keeper (Clock Tower)

Lightspeed (Spell)
Ice Shards (Ranged)
Ice Crossbow
Velocity (Mutation)
Tainted Flask (Mutation)
Emergency Triage (Mutation)

+ 1 Outfit on each BC difficulty.

-=Scarecrow (Mausoleum)=-
Sickles (Spell)

+ 1 Outfit on each BC difficulty.

The Giant (Haven)

Giantkiller (Melee)
Giant Whistle (Spell)

+ 1 Outfit on each BC difficulty.

End Game Minor Spoiler: [4BC] 5th Boss Cell.

-=Hand of the King (Throne)=-
Symmetrical Lance & Telluric Shock (Spell) & 1st Boss Cell.

[1BC] 2nd Boss Cell & Recycling Tubes (Hub Upgrade)
[2BC] 3rd Boss Cell
[3BC] 4th Boss Cell

+ 1 Outfit on each BC difficulty

-=Daily Challenge=-
Accessible from the Main Menu or the Prisoner's Quarters when the Challenge 
Rune was obtained
1. Swift Sword
5. Lacerating Aura (Spell)
10. Meat Skewer (Melee)

How to Unlock All New Crossover Outfits:
Written by SpeedyCookie

This is a plain and basic guide on how you unlock the new outfits.

-=Shovel Knight=-
Break the Shovel Knight painting in the High Peak Castle with a Shovel.

-=Hotline Miami=-
Kill an enemy with the Baseball Bat after stunning them by destroying a door 
or hitting them with falling debris.

-=Katana Zero=-
Kill 15 consecutive enemies with Hattori’s Katana’s dashing strike without 
getting hit.

-=Risk of Rain=-
Kill the two shadow imps that spawn from the random altar in biomes.

Drop an item into lava (done by entering the Cavern Key door in Prisoners’ 
Quarters, then dropping the backpacked item and using the Homunculus Rune to 
throw it into the lava).

-=Slay the Spire=-
Collect 3 keys, the Emerald Key is from an elite room, the Sapphire Key is from 
a choice altar in a biome and the Ruby Key is from a shop (This one is currently 
bugged, you need to disable “Merchandise Shop Categories” in Custom Mode -> 
Advanced Options -> Meta Modifiers, or find it in a food shop).

How to Find Alucard’s Sword (Return to Castlevania DLC):
The sword is found by entering the Richter mode, when you get to the Draculas 
castle final stage (accessed via the clock tower) you can find Richter in a cage 
in a room.

When on a normal run you can enter the cage to play Richter mode which is based 
on symphony of the night.

In there one of the walls you can walk through to find Alucard who will drop 
Alucard’s Sword, and upon finishing the mode you get the sword dropped as a 
rare blueprint.

Secret Cheat (Return to Castlevania DLC):
The whip weapon appears in a number of different ways in the Castlevania video 
game series. 

-=Konami Cheat=-
In the new DLC (Return to Castlevania) there is a secret code that will unlock 
new weapon (whip) for you – Morning Star.

Note: Wearing a new outfit (Alucard, Maria Renard or Belmont outfit from
Castlevania DLC) is a requirement before entering the cheat code.

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Roll (B), Jump (A)

* Warning! Works only once per run.

How to Unlock New Weapons:
It’s all about how many outfits you have:

* For [Sewing Scissors], you need to unlock 15 outfits to trigger the cutscene 
  with The Tailor.
* For [Giant Comb], unlock 50 outfits will trigger another cutscene with  
  Tailor’s daughter.
* The Classic Outfit doesn’t count!

* Once you got the weapon, it is unlocked and can be acquired in the biomes.

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