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  Hints and Tips for: Dead Cells: The Bad Seed 
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 Dead Cells: The Bad Seed Cheats

Dead Cells: The Bad Seed

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get All Weapons:
The blowgun is a silent weapon your enemies wonít hear you hitting them 
with until itís too late. Itís a tactics-based ranged weapon. If you hit 
an enemy from behind with it, you can land a critical hit. Those who find 
themselves consistently rolling behind enemies to dodge enemy attacks 
will have the most out of it. It takes up one weapon slot.

-=Flashing Fans=-
The flashing fans are a pair of fans you can use that inflict a decent 
amount of damage. Theyíre a brutality and tactics based weapon. If you 
attack at the right time when a projectile is coming at you, you can 
reflect it at your enemy. When you successfully do this, you can inflict 
critical hits for eight seconds. It only takes up one weapon slot.

-=Left Scythe Claw=-
The left scythe claw is a massive two-handed weapon with a considerable 
amount of range, capable of attacking several foes at once. Itís a 
survival-based weapon. You could inflict a critical hit with the weapon 
if your first attack is the right claw, which you can do by hitting the 
two different weapon slots the weapon takes up. You need to switch between 
the two to get the most out of the weapon. You can only receive this weapon 
by defeating The Bad Seed boss, Mama Tick.

-=Rhythm ní Bouzouki=-
The rhythm ní bouzouki weapon is a two-handed instrument you swing around 
to damage your enemies using the power of beautiful music. Itís a heavy 
weapon and is brutality and survival-based. If you time your attacks 
correctly for the second and third hits, you can have these strikes land 
as critical hits. You want to learn how to time this weapon to get the 
most out of it. It takes up one weapon slot.

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