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  Hints and Tips for: Dead Man's Hand 
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 Dead Man's Hand Cheats

Dead Man's Hand

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by. conner54

Press [Esc] during game play to display the pause menu. Then, press ~ to display the 
console command prompt, which will be a bright line with an input prompt below the menu.
Enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat function for the current level. 
Note: You will not be able to see what you are typing. Also, you must re-enter the 
cheats for each level as they get reset. Alternately, press [Tab] during game play. 
You will see a white line at the bottom of the screen where you can type in the codes,
and be able to see what you are typing. 

Result                                             Code
God mode                                         - god 
All weapons                                      - allweapons  
Maximum ammunition                               - allammo  
All weapons and ammunition                       - loaded  
Flight mode                                      - fly 
Disable flight and no clipping                   - walk  
No clipping                                      - ghost 
Stay underwater without damage                   - amphibious  
Teleport to area currently looked at             - teleport  
Scale player size                                - changesize [number]  
Restore default player                           - size changesize *  
Set player speed                                 - setspeed [number]  
Set maximum jump height                          - setjumpz [number]  
Set gravity                                      - setgravity [number]  
Set slow motion factor                           - slomo n  
Set camera to behind view                        - viewself  
Camera and pawn not rotated together when "True" - freecamera [true or false]  
Toggle invisibility                              - invisible [true or false]  
Possess a pawn of indicated class                - avatar [class name]  
Summon requested class                           - summon [class name]  
Kill all pawns andenemies                        - killpawns

Shooting mini-games:
In the level where the boss is playing an old phonograph, find the three hidden
watermelons. They are found in the following locations: just before going down 
to the wall of adobe buildings on the left; hidden in a deep gully; and on top 
of the mountains. Shoot all three of them to play a shooting gallery mini-game.

Hidden Rune Stones:
* Start the level where you have to go to the log mill to kill the "Twins". Enter one of the
  rooms in the three gin distilleries at the start of the level that has a "table" constructed
  from a wood plank laying across barrels. Use dynamite to blows up one of the walls in that 
  room to find a hidden area. Inside is a glowing purple Rune Stone.

* In the Dead Man Walking level, when you enter the church two men will corner you. Dispose of
  them and go to the back right corner inside. Take off the crooked door with a shotgun blast.
  Enter and blast the left wall twice with the shotgun to reveal a hidden room containing a 
  purple Rune Stone. Also, note that outside the church behind the fence is a huge purple rock
  with the same markings as the Rune Stones. 

* In the White Lightnin' level, make you way through the shacks until you reach a house. There 
  will be TNT on the right side of the house. Inside will be a table fashioned out of a door 
  and two barrels. Toss a lit TNT stick into the back wall of the house to reveal a hidden 
  room with another purple Rune Stone.

* In the Shootout At The Lazy 8 level, enter the house from the side door. Blast a few shots 
  with the shotgun at the middle of the wall as you walk in to reveal a hidden room with yet 
  another purple Rune Stone.

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