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  Hints and Tips for: Dead Space 
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 Dead Space Cheats

Dead Space

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

These codes work with a 360 controller in the PC version of Dead Space. Pause the game and
enter the following Codes. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Resume the game with 
the code activated. 
Note: Some codes may only be enabled once per game. Also, codes that have multiple tiers
(for example, credits) only take effect when activated in order (lowest to highest). 

Code               Result
YXYXXYXXYXXY     - +5 Nodes (one time only per playthrough).
X(3), Y, X.      - 1,000 credits (one time only per playthrough).
Y, X(3), Y.      - 2 Nodes (one time only per playthrough).
X(3), Y(2).      - 2,000 credits (one time only per playthrough).
X(3), Y, X, Y.   - 5,000 credits (one time only per playthrough).
X, Y(3), X(2), Y - 10,000 Credits.
X,X,Y,Y,Y        - Refill you Oxygen.
X,Y,Y,X,Y        - Refill your Stasis and Kinesis energy.

Impossible Mode:
To unlock Impossible Mode, beat the game once through in its entirety on the normal 
difficulty setting.

Level Six Suit Schematic:
To unlock the Level Six Suit Schematic, complete the game once through in its entirety on
the normal difficulty setting.

Back Story Log Entries:
To unlock the back story log entries, complete the game once through in its entirety on 
the normal difficulty setting.

Random Goodies:
To unlock ten Power Nodes and 50,000 credits, complete the game for the first time once 
through in its entirety on the normal difficulty setting.

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game and save it. Continue on your cleared saved game file to 
get the following bonuses. 

* Ten Power Nodes 
* 50,000 credits 
* The back story log entries 
* Impossible difficulty setting 
* Level 6 Military suit schematic 

Defeating the final Boss:
Do not be intimidated by its size. Though massive, it is very easy to kill.
The following was done under the Medium difficulty setting. Upon starting 
the fight, notice you are "caged in" by the Boss' tentacles. Notice the 
yellow "blooms" around the Boss' mouth. Shooting each one will get you 
closer to killing it. However, upon shooting a few of them, the boss Grabs
you, holding you in the air. During this time, it appears that you are 
helpless. Aim whatever weapon you are using at the time and shoot the yellow
blooms. After a few shots you will be dropped. The Boss will then begin 
slamming its tentacles at you more frequently. They are very easy to avoid. 
Strafe left to right constantly. They will never hit you. The Boss will roar,
shoot a few exploding cells at you, or will drop enemy pods upon you. This 
is part is also easy, considering it is usually only two small Necromorphs.
After you destroy the blooms, you will notice a "caged" area underneath the
beast. Under this rib cage lies its many hearts. Again, use same strategy 
with the whole tentacle scenario. After a few times, the Boss will have 
his fit and open up again. Unload and the Boss will come tumbling down.

Hidden message:
Take the first letter of each chapter and arrange them in order to spell 
out the sentence "Nicole is dead".

Help With The Hunter:
Ok, so we all hate the hunter. If you don't know, he is a regenerating 
necromorph that cannot be killed. The first time you encounter him is tough,
and you just have to run. I found that it is best to shoot of his legs because
he doesn't regenerate them immediately and he is much slower without legs. 
Then you freeze him and he gets taken away. He comes back in a later act, so 
use the same strategy and then fry him with the Rocket engines. That will be 
the end of him.  Don't forget the Power Node the Hunter drops.

To Kill the Leviathan:
First, take out the tentacles. Then when the center opens aim for the orange 
ball. Grab the explosive canisters, and launch them in the center, or grab the
lathan pod and launch it into the center.

Finding the Peng treasure:
To get Peng you must be on the flight deck on Chapter 13. When in the flight 
room where your ship "used" to be, look between the walkways. You should see 
a statue. Pick it up with kinesis and you will receive the Peng treasure (and
its achievement or trophy). It can also be sold for 30,000 credits.

Secret message key:
In Chapter 1, just after you repair the claw for the tram hit your objective 
finder. Follow the blue line into the hall way where you need to go. Stop as 
soon as you enter the hallway and look up at the catwalk above your head. Ignore
the alien for now. Walk until you find the first corridor on the right. Walk into
it there to see writing in an alien language all over. Look down there to see a 
message that says in English that reads "Don't listen to their lies, read what 
they're really saying." Keep reading to find a key that shows the alien language,
and below that the corresponding are English letters from A to Z and 1 through 0.
Although not everything will be legible, you should be able to decipher enough 
to understand what is written.

Wear Military suit in Impossible mode:
Successfully complete the game in New Game Plus mode with the Military suit 
bought and equipped, and save the game immediately before the final Boss. Once
the game ends and the credits begin, skip them, and do not save the game when 
prompted. Instead, immediately start a new game on the Impossible difficulty 
to start with the Military suit.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star:
When you begin Chapter 10, walk into the room with the dead Unitologists in it.
If you listen carefully, you can hear Twinkle Twinkle Little Star from one of 
the game trailers. You can also hear it in an elevator on Chapter 6.

Conserving ammunition is vital as you get deeper into the ship. The old exploit
from Resident Evil 4 works with the weapons here too. When you are out of ammo 
and have a Bench and several Power Nodes, you can refill the ammunition in the 
weapon to its new maximum by upgrading to a capacity node in that weapon. 

Easy Money:
Purchase the Contact Gun as soon as you can and its ammo will start appearing 
around the ship. If you can resist using it, just sell all of the ammo you 
collect for scores of credits; 1,000 per unit!

Easter Egg: Alien Language Codex:
In Chapter 6, after fighting the final creature that spills the gas out, there
is a dim, flashing sign just before the anti-grav area. This is a codex for some
of the letters and all of the numbers in the alien language.

Easy credits:
* Sell your Plasma Cutter at the store. It is worth quite a lot, but a new one is
  completely free. This is helpful for the max up challenge, because you can now 
  buy about another seven nodes.
  Note: If you sell the Plasma Cutter again you will get 0 credits. However if 
  you melee and defeat a Necromorph and sell it again you will get 10,000 credits.

* In Chapter 2 when you enter the Zero G Therapy area, there is a hole on the right 
  side of the room along with debris blocking the hallway to other side and where 
  you can see the planet. Once you go through the room on the left and get to the 
  other side, back up to the debris. You can see something flashing outside in the
  direction of the planet. It is 10,000 credits.

Easy "Kill 30 enemy" achievements or trophies:
PlayStation3 Xbox 360 For every weapon you find during the game, there is an 
achievement or trophy awarded when you kill thirty enemies with that weapon. However
some weapons are weaker than others (for example, the flamethrower) and you may find
it difficult to complete the task. The easiest way to get these achievements or 
trophies is to find a Guardian (fat blob on the wall that shoots out pods) and kill
its pods. Each pod counts as a kill, and it will keep re-spawning pods as long as 
it is alive. You can get all the thirty kill achievements or trophies from one 
Guardian as long as you have enough ammunition.

Health and Ammo reloads:
If you're low on health or ammo but you're planning on upgrading at a bench soon,  you can
use the upgrade to fill up instead of using a medpack or ammo clip.

Slowing the regenerating hunter:
To slow down the regenerating hunter for the longest time possible, cut off all the limbs of
the hunter with the plasma cutter. Thenm shoot the hunter with the stasis field (if it is 
charged). This will allow you to get around and away from it while focusing on whatever else
is attacking you.

Here are some rewards that you can obtain after beating the game once:

Unlockable              How to Unlock
10 Power Nodes        - Finish the game.
50,000 Credits        - Finish the game.
Backstory Logs        - Finish the game.
Impossible Difficulty - Finish the game.
Military Suit         - Finish the game.
New Game+             - Finish the game.

Isaac's face:
So when you start the game just after you land on the Ishimura you can move the camera 
round and see his face. I don't know how long you can do this for but I did this about 
2 seconds before he puts his mask on.

How to Fix Blackscreen on Start (Remake):
Written by aR.

* Go to your "Documents" folder -> Dead Space 2023 -> settings- > steam.
* Open "ProfileOptions_profile" (with notepad++ for example, but editor also works).
* Change GstRender.FullscreenMode 1 to GstRender.FullscreenMode 0 and save.
* Done.

Tips for Surviving (Remake)
Written by emprune

Tips and tricks for a better surviving, might make your journey in the spaceship 
like shopping in supermarket.

-=Tips and Tricks=
Those tips and tricks will help you survive ISHIMURA like a walk in a park (maybe).

-=I need more Health!=-
There is a trick for you to gain as much as health with minimum credits.

* Each time you upgrade your health with power nodes, your health gets 100% recovered. 
  Whenever you gets hurt and have kind of 1 health left, go for a Bench, upgrade health
* Note that during your gameplay, you can re-acquire your power nodes for 5,000 credits.
* Combine two things above, you can sell your small/medium/large med pack. Whenever you 
  need health, use 5000 credit to remove all node in your RIG, then use the same nodes 
  to upgrade your health and gain 100% health at a bench. This saves you a lot of 
  credits and med pack consumptions – You’ll just need to make it to a bench.

-=I need more AMMO!=-
* Except for some fixed drops/crates, most In-game supplies and loots are dynamic, which 
  means the drops are calculated at the time they appear (either from enemies or opening 
* Depending on the weapon you equipped, the game gives you relevant ammo. For example, 
  if you only equip pulse rifle, you will get more pulse rounds throughout game. This 
  means carrying less weapons like 1 or 2 weapons will gives you more ammo for that 
  specific weapon.
* In the middle-end part of game, the game gives you more difficulty and pressure by 
  adjusting the loot/drop – there’s a higher probability to drop the ammo you most 
  possessed – for example, you have 120 plasma and 10 pulse rounds, game will give 
  you more plasma drop instead of 50/50 of plasma/pulse. This design is to guess 
  your less-favored weapon and limit your DPS for your favored weapon.
* Force gun ammo is the most profitable / expensive ammo drop in game.
* Combining things above, my strategy is to store a lot of force gun ammo (like 40+), 
  and keep plasma cutter as less as possible (23/40 is enough for a fully upgraded 
  plasma cutter).

-=I need more Stasis!=-
* You don’t have to save your stasis for puzzle, in most puzzles that require stasis, 
  there will be at least 1 stasis refill.
* Stasis refill is infinite as you may already found, and there are no cool-down like 
  original DS 1. Remember the nearest location (also on the map), refill whenever you can.
* Like health, upgrading your stasis also gives you 100% stasis energy but this one is 
  less favorable for obvious reason.

-=There are so many necromorphs!=-
* Whenever you feel the battle is too difficult and there’s an open door, run. It seems 
  enemies does not go through rooms, so you can block them by just running into another 
* Unless the door is locked, some battles are optional.
* Hunter (the re-generaing enemy) usually does not follow you after you run after doors.
  Most of the time you escape Hunter, you can go back and the Hunter is not in the 
  previous room.

-=I am afraid I’ll miss something in game!=-
* Unlike original DS1, DS Remake is an (semi) open-world game. You can always go back 
  and collect stuff until the end of chapter 11 – game designer wants you to go back, 
  so don’t panic if there is a locked door like security level 3 or master override.
* You will be able to craft master override after Chapter 7, so it is fine to leave 
  all optional objectives until Ch7.
* Master Override opens 8 doors and crates; some contains blueprints/upgrades, some 
  contains goodies like 3 power nodes, but those are optional, you can finish the game 
  without them.
* The only blueprint that is MISSABLE is large med pack in chapter 9, where you will 
  board the Valor; as Valor will explode at the end of chapter, you cannot go back 
  there after you finish the chapter – it is the only missable item for “Merchant” 

Infinite Money without Cheating:
Written by lily40k

-=How to Farm Money=-
Although I find the game to be super forgiving for how much ammo and money it gives 
you, if you are struggling with it and you are sure you want to ruin the game for 
yourself then here is how to do it.

On any bench you can reset your weapons cores for $5000.

Just like Resident Evil 4 this game also reloads your ammo (and health) if you upgrade 
that stat… so upgrading capacity of the weapon will also refill it and upgrading the 
health of the suit will refill your health. Which is why you might want to walk around 
with near empty mag and near zero health until you reach a bench…

There is only one weapon which has secondary attack that wont waste your ammo if it 
didn’t hit a target : that weapon is PULSE RIFLE (also my favorite default weapon).

So to do this you will want around 12 unused cores ideally but can have less (not that 
hard to stack them even on new game), you’ll need 5000$ and a pulse rifle.

-=Do this like a robot=-
* Shoot secondary with pulse rifle until you are out of ammo
* Upgrade its capacity, get free ammo and repeat step #1 until you run out of slots 
  to upgrade
* Reset pulse rifle cores and repeat from step #1
* Yes its bit annoying, but this practically gives you infinite money which gives you 
  infinite purchasing power!

Secret Ending (How To Unlock It)(Remake):
To obtain the Secret Ending, you must collect the 12 Marker Fragments. While that 
may sound simple, you will not be able to obtain the secret ending on your first 
playthrough. The game’s developers purposefully designed the game so that you must 
play it a second time to unlock it. Fortunately, there are no restrictions on what 
difficulty you must play on to obtain this ending. So here’s how you can get to the 
Secret Ending quickly:

1.Finish the game in Easy mode. Easy is recommended for completing the game quickly; 
  the difficulty has no bearing on obtaining the secret ending.
2.Begin a New Game+. You can play on any difficulty you want, but playing on easy 
  mode will get you to the end faster.
3.Look for purple glowing orbs in any area you’re in while playing; these are Marker 
  Fragments. They are fairly noticeable.
4.Once you’ve collected all 12 of them, simply continue the game’s story.
5.When you complete the game this time, you will receive a different cutscene as the 
  secret ending.

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