Desperados - Wanted Dead or Alive Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Desperados - Wanted Dead or Alive 
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 Desperados - Wanted Dead or Alive Cheats

Desperados - Wanted Dead or Alive

Cheat Codes:
Update by: jembut
Update by: K K Hassan

Cheat mode:
Press Left [Shift] + [F11] then type the Codes:

Code                             Result
pejuh                          - all point.
timeless                       - Stop Time.
fidel castro                   - View Dialogs.
medic                          - View Hints.
powerman                       - New Weapon.
schneider                      - End Current Level.
clint                          - Win Current Level.
jackal                         - Ammo.
hollow man                     - Invisibility.
show me all                    - Show All Objects.
zeus                           - thunderbolts struck enemies.
epitaph                        - Toggle victory condition display.
supersonic                     - Toggle sound zone display.
whats my destiny               - Toggle short briefings.
behind the enemy horse         - Able to sneak behind enemies.
god                            - Ddon't die.

Go into Desperados\Game\Data\Savegame folder and use a hex editor to open Profiles 
file. Number on hex offset 000014 represents current level decreased by 1. 

Example: value 0F hex = 15 dec, which means that you're on level 16. 
The maximum value this byte may be set to is hex 18 (for Level 25).

Submitted by: Me Zaza

In the after level when you rescue Doctor McCoy there is an easteregg. When Joe tells
you to use the scarecrow and put it somewhere, instead of putting in front of the 2 
cowboys, you put it on the same spot you sunk the boat with the precision bullets. 
After you place the scarecrow Doc points it's hand to the sunken boat and rises it 
from the water. Then, John Cooper will say: "May the force be with you, young McCoy!"

Using Quick time action to finish the Missions:
Submitted by: d.shankarnarayana

Many of my friends have finished up to the 6 mission without using the quick time
action. But I have emerged victorious in following the quick time action and have
completed up to the 22 missions in the game. However, the game consists of 25 
missions I have three more to deal with. Your entire question is how to perform a
quick action. Just click on the character say (John Cooper) now the character gets
highlighted showing his weapon and stats. Now click the timer (large) below the 
screen your cursor seems to change now again click on the action say (Knock out 
punch) and click on an enemy cowboy to record the action. Before execution of the
quick action, Use some other character say(Kate)to entice the enemy cowboy when he
comes near her select John Cooper & Double-Click on the timer(small) for your 
character to perform the knock out punch action. This is very easier and will be 
more helpful to you. If more doubts persists, Mail me.

When InTroble:
Submitted by:  Gail :)

Everytime your Player(s) are in a safe place. Just look at their rutine you will no
what the enemy will do next. And youl just have to figure out how or when to attack
the enemy.

Submitted by: Chris Ryan

There's an effective way to kill your enemy, if he is alone. It may even work if
there are two enemies, if one of them give up on you and leave all business to other.
Now this is what you need to do: mark John Cooper and learn enemy and his movements. 
Then run into his visible area. when he notices you take the knife and stab him when
he gets close enough. But watch out; if he punches you before you stab him you will
lose the level.

On Doc's training level, get to the part where you have to "double up", which means
using the coat as a decoy. Place it on the small dock where you shot the boat from 
and watch. You will see the screen scroll across to where you shot the boat. Suddenly
the boat will rise and hover, and a frog will jump off. At a later point, John Cooper
will walk up to you and say "May the force be with you".

Submitted by: Mccoy

At the 25 mission,where you and the Devil are 1 on 1,you must hurt him 1000+ damage
for the stairs to lift down.after that you must take the knife from the chair, and
stab the Devil himself with the knife dealing 666 damage.After that... ADIOS AMIGO,
Game over:D i did it first time with code Zeus,i could hit him only 1 time and only
1000 time i did it without cheats.Good luck..

Easy kills:
Use the following trick to kill a lone enemy. It may also work if there are two enemies,
if one of them gives up on you and leaves his partner to fight. Mark John Cooper and 
learn the enemy and his movements. Run into his visible area. When he notices you, 
take the knife and stab him when he gets close enough. Be careful; if he punches you 
before you stab him you will lose. 

Defeating the Devil:
During mission 25 when fighting the Devil, you must do over 1,000 damage to him for
the stairs to drop down. Then, take the knife from the chair and stab the Devil with
it for 666 damage.

Star Wars Reference:
In the mission where you are testing Dr McCoy's abilities, try and place the scarecrow
at the sunk boat, then place it at the edge of the dock. McCoy will then place the 
scarecrow then walk to the end of the dock and raise his hand and the boat rises out
of the water and is deposited on the bank. Cooper then walks over and says "May the 
force be with you, young McCoy" (referencing Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back).

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