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  Hints and Tips for: Destiny 2 
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 Destiny 2 Cheats

Destiny 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Exotic Weapon Destiny:
You can access all of them in Homecoming mission. Fortunately, there is no 
struggle in the process. When you start playing the mission in Beta, after 
landing on the destroyed The Last City, you will pass injured people. A 
guard wills open door for you to the weaponry, there you can pick up the 
weapons. Enter the armory and this is the first time you get some rifles.
This is one chance to pick up good weapons before you land into the battle. 

So below are the three weapons you can carry.

Infinite Super Charge:
* Let the pikes arrive and kill the riders at the beginning of Inverted 
  Spire strike. 
* At the time of getting on Pike, just pop Super and you will see the 
  character summoned the Staff or Shield or Sword, depending on the 
  class you choose.
* Next Switch the Primary Weapon and Then Switch back to the original one 
  you were holding before. That’s it. The Super Charge bar remains 
  filled up according to this step in the post, you can also checkout 
  the gif images shared by the users on Reddit in the source link below.
* As per the post the glitch works well, and you have unlimited Super 
  charge to take down bigger enemies. This is pretty helpful when you 
  are in middle of enemies’ crowd, otherwise your weapons and movement 
  skills are crucial to survive.

Unlocking the Sparrow:
To unlock the Sparrow before the end of the game, you have to get it through 
a Bright Engram. Bright Engrams are earned by leveling up. You can also purchase
them with Silver, which is bought through microtransactions using real money. 
Turn the Bright Engrams into Tess Everis at The Farm to decrypt. There is a 
small chance you will unlock a Sparrow. To buy a Sparrow after completing the 
game, find Amanda Holliday in The Tower - Social Sector. She sells Sparrows. 
The Tower becomes available after completing the main campaign and defeating 
the final Boss. The Sparrow is a one-person mount a guardian can summon from 
their inventory to get around more quickly. Weapons cannot be used on Sparrows,
but boosting into opponents will inflict damage. 
Your Sparrow cannot be destroyed. 
If you leave it behind, you can simply summon another one.

Unlocking The Tower:
Successfully complete the main campaign and defeat the final Boss to unlock 
The Tower, which contains lots of new vendors and end-game activities.

Farming Legendary Shards:
Legendary Shards basically replace Strange Coins from the original Destiny. 
They are used to purchase Exotic weapons, armor, and items from Xur, who 
randomly appears each weekend in different areas across the four major zones.

The following are ways to obtain Legendary Shards:

Break down Legendary weapons/armor : 2 shards
Break down Exotic weapons/armor    : 10 shards

Nightfall Strikes, Flashpoints, Lost Sector Chests, Raid Chests, Raid Encounters, 
Strike Bosses, Planetary Chests: Random. There are lots of opportunities to earn 
Legendary Shards, but the most common and consistent ways to get them are by 
breaking down Legendary weapons and armor and by completing weekly activities.

To earn the most Legendary Shards per week, complete weekly activities that 
guarantee Legendary Shard drops. Complete the weekly Nightfall, Raid, and 
Flashpoint with all three of your character slots to maximize the Legendary 
Shards. Characters can share their inventory -- so this is the best way to 
earn guaranteed Legendary Shards.

Lost Sectors are found on all four planets and can be completed for more 
Legendary Shards. However, these cannot be farmed since the loot will not 
refresh after completing them. You will still want to complete all the Lost
Sectors in every area with all three of your characters to obtain some extra 
one-time-only shards. 

Note: If you are really in need of additional shards, you can grind Strike 
Bosses and Planetary Chests for a rare chance at more Legendary Shards. The 
best method is to just keep earning Legendary items. Exotics are too rare, 
and breaking them down might not be worthwhile -- so it is better to focus 
on Legendary gear you will regularly earn through Crucible matches, Legendary 
Engrams, and most other end-game activity.

How To Unlock All Sub-Classes:
First you have to reach Level 8, when you start playing Destiny 2. Well this 
is not really confirmed, but according to the source, you will need a good 
level to unlock the sub-classes. Once you are done, you have to do is find 
a Public Event.

* Once you are done playing Public Event you will get a Loot Chest.
* Open the Chest and you will find a Subclass Relic, this one will be a Rare 
* Once you find this Rare/Blue item you have to Charge the relic. And for 
  this you will have to play around 5 to 7 Public Event when you get a fully 
  charge Sub-Class Relic. 
* Once done then you will be able to unlock unique Subclass Quest called 
  Shard of the Traveler in EDZ (European Dead Zone.) The recommended Power 
  Level for this mission is 50, but it is good if you go with 100.
* Once you are done with it you have to load the mission and then you have 
  to finish it. Then you will get your Second Subclass.

Note: The rare drops will not keep on appearing, you have to keep playing 
Public Event and in between you might land up these rare items.

How To Complete Scouting Patrol In The Farm:
First you have to Load into The Farm, you can play with any character. 
There is no specific requirement.

* Then go to the first Transmission Tower and then climb over it, go on 
  top and then you will see a huge Wheel, climb it.
* You will see a roof nearby the wheel, pass through that and you will 
  reach a White Transmission Building.
* Keep moving ahead from the roof, you will be walking on a set of wires 
  that will lead you to the Last Transmission Building. You will earn 
  Sentry Ranks x2 as in your path with Vertigo completed.
* Now go on the top of third Tower, you have to just get back to the 
  wheel first. And you will get Sentry Ranks x4.
* Once you earn the rank you have to locate the Bonfire around, go 
  there and Start Scouting Patrol.
* After this as the Patrol starts, you will see yourself covered in 
  red light and this will let you to jumper higher than normal. So 
  simply jump and then activate Each Node, just look for the Blue 
  lights around.

That's it, after you are done you had completed the Scouting Patrol. 
Well it is a kind of Mini-game that does not really give you huge rewards,
but you can enjoy the quest.

Lost Sector locations:
Search the indicated locations to find the Lost Sectors:

-=European Dead Zone=-
Atrium: It is located inside the church with Devrim. Drop down into the church 
and proceed towards the exit. Go down the stairs from the symbol on the right 
side to kill the enemies and find the loot.

Terminus East: From the previous one, go out of the church and proceed towards 
the truck. Slip under the shutter near the truck to find the loot.

Widows Walk: From the previous Lost Sector, continue along the road on the 
left side. Shortly ahead, enter the structure with a blue board above it. 
Once inside, go right to find it.

Scavengers Den: Enter the area to drop down from the water. 
Then, circle around to see the entrance.

The Drain: Reach the large area with water and statues. Continue ahead by 
staying to the right side to see a ruin. From that area, drop into the water 
to find the entrance on the right side.

Whispered Falls: Travel to the northwest edge of the area to see the entrance 
below a huge rock.

The Weep: From the previous Lost Sector, travel south to see a symbol on a rock.

Flooded Chasm: When you reach a small bridge in the Winding Cove, there will 
be an entrance right under the bridge, on the north side. You can see the 
symbol on a rock from the bridge.

Farm Bright Engrams:
The process to start farming Destiny 2 Bright Engrams is easy, all you need 
to do is to reach level 20 with the Guardians. As you are at level 20 you will
see that Guardians cannot level up more but they can still earn XP. Now every 
time you fill the XP bar to the Max you will get a Single Bright Engram. 
This is how you start farming them. For the early stage you will be able to easily 
get 3-4 Bright Engrams and then it will be a bit difficult after some time. And 
if you are tired of purchasing items using the Bright Engrams then you always 
have the option of dismantling items into Bright Dust, which is the Eververse’s 
specific Currency.

Unlocking Flashpoint:
Successfully complete the campaign. Then, complete the "Patrol" mission in the EDZ 
to unlock the Patrol mission beacons on all four planets. Complete three Patrol 
missions on any one planet, then return to Cayde-6 to unlock the weekly Flashpoint 
Milestone objective. The Flashpoint objective can take place on Earth, Io, Nessus, 
or Titan, and requires you to complete a certain amount of Public Events that week 
to unlock a Legendary Engram from Cayde-6, which contains either a Legendary or 
Exotic weapon or armor item. Every time you complete a Public Event, you will be 
given a certain percentage towards completing the Flashpoint Milestone. 
You will gain more percentage points towards the Milestone if you complete a 
Heroic Public Event.

Xur (Exotics dealer):
There is a special vendor named Xur, Agent Of The Nine, that appears in random 
areas on the four planets. You can find his location by displaying the map and 
finding the "IX" logo on the map. He spawns at 9:00 a.m. GMT/UTC on Fridays and 
leaves at 9:00 a.m. GMT/UTC on Sundays. Unlike other vendors, Xur sells exotic 
weapons and items, and his supplies change each week. However, the cost of the 
weapons and items use a different currency. His normal rates for exotic weapons 
are 29 Legendary Shards and armor are 23 Legendary Shards.

Getting Bright Dust:
Bright Dust is required to buy items from the Eververse, which includes Legendary 
Emotes and Exotic Ornaments. Bright Dust comes from Bright Engrams. Bright Engrams 
can randomly drop, but they have a higher drop rate in activities like Heroic Public 
Events, Strikes, Nightfalls Strikes, and Raids. Take the Bright Engrams to Tess 
Everis at the Eververse to get items such as Exotic Ornaments and Legendary Ships, 
Shaders, and Sparrows from them. Dismantle these items to get Bright Dust.

Getting desired Exotic weapons, armor, and items:
When you have an Exotic or Bright engram, go to the inventory screen and scroll 
over it. Press the indicated key to preview the possible items you can get from 
it. If you do not want any of the items listed, simply wait a few minutes for it 
to refresh the items you can get from it. Keep doing this until at least one of 
the items listed in the preview is an item you want before decoding it to increase 
your chances of getting an item you want.

Secret "The Visionary" Osiris emblem:
Login to your account, and select "Redeem Codes" to go to their code redemption 
page. Enter "XFV-KHP-N97" as a code to unlock the secret "The Visionary" Osiris emblem 
in your vault under the "Emblem Collection" at the Tower.

Unlocking Prophecy weapons ("Curse Of Osiris" DLC):
To unlock Prophecy weapons in the "Curse Of Osiris" DLC, first complete the story and 
all three Mercury adventures ("The Runner", "The Up And Up", and "Bug In The System"). 
Return to Brother Vance to get a Legendary engram and unlock the Heroic version of those 
three adventures. Successfully complete one of those Heroic adventures to get the "Lost 
Prophet, Verse 1" reward from Vance. You must then activate it using multiple Radiolarian 
Cultures obtained from Public Events and other chests on any planet. Then, return to 
Brother Vance to forge the Prophecy weapon. You can craft more Prophecy weapons at the 
Forge in the Lighthouse on Mercury. You will need more Radiolarian Cultures and Paradox
Amplifiers to forge additional Prophecy weapons. 
There are 11 total Lost Prophet Verses/weapons.

Sagira's exotic ghost shell:
Successfully complete all 11 Lost Prophet Verse quests given by Brother Vance at 
the Lighthouse on Mercury to get Sagira's exotic ghost shell and the "Prophetic Arsenal" 
emblem (displays total number of kills using Prophecy weapons). Sagira's exotic ghost 
detects caches and resources within a 75-meter range on Mercury, generates Gunsmith 
telemetry data on any elemental weapon kills, and increases Glimmer and chance to 
obtain additional faction consumables on Mercury.

Sleeper Simulant exotic linear fusion rifle ("Warmind" DLC):
First, complete the "Warmind" DLC. Then, speak to Zavala and Ana Bray after Zavala. Ana 
will give you the "Legacy Code" mission. After completing it, you will get the "A Piece 
Of The Past" mission. Complete that mission to unlock the IKELOS_HC_v1.0.1 legendary 
hand cannon. Return to Ana to get the "Violent Intel" quest. The quest has multiple steps. 
After completing one part of the quest, a new step will appear. Complete all the quest 
steps to get the Sleeper Simulant exotic linear fusion rifle from Ana Bray.

Getting Cayde's Exotic Stash:
Successfully complete the "Forsaken" campaign, then return to the Tower and speak with 
Amanda Holliday to get Cayde's ship and other bonuses. Note: This is a pre-order bonus 
and may not be available if your copy of the game was not pre-ordered.

Getting The Chaperone Exotic shotgun:
Play the Crucible until the "Holiday Family Pursuits" item randomly drops. The quest 
steps for it are obvious. You must earn shotgun kills. You also need to earn kills with 
specific elements in the Crucible to reach 100% for all three, and get 15 Guardian kills 
in Gambit.

Unlocking all three new subclasses:
In Destiny 2: Forsaken, all three classes have three additional subclasses (one solar, 
arc, and void). To unlock each new subclass, you must find the "Seed Of Light" special 
item. To get the first Seed Of Light, complete the first "Forsaken" DLC mission to get
 a milestone to collect "Visions Of Light", which randomly drop from defeated enemies. 
Complete Public Events in the Tangled Shore to quickly reach 100% for Visions Of Light. 
After completing the challenge, you will be directed to Io to play through a story 
mission. Part of the way through the mission, you will get the Seed Of Light, which you 
can use to unlock one of the three new subclasses for your character. To get the second 
and third Seed Of Light, complete the Blind Well special Public Event in the Dreaming 
City. The Blind Well is located in the cathedral, through the huge doors found in the 
Divalian Mists. At the top, you can activate the event with special items and different 
tiers. You can purchase these tiered items from Petra Venj in exchange for dark fragments. 
To get the second Seed Of Light, complete Tier 2 of the Blind Well. There is a small 
chance a Seed Of Light will drop. Thus, it may take multiple attempts. When a Seed Of 
Light drops, a new mission will appear on Io. Complete it to unlock another subclass. 
The third Seed Of Light drops the same way as the second, but it may not drop until a 
new weekly reset occurs.

Cheap infusion:
Infusion now costs glimmer and materials, but weapons and gear can be infused to a 
higher power level for only 5,000 glimmer if the weapon or gear being infused are 
the exact same.

How to Complete Black Armory Niobe Labs Puzzle:
-=Black Armory Niobe Labs Puzzle=-
First, to find the puzzle itself, head towards the lower half of the map in the 
Sojourner’s Camp region of the EDZ.

As a pre-requisite for the more advanced Level puzzle, the Niobe’s Torment Level 3, 
you will require a fireteam as well Black Armory Sniper, Bow, and Machine Gun if 
you are to stand a chance.

-=Solving the Puzzles=-
For the first puzzle, heading to the designated area of the puzzle, aim through 
the scope of any of your Black Armory weapons. You should be looking for some 
symbols on the pillars that will be Stone, Wind, and Fire.

Now proceed to fire these symbols with the appropriate Black Armory weapons. The 
Bow, Sniper and Machine Gun should be used for eliminating the Stone, Wind and 
Fire symbols respectively. A piece of audio will mark the completion of the puzzle.

The next piece of the puzzle involves even more symbols and shooting. These symbols 
arise directly after you solve the previous puzzle. Below, you will find the symbol 
to shoot and the instructions to follow for each specific Black Armory weapon.

-=Machine Gun=-
First, shoot the Storm and then proceed to stand on the Moon platform. Now, while 
standing, shoot ‘T+HREBFLU+’ symbol.

Proceed to stand on Tiger platform and shoot these symbols in the right order: 
Fish, Lotus and then Temple. Next head to the Dragon platform and stand there to 
shoot these symbols in the given order:

Archway, Rabbit, Bamboo and then Temple. Lastly, stand on the Fish platform and 
shoot the ‘Lotus’ symbol.

After standing on Morning platform, fire at these symbols in the order Missive, 
Trees, Water and then Rose. Now, head to the Wind platform and shoot at the 
‘Missive’ symbol twice.

Finally, while standing on the Morning platform, proceed to aim and fire at these 
symbols in the correct order: Missive, Rose and then Water.

Again, an audio piece will be heard for completion of this second puzzle.

-=Niobe’s Torment=-
After the completion of the above two puzzles, a blue crate will spring up which 
you can interact to start the Niobe’s Torment challenges that range from Level 1 
all the way to Level 7.

Although no one has figured out Level 7 as of yet, we will help you through the 
remaining six ones.

Again, these puzzles involve some careful shooting and playing around with symbols. 
Moreover, you require a fireteam since some levels of the Niobe’s Torment will 
be a team-based effort.

For the first one, simply remain stationary on the Hand platform while you take a 
shot at all the letters of the word, “BUTTERFLY” with Hammerhead rifle.

The second Level requires you to again stand on the Hand platform and shoot 
“Fire + Storm” symbol with Hammerhead rifle. Then consequently, switch to Sniper 
and using that, shoot “Rabbit + Lotus” while you stand on the Fish platform.

Level #3 cannot be completed without at least 3 fireteam members, as there will 
be three Black Armory weapons to be used and symbols to be targeted.

Anyone can take up any of the tasks as long as the Bow’s user stands on Wind
 platform and shoots Water; the Sniper’s user stands on Dragon platform and 
shoots Bamboo, and finally, the Machine Gunner stands on Star platform and shoots 
Fire symbol.

This will not be all, as a highly capable Servitor would need to be destroyed 
before this Level is completed.

For the fourth level, while you are in the air, simply spell out the letters of 
the word ‘FLY’. The fifth Level has your team use designated weapons for respective 
symbols. These are Bow for Butterfly, Sniper for Fish and Machine Gun for Hand.

The 6th and last level, as far as our knowledge goes, requires another team-effort 
with a coordinated and simultaneous shooting.

All members of the team should stand on the Butterfly symbol while they fire 
repeatedly and in synchrony, at the Forest symbol using a Bow.

Corridors Of Time Final Code:
Written by Revenant

Spoiler free guide for how to complete the Corridors Of Time Quest.

-=The Code=-

How to Reach the Softcap in Beyond Light Fast:
Written by Mute

This is a guide for new and returning players alike. 
I will show you how to get to the new seasonal softcap in Destiny 2: Beyond 
Light in less than 1 hour.

-=Where to Start=-
You want to fast travel to the "Trosland Landing Zone" in the European Dead Zone (EDZ).

-=Where to Go=-
Once you spawn in, go to the Lost Sector to the left of the Church. 
It is called "Widow's Walk."

-=What to Do=-
Once you get there, kill the Nightmare Shanks and the boss.

-=What Now?=-
Rinse and Repeat. Go in and out of the Lost Sector to keep increasing your level.

How to Get to Your Desktop:
Written by jblu24

Since the windows key doesn’t work in Destiny 2, you have to work around it.

-=Method 1 (Recommended)=-
Make sure Xbox Game Bar is turned on. Then press Windows+G to open game bar, then 
just press Windows to open your desktop.

-=Method 2=-
Disable the Steam overlay, and simply press a DLC logo that you don’t own on your 
director, this will open the dlc page in your browser, taking you back to your desktop.

Void Weakness:
Written by leevidavinci

So when you’re a complete noob like I was and doing the Into The Abyss quest, where 
the goal is to kill enemies with void weakness applied, you find that not a single 
one of your abilities or guns will apply “weakness” onto the enemy, so you might wonder 
“huh, maybe suppression works?”

Well it doesn’t, and now you’re left wondering “how do I apply void weakness?” “What 
the hell is void weakness?” and such, which the game will not explain to you nor will 
Google help, as my 2 hours of figuring it out showed.

How do you do the mission? How do you apply void weakness? Well here’s how to do it:

-=How to Do It=-
* First, you go to Ikora Rey in the Tower, she’s a salesperson on the West side of 
  the tower.
* Second, you have to buy a void “Aspect” called “Child Of The Old Gods” from her. 
  If you read the description, you’ll see it mentions weakness
* Third, equip it in your Voidwalker subclass section

So how it works, is that first, you put your rift [V], either healing or firepower 
boosting underneath you.

Now you have a purple orb following you in your field of view. Then just shoot an e
nemy, and the orb will go and weaken them.

Now, repeat 50 times.

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