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  Hints and Tips for: Devil May Cry 5 
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 Devil May Cry 5 Cheats

Devil May Cry 5

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Use Devil Trigger Early and Often:
You won’t have access to Devil Trigger for a while. But once you reach V 
and later Dante in the main campaign, the two characters can use this 
special skill right away. And Devil May Cry 5 is extremely generous about it.
The DT gauge builds up fast and drains fairly slowly (once you get the 
duration upgrade). So there’s very little reason not to use it. The sooner
you do, the sooner you can start building the gauge back up, increasing 
the overall overall time you spend with this powerful buff.

Infinite Red Orbs:
There’s a Devil May Cry 5 cheat / exploit that lets you farm infinite Red Orbs.
You can get around 85,000 Red Orbs / minute OR 5 million Red Orbs / hour.

-=How to get Infinite Red Orbs=-
1)Play to Mission 13. Here you unlock the Dr. Faust hat (a ranged weapon).
2)Buy Dr. Faust Level 4 Upgrade (if you can’t afford it get Level 2 or 3 for 
  now and upgrade later).
3)Play to the last checkpoint of Mission 13, where the Divinity Statue is. 
  Then drop through the hole to where the 4 Monster Nests are and you’re 
  supposed to destroy 4 Blood Clots.
4)Equip Dr. Faust (ranged weapon), go in Ranged Stance (D-PAD LEFT), lock on 
  to enemies with R1/RB and press CIRCLE/B to attack. Now just keep pressing 
5)Defeat all Enemies. Then restart checkpoint and repeat. The Dr. Faust weapon 
  sucks the Red Orbs out of the enemies and makes a lot more Red Orbs drop. 
  The higher your Dr. Faust Level the more effective this will be.

With Level 3 Dr. Faust it gives around 36,000 Red Orbs per Minute on average. 
That’s 2,160,000 per hour.

Taking it even further… With Level 4 Dr. Faust it gives around 85,000 Red Orbs 
per Minute on average. That’s over 5,000,000 per hour!

Buying all skills costs around 4 Million Red Orbs per Character which is 12 
Million total. So you need to farm for a little over 2 Hours to buy everything
in the game. It’s also good to farm some Red Orbs before Dante Must Die 
difficulty so you can use them to pay for revives.

Highway to Hell Achievement & Trophy Guide:
Unlocked after completing the game once. Replay the game with a twist: Enemies
have a full health bar, but you still die in one hit. Their difficulty should 
be around that of Son or Sparda/Dante Must Die mode. This is typically the most
punishing game mode. Like Heaven or Hell mode, you’re allowed a couple lives 
and you’ll probably need them.

How to Fix Cutscene Lag / Stuttering / Desync:
Follow these simple steps;

* Go to DMC5 folder
* Open file name “dmc5config.ini”
* Change next line;
* Capability=DirectX12
* TargetPlatform=DirectX12
* to DirectX11

Final Boss Fight & All Endings:
Written by HarryNinetyFour

Final Boss Fight & All Endings (Secret / Normal Ending)

The final boss fight in Devil May Cry 5 (DMC5) is Vergil. You fight him with both 
Dante and Nero, the harder of the fights being with Dante. This video showcases 
the final boss fight on Devil Hunter difficulty.

For the secret ending, you need to beat the boss in the prologue. Usually, you 
shouldn't be able to beat this prologue boss but with a powered up Nero you are
able to with some difficulty.

Heaven Or Hell mode:
Successfully complete the game on the Dante Must Die difficulty to unlock the 
Heaven Or Hell difficulty. In Heaven Or Hell mode, all enemies die with one hit,
including bosses.

Play as Super Nero:
Successfully complete the game on the Dante Must Die difficulty to unlock Super 

Secret Prologue ending:
During the Prologue, defeat Urizen to view a secret ending and get the "Well
I'll Be Damned" achievement. This automatically happens while playing on the
Heaven Or Hell difficulty, as all enemies die in one hit, including this boss.
You can also do it on the Human difficulty, but it is much harder. To do it 
the hard way, you have to shoot the red crystal of the boss and evade his 
attacks. When the red crystal is gone, you can attack him for a few seconds 
on his throne, but he will repair the red crystal within a few seconds. 
You then have to repeat the process until he is dead.

Super Dante costume:
Successfully complete the game on the Dante Must Die difficulty to unlock the 
Super Dante costume, which gives you unlimited Devil Trigger.

Death Gallery:
Successfully complete the game on any difficulty to unlock the Death Gallery. Nico 
will take photos of all enemies and bosses as they are defeated and add it to the 

Single Kalina Ann:
While wielding the Dual Kalina Ann weapon, hold the "Gunslinger" key to drop one 
of the rocket launchers, enabling the moveset for a single Kalina Ann. Simply walk 
over the discarded weapon to collect it and return to using both Kalina Anns.

Cracked V skin:
At the costume selection screen, hold LB + LT + RB + RT (Xbox controller) while 
selecting the V skin to unlock the Cracked V skin.

Short Hair Dante skin:
At the costume selection screen, hold LB + LT + RB + RT (Xbox controller) while 
selecting the Dante skin to unlock the Short Hair Dante skin.

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