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  Hints and Tips for: Diablo 2 
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 Diablo 2 Cheats

Diablo 2

Hex cheats:
Submitted by: Nguyen Trung Hieu (

To get many money. Open savegame; go to 00000265 add "9F86 0100". You will have
99999 Gold.

Hex cheat:
By: Mustafa

To cheat gold:
* Open the *.d2s file that has the name of your character with a hex editor.
* Go to 265 in hex and put the classical FF FF !!
* You will get 65535 GOLD.

Monster level cheat for Multi-Player:
Submitted by: Rhin0

Here's a way to use a Multi-Player concept to get easy monsters. Supposing you
and your X friends want to kill Diablo. Just before he will be created, everyone
saves & exits. After you're in a one man game make sure Diablo comes after you, 
and then run away or something. Next, all players reconnect and fight Diablo. X 
players will fight a Diablo created for 1 player. Otherwise his HP would be 
multiplied by the number of players.

Multi-Player Waypoint Sharing Tip:
Submitted by: Rhin0

To save time and probably lives, ask another character to give you a waypoint. 
Tell him to go thru it and open a Town Portal aside it. Then you go thru the 
portal and activate the Waypoint for yourself. This is helpful for getting in 
hard to access place like Canyon of the Magi in Act II or Durance of Hate level
2 in Act III. 

Paladin Auras Tip (for Multi-Player):
Submitted by: Rhin0

In a multi-player game remember that a number of paladins using the same aura at
once will not amplify the effects of the aura by that number. It is better for 
each paladin to simply use different auras. This also stands for Barbarian's 
benefic howlers.

Multi-Player Town Portal Tip:
Submitted by: Rhin0

Two players each open one portal and then go thru it. When returning to the 
battlefield, they use each other's portal, thus the portals will not close, so they
can be reused. Other players other than the two owners of the portals can return to
the battlefield thru any of the two portals (see note).
Note*: Town Portals only close when the OWNER travels from town to the battlefield.

Multi-Player Item Cheating Methods:
Submitted by: Rhin0

Here's a very simple and useful way of getting some cool objects from a friend. 
Tell him to make a back up of his character files (copy the  
files from the ...\save\ directory to a separate folder). Next you (or him, 
doesn't matter actually) host a game. He'll give you everything you want, and 
then you both save&exit. Now he has to replace the save-game files with the back 
up he previously created.

Secret cow level:
Submitted by: Jeremy

This cheat should work on the expansion as well.When you have the Horadaric Cube,
Get Wert's Leg in Tristram (where you go to rescue Deckhard Cain). Go to the north
west part of the town and search the boy's body. Place both Wert's leg and a Tome 
of Town Portal in the Horadaric Cube, and it will open a portal to a hidden level 
filled with axe carrying cows. You can not enter it until you become a slayer. You
can use A programme to modify your character to a slayer with out defeating diablo.
The web address is 
I recommend you have a look at it!
Make sure you are a level 25+ to Manage with the cows.

Submitted by: Joey Petersen

If u die an easy way to get your items back is to turn your computers power off
(this might mess your computer up) then start the computer up play diablo 2 then
go to your stash your body will be there and you can get your wepaons armor etc. 
But you wont get your gold.

thang, Submitted the following Information:

You play Diablo2, when your level move up, you save and exit 
game. Use Norton Comander,move to your save, press F4, move 
to line 587,delete piece and makeup is ~
Ex:          w a d
Ex:          w a ~
Ex:          w ~ ~
Ex:          ~ ~ ~
After you makeup your save,please save it and out it,
play Diablo with your save\'s maked up.
This cheat will make you fell stronger when you play Diablo2.

Submitted by: Junyang Xiang 

In the first act, every time you speak with Akara, she refills your mana/life/ 

Here's how to dupe an item without any hacking: 
Submitted by:

Use Town portal. Set any item in front of the portal. Click with the mouse on
the item and step through the portal. When you reach the town the item will be
in your inventory. Go back through the portal and the item will be where you 
left it. To duplicate an item in multiplayer:

Fill up your belt with healing or mana potions. Drop any item on the ground. 
Walk some distance away. Click back on the item. Your character will start 
walking toward the item. Just before the character picks it back up, click 
on a potion that you should have on your belt. If the item is picked up, you
can then drop the potion. When the potion hits the ground it will change into
the item that you pick up. If the potion doesn't change when it hits the ground,
you clicked on it to late. 

Repeat 1 through 6, but try walking farther away from the item. It might take
a few tries to get your timing down, but it will happen. Also, you can not have
more than one of the same item on the ground at any one time. 
If you try, the screen will say "duped item detected," and it will remove one
of them.   

Diablo 2 in a Window:
Although not documented, you may run Diablo 2 in a Window instead of full-screen.
Simply add "-w" to your Diablo 2 shortcut. (ie: "C:\Diablo 2\Diablo II.exe" -w) 

Retreiving Items from Dead Corpse:
(Tested with version 1.01)
When you die and are transported back into town, shutdown the game incorrectly
(example: [Alt] + [Tab] back to Windows, press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Delete] and 
shutdown the Diablo 2 task). When you load the game back up again, your dead 
corpse will appear in town and you may collect your items/gold. 

Savings & Load:
Unlike in Diablo I, you cannot save the game in the middle of a dungeon, and 
reload the game back to that point.  That is, if you pick up an unidentified 
magic item and want to save the game before you identify it, so that you can 
reload the game and dump the item if its actually cursed or useless, you 
cannot do it directly through the main game menu like you could in Diablo I.
This is because your in-game menu options are various game setting 'Options',
'Save and Quit', and 'Return to Game'.  To do this in Diablo I you would just: 
save, identify item, load game, and then dump the item if you wanted. To do 
this in Diablo II, you need to: save and quit, load game, identify item, 
Alt-Tab (to bring up your Windows desktop), end task Diablo II (ctrl-alt-del,
select Diablo II, click on 'end task'), then relaunch the game, and reload the
game.  Your item now returns to an unidentified state, and you can unload 
(sell, drop) it if you want.

This doesn't work for any class except the Barbarian. It definitely takes 
patience. OK, first learn the find potion skill. If u want to, after go to the
skills shrine, then go around and kill everything, in between use the find 
potion skill and with the shrine enhancement u should be able to get light 
health and mana, and maybe even a rejuvenation. when your full go to the 
blacksmith and sell your potions. Presto, Mo money!

Hex Cheat (Stash)
WARNING: Always make a backup of your savegame before edititng! 
To modify the amount of gold contained in your "Stash", do the following: 

1) Try to put at least 1000 gold in your stash. This cheat will work with 
smaller amounts, but you may be limited on how much you can add. 

2) Load your game. Record the amount of gold in your stash. Exit from game. 

3) Load a Hex Editor and convert your gold to HEX. Open the file savegame.d2s
(savegame will be the name of your character) in your Diablo 2 save folder. 

4) Search for the HEX location (from converted amount of gold). Modify the 
HEX location to FFFF (or any amount in HEX that you wish - up to 65000). 
Save the file. 

5) Re-load your Diablo 2 savegame and you will have 65000 in your stash!

Gain money and items quickly:
Travel past the Blood Moor and look for a cave. The cave has two levels, with
a golden chest somewhere at the second level. Inside are usually health potions,
mana potions, scrolls of town portal or identify, unidentified weapons and armor,
and sometimes even a rare item that can be sold for a great deal of money. If 
you identify the item and it is something that you do not want, sell it. Save 
and exit the game. The next time the game is loaded, the chest will still be 
there with different items. This can be done as many times as needed.

Cow level:
When you have the Horadaric Cube, obtain "Wert's Leg" in Tristram (where you go
to rescue Deckhard Cain). Go to the northwest part of the town and search the 
boy's body. Place both Wert's leg and a Tome of Town Portal in the Horadaric 
Cube, and it will open a portal to a hidden level filled with axe carrying cows.
Do not go through the portal until you are over level 35 because the cows are 
quite numerous and strong. 

Duplicating items:
Note: This only works on Open Battlenet, as the characters need to be saved on
your computer. This trick also requires two computers with two copies of Diablo
2. Get the items to be duplicated. Copy the "Save" folder from the Diablo 2 
folder of that computer and paste it on your desktop. Go online with both 
computers and meet in a game. Give the items to be duplicated to the second
computer, then save and exit. Press [Alt] + Tab] on the first computer to 
switch to Windows and copy the "Save" folder from your desktop back to its 
original location, overwriting its current contents. Return and join the other
computer in the game. You will now have all your original items and the other 
computer will have a copy of them. Note: This does not work with the +1 Skill 
book from Act 2, as you are only allowed to do it once.

Note: This trick also only works in an Open Battlenet game. Take the item to
be duplicated and place it in your inventory. Then, save and exit the game. 
Next, come back to the game or join a different one. Drop the item you want 
to duplicate. Make a note of the game name and password, then sign off of 
your ISP - do not save and quit the game. Have another person in the game 
keep it open while you are logged off. Sign back on to your ISP, go back into
the game, and pick the item that you dropped. It is also still in your 
inventory, so you now have two copies of that item. Use the following trick
to duplicate potions. You must be out in the Blood Moor. Buy enough potions
to fill about half your inventory. While in the Blood Moor, drop potions 
until they completely surround you. When you are surrounded by potions, 
continue to drop them and they will just keep adding up in your inventory
instead of dropping. 

Can't get your Dead body?:
Just save, exit and go back to the game. Your body will be in the town.

Avoid no-win situation:
Press [Esc] when facing imminent death, then save and exit the game. Load
the game again to start in town, where you can buy weapons, life etc. 

Change enemies:
If enemies in a certain area, such as Hell, are too tough restart the game.
Enemies such as Flesh Spawners, Stygian Hags, and the Hell beetles can spawn
dozens of creatures in seconds. After restarting, check the area and repeat 
if needed. The Hell beetles are usually replaced by Doom Knights and Venom 
Lords, and the Hags are usually replaced by the same. This may also work 
with other areas. 

Imbue without worry:
When you get an item and want to imbue and are worried about the outcome,
copy the "Save" folder from the Diablo 2 folder to the desktop or any other
location. Start your game and imbue. If you do not like what happened, save
the game and exit. You will now be in main menu again. Press [Alt] + [Tab] 
and copy the save folder back to its original location. Then click "Single 
Player Game" and start. You have another chance to imbue the item. Repeat 
this until you get the desired effect.

Unlimited one way portal:
Cast a Town Portal from a safe location, then take the portal into town. Use
the waypoint system and run to get back to your last location. This allows 
you to use the portal to go back into town an unlimited number of times as 
long as you do not use it from town to return to where you were previously.

Using items in Act 1 for Necromancers: 
Because gems in the beginning of the game are usually more precious than 
any unique/rare item you may find, get a socketed bardiche and fill it with
chipped or flawed rubies or sapphires. For boots and gloves, try to go for 
+ to gold from enemies because gold in Act 1 will allow you to buy useful 
items in Act 2. For rings and amulets, lean towards + to life Mana or Attack
ratings. For armor and helm, try to get the best defense. However if you find
something that has kicking abilities, do not hesitate to sacrifice the few 
defense points in difference. For belts, the more slots the better. In 
skills, + to strength. In abilities, +2 raise skeleton, +1 to amp damage,
+2 to clay golem, + 1-2 to bone armor.

Unlimited imbued items:
* After installing v1.00, play until Charsi offers to imbue something for you.
  Save and exit the game. Then download patch v1.03 and install it. Join a 
  TCP/IP or open game with the same character. Imbue something, 
  then give it to a trusted player. After exiting, return as the same character,
  and you will be able to imbue again. 
  Note: v1.00 save files cannot be overwritten by v1.03.

* You can have unlimited amount of an imbued item. This trick requires two 
  computers or a one with two copies of the game running simutaneously, two
  different characters (for example, a Paladin and an Amazon). For example,
  if the Paladin has been granted an imbue award, but he wants two objects 
  to be imbued (e.g. a shield and a scepter), make a copy of the Paladin and
  save the game. Then, go to Charsi and imbue the shield. Trade this shield 
  to the Amazon for safe keeping. Exit, then copy the backup saved game you 
  made earlier over the current one. Trade back your shield, and you can now
  have the scepter imbued and keep it. You now have unlimited imbues. The same
  can be done for socketed equipment. You can even make copies of your 
  equipment to get more runes or life (the golden bird in Act 3 can be 

Before selling an item, repair it. This will increase its value. 
Always have several Town of Portal spells ready. These portals can provide
a quick escape if the dung hits the fan and there's no other way out. 
You can use the waypoints to move between the different acts. This is 
helpful if you want to go back and buy an item or get something repaired. 

Horadric Cube formulas:
NOTE: These formulas will not work with patch 1.02 installed.

The Horadric Cube, found in Act 2, works as a kind of magical catalyst. 
If you put certain items into the Cube, it will transform them into another
item. Here are a few formulas that work:

2 quivers of Arrows = 1 quiver of Bolts
2 quivers of Bolts = 1 quiver of Arrows
1 quiver of Arrows + 1 Spear = 1 bundle of Javelins
3 Perfect Gems + Magical Item (armor, weapon, jewelry) = random 
  high level item
2 Topaz + 1 Ring = 1 Coral Ring (lightning resistance)
3 Mana Potions + 3 Heal Potions = 1 Rejuvenation Potion
3 Gems of same grade and type = 1 higher-graded Gem of same type
3 Rings = 1 Amulet
3 Amulets = 1 Ring

Recipes for the Horadric Cube: 
Ingredients: Wirts Leg, Tome of Town Portal
Result: Red Portal to Secret Cow Level
Special Note: Must finish the game first and be in the 
Rogue encampment on the same level as when you finished

Ingredients: Amulet, 1 Perfect Gem of each type except Skull
Result: Prismatic Amulet - 18-24% Resist All
Special Note: - 

Ingredients: 3 Perfect Gems: same type, 1 Magical Item
Result: 1 Random Magical Item
Special Note: Works with Magical Armor, Weapons or Jewelry

Ingredients: 3 Gems: same type and quality
Result: 1 Gem of next higher quality
Special Note: 3 Perfect Gems will not transmute

Ingredients: 1 Ring, 2 Topaz gems
Result: 1 Coral Ring
Special Note: Ring gives +21-30 lightning resistance; 
quality of gems and ring properties do not matter

Ingredients: 1 Ring, 1 Sapphire, 4 Thawing potions
Result: 1 Cobalt Ring
Special Note: Ring gives +21-30 Cold resistance; Quality 
of gem and ring properties do not matter

Ingredients: 1 Ring, 1 Ruby, 4 Exploding potions
Result: 1 Garnet Ring
Special Note: Ring gives +21-30 Fire resistance; Quality 
of gem and ring do not matter

Ingredients: 1 Ring, 1 Emerald, 4 Antidote potions
Result: 1 Viridian Ring
Special Note: Ring gives +21-30 Poison resistance; Quality 
of gem and ring do not matter

Ingredients: 3 Rings
Result: 1 Amulet
Special Note: - 

Ingredients: 3 Amulets
Result: 1 Ring
Special Note: - 

Ingredients: 3 Healing Potions, 3 Mana Potions, 1 Gem
Result: 1 Full Rejuvenation Potion
Special Note: Gem quality does not matter; quality of 
potions does not matter

Ingredients: 6 Gems: any type or quality, 1 Sword
Result: 1 Socketed Longsword
Special Note: - 

Ingredients: 3 Healing Potions, 3 Mana Potions
Result: 1 Rejuvenation Potion
Special Note: Quality of potions does not matter

Ingredients: 1 Healing Potion, 1 Strangling Gas Potion
Result: 1 Antidote Potion
Special Note: Quality of Healing Potion does not matter

Ingredients: 1 Quiver of arrows, 1 Spear
Result: 1 Set of Javelins
Special Note: - 

Ingredients: 2 Quivers of Arrows
Result: 1 Quiver of Bolts
Special Note: - 

Ingredients: 2 Quivers of Bolts
Result: 1 Quiver of Arrows
Special Note: - 

Ingredients: 1 Dagger, 1 Axe, 1 Stack of Throwing Knives
Result: 1 Stack of Throwing Axes
Special Note: Axe/Dagger class and properties do not matter

Defeating diablo using Amazon:
Submitted by: d.shankarnarayana

Since Amazon is one of the weakest characters in diablo2 it is very difficult 
to kill the Diablo himself. However, you may kill him easily by following this 
technique. Learn the "STRAFE" spell and level it up as higher as possible. 
The higher the level of "STRAFE" the easier is to kill Diablo and his companions 
(Mephisto, Duriel and Andariel). If more doubts persists, Mail me.

Defeating Diablo using Necromancer:
Submitted by: d.shankarnarayana

Necromancer is a summoner of undead & minions. You can kill Diablo by this method. 
First, send a fire golem to make Diablo somewhat busier at that time sneak nearer 
to Diablo. The Fire golem absorbs all the fire damage and when it is struck by 
chain lightning spell of Diablo. Diablo emits this spell every 10 seconds so beware!. 
Attack Diablo from backside and cast the Blood Golem spell. Now the Golem too joins 
with you and attacks Diablo. Diablo won't attack the golem instead he attacks you. 
The Main asset of the blood golem is that he re-vitalizes your health orb when you 
hit the enemy and even if he hits the enemy. This requires a quite patience so 
...If more doubts persists, Mail me.

If u want to dupe items, follow dis:
Submitted by: gateguardian

first, select yr character files(my comp/c/program files/diablo 2/save directory), 
right click on them and select properties. then, click on the box b side read-only. 
a check should appear.ur frnd should not do this

second, open a multiplayer game(doesn't matter wich) with a friend.

give him da item u want to be duped. then, both of u exit. then both of u 
press alt+tab and un- read only ur files. ur frnd should read-only them.

then continue ur multiplayer game, and u should still have ur item but yr 
frnd also has 1. now ur frnd gives u da item. an then repeat step 2

Submitted by: Jonathan
In the 2nd act you said that coldworm doesnt hurt you in maggot lair. 
That is wrong because I fought him and he starts the battle by shooting 
out poison goop everywhere (the poison is reeaaalllyy powerful). 
But, he doesnt attack you directly.

Submitted by: adam

if you are necromancer you can somen monesters to fight for you 
when you get to level 30+ you can somen any monster you have killed 
the best thing to do is somen a boss .thay very powerfull and very usefull.

Paladin's Auras Tip:
Submitted by: Hamzeh Ghanbari Nehbandani

When you play with class "PALADIN" choose this skills to be a real 
powerful character: 

1- Don't select any "Defensive Aura" skill. 
2- Just select Might & Enemy weaker Auras. 
3- In combat skills choose offensive perks.

Nehbandani's Cheating Technique:
Submitted by: Hamzeh Ghanbari Nehbandani

If you want to cheating but also want avoid game crashes & unknown bugs.
When you use a Save-File Editor just edit number of your skill point for 
skill tree & number of your state points.don't edit anyother things.
If you want more flexible with game better you don't use cheats.

Beat Diablo with Sorceress: 
Submitted by: mac

Upgrade thunder storm and Blizzard as much as possible. then when he 
gets near hit him with blizzard it will slow him down then use thunder 
storm and lightning will hit him and hes to slow to move to much so he 
will eventually go down I used this and when he died I got the Frost 
burn Gauntlets now I have so much mana I barely run out. 

Submitted by: Baal's Son
Hi there i noticed someone said level 30 necros can use the skill 'revive' 
on booss'es like(andariel, duriel, mephy, diablo ,and baal),Well you cant 
you can Revive anymosters except   the ancients in act 5,izual in act 4,
Coldworm in act3,and i think Radament im not sure about him though anyway 
thats all i wanted to say :-) please get your cheats right subitters!!!!

Submitted by: Daniel a.k.a. The Ewok

There is a little trick I accidentally uncovered that you can do in Diablo II 
(I think it works for the expansion, too), as long as you have access to your 
characters’ save files (so it doesn’t work with closed 
You simply explore your hard drive, find the [Diablo II] folder, and go into [saves]. 
Then, go into the properties of all the files of whatever character you want to use, 
and make them [read-only]. Then when you enter a game, you can do whatever you want, 
even give everything you own away to your friends, and when you join a new game with 
your character, it will be the exact same as before! Because you made it [read-only], 
the game cannot save over your old file, so it will be locked in whatever state it 
was in your save file. I found this very useful in multiplayer with my friends. 
I do the trick, and give away all my awesome equipment. Then I load and it is all 
still there!

Submitted by: rodrick warnick

when you are low on mana simply go in to your invetory grab a weapon or potion 
then start switching them back and fourth tell mana doesnt fill if that happens 
grab a diffrent weapon or potion and switch them back and fourth tellmana fills 

Submitted by: Kaits

If u play Diablo 2 then u should buy all the best things u can see,because u 
can add money for the next thing u want to buy.

Hex cheat for DIABLO 2:
Submitted by: js

1.)open your character save file (file with extension .d2s) in a hex editor.
2.)go to line numbered 231
3.)go to the fifth box on that line
4.)over write the simultaneous numbers as "58 1B 00 00"(each number in one box )
5.)continue this overwriting until the line numbered 253 and box 3 in that very line.
6.)save the overwrited file.
7.)open your character in the diablo2
8.)your life,mana,strength etc. will now be 7000 each.

Note:perform the above cheat as soon as you create a new character to avoid complication 
as the number in your save file change

Submitted by: leonardo

(barbarian only)go akara and do not talk with him beacause if you talk you cannot 
activate cheat first go to cave and kill one or more and save and exit and load 
it if you load it you are level 99!.

How to get the strongest character with money more than 999999:
Submitted by: Kunal Dubey

First of all open your save game with a hex editor.Then go to the 
strings 265,245 & 249 respectively.Hex edit the following to 9F 86 01 01.
Now go to the game and be amazed to find out the amount of skill,stats 
and gold points.Note:I think that the cheat works with the expansion as 
well.Special Note:After Completing a string, save, play the game, save 
and exit, and THEN go on to the next string RESPECTIVELY or it may crash 
your game.Enjoy!!

Submitted by: Im The Jay Man

Take the leg you get from tristy.(tristom) andd add it with a town scroll 
in act 1 It will make a red Port (aka) cow lvl..this will not work If u 
dident kill diablo in that Diffalcatly lvl.......When you are in the cow 
lvl Ask a good buddy to Join if he is over lvl 55 You will leach all his 
exp and grow lvl's..(note:) U need to be lvl 20 to leach the exp.

Defeating diablo and mephisto using necromancer:
Submitted by: Rohit Sabharwal

raise the skill "bone spear" to high level(about 6 or 7). bone spear at this level 
has great magical damage, and diablo& mephisto having low magical resistance, gets 
defeated easily. its a good idea to curse him
with amplify damage to defeat them more quickly. remember to have lightning resistance 
don't take them in melle attacks at all. summoning minions won't work as they kill 
your minions in a single blow.

Defeating duriel using necromancer:
Submitted by: Rohit Sabharwal

duriel has a great melle attack so its best to curse him with iron maiden, summon a 
blood golem and take him in melle. your blood golem
will keep on converting the damage into life till you knock him down.

Note:using blood golem against diablo and mephisto may not work as their fire and 
lightning attacks will kill your golem in seconds. also while fighting duriel its 
better to first engage him in melle attacks against you then summon a blood golem, 
so that he may attack only your character.

Submitted by: myhay sev schela

text: like every cheater you wanna have the best stuff in this game this is 
the way to do it :
there are three ways to kepp getting magig and rarae items:
- visit the local peoples again and again eventualy you will find a good item
-keep fighting hard to kill enemies like menphisto or diablo or andariel etc...
-and my personal faforite:))))):

enter the cheatbook database hex editor open the file of the hero you`re playng 
with and go to the line 231 and chance it to 581b.0000
do this two times
then go to the next line and do the same thing but onely once
then enter the game and play that hero and you will gave a wonderfull surprize 
that the strenght increased to 2-3 maybe 4 milion
and the life to
basicly you can kill any enemy with one blow
this one i tried myself and it really works
i still have trouble with finding strong items i onely ave a 670 armour, a 
243 shield a 150 crown and a really fast sword that1s all if someone of you 
know how to get better items fast please tell me 
bye and enjoy!!

Avoiding trapped chests:
A normal chest will have a single squeak when you open it. A trapped chest will 
have a sound like two squeaks that are happening at the same time. If you listen 
closely, you will hear the normal 
squeak and a similar but different squeak. After the sound, you will have about one 
second to run 
away. You will not make it if you are walking and the trap is a projectile.

Avoid death:
Press [Esc] when you are about to die, then save and exit the game. When you reload, 
your game you 
will be at the starting location.

Select the regular attack (resembles an arrow) for both of your action icons. 
Then, hold [Shift] + Left Mouse Button. With those held, move your cursor around 
the character and he or she will spin. The faster you circle your character, the 
faster they will spin.

Moving hand:
Press [Esc] during game play. Allow the game to idle at that screen and the hand will 
begin moving after a few seconds.

Better restart:
When you die, do not save and quit. This gives you the advantage of starting next 
to your body. However, if you died fighting a Boss, unique, or champion monster, 
you must face them with full health, rather than whatever you whittled down to before.

Druid: Character development:
To develop a "tank" Druid, as your Druid levels up, put a skill point in Werewolf and 
put the rest into Lycanthropy. You may put one or two on pets such as Spirit Wolf. 
Also, alternate between assigning points to strength and vitality so that they are 
within 5 points of each other. Do not use any points on elemental skills when making 
a "tank" Druid. By the time you get to about level 20, you should need an increase in 
Dexterity. Make sure to invest 3 to 4 points in the Maul ability, as it helps against 
Bosses. Also, Druids perform best with a maul equipped. Try to make this the item 
Charsi imbues. If you follow this, you should end up with a Druid that has over 900 
health by level 35. 

The tank Druid can be used in another way. You can also focus on Lycanthropy and 
Wearbear, but doing so only put one point on Werewolf. Always have high damage weapons. 
A maul is good because the Druid has a fast attack speed rating with it. Never put any 
skill points on elemental skills as this will ruin the tank. Put points into Heart Of 
Wolverine, and Maul and Hunger with Werebear. These are very good skills. You will be 
able to kill most monsters in one hit. This makes up for the Werebear's slow speed. 
Use Oak Sage until level 30, then you can learn Spirit Of Barbs. This skill gives you 
and your party members a skill similar to the Paladin's Thorns Aura if you have a lot 
of HP. Regardless of the strength of the monsters in Act V, they will be a lot less 

Easy Way To Kill Andariel:
This code only works if your a Sorceress. Before you open the doors to Andariel's 
big throne room, open a Scroll of Town Portal in a corner, Next you make sure you 
have a lot of health potions in your belt( I recommend putting scrolls of town portal 
in the 4th one). Make sure you have blaze selected as your skill and open the door. 
Then you just walk around the pool of blood and make sure she's following you and 
pretty soon the flames will kill her. 

Getting Stuff Back Instantly From Corpse:
If you die and can't get back to your body, simply save and exit the game, then 
load your game and your body should be in the town. All your gold may not appear 
( this obviously depends on whether you were carrying any ), it may still be lying 
near where you died. 

Extra Soulstone:
To get an extra "Mephisto's soulstone" do the following:

1. Kill Mephisto in act 3.
2. Pick up his soulstone.
3. Go to the river of flame in act 4.
4. Kill "Hephasto the armorer".
5. Pick up the hellforge hammer.
7. Place "Mephisto's soulstone" on the hellforge WITHOUT HAVING IDENTIFIED 
8. Make a town portal.
9. Have Cain to identify the hellforge hammer.
10.You will now have an extra "Mephisto's soulstone" in your inventory 
   though the original one will still be on the hellforge.

More Experience Faster:
In a game hit the ENTER button to go to the chat screen type /PLAYERS 8 
you can do this from 1 to 8

Imbue without worry:
When you get an item and want to imbue and are worried about the outcome, copy the 
"Save" folder from the Diablo 2 folder to the desktop or any other location. Start 
your game and imbue. If you do not like what happened, save the game and exit. You 
will now be in main menu again. Press [Alt] + [Tab] and copy the save folder back 
to its original location. Then click "Single Player Game" and start. You have 
another chance to imbue the item. Repeat this until you get the desired effect.

Avoid dying from poison:
If you are about to die when poisoned, quickly make a town portal and go through. 
You cannot die in town. This also works with hirelings.

Safe gamble:
To get a gold item (rare) when you gamble, make sure you have at least 10,000 gold. 
Save and exit the game. Return to the same character and press [Alt] + [Tab] when 
in town. Once at the Windows Desktop, copy the game's save folder to the desktop or
another location. Click on the minimized Diablo 2, go to Gheed and gamble. If you do
not get a rare item, save and exit. Press [Alt] + [Tab], delete the current save 
folder, and copy the backup save folder from your desktop or other location back 
into the game folder. 
Click on the Diablo 2 game, return to the same character, and repeat.

Diablo duplicate:
Submitted by: Skater-Boy

you need to computers...ok this cheat really really works...actually its a glitch....
uhm..go to "C:\programfiles\diablo2\save"..then highlighten all the files there and 
right click ...left click to properties then click to "read-only"...after this...
create a lan game..(your game host must not be read-only)then ...when you are in the 
current game,,drop the item u want 2 duplicate...(your game host must be near at you) 
then save and exit....and load game ...when you enter your game you will see the the 
item you dropeed is still there...and when you open your inventory ....
YOU'LL SEE THE SURPRISE IN THERE.. ok then hope you try itt.....its 100% sure...

Play in a Window:
Although not documented, you may run Diablo 2 in a Window instead of full-screen. 
Simply add "-w" to your Diablo 2 shortcut. (ie: "C:\Diablo 2\Diablo II.exe" -w)

Easy Way To Kill Andariel:
This code only works if your a Sorceress. Before you open the doors to Andariel's 
big throne room, open a Scroll of Town Portal in a corner, Next you make sure you 
have a lot of health potions in your belt( I recommend putting scrolls of town portal
in the 4th one). Make sure you have blaze selected as your skill and open the door. 
Then you just walk around the pool of blood and make sure she's following you and
pretty soon the flames will kill her.

Submitted by: chris
here are my favorite fast cash places in the game 
-act1 graveyard
-act2 radaments lair
-act3 arachnid lair

Claim Your Items After Death:
Normally when you die, your corpse will remain where you croaked, surrounded by 
whatever killed you. To avoid this, after you die Save and Exit the game. Now your
corpse and possessions can be picked up in the safety of the town.

Tougher Enemies:
If you want to play against tougher enemies, press ENTER, type "players 8" and then
press ENTER again. Now you'll play as if there are 8 players in the game, making 
the enemies tougher. Doing this can make things very hard at times, but it's a 
great way to quickly level up early on in the game.

Cow level:
If you create a portal to the secret Cow level, do not kill the Cow King. If you 
do not, the same character will be able to create a portal there again repeatedly.
However, if you or anyone else kills the Cow King, and you created the portal, you
will not be able to do it again. Note: You can get another leg from Wirt as long 
as you do not have one in your possession (including stash).

Submitted by: popl43

If you didn't already notice the countess (a boss on act 1) drops runes, usually 
El, Eth, Or Tir. and, if you save and exit you can kill her over and over. getting 
experience and stocking up on runes that you can put in socketed items. Best done 
with a lvl 11 paladin or amazon. Note: runes are random, sometimes you get some, 
sometimes you don't.

Infinite one way portal:
Cast a Town Portal from a safe location, then take the portal into town. Use the 
waypoint system and run to get back to your last location. This allows you to use
the portal to go back into town an unlimited number of times as long as you do not
use it from town to return to where you were previously.

Necromancer strategies:
Skeleton Mages are the most useful in open areas. They stay out of the way and can
attack from a distance. Skeleton fighters are of limited use since they have very 
low defensive ability. The best use is to repeatedly summon them to tackle a tough
monster. Blood Golems are slow and not the best fighters, but they contribute health
to your player for any damage they take. The Iron Maiden curse is useful in weakening
a group of enemies, softening them up for attack.

Powerfull in some Steps:
-Every time you level up only get summons.
-Get skeleton mastery up to 15 or more.
-Be able to summon 3 skeletons and 3 mages.
-Only have wands (even though they are weak).
-Make sure the wand has at least +2 skeleton mastery or more.
-Try to equip a gem to your wand (Dont really need).
-Be over level 15.
-Get a blood golem with 5 golem mastery points.
-Then summon all, let your minions attack only.

Get a lvl 33 character easy:
Submitted by: D2Addict

first you need to rightclick on the desktop shortcut for diablo 2. left click on properties. 
it will say target(box)c:/program files the end press spacebar then -act 5 go into 
diablo game and make a new character you will start in harrogath in act 5 but u only have 
rogue encampment waypoint. so u start the game from beginning. u will have 32 skill points 
and 160 stat points
-act 1 (lvl 1 char)
-act 2 (i cant remember the lvl)
-act 3 (lvl 21 char)
-act 4 (lvl 27 char)
-act 5 (lvl 33 char)

Super powerful character:
Submitted by: Nisheeth

Create a new character.kill at least 5 monsters to gain 100 exp,DONT LEVEL UP. Note your
exp and your attributes. Save and exit the game. Open the folder where diablo 2 is installed.
Open save folder. Backup the file [character].d2s,where [character] is the name of your character.
Open it using a hex editor. g0 to line 230 and search your strength attribute in hexadecimal 
number. Change it to A8610000 and repeat it 4 times. save the file and start the game. Your 
attributes must be and exit. Open the same file again and go to the line 260. Search
for your experience in hexadecimal. Change it to FF276BEE. Save the file. start the game and see
your must be 399999999. If yes go out into the wilderness and kill one monster and
you will be level 99 and have 98 skill points and 495 attributes to spend.

NOTE: Dont spend attributer in strength for attack wont increase,neither in dexterity as you will
have sufficient attack rating and defence but concentrete on energy and vitality.

Easy experience:
Go to the wilderness and find a creature that has a shaman (Fallen, Carver, etc.) and can 
be ressurected. Do not kill the shaman first. Kill the creatures. The shaman will keep 
resurrecting them and you will have an never-ending source of easy monsters to kill. When
you are done killing and have had your fill of experience, kill the shaman.

Barbarian: Character development:
Use the following trick to get a very strong Barbarian. Add 1 to Leap (to help kill Diablo),
1 to Bash and 1 to Double Weapons. Next, put the rest of your skills into Ax Mastery. Keep 
doing this until you have a 1,000 rating. It also helps to put some points on Dexterity.

Defeating Bosses:
This trick works well when playing as a Necromancer. Make sure you have a good amount of 
skeletons and a spell that reflects the damage back at the Boss. The spell will do damage
to the Boss when he goes to attack you or your party member. If done correctly, he should
almost literally kill himself.

Unlimited gold:
On Act 1, play through the game until you get to the Countess quest. In the Forgotten
Tower on level 5 of the dungeon, you will find several rooms containing large masses 
of gold. After defeating the Countess and collecting all the treasure, save and exit 
the game. Reload and return to the Forgotten Tower on level 5. The gold should be there
again. Note: If you defeat the Countess again the game will not give you the gold for 
killing her again. Repeat this as many times as needed.

Unlimited one way portal:
Cast a Town Portal from a safe location, then take the portal into town. Use the waypoint 
system and run to get back to your last location. This allows you to use the portal to go 
back into town an unlimited number of times as long as you do not use it from town to return
to where you were previously.

Killing diablo with no lightning inferno:
Submitted by: IrishFury

Alright so i was bored of training for a battle with baal so i went to fight diablo, here 
two ways to keep him from useing the evil attack lightning inferno the first is easy when 
ever her launchs his attack run behind a torch in the area near the seal which can be a 
good area to rest up. Now for the killing fight you will have to position yourself just 
right near the edge of the torch he can use all of his attack exxcept lightning inferno 
and you can attack him back. So you should only have to work on fire resistance and stock
up on potions any more questions email me (this tip works best with barbarians do to 
close combat).

Horodic cube:
Submitted by: fomo

The horadic cube is not random at all, u just need to know the gems and jewels to use the
book i got says:

Magic weapon+any jewwel+eld rune+any ruby=hitpower weapon Effects1-5% lvl 8 frost nova 
when hit. 2attacker takes 5-10 damage. 3 +34-67% damage.

Strongest character ever:
Submitted by: dhd5r

Go through the act1 minions make sure u kill them all then act2 then act3 then act4 then 
act5 try to make the secret cow lvl by the worldstone after killing baal and it will open
a secret portal to tristram before diablo attacked stop diablo and talk to griswold then 
go to church and kill the butcher then the butcher will drop a secret book that give 10 to
skills and 50 to stats beliebe me its worth it and if u get lucky u will get an armor with
20000 defense and add 5000k dmg and u will actually have the strongest char that could ever
be imagined in diablo 2.

Defeating Bosses:
This trick works well against Dariel, the monster you must fight before you find out that
Diablo's brother is already freed. Automatically cast a Town Portal when you get in the 
room with him, or outside in the room where you have to put the staff in. Every time you
come back, he will have the same amount of health as he had when you fought him before. 
Make sure you cast a Town Portal before you die or he will heal.

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