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  Hints and Tips for: Divine Destiny 
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 Divine Destiny Cheats

Divine Destiny

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following cheats.

Code      Effect
` + K   - Money
` + O   - Faster Unit Production
` + B   - Faster Building
` + G   - All Users Heal
` + W   - Level Skip

Submitted by: Ichsan Hadi Pranoto' C1001112

This is originally invented by miss unerstanding by Ichsan....:)

First, Get Enchanted Weapon Skill Level 1, it's mean that only one socket can 
be chanted by one charm stone Second, Click by left mouse at item (weapon, 
armor, belt, ring, necklace, or anything), so there would open new socket box 
for chant one charm stone like (min-ook,etc). You must click the item as much 
as you wish to socketed all your charm stone to one socket only!!!-basically 
in the game you only have one socket to be chanted by one charm stone-Enjoy 
this Fun, Dro!!!!

How to get full mana and health anywhere? Try This!!!:
Submitted by: Ichsan Hadi Pranoto' C1001112

First you go to North of Cursed Abbey, there is small cottage with no one who 
live there. You must seek for the bed in this house, and you can take it to your
Inventory!!! Then, you can sleep with your bed in your stash-Inventory-anywhere!
Enjoy this immortality with your bed to get full health and mana :) !!!

Dublicate all kind of items...:
Submitted by: Niktus

First you save the game, then you go to your inventory then you draw the item 
you want to dublicate to a point where the item gets a cross over it, DONT DROPP
IT... then you quick load the game(Ctrl+L) then it have loaded you should have 
dublicated your item.... pssssst i have 174mill gold.

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