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  Hints and Tips for: Don't Starve 
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 Don't Starve Cheats

Don't Starve

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Less Painful Demise:
If you are about to die, find an available underground cave and perish there.
You'll lose your possessions, but when you return to the world map, you'll 
find that the chest locations have not changed like normal. That small comfort
should help to lessen the blow.

Chest locations:
Usually when you die the location of chests will change. However, chest locations
will NOT change if you die in an underground cave. You'll lose all your possessions,

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character.

Maxwell      : Complete Adventure mode.
Wendy        : Survive a total of 32 days (640 experience points).
Wes          : Rescue Wes when he appears randomly in Adventure mode.
Wickerbottom : Survive a total of 64 days (1,280 experience points).
Willow       : Survive a total of 8 days (160 experience points).
Wolfgang     : Survive a total of 16 days (320 experience points).
Woodie       : Survive a total of 80 days (1,600 experience points).
WX-78        : Survive a total of 48 days (960 experience points).

Command Console:
Submitted by: Felix Listra

Go to C:Users[YOUR USERNAME]DocumentsKleiDoNotStarve. and open settings.ini
change [MISC]
      ENABLECONSOLE = false

to     [MISC]
      ENABLECONSOLE = true

Open the game then in-game press "~"then enter the code


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