Dragon Dogma: Dark Arisen Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Dragon Dogma: Dark Arisen 
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 Dragon Dogma: Dark Arisen Cheats

Dragon Dogma: Dark Arisen

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Spring Water Early On:
Spring water heals 330 HP and what's great with it is the chance to heal 
the entire party, not just the character who uses it. So although it is 
a x4 item, you will only need one flask to use it. Here's what you need 
to get spring water, then. Get a few empty flasks at Aestella's in Gran 
Soren, near the fountain at the entrance. 
Those are very cheap: just 20 G each.

Now you will have to find a healing spring, a magical spring filled with
water that can heal and provide a vary of buffs. There are just three of
them in the game: northwest of Gran Soren (east of the catacombs); 
northwest of the Blighted Manse rear entrance; far west of the eradication
site and north of Conqueror's Sanctuary in Verda Woodlands. At northwest 
of Gran Soren you can get to the fastest healing spring. Travel alongside
the road near Gran Soren, go over the bridge and proceed straight. Use 
your pawns to grab the water faster, entering the water and pushing the
action button.

Everfall: Easy money and experience:
Enter The Chamber of Lament offline. Each time you damage the Ur Dragon, 
collect the item drops. Defeat the dragon and collect the Wakestones and 
weapon, then repeat the process. Equip the Suasion augment for Arisen and
Pawn. Recruit two other pawns with Suasion (sell items for more). Sell 
the Wakestones, dropped dragon items, and duplicate rewarded weapons.

BitterBlack Isle: Easy Rift Crystals, forging and experience:
Open the entrance of the Vault of Defiled Truth inside the Duskmoon Tower.
Each time you run into Barrock, purchase three Rancid Bait Meat. Defeat 
all enemies in Duskmoon Tower courtyard and stand next to the entrance of
Vault of Defiled Truth. Use the Rancid Bait Meat. Cursed Dragon should 
appear. If not, enter the Vault and exit back into Duskmoon Tower 
courtyard, and the dragon will be there. Defeat the dragon, collect 
the items, and Rift Crystals. As long as Rancid Bait Meat is there, 
enter Vault, exit, and the dragon will re-appear. Drop more Rancid Bait
Meat and repeat the process.

BitterBlack Isle: Level 3 armor (4) and Level 3 weapon (2):
Save the game before opening each chest to use God's Bane if needed. Enter 
Fallen City. At the bottom of the stairs, climb the building to the north 
with the chest. Look down to the lower roof with the chest (level 3 W); 
cluster of buildings in the center of all buildings southern chest (Level 
3 Ar); chest that can be missed west side of building furthest west on map
(Level 3 Ar); treasure room after defeating Daimon first chest left (level
3 W), middle left chest with Moonbeam Gem; other two chests (level 3 Ar). 
Bonus Daimon can drop level 3 armor or level 3 weapons.

Unusual Beach: Easy experience after defeating dragon:
Gorechimera will appear at night on the beach outside of your hometown, 
Cassardis. Defeat it for 13,000 experience points, and double that number
with the Veterans Periapt. Enter Cassardis, rest at the inn for five 
nights, and repeatthe process.

How to defeat Death within 5 minutes:
Now here is the Trick to Kill Death, you need to Kill all Enemies in the 
Garden of Ignominy then save the game. From here onwards you need to loop 
this process in order to kill death.

1.Kill yourself with Godsbane.
2.Go to The main menu and reload your save.
3.Equip your blast arrows, drop a piece of Rancid Bait Meat.
4.Once the Death will spawn you need to use 4x Conqueror's Periapt.
5.Use your Multishot ability and wait for him to Retreat.
6.Now simply walk out of the Garden of Ignominy.
7.Re-enter the Area and repeat the same process.

Easy "The Captain" achievement or trophy:
Enlist seventy different pawns . You can hire pawns on the road and in the 
rift for free if they are spawned by the game.

Beginners Tips:
#1 There is no limit to the amount of quests you can have in your quest log, 
   grab every quest you see whether it's from an NPC or Notice Board - You 
   won't want to miss out on all that glorious experience and troves of items.
#2 None of the quests in the game are permenantly missable due to the game's 
   constantly repeating new game plus nature. But some quests will fail if 
   uncompleted when reaching certain points of game, you'll just have to 
   remember to finish these quests on your next play through.
#3 On that note, Achievement and Trophy progress is persistent and is tallied 
   in the background, so if you finish or restart your current game, your 
   progress will be saved and continue into your next playthrough.
#4 Make sure you give your main pawn a Lantern and Pickaxe, even your hired 
   pawns. Night time won't be as scary and you may find the pawns have collected 
   items you missed.
#5 Hammers and explosive magick will knock ore out of a mining vein. 
   Now you're mining with excessive power.
#6 Gather points glow white and may have butterflies surrounding them.
#7 Stockpile everything! Almost all items combine with another item into 
   something better and not to mention, you'll need them for enhancing equipment.
#8 Enhancing or upgrading equipment can be done earliest from Gran Soren's 
   Armorer Caxton or Olra on Bitterblack Isle, this is why stockpiling items 
   is important.
#9 There's a number of powerful DLC armours in your inkeeper storage when you 
   first start out in Cassardis. You also can pick up an Eternal ferrystone 
   and NPC costumes upon reaching gran soren for the first time. 
#10 Only sell items that you know you can easily gain again. A good weapon may 
    be useful in future when you change your vocation.
#11 Speaking of Vocations, each Vocation has 9 ranks. Once you've completely 
    levelled a vocation, it's recommended you move to another vocation and 
    begin levelling that. At any point you can access an Innkeeper, you are 
    free to change your Vocation. So don't stress about your choice of Vocation.
#12 Don't ignore Augments on Vocations because you think you won't return to it.
    Augments can be used by any class once you've purchased them and some of 
    the combinations can be incredible.
#13 You may read around the internet about players min maxing or planning their 
    vocations for specific stat point builds. But, know that you can still wreak
    havok at high level no matter what the route you take. It's not a requirement 
    and you won't be penalised for not taking this approach.
#14 Yes, there are no mounts in this game and Fast Travel is not as simple as 
    other games. If you come across a Portcrystal you can teleport using a ferry 
    stone to where ever you place this item it in the overworld. You can place 
    up to 10 of these around Gransys.
#15 There are a bunch of escort quests in this game and we all know how boring 
    those can be. You can save yourself some precious time by placing portcrystals 
    at the destinations of these escort quests. 
#16 When you first make your pawn, stay at an Inn, this will upload your pawn to 
    the online rift and it will be accessable for other players to hire. What's 
    the benefit of this? Your pawn will gain you Rift Crystals based on the amount 
    of activity they have in other players games. This currency can be used in a 
    number of ways, so it's best to stockpile it as soon as you can.
#17 A good example of RC usage is in the Encampment just outside of Cassardis. 
    Next to the Riftstone is a monk by the name of Jonathan, this NPC will sell 
    you cosmetic and Pawn inclination items for RC.
#18 Are your pawn's speech patterns driving you batty? Or do they run off and 
    collect items when you don't want them to? Well, you can adjust their 
    personality with a knowledge chair. These are found at most Inns and in 
    some camps outside of towns.
#19 Do your mates play Dragon's Dogma? Well get hype, because you can rent their 
    pawns for free. Also, pawns at your level or below your level are free of 
    charge as well. Anything higher does costs Rift Crystals.
#20 If you see a pawn you like out and about, talk to them and favourite them for 
    when you return to the rift.
#21 Any items equipped on a rented pawn will be sent to the player when releasing 
    their pawn. But items they are holding will return to your Innkeeper storage 
    upon releasing them or if they die in battle.
#22 Forgeries can be made in Gran Soren at the Black Cat store. It will take a 
    number of days to complete depending on how important the item is. Always
    consider if a quest item could be forged and kept in your bank for a future 
    play through.
#23 Most NPC and Enemies respawn after 7 days. So if you kill a dragon and want 
    to get that sweet loot, just sleep it off for a few days and you're gold.
#24 Another tip for passing by days. Switch your game to offline mode, it'll go 
    by much faster without the game checking if your pawn has been used online.
#25 There's lots of dragon species in this game and they all have different weak 
    points. For example the drake in devilfire grove, his heart in his chest is 
    his weak point. Just look for the glowing spot on their body and start 
    whacking away.
#26 When you kill a Dragon, some items may be dragonforged. This ehances them 
    beyond the 3 star rating and opens them up to rarifying them when you enter 
    Bitterblack Isle.
#27 I've mentioned Bitterblack a few times and what is it? It's the DLC dungeon 
    that came with the Dark Arisen version of Dragon's Dogma. You should consider 
    starting on this at level 50 if you're just starting out. The earliest point 
    you can get to Bitterblack is just after you've made your pawn. Head to 
    Cassardis at night, and take a wander down to the pier.
#28 Bitterblack is the earliest point in the game where you can change your 
    vocation. Keep this in mind if you want to get a hybrid class before trudging 
    your way to Gran Soren for the first time.
#29 Your environment can be your best ally in a variety of situations. That ogre 
    in the Everfall? You can trick him into charging you right off the ramp and 
    into the pit below. Fatality?
#30 Want a fresh start, but don't want to give up your character progress and 
    items in storage? If you switch to Hard Mode, the game will be forced back 
    to when your Arisen had his heart stolen by that dreamy dragon. You can 
    switch the game back to Normal or Easy when you get access to the pause menu.
     Changing it to these easier difficulties doesn't reset the game again.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
Written by Feriado

Some useful informations that will make your life easier.

Hello, this guide is a compilation of a bunch of useful tips and tricks that 
will help you survive in Gransys (and BBI).

* Cure in this game works different than in other games. The healer will launch 
  a cure spell that will heal all allies near it for a while until it ends and 
  will only heal the grey bar of your health. If you want to cure the missing 
  amount you will need to use items.
* Don´t take the escorting missions on the notice boards,they are pretty useless 
  and if you fail them by the escorted character getting killed you will most 
  likely lose him for the rest of the playthrough.
* It is not necessary to rush the quests to kill a certain number of enemies or 
  animals, you will do them before you know it do other quests instead.
* Many quests are missable,or can only be accepted during day/night,the best 
  thing to do is take all quests whenever you see them.
* There are some healing fountains in the map that will heal and buff you for 
  a while. If you have an empty bottle you can fill it with healing water. You 
  can use it to cure you party or sell it for a lot of gold.
* There’s an item in the game called Maker’s Finger and it can kill instantly 
  almost every enemy in the game. You can buy it from Fournival in Gran Soren 
  and needs a longbow to be used.
* Use your lantern. You can use a clean cloth to turn it on again if it gets wet.
* You can turn off the cinematic camera during battles in the game settings.
* There’s a merchant in Gran Soren called The Black Cat he sells some exclusive 
  items and can duplicate items (including quest items).
* You can change your main pawn’s inclination by using the chair inside the inns.

Tips to Kill Dragon:
* If you’re a sorcerer, it’s easy to use Maelstrom or High Bolide.
* If you use a bow, it’s easy to use Blast Arrow.
* Please use 4 Conqueror’s Periapt or Conqueror’s Periapt.
* If you’re a magic archer, the ice-attribute Threefold Bolt and Sixfold 
  Bolt work well.

Important note: Last hit must be on the dragons heart!

How to Beat Chimera (at Low Level):
Written by BlasterGG

Do you want to know how to defeat a chimera (the one with a lion head) at a 
low level? Yes, well here are the steps.

1.Buy about 10 throwblasts. You can buy them in the starting village where the 
  game started, each one costs approximately 1,200 coins.
2.Locate a chimera and find a spot to make a save at.
3.When you made a save file hold the throw blast and try to aim for the torso
  of the chimera, it deals tonnes of damage to it.
4.If you use lots of heals or too much throwblasts, not to worry! Just press 
  ‘quit game without saving’ and then re-enter the game, and do it again.
5.Succeed in killing the chimera!

P.S: also please don’t expect too much from this guide ill just tell you what 
you can use against it and how you can do it, by no means am i saying this is 
the best strategy to kill it, there are probably better guides do defeating it
than this.

Fast Level Up Tips:
* Go Hard Mode, Solo, equip the blessed flower.
* Start by killing all the 50 or so goblins near the healing spring over by 
  bloodwater beach.
* Then head on over to the Abby, go down to the river and follow it on down 
  killing Saurians. There’s about 20 of those.
* Then go put the blessed flower back in storage. Wait a day or two for all 
  the foes to respawn, then repeat.
* It do it 5x then grab my pawn and do it 2 or 3 times so it will catch up 
  to my level.
* It’s a relatively painless process and not a bad way to get some DCP while 
  you’re at it.
* A handy way to get those vocation ranks should you want augments available 
  in other vocations.

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