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  Hints and Tips for: Dragon Fable 
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 Dragon Fable Cheats

Dragon Fable

Easy money:
Submitted by: RM

Go to Ash. Ask about Amityvale. Go there and go to the far right to where meet up 
with a dog. Skip through the intermission sequence and follow the dog to the well.
Go down the well. Complete the quest and you will get level 16 and higher weapons.
This can be done about ten times. The member weapons can be sold at shops to get 
money. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Easy money:
If you are level 9 or higher, go to Warlic's portal. Go to the mountains, then go to 
right and enter the quest. Complete the quest and earn money by selling weapons.

Easy experience:
Submitted by. RM

Go to the right of town. Then, go to Yulgar's shop. Enter do the mill quest. 
Kill all the Seed Spitters to gain a lot of experience.

Go to Ash and ask him about Amityvale. Go there. Go to the right. Keep going until you 
see a sign with a pumpkin on it, and with a pumpkin field in the back. Go in there. 
This quest will give you over 2,500 experience points and lots of money. 
Repeat it as many times as desired.

If you do not have a good energy (electric) weapon, go to Yulgar's shop in Falconreach.
Buy the static for 6 gold. Then, go back until you get to the part with the inn. On the
top right of the map, click on "Challenge". You can get a lot of experience points by 
doing this.

Recommended weapon:
Go to Yulgar's Shop. Go to the weapon called "Static". It hits over 10 and only costs
6 gold. It is the best cheap weapon for level 4.

Getting to Amityville, Oaklore and Falconreach easily:
Go to the Aeris Battle Spire and set it as your hometown. When you are far away and 
do not want to travel that distance, click "Options" at the bottom of the quest chest.
Go to "Teleport To Hometown". Go to the Battle Spire. Click "Enter" and go over to 
the airship. You will be asked for a destination. It can only take you to Oaklore, 
Amityville, or Falconreach. 

Easy PvP trophies:
Go to the character selection screen. Make a character level 1 and get its ID #. 
Go to the arena use the "Battle ID" feature. Enter in the ID and keep defeating 
it to get trophies.

Easy money:
Go to Ash, and choose "Quests". Click on "Elemental Attack". Then, go to the bush 
behind Capt'n Crunsh to get a healing area. Go to the right to find a lot of 
elementals. Fight them until all are defeated. Go back to the healing pad when 
needed. Then, complete the quest. You will receive a lot of experience and gold 
from the monsters, as well as a mace. Back at Falconreach, go to Yulgar's shop 
and sell the mace. You will get a lot of money. 

Easy dragon egg:
Finish all the quests for Robina and Valencia, then go up to Warlic's camp. Talk to 
him about the dragon egg, then keep selecting "Back" until you get the egg. 
Select "Yay!" to get the egg.

Use double and triple attacks:
If you are a Warrior and have the double and triple attacks unlocked, there is a 
way to use both. First, do a normal attack on the creature to enable the double 
attack feature. Use the double attack to enable the triple attack feature. 
Then, use the defend feature and in your next turn use the war cry feature. You 
should now have both the double and triple attack ready to use. Try using the 
triple attack first, as you can use the double attack on the next turn to enable 
triple attack again.

Get two Artix on team:
In Falconreach get Artix as friend B. Then, go to Amityvale. Go east until you 
reach a fork in the path. Use the bottom path. Do the quest. At the end, you will 
kill a Boss and Atrix will be friend A and B.

Easy Battlespire wins:
This works best when you are level 1 through 5. Go to the character status screen 
and write down your ID number. Then go to Aries Battlespire and click the "Join 
the tournament" button. Then, go to "Battle ID". Enter your ID, but first make 
sure that you have the starting weapon and no pets equipped. When you get to the 
Battle Ring, equip a god weapon and a pet.

Sir jings stuff:
You can find sir jings stuff by going to oaklore keep and walk all the way to the 
left until you find a guy in a catapult and a guy who's not. Anyway talk to him 
and it'll say quest then it'll say new next to it. Then after you click on the it 
you have to kill a bunch of elementals i use the unsqueakable farce on them it 
works very good. Well after you kill 'em all you go up the stairs and kill three 
boss elementals then walk up to the chest and it'll say open chest, and finish 
quest.then you choose what weapon you want then you can finish the quest with 

Faster leveling up:
Go to falcon reach and then get artix and ash as your friends then get a pet 
(optional). Then travel to amityville go into the weapon shop and do the weapon 
quests kill all the gouls till you get to the barn and then beat the boss with 
about 178 health. This quest will get you about 2550 xp and to do this quest u 
should be about level 8+ cause all the gouls are levels 15-17.

Recommended weapon 2:
Go to Oaklore, in the Keep, and go as far to the left as possible. There should 
be two knights and a catapult. Talk to the one on the ground. He will ask you to 
do a quest; accept it. All you have to do is defeat the storm elementals, most of 
which are fairly weak, and go to the chest. It contains a shop with three items, 
all priced at 0g. They are all energy weapons and have high damage levels (the 
sword hits for 10-20 damage). These are extremely helpful if you are just starting 
out, as they are all also only level two. 

Full health:
If you have a Dragon Amulet, buy the Chicken Cow Armor. Whenever you are low on 
health in a quest and you do not know when the next heal pad is, equip the armor 
then unequip it. You will have full heath. Do not forget to equip your weapon and 
other items again. This does not work during a fight.

Easy experience:
Use the following trick for good experience at level 9 or higher. If you have a 
strong weapon, go to Willowshire. Go to the tower. Go to any of the gem keys and 
fight the monsters. 

Red   : 1380 experience points
Blue  :  975 experience points
Green : 1380 experience points
Yellow: 1040 experience points 

Note: The Tiger Hogs (Togs) appear in threes. Be careful and bring a powerful 
energy weapon, such as Gigawat.

Flying characters:
When you go to travel, go up to the Griffin, but do not select where you want to go.
For example, if want to go to Amityville, click below it so you start walking, then 
quickly choose "Amityville" before it disappears. The Griffin should take off and 
you should be floating in the air.

Submitted by:loise jones

if your a new player and need easy money follow this trick about 10 times a day 
and in a week get about 600 gold 
go to oaklor keep and folow the road leading straight in front of the keep. 
kill everything in your way go right to the endand go back when you go to 
oaklore keep a completed quest pop-up will be thereto award you money and exp 

Submitted by: Cameron

When you go to travel walk up to the Griffin and go to it's head. It has to have 
the places to go in the top right corner.Click behind the Griffin and then quickly 
click were you want to go.If your character was still running behind the Griffin 
then your character will float in the air and then teleport on the Griffin and 
you will still go were you wanted to go.

Location: Go to the sir jings weapons quest. 
How to: Beat all the elementals and get the weapon at the end. 
Then use it on the sea seapent it does well high attacks#
P.S. Attck the smallest ones first

Team for easy fights:
Now everyone wants to fight monsters that are stronger than you so you can get up 
levels faster right?.. well now you can fight them and actually win. all you have 
to do is go to amityvale and go to the right and enter the cemetary there you will 
meet artix a very strong and reliable teamate averaging a 9 - 20 hit. thats usually 
good enough but you can find another companion to help you win those tough battles, 
valencia is a level 8 who averages a 8 - 18 hit you can find her by begining at 
flaconreach and going right all the way down..she is the girl standing infront of 
the big gold statue.
well I hope this eases your trobles. if you want to check out my charecter he is a 
level 16 mage and his id is 3826073

Advanced CorDemi Codex:
Submitted by: Cheatbook
To get the Advanced CorDemi Codex without wasting your dragon coins (if you have any)
go to Robina in the Surewould Forest East of Falconreach and get the bounty hunting 
list off of her. Next, go east again until you get to a crossroads and go north. Then 
kill all of the Outlaws until you get to a tent. There will be three people in it. 
Kill them all and the quest will be complete. Sometimes you get the Advanced CorDemi 
Codex as a rare prize, but if not, keep trying!

How to get a dragon egg without a cheat engine easy:
First you do the robina the hood guests then valcenia or whatever her name is then 
once your are the warlic guests start off,if you want go into the tent he says about
then your first mission it may say on the top Go! and if on the bottom it will say 
Back (if it doesnt the do the guest so you get to the second one it will definetly 
have Back on it)okay since it has back click it,if it takes you back to his talking 
home page then do what i said in the ( ),then once you click back it will take you 
to your next mission if you click it again it will do the same the you keep clicking 
back until it says summoning time! you could either battle or click back and it would 
have a huge dragon egg on it so then go to twilly by the tree stump and he will say 
something about a secret cave so click To the secret cave!then you will see the 
dragon egg.

Level up without cheating:
In amityvale do the quest for moonglow if your level eight or higher and kill all 
monster and you will recieve 2540 exp if you kill all monsters!

Very easy exp (reccomended lvl 6+):
Go to Ash and keep on doing the Doomwood quest. The skeletons give alot of exp, and 
the is a yellow healing spot right where you start.

Quick Gold!:
Join Artix, Ash, and Twilly, and head to Amityvale to do the quest called "The Well."
Do it again and again, you will get guardian weapons (and others.) They are level 17 
and above. The guardian weapons give you 160 gold each, so sell any weapon you don't 

Some Easy Experience: Pumpkin quest:
First thing to do is find Ash and ask him about Amityvale. Go to Amityvale and then 
go to the right and keep going until you see the pumpkin sign with a pumpkin field 
in the rear. Now go in field to start the quest. This quest gives you 2,500+ 
experience points and a good bit of money. This quest is repeatable.

Moglin Punter Mini-Game cheats:
DragonFable Mini game Moglin Punting.

Level. Angle/ Power
1. 46/57
2. 29/81
3. 64/89
4. 72/50
5. 39/75
6. 66/78
7. 65/86
8. 58/100
9. 9/80
10. 33/75
11. 32/85
12. 42/100
13. 86/53
14. 68/54
15. 53/95
16. 31/85
17. 72/54
18. 72/51
19. 12/51
20. 80/65
21. 61/98
22. 40/100
23. 30/100
24. 53/89
25. 86/100
26. 55/55
27. 79/71
28. 55/76
29. 50/100
30. 45/90
31. 82/62
32. 40/80
33. 50/90
34. 63/90
35. 45/85
36. 87/67
37. 83/77
38. 45/80
39. 85/95
40. 85/68
41. 3/100
42. 35/66
43. 78/79
44. 80/60 time it right
45. 80/70 time it right
46. 73/55 time it right
47. 84/52
48. 84/52 time it right
49. 74/73 time it right
50. 83/100 time it right
Bonus 51. 80/100 time it right and be good at the game Pong.

How to get 2 Artixes: 
Ok first off heres what you do and this glitch is not fake,
1. go to falconreach and invite artix in your friend B slot
2. head towards amityvale
3. go to the graveyard and invite artix
do what you want with these two unlimited fun right there.

Strong Weapons: 
Go to artix in falconrige and click QUEST! After you do his quests 
you will get a strong light weapon, artixs one. It dose 60-100 damege.
You should get it. it is awesome. It did 276 the strongest with me 
and if you sell it you should get more then 5000 gold, GET IT!

How to heal yourself in willowshire without exiting:
As soon as you go into one of the rooms look to the right and there 
should be a blue flame on the wall got to it and it should heal you

How to never die in a battle: 
Alright do you know how to get the cow and chicken armor. well not in a 
battle use equip it and then in a battle when your heath is low instead 
of using the health potion unequip it and you'll have full health!

Become A Ninja The Easy Way:
Submitted by: bonebone40

First go to village hidden in the wind(or what ever its called)and go west 
until you reach a ninja and do the top guest and finsh it.Then go to the 
wepon shop and sell it.It should give you 150 coins.Keep repeting the quest 
and selling the wepon until you get over 3500.That should be enough to buy 
his"taktiks book".Then talk to him and you should be able to wear the ninja 

Submitted  by: Frank

First get Artix and Valencia as your friends. Then walk to Robina and talk to her, 
click at the bounty hunting. Then go east until you get to an crossroad, there you 
turn to north. Kill all enemies in your way until you get to the telt. You will 
fight an boss. the bosses will be worth: 50, 75, 100, 180, 300, 600. (Level required 
4 or 5 and up.

How to get 2 artix:
Submitted by: abdul

if u want 2 artix go to amityvle get artix(invite as frind b) then go to that well 
quest when you get to the end there is another artix.Now you should have 2 artix.
Fight the boss after you have finshed you should have 2 artix.Good luck hope it 
works by ShadowMaster

Twillies mini-game:
The password to Twillies mini-game prizes is "kThxhat!".

Easy exp:
Submitted by: Bpizzle

Go to ash in falconridge and go under quests. Then go down to challenge. Once at
Voltabolt go up to the sign and press the button on the sign then enter the building. 
The driller has slightly more health and does more damage but its worth it.

Easy exp:
Submitted by: Bpizzle

Go to the inn in Falconreach and go to the map. Click on "Crystal Cave." 
I personally recommend bringing either a wind or dark weapon.

Submitted by: brody

If you have a dragon you can turn invisibel. talk to twilly go to the hatching its at 
the top clik until u get to the part were darkath starts talking telepot to home town 
and you will be invisible.

Submitted by: marshal

go to willowshire go to th blue room and beat it and you get 4500exp.

How to never die in a battle:
Alright do you know how to get the cow and chicken armor. well not in a battle use 
equip it and then in a battle when your heath is low instead of using the health 
potion unequip it and you'll have full health!

Quick Gold:
Join Artix, Ash, and Twilly, and head to Amityvale to do the quest "The Well." Just 
repeat it as much as you want! You will get guardian weapons and some others. They are 
level 17 and above and give you 160 gold each, so sell any weapon you don't want for 
some quick gold.

Beat Gorgok Fast And Easy:
Be a mage level 10-16 then go fight gorgok use power then use energy also use energy 
twice with power on the second use of energy you should get to do a damage 106.

Get Exp Really Quick And Good Weapon:
First go to Warlic and talk to him. Do the crystal quest and buy the shimmer sword. 
must have at least 100 gold coz that's how much it costs. Then go to the inn place 
with the mug sign out front. talk to the girl and click on "ghosts" do the quest and 
u will get heaps of exp and some gold. it really helps if u are level 7 or 8 and 

Earn easy money:
Submitted by: Checker

Go to Oklaore and press the button wheres scribed FREE GOLD. 
Then go to the girl and speak to her. then youl see what to do. you can do it as often 
you want. you should have dsl internet. 

Killing doomkitten:
I was level 10 when I had finished the saga. Go to Osprey Cove. Then head right. 
Eventually you'll find a paw print( that means a pet shop) go in. For level 10s get 
the charko. It's the shark thing with the red turtle shell. Dragon Amulet people buy
the great white charko. The doomkitten has a water weakness. Thats why you get the 
charko. I used the charko and highest it killed on the doomkitten was 36.
DOOMKITTEN! You'll just heal him and get -whatever you killed him in.
Water is the best element to use. 

Best Friends:
Some hints say to get friends like ash and Artix, or Robinia and Valncia. WELL DONT 
LISTEN TO THEM Always make your friends Artix and Valncia are the best. They both have 
a special and i have proof of their strengh. Proof for Artix: Artix has hit a 94 for 
me, and a 162 for my friend!!!Proof for Valincia: she hits 8 to 20 for me with an 
occasional 32!

VERY easy elemental kill:
Use a fire weapon/attack on it! Okay people if you realy want to know how to kill 
elemental easyly well if you know that Lighting kills water well ur WRONG,if you look 
in the eyes of an elemental you will see that like maybe your fighing a water elemental 
like monsoon elemetal(thats the name) You will see its eyes are red,so red would mean fire 
type,so use a fire weapon/attack on it!

How To Defeat Guffer:
Can't defeat Guffer?Maybe it's because you did not try this:Kill ALL witches and THEN 
you can kill guffer...If you have little health do not fear of witches=). You go to the 
LAST witch and stand beside the glowing pumpkin.Then Guffer will hit you with less 

Easy Level Up:
In amityville get Artix first and then keep going right until u get to a sign that 
shows a pumpkin. go through there and complete the quest. u get mega EXP! 

How to get awesome Items:
To get awesome Items you must be level 13 or more [works for any class] Go to your 
hometown in falconreach. If you people dont know where it is u will find it when you 
log on. Go to place where u heal, where serenity is. Go to her and click talk then clik 
on ghosts and then clik on investigate.Do the quest with the ghosts and beat every single 
monster there or else if you skip some it wont work. After you beat the last guy go on 
the yellow place and u will get 3000+exeperience and 135+ gold then you will get awesome 
items that help you get protected in battle and awesome swords ,daggers, and staffs . 
And the easier way to beat that ghost quest is if you have a strong weapon like the 
superior shimmer which is a strong light weapon for players of 20 and up. You get that 
weapon from warlic after you have beated his quest and have the crystal shard. And I am 
level 23 if you want to battle me my id is :1704160 I'll try to post more cheats. If you 
have any questions about dragon fable email me at and you can add me 
on msn if you want so that we can chat. And I think this was supposed to be a walktrough
but a helpful one.

Extra exp for a level one:
Submitted by: Isaac

When you start the game do the hero is bored thing. twilly and the priestess find a 
gorillaphant witch kicks twilly to you so you get twilly and then battle the gorillaphant 
affter you kill it you gain a level don,t go to the castel click options and teleport to 
home town then you do the quest again but you are a level two.

Warning:Te gorillaphant will have extra health the second time and you can only do it 2 

High-level players - lots of EXP:
Do the Haunted Castle quest in Amityvale. Do all of the rooms. By the time the quest is 
finished, you should have about 8100 EXP acquired from that single quest.

Easy Expierience:
Submitted by: bubbalooba

Go to the amityville shop. Talk and hit quest for moonglow. Fight the monsters thre 
and it's easy expierence.

Submitted by: chris

if you are fighting elementals then here are there weaknesses: wind's weakness is 
fire or lightning, water's weakness is fire, and fire's weakness is water or ice, 
and earth's weakness is wind.

Submitted by: michael

how to heal yourself in Willowshire?
* set home town falconreach
* go fight a room after that you beat it then click option and click on teleport to 
  home town
* heal yourself and continue the other rooms until your done

Submitted by: alex

If you go to PvP and click on battle ID and type in 18650794 thair should be a player 
named rojo_kpo i know it scard me to and he is only on level 1 battle him agen and 
agen ontil you get 5 PvP troves and go to some guy in falconreach that owns the dragen 
coin shop he will trad the troves for a cape or wings.

All you need to do is get warlic and artix and your baby dragon on your team and equip 
your fully trained Dragonlord Armor. I beat it with warlic my dragon artix my dragonlord 
armor and my doom wep.

Float or teleport:
K all you have to do is get in front of the gryphon then run to the behind of the gryphon.

Submitted  by: Connor

When battling the doomkitten use the Aries PvP wepons they are water and Doomkitten 
has weakness to water, hope it helps!

Submitted by: Gregory Flash

If you want Warlic in other quest,here is the tip.first go to warlic's portal near the 
guardian tower.Next,you goto him and you see a word called other quest.Click it and see 
'Save Lyncerest'.Click 'Save Lyncerest'.If you finish that quest until Xan's Fortess.You 
can invite warlic.Go in the quest Xan's Fortess and warlic will be your friend.And then 
you go abandon quest.So you have it.He can be your friend in other quest

Note:You need 10 Elemental Essences to unlock that quest.
then quickly choose an area for example amityville.

Good Gold:
If u want good gold go to amytivale. Talk to thursday and do the crystal clear lake. 
You'll need a good fire wep as the creatures have weakness to it. ALso the wolf can be 
defeated easily with a silver wep. If u don't have one the you'll get one a the end of 
this quest. Also u can sell the weps for 200-300 dollars.Also doing Titan quest are good 
ways to get money to. If u have a DA. 

When your low lv. 5-8 and have to do give it till it hurts from robina you can find a 
bush go to it to see a secret healing place deafet one monster heal one monster heal.

How to beat mumagron and the lepercon boss:
Mumagron is easy but stun him twice and the same for the lepe boss.

Snuggle bear helm for non DA:
Here is what you do first go to amityvile then go to the lake quest 
if you are too lucky you can have the snuggle bear helm for free.

Defeat Doomkitten:
To do that u must have a water based weapon or if not u should go to the bandit camp, 
defeat the course and then get a butter knife. Then get Valencia and artix and the water 
pet (any) u should be in level 11 or 12.

Crystal Clear Lake Best Way To Beat:
Use a fire weapon for all the monsters except for(unless it's your best weapon) werewolf. 
first go south. then west. then south. then west for healing pad. then go three times to 
the east. then go south. If you have a silver weapon use it on the werewolf*. if not, do 
your best to beat it. when you finish the quest you will get a silver weapon**. 
Keep doing the quest until you get the silver weapon you like.
* = Bring a fire pet(since it helps on all the other monsters), artix and valencia
** = LVL 17 to use

Every partner:
1 - Ash is just there in falconreach, ask him to join. but he's lvl 1 and he sucks
2 - Valencia can be gotten by just goin to the right alot. she's lvl 8. good 4 noobs
3 - Artix is right of amityvale, which u can go to by hitting the travel button. he's 
    easy to get, and is strong beyond his lvl (which is 3)
4 - Warlic is hard, but worth it. go to his portal and to the lymcrest chain until the last 
    quest, then go to it, finish talking, press options, and tele to home town. he's lvl 11.
5 - Finally, Zhoom (will be likely be released on Friday 3/21/08) is harder to get than 
    warlic, but is way worth it. travel to the sandsea and do the chain quests til u get 
    to fight sek duat XV. before starting any fights, tele to home town. he's lvl 15
6 - Ice master Yeti can only be gotten for one battle around december, but he's always the 
    same lvl as you. problem is, the tele home technique doesn't work for this, so enjoy 
    him while you can as u battle Xanta Claus

The moglin punter code:
The password is kthxhat! (don't forget the "!"). for those of you who don't understant it 
means "okay, thanks hat!" if the code doesn't work, try to use different capitalization 
combos like KthxHat! or kThxHat! etc. if that doesn't work, you didn't use the "!" moron!

OK after doing double click warcry then triple see you can do double again then triple 
woooohoo super mega combo or if you do double warcry then defend you can use both double 
and triple at the same time

Cool fact that will probably get you through a lot of quests: 
Submitted by: teca

enything that glows purple will heal you.

Sweet money:
I found this out and it just blew me away, i did the bounty hunter quest for gold which i 
recomend you do, my reward for finishing the quest was a ninja doll, (lvl 1) i thought, 
"whatever ill just sell it." to my amazement it was worth 500 coins! so i recomend getting 
the dolls then selling them.

Easter Egg - Get many Ancient Treasures easily:
Go to Zhoom and do the random quest.Then,when you see the phrase "Sandsea holds many secret" 
do that quest.You can earn many ancient treasures to get a Ranger Armor and train it.

Secret Draft:
First go to Falconreach, then go to town hall. To get there, you must go east once, then go to 
the place with a sign that has a black circle. Once you're inside, go left once. Go to the first 
bookshelf. There will be something that says,"One of these books is a secret lever!" 
Then there is a button that says,"Hit It!" Press the button and the bookshelf will go down. 
Do the quest.

Loads of money:
1st go do the bounty hunting quest u somtimes get an Advanced Cordemi Codex,reens cappucino 
maker (500g),bloodstain mark of honor (500g).
2nd Go to the crystal clear lake finish the quest and you get a wepon worth 179-230.

Basic Cordemi Codex:
Very simple unlockable. Please give a thumbs-up if it works. Have patience. 
I had to do it x2 before it worked.

Unlockable                   How to unlock
Basic Cordemi Codex        - Do the Root of All Sneevils Quest
Root of All Sneevils Quest - Go right x2. Go into the dark place

ChickenCow class unleashed:
The ChickenCow class is now released in DragonFable!
To get it you must pass through the 100 room dungeon. Just click the travel button on the 
top-right corner of the screen or go up the ramp to the Guardian Tower and go further right 
until you reach the griffon. Click the 100 room dungeon button. 
TIP: the dungeon is full of fire type monsters so I suggest you use ice type or water type 
weapons. It looks pretty easy but its a long way to the finish line! At the end you will 
receive the ChickenCow armor.

Submitted by: Ickyteapot

( Rec.lvl 6+if warrior)(lvl 7+rogue)(lvl 9+mage) Heres a good glitch. Go to Artix in 
Amityvale and talk to him. invite him so hes on ur team then go to the far right, when 
u come to a fork in the road take the bottom path and will enter a quest.a dog will come 
and talk to u. you will have to go save Artix, after u fight a bunch of lv.19undead u 
will find artix next to a boss(dont forget to go through doors to get potions) when u 
fight the boss u will have 2 artix on ur team to fight with. after u defeat the boss u 
will go back to town and u will still have 2 artix on ur team. have fun and try out 
adventure quest and mechquest. ;)

Submitted by: moeman545

(this cheat is for dragon amulet charactors only) ok an easy way to get alot of exp 
and gold is to first go to the portle at falconreach and go to willowshire.Then you 
see a lady talking next to her there are 3 buttons press on gorok then after you beat 
gorok with your dragon you get 400 gold and 2000 exp.

Best weapons or gold (lv 10+):
1 - Go to Amityvale
2 - Go and do the crystal clear lake quest
3 - Finish the quest and get the reward(weapon)
4 - Keep the weapon or sell it (if you sell it, you will get over 100 ,or maybe 200 gold)
5 - Do numbers 2,3,and4 again for weapons, gold, and EXP !!! 

Fly without gryphon:
If you're gonna travel on gryphon click travel den u see gryphon. After u see gryphon 
to da wooden bridge on da left. Before u get to bridge click where you're going to go.
Try amityvale. Then you see yourself sitting and flying on an invisible chair.

secret necromancer with a pink diamond:
Go to amityvale and go right until you reach the 2 way path pik the top one and keep 
going right until you reach her.

Easy Money:
If you need to make some $,then go to Robina in SureWould forest and select Bounty Hunting 
and accept the Most Wanted List.Then,head to the right,then up.You should be at a place that 
enters a place with log walls.Go in and you will see the most wanted list when you first 
enter.Make your way through the Renegade Scouts,Renegade Hunters,and the Renegade Enforcers 
until you find a tent.(If you are hurt,there is a healing panel somewhere in the maze)Enter 
the tent and you will fight a CutPurse,Thug,and one of 6 people.Here's the list:

Name: Reward:
Darcar 50G
Hyest 75G
Stounn 100G
Stradar 180G
Awper Harty 300G
Vaz Striker 600G

This can be done as many times as needed.

Easy XP:
1: Go to Oaklore
2: Go to the guys with the catapult
3: Click Explore ruins and do the quest (with luck you'll have every monster your level)
4: Finish it

i earn over 2000 XP each time and the monsters are easy. 

Free dragoncoins for non-dragon amulet holders:
Theres a way to get free dragon coins but takes alot of time now heres the instructions: 
first get a strong ice weapon then go to warlics portal and take the quest fiery heart of 
mt. shining star and finish the quest then if your very lucky you can get a cordemi codex 
then you can sell it for 70 dragoncoins per of these items goodluck.

Door Glitch:
1 - Talk to Serenity
2 - Do the Ghost quest
3 - Go to first floor
4 - Defeat Spirits in second door
5 - Walk into the same door

Special Moglin Password for moglin shop:
First go to falconreach and talk to twilly then push mini game prizes then enter the 
password kthxhat! With the exclamation point then you can buy armor that costs 0 gold 
and looks like twilly, twig, or zorbak.

Getting your Dragon Skills:
The way you get the skills for the Dragon are to go to the Priestess,select Dragon Training, 
Select Summon,Then select Train.You will go into a quest where you have to fight a bunch of 
Kaiju's and at the end,you will fight something named Togzilla.He is hard,but if you beat 
him,you will get one of your dragon's skills.Hope I Helped!

10000 experience in 1 battle!!!(Super hard) (Dragon Amulet only):
Submitted by: Kubera

Go to Osprey Cove.Beat all of Ruharb's Quests.In the last quest, when you face 
Scelupture's dragon, you will get 10000 experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Level 40+ with fully trained dragon reccomended)

Upgrade doom weapon:
You must have a dragon amulet.First buy a doom weapon then go to the crystal lake then go
down, left, left, left, then up u can find a house there and go inside then buy the scroll
or something then u can upgrade ur doom weapon.

2 do this u must go 2 twilly and press (THE HATCHING) then press anywhere and when ur in 
the puppet show click option then press go back to home town then u cant see ur character.

Secret Moglin shop:
Talk to Twilly in the town of Falconreach. Select the "Reward Shop" option. He will tell 
you about the shop and ask for a password. Enter kthxHat! as the password. The shop sells 
Zorbak's, Twilly's, and Twig's helms.

How to get the 5 unlucky doom esences:
You have to have the DA Amulet first.Then go to Crystal Lake.Take this path: left,left, 
left. You should find a house go inside and buy the scroll or whatever it is, and you 
upgrade your doom weapon.

Easy Wings:
Submitted by: jack

Go to the 100 room dungeon complete the quest you should get the wings of 100 flames go
to the capes and wings and get the wings of 100 infernos its rarty is 100!

Submitted by: pimp doggy 1234

Get good xp in
Go to robina ask her to do the give till it hurtskill all the monsters u get like 1.5k xp
u will advance lvls fast im allreay a lvl 82 and im still doing it for good xp.

Submitted by: jubzz

Find a monster to attack in DF. Open cheat engine times your HP by 8 and scan the result
get attacked. Get your new HP and times it by 8 and next scan the result! you should get 1
or 2 (atleast below 6) Get all (or maybe one) address by hilighting and click the cursor
then click the box/esthen you should have inf HP.

Easy Lvl ups:
Submitted by: riorenzoneostar

U have 2 go t Amityvale, If u see Artix near d graveyard u go 2 d right. 
If u see a sign dat luks lyk 
a pumpkin. U go there. Keep doing it until u lvl up.

How to get Golden Rapier:
Submitted by: riorenzoneostar

1.Go to Amityvale
2.Find Artix
3.Random Quest
4.Mystery Doors

Keep it up and u'll find it.
Golden Rapier 4 lvl 17
This Elegant Sword is Preferred by Princes all across the land.
Damage: 37 - 39
Rarity: 1
Crit: +2

Easy serpant kill:
Submitted by: victor

if you are having trouble vs.the sea serpants use this cheat. go to sir jing then complete 
his quest.
Then at the end go to the chest and open it. get the weapens and use them to fight the

when you press the travel button start walking then press where you want to go quick 
and you will be riding on air.

How to be invisible:
- Let it go untill the part where the face of the black dragon appear
- Open the "OPTION" then teleport to hometown

Submitted by: joey
ok lissen up i no how to get free dragon almuts and free draogn joins and free 
gold just for free if you want to no how reaply to me ok

How to have wind scrolls:
Submitted by: riorenzoneostar

go to thytons ninja village.
ull earn by doing the:
Random Quest
Cleaning house

The easiest pvp battle:
type 02251

the hardest battle
fight Sek Duat

First u go to Aeris Battle Spire:
Submitted by: Kylie

Next you click on the little question mark where your charcter is and write down the Battle 
ID# Finally u exit out of that and click on the Battle ID# then put in your ID# and u fight 
yourself it's an easy way to get Pvp trophies Hope that helps anybody PS: John Cena Rules!

Speed Game:
Log in Dragonfable, then press options and put on low graphic. The graphic will boe ugly 
but its really fast!

Small you and Invisible Partners and Pets:
If you have two Atrix's on your team and no Dragon Amulet and then go to the hunted castle. 
Battle the two things in the front you'll be small and have invisable partners!

How to fly in mid-air:
Submitted by: riorenzoneostar

first, u go to travel
second, push the outside of the place button
third, when eh/she starts to walk, don't wait around just push the place button
O - the button
A - The mouse

How to have silver weapons
Go to:
Do the Crystal Clear Lake
if ur a warrior, u have to have the movement blade
if u cannot use it just sell it.
It is an easy money too.

How to fight the creepy girls great great great 
great great great great etc. grandfather.
u have to invite some friends first
now go to the last place in amityvale.
if there is a split road.
go to the top and keep going straight
and you'll meet the necromancer(a girlnecromancer i just don't know) and she'll 
need your help.
go to the fog and defeat the werewolf. after that.
talk to her again. she will say " you can pass to the fog" do that and if there is an 
abandon guardian tower. go to the top and you'll find so many answers and battle.
P.S. Guardian ghouls are Dangerous.

Submitted by: Pat
Are you thinking of killing Guffer? (Yea ha ha funny name whatever) You HAVE to read 
this before you fight!!!! Guffer can hit 150-250 with each hit! AND HE HITS TWICE! How 
can i can kill him you may ask? Simple. Kill the Yaga sisters! If you kill all 5 sisters, 
Guffer loses almost 100hp and his attck drops to 86-194! So, kill the sisters before you 
kill Guffer. Note: You can get even more money and and exp from the sisters.

This is kinda a FUNNY GLITCH THOUGHT,GO TO falconreach,and click "Travel"...after, you see 
a Gryphon,don't get near the gryphon,but RUN FORWARD and click anytown you want to go, 

Beating doomkitten without hacking:
First go to amitvayle and invite artix as friend b. then go to thursday and go to the 
path and click on well. after you get to artix in that quest ha adds himself as friend 
a. you will have 2 artix. then fight doom kitten and do holy damage for both of them. 
it will die in about 3 turns.

Easy EXP:
Alright,first go to oaklore then left and talk to the guys in the catapult the press 
Ruins then finish and you will get over or just below 1000 EXP.Ya dont need to worry 
about the monsters cos` they`re easy.Come on, trust a 9-year old.I`m lv 17 and got DA
so i get 1490 EXP each time.

Easy way to get a chicken cow armor:
Submitted by: MasterDave

1st u need a silver wepon 
2nd u need a 2 artix
to get a 2 artix go to the graveyard din add artix at invite B then go to the Well 
quest din Finish the quest~ din u have a 2 artix
Go to yaga stone cirlce Beat Guffer if ur lucky u will get a chickencow armor if ur 
not lucky try in try` im lvl 40 if u want some battle heres my ID
Tnx~ try It

Easy money and Experience:
Submitted by: riorenzoneostar

It is so easy.
you have to have a strong light weapon.
ex.golden rapier
Go to the inn keeper
Talk to her
Finish the quest about GHOST
DO this many times.
Sell the weapons and cost many
Save 1 weapon to use it.
It gives 2900 ex

Made a mistake about 2900exp:
Submitted by: riorenzoneostar

only lvl 20 would have 2900exp, i don't know, it just increase by your level.

Submitted by: boardbuddy

To get a second artex, you have to go to get artex as friend B, and valencia as friend
A, but have a good ice weapon and light weapon, or be a mage, and than go to amityvile
and do the well quest.

How to finish 100 rooms easily:
Submitted by: riorenzoneostar

First u got to start, if you follow the path that don't have monster. Trust me, i got 2
wings of the hundred flames if u have a dragon amulet, u can use it to have the wings of
the hundred inferno. Ask cyreso at the front of the dragoncoin shop. capes n' wings.

How to get paladin armor:
Submitted by: riorenzoneostar

Train paladin armor 7 times if u have dragon amulet, you can train him another 7 times.
Now its full train and usable.

Easy XP:
Submitted by: Janito

suggested that you do this at a high lvl but im doing it at lvl 48(must be guardian)

1: get a water wep(doesnt matter what it is i just used the plungerizer)
2:go to guardian tower
3:go to teleporter
4:fight the first hand of carnex
5:exit after defeat
6:go back in and ull verse the same hand

you will get 1100 xp per kill and u can kill him in about 3 minutes.

Submitted by: samuel

The cheat for the punting shop is kTHxhat!

Submitted by: charlie

Go to the portal that is in front of the gardian tower say you want to go to 
willowsire select to the tower choose any room at the end of a quest there you 
will get an awesome wepon my wepon damage is 10-50 for attack.

Submitted by: khoa

This cheat might be old but here how to find a goof class if you want a challeneg 
pick mage its good at elements but no high damage hi crit rate but like 89 percent 
accuracy if ur a slow moving guy then choose rouge he attak twice he has high 
accuracy and low hit but he hits twice so like ur attak is 10 h hits like 4 and 
a 3 warior is basic good at everything

Free Paladin armor:
1. Get an undead slayer badege from Save moonrige (to battle)
2. Click train armor
3. click wear armor

Fast level up:
First go to amitvayle. Go right there you find Artix invite him as friend b then go 
to the girl name thursday near the blood fountain click on path then well end that 
quest and you will get another artix. after that go to falconreach but u will need a 
light weapon then enter the house near you talk to the girl name serenity . Click talk 
then ghost and investigate. Use Artix's holly attack to kill a spirit after that quest 
u will get more than 3000 xp and agood weapon.

Surfire way to win:
This dueling strategy has helped me gain my rank of Grand Master Duelist in half 
the time that it would've taken any normal duelist. And I'm only a level eleven! 
Requirements: Equip fully-trained DeathKnight armor, dragon, and cape just because 
capes are cool. NOTE:: A Dragon Amulet is required. THIS STRATEGY WILL BE MOST 
success using a water-type weapon. First, use the Stun attack. This will not allow 
them to attack or use potions for three turns, although their pets will be able to.
Second, put your enemy under a Coil. This will drain their health and give it to 
you over a period of three turns (most helpful when fighting a lower level enemy 
than you). Next, use the Deadly attack. I usually hit about a 30 with each of the 
three hits. The Deadly attack is a super-effective HP drainer. Next, if your enemy
is still alive, use the Final Strike. It is important to use this attack now because 
the enemy will have just come out of Stun, making it more important to score a 
critical hit. After the Final Strike, if the enemy is still alive, use the Shield 
move. You will be almost impossible to hit, giving you time to use a Mana Potion. 
Once you have completely regenerated your Mana, you have usually had enough time 
to put the enemy under another Coil. Just simply use your normal attack and let 
Coil do its job, and you will win the battle in no time.

So remember the order:
Final Strike
Mana Potion
Normal attack X how ever many it takes.

Submitted by: Oryl

Hint to get a ChickenCow Armor. (You can earn some $ too)
Here is the way to get the ChickenCow Armor:
Go to Amityvale and speak to Thursday. Press the quest button and choose 
"Yaga Stone Circle". After that, the Yaga will speak to you. Just ignore those 
Yaga or kill them. Walk forward until you reach Guffer. Speak to that wooly thing 
(Guffer). Lastly, fight Guffer(using silver is recomended). Keep reapeting this 
quest until you get ChickenCow Armor.
Note:If you get wep just sell it or keep it. (Soz if my English is bad.)

Submitted by: NOT da

Go to Artix's random quests in Amityvale, have good fire/light weapons. Try 
until you get one with the undead who escaped the graveyard, the boss is a 
slime named Squishnox. I got a water weapon, go battle your DoomKitten! 
If you beat the doomkitten 200 times without dying you get a dragon amulet! 

Submitted by: Michael

If you want to get doom a weapon fast, this is for DA only, if you have a dragon 
go to Willowshire and you click gorgok? then you do the quest beat all the Dravir 
then you talk to gorgok and you fight him. I recommend your dragon's element fire 
or Energy. when you beat him you get 400g. When you get the reward keep it and sell
it. do this for about 5 days to a week after that you have yourself a doom weapon.

Secret - Easy level up:
First go to willowshire then go to tower till u get the big door which needs four 
locks to open then go right of it and do the yellow color jewel quest and at the 
end u will get 5800 exp.

Lots of experience, very easy quest:
U have to have a dragon amulet but it can get u over 2000 experience points. go
to warlic's portal and take a right. then go down. keep going and you'll come 
across a waterfall. fo up close and you'll see it actually a hidden water elemental 
dungeon. do EVERY elemental in here and get 2000 or more xperience. very easy 
quest also.

Easiest way to earn gold:
------------------------- the quest called crystal clear lake quest..then if you finish..if you got a 
  silver weapon then sell the silver weapon you got...repeat it many times you will 
  have many gold. the bounting hunting quest....fight all boss bandits to earn a gold.

How to get Ancient Treasure without battling monsters:
Submitted by: Cheatsbook
Go to zhoom and click on the random quests until he says the place which has locks 
with an idol.if u got the wrong lock and battle a monster,click options and click 
switch characters and click on the character u choose just now and dothe same 
thing again until uimmidiately get to the place where there is no monsters.

Secret - hard quest but u will be lucky no DA need:
First u have 2 clik necropolis WAR and then talk 2 d ghost and clik to battle then 
you will get dis weapon base sord staff or dagger you can use this at level 10. 
improved sord staff or dagger u can use this at level 22 i think. advanced sord 
dager or staff uca n use at level 31. pefect sord dager staff u can use dis at 
level 37.

Battle Core Trick:
Go to Dr.VB( and press quest) if u get lucky u shood get the "Junkyard Driller" as 
an opponent... If u do get lucky, yes he has way more HP then "The Doom Cola Machine" 
but it also has a way HIGHER Percentage of winning and gaining/obtaining a Battle 
Core (May not obtain every time u beat him).

Easiest money:
This tip only works for level 17 warriors. Get the shining duo from the crystal lake 
quest. Now go outside amityvale graveyard and invite artix as friend b. now go to the 
right and take the bottom fork in the road. do the well quest and you will have 2 
artixes in your party. now do the yaga stone circle quest. to battle use defend, and 
holy with both artixes. now use power, attack with artixes, double, triple, so on. 
you will get a weapon worth 200 each time unless you get the chicken cow armor, 
quest takes all of 2 minutes!

Paladins Wrath:
You should Know that if you beat the quest Artix vs The Undead (you can do this quest 
by going to amityvil or going to the griffon and click necropolis,doomwood.but in 
amityvil you have to go to the south(down)from the inn and click doomwood necroplis 
and walk up to artix and click quest,but Artix vs the undead is one of the last 
quest.) And once you beet the boss,you might get the Paladins Wrath.

Submitted by: lars

First go to reens in falcon reach and select reagents then defeat the monster. 
you will c sparcles on the left. walk over to them and revel the secret.

2500+ Experience:
Invite Artix in Amityvale or in Doomwood:Necropolis
-Full your potions
-Then do the Pumpkin Patch Quest
-Artix have 1 special attack
-uses 10 MP
-It can be used 30 times with potions
-Then finish the quest
-Then you have 2500+ Experience Points

How to max your paladin armor:
Go to necropolis then talk to Artix quest button then "Save moonridge" then finish 5
or 4 waves then tada!undead slayer badge keep doing this to get more.

How to get two Artixes:
Submitted by: Link

Goto Amity ville graveyard Invite Artix Then beat the well Then you will have two 
Artixes Anybody Under 10 my id number is 22484272
Submitted by: kenny

Easy kills / best combo - start the battle doing defend , than warcry , than stun, 
than double atk,  than triple atk. They dont get to attack till than, it helps alot
to have a dragon as a pet.

Submitted by: Michael

Need gold to buy a doom weapon then put together a team and go to amitvayle and 
talk to thursday then do the haunted house quest 280 times then go to thursday 
again and click on shop then get the item called thursdays cloak as many times 
as possible, then go to yulgars shop and sell all the cloaks if you did the haunted 
house quest at least 280 times you should get enough money to buy one of the doom 

Direction on crystal clear lake:
First beat the monster then go south kill the next monster then go south then 
beat the monster after go right then south.

Travel without an Eagle:
Go to Falconreach and click travel whe you get there don't do anything you 
have to do this at moderate speed click the first plank of wood in the bridge 
(if it runs it's natural and it's part of the cheat)then when it's running this 
is when you will do it quickly, click necropolis then your character will just fly. 

Submitted by: lawrence

Ok first this is how to get a doom weapon first go get artix as your team then get 
a fire weapon like legendary magmasword then go do the crystal lake or do one of 
artix radom quest like mysteries door after you do that you get a weapon like golden 
rapier then sell it cost 5000gp! 
have fun dude and rate!

Expirence and money cheat:
Ok, first, get Artix and Valancia. Then go to Amitevyle, and go along the path, until
you come to the pumpkin patch, do this quest and gain lots of gold.
Go to Falconreach, and got to the portal. Walk in and go to Willowshire. Then, go on 
'Enter the tower' and complete all of the doors there. Then, go in the big door and 
get out everything,wepons and amour, that could help in a fight. Then, well... fight.

Submitted by: cdues21

First go to falcon reach @ any level and at the top it says shes back ballyhoo. 
Just watch the video as many times as you want until you have to stop for the day. 
so if you were a level 9 you would get 60 gold each time you watched it.

Submitted by: Matt

ok you NEEED to have a DragonAmulet for this. go to the pirate area and talk to 
the guy with the quests (he's the only person standing outside) do all his quests 
till you get to Something Fishy, summon your dragon and fight. if you win you get 
3001 xp 400 gold and a weapon you can sell for 150 gold. if you are strong enough 
you can do this in less then 5 min (like me) so pretty much every 5 min you are 
getting 3001 xp and 550 gold!!! (in just a few hours I can get a Doomweapon, the 
last one I got took me DAYS of killing the bandits) have fun with this!

If youre on one of those circle things and your waiting to be healed up fast just 
go to your inventory and then the circle would have healed you up completely.

Go to robina then go at the right side of the waterfall then you will go to a Ice
cave to find a lot of ice and water weapons.

Yaga witches:
1.the 1st yaga haz nothing by her side 
2.the 2nd witch haz a crow by her side
3.the 3rd witch haz a bat by her side
4.the 4th witch haz both by her side
5.the 5th witch also haz both by her side
6.there is a purple pumpkin if you go 2 it it will restor health and mana
7.the monster at the end is kinga weak and introduces himself

Really easy gold:
Submitted by: Alex

go to robina click on bountyhunting and ask for the most wanted list and then go 
left up and left.

First go to the monkee wars! Then click on wat side will u battle 4 (ninja or pirate) 
Then while in the quest click options the select "teleport to hometown" and boom! 
The curse aint removed.

Monkey Armor:
To get the monkey armor either pirate or ninja.. do the monkey war. Defeat at least 
1 wave. Press continue. Then press options then teleport to hometown. I was curious of 
it and i just did it then it worked!

Easy EXP For Non DA Players Requires Lvl 17++ and Silver Weapon:
Submitted by: Carson

Here's the deal
1st Get 2 Artix As ur Team Member, Invite Artix from Amtyvale or Doomwood (Necropolis) 
As Friend B and Do "Well" Quest at Amtyvale..finish it...and Voilaa....U'll get 2 Artix
in ur Team.
2nd If u don't Have Doom Weapon, do "Crystal Lake" Quest until u get a Good Silver Weapon
what u Desire.

3rd Do "Pumpkin Patch" Quest at Amtyvale or "Ghost" Quest at Falconreach Inn 
Pumpkin Patch Quest at Amtyvale
EXP 2460 
Gold 64
reward Moonglow (Require for Weapon Quest at Amtyvale)

Ghost Quest at Falconreach Inn
Exp 2180
Gold 68
Reward ( Various Weapon that u can use or sell it with price range 90g - 500g ) Worth it...

Or Just do Easy Way...CE 5.4 and Voilaa...U can do anything at DragonFable..LoL

Have Fun.

close up:
First set your home town to falconreach. (Go to the inn and click set home town) Then go up 
from the main faconreach and then turn left. You will see your self closeup. Then click 
options under items and click tele port.

Secret - good experience:
-go to dragesvard
-go to galanoth press random quests
-cancel if he doesnt tell you to kill a dragon
-if he does accept
-defeat quest

Going to falconreach without fighting hydra:
Go to oaklore and go to the person who talks about ghosts and click on sir koffagus and 
keep on fighting till you find a sign that says falconreach and the sign is pointing right.

Submitted by: Nima Adib 

Go to the falconreach and fly to robina'z zone then go to that a way land and ask the girl 
for quests and they have lots of money plus inviteher as a friend!!!!she's cool and she's 
level 8.

Super Speed:
When your in a quest and you kill an enemy and the OK button comes up press it then 
quickly press where you want to go before the screen comes up.

How to stand on the gryphon while flying:
First,u go to the gryphon in falconreach,then u go to the bridge.After that,u run back 
to where u came and quickly click where u want to go.u will see your character sitting 
down and flying to the ground,then suddenly,your character will dissapear, then u will 
find your character standing on the gryphon.

Submitted by: kyle darby

While in a battle click the dragon amulet then click quest log then click on go to 
release and the attack bar is still there but dont use any kind of attack or the 
game will freeze!

Very good tip:
Submitted by: jack

Sick of hearing cheats to get cow and chicken armour well they r all wrong u buy chickencow
armour with dragon coin in that guys shop where u have to have dragon coins to buy things!

When you are doing ninja quest go to the "run of the kessel" from tython. crash the ship 
until you find Bucaneer. When he makes the parrot attack it takes some time for it to get
back. When the parrot is gone qiucky attack Bucaneer. 
Then the parrot will appear on the Bucaneer's shoulder.

First go to the Gyphon then click where u want to go then click teleport to hometown
(do the teleporting "Really fast" while the gyphon is still starting to fly) then you will
see ur not straight but doing the moonwalk.

Get Cordemi-Codex:
There are 2 ways to get cordemi-codex:

1.First go to warlic, then go to the mountain (it is in the back of warlic). Then go
straight then go right until u see a cave. Then go inside then battle all monster until
u finished. Then if u got the cordemi codex sell it or equip it,(optional) if u didn't
get cordemi codex in the cave, do it many times until you get it.

2.(for DragonLords or The Free Players That finished the way 1 i did or The free players
that bought some dragon coins). Okay first go Falcon Reach. Then go Right until u see
cysero then go inside his shop then buy his cordemin codex.

Easy traveling without clicking travel:
First go to falconreach; then you go infront of the guardian tower but don not go in then
go this way. Then you will see it will zoom then click the amulet beside your bag there
you will see something. Then you go back to the main of falconreach near the galanoth then
you click the amulet again there you will see all the places were you want to travel.

How to find Super Dragon Chow:
The Super Dragon Chow has been a mystery to many people... and here's the way to find it.
Travel to Necropolis and do the "Save Moonridge" quest. Here you'll find a option between
"Battle" and "Strike From The Skies From Your Dragon". Choose the second one. As a reward
for this quest you'll mostly get helmets, but there will be rare moments when you'll get 
a Super Dragon Chow as a revard. This will give you 5 train stats for your baby dragon!

Savage Outworlder:
Go to Amityvale and talk to Thursday. Click quests and go to Yaga Stone Circle. Before 
fighting Guffer,a.k.a. The Savage Outworlder, kill all 5 Yaga Sisters.

Chicken Cowlord extra health:
If you have the chicken cowlord armor you can get extra health. If you are in battle 
with someone or something and are wearing the chicken cowlord armor when your health 
gets low use your potions after you are out of potions if your health gets low again 
go to your inventory and unequip the armor then equip everything you had on cape,helm.
ring,sword,etc. then when you leave your inventory you should have full health.

Bounty Hunter - Go to Robina and click bounty hunting. Get the list, then go to the right
and up. Go through the thing that looks like a wood fortress. Kill everything inside it. 
Reward: Cash 50-600 Weapons. About 100 gold max.

This glitch actualy makes you fly without the griffon (the big bird you find near 
falconreach tower). Walk up to falconreach tower go right to the griffon but dont go 
anywhere near it just click on your destination vwola the griffon flies without you 
but dont worry you flie on your own try it.

Submitted by: blablabla

the moment you get to olklore, you go to sir jing's weapon, the quest, get a sir 
ging's weapon.
you should level up half way and go to the pritess's message. then go to the path to 
falconreach defeat hydra and you should reach falconreach only lv 4!!!
you cand invite artix and defeat quests faster!!

Easy gold and exp:
Submitted by: eboo12345

For Da only.Go to willowshire and do the quest called gorgok.Summon your dragon.(best 
if it is fully trained then use this combo burn, mega, the 2 breaths)It is useful if 
your dragon's type is energy.Kill Gorgok and you get 2000 exp and 400 gold.

Cool and strong wepons and two good partners:
The first person is artix he has a attack called holy which did 144 for me and 231 for
my friend. The next preson is Valencia which did 52 for me. My best sword is the Minor 
Dragonsfall Blade which did 161 for me its only for people that are 10+lv. The best 
ring is the Gorillaphant Ivory Ring which gets you Melee Defanse 1+ and Bonus 2+. The
best hat is the Twilly Punting Hat which will get you luck 1+, STR 1+ and bonus 1+ all
together if you both of them you will have 1 luck 1 STR 1 Melee Defanse and 3 bonus.

Easy 230 gold for each sell:
All right first travel to amityvale talk to Thursday and do the crstal clear lake 
and each time you finish it you get a silver weapon which sells for about 170 to 230.

Great light and darkness weapons:
Do you want great light and darkness weapons for free? Just go to artix and do the
artix VS. undead quest. Do the quest until you go to the boss. Defeat him and if you
cant get the weapons do that over and over and there are two weapons. They can be a 
level 15 or a level 22 weapon it has great could have a paladins wrath or
Edgar's blade.

Submitted by: DF master

For easy gold go to Dravesgard and see Ikea. Buy the magic mirror and put in in your 
house (if you dont have one you can buy one for 1000gp) then click on go and battle all 
monsters. By the end you should have 260gp more than before. Repeat.

All the secret aeras:
1-Behind robina, the waterfall, water cave, better bring a energy wep.
2-Still in robina's zone, go right until a red barrier, earth cave, better bring a
  wind wep.
3-When arrived at walics tent, go right on time, then turn downwards, the waterfall
  too, bring a energy wep.
4-At walics zone, keep going right, then turn downwards, go into the portal, wind 
  cave , bring stone wep.

Easy dragonslayer training:
First get a ice dragon scale from one of galanoth's quests and unlock the dragon 
slayer armour. then go to train. and do the quest for the stones.when you get to 
the but where you push the button keep clicking it till it goes on the number 
you want (70 or over)then stop clicking and yove got it.

Pet passwords:
Get a strong pet:

Password   Effect
japeth   - upgrade pets.
joseph   - upgrade staff.
joshua   - upgrade EXP.

Easy slaybells:
Goto frostvale chapter 3, act 5, then do the "slay bells ring" quest, at first you
will see twinkling snow, and battle it, there is a chance that it has the slaybells
and also the 2nd twinkling snow.

Dragonfable easy coins!:
This is the deal, but you got to be level 17 soz.... Ok, do the Crystal Clear Lake 
until you get the weapon called Shining Duo (level 17 only)... Then you go to outside
the graveyard and take Artix in your party B! Thn you go to Well quest where in the 
end will be Artix and you should get Artix in your party A!! Then you go to Thursady
and say you want to go to Yaga Stone Circle Lake. Ok, then you must kill all witches
to weaken Guffer, but if you want to go and kill him alrready do it but he can hit 130
to 239! Then use the Shining Duo that hits on him 89 to 195 with the Power bonus (only
for Warriors) and then when you finish him you get weapon level 20 to 23 that can be 
sold for 230 coins but if you want, you can keep them!! If you keeep doing this for 2
days you can get Doom Weapons easily!

Easy killing Doom Kitten:
Ok in this secret you need to be level 9 and it is when you are doing the Egg quest 
or when you already finished and want to check if this is a true secret... Ok buy the
Battlespire Novice Sword in PvP Arena. Ok, after you do this go to Warlic and say you
want to do the Egg quest. When you start doing it, equip your Water Weapon and you do
ni Doom Kitten a damage of 180 to 290! It is brilliant but there is one more thing but
I`m not sure... They say that if you defeat 100 to 200 times the Kitten that you get 
the Dragon Amulet but I`m not sure.

More easy coins:
Now, in this cheat you must be at least lvl 17 and you need to have Shining Duo or get
it... Now go to Thursady and tell her you want to do the Crystal Clear Lake.. Now there
are somethings you got to know if you are low health... there is a Healing Pad. I`m 
going to tell you the way to the way to the Healing Pad... First go SOUTH, then kill 
the monsters in the zone (hint: Swamp Shambler are easy to kill with Poison Weapons 
like Toxic Cutlass and with Fire Weapons), then go WEST and for the Laggon Goon use 
a Light Weapon if you have any like Paladin Wrath and you can hit 90 or more, then 
go SOUTH and turn WEST and there it is the Healing Pad!! Then keep going to EAST and
EAST and EAST and then go SOUTH after killing all monsters... In Werewolfyou use the
Shing Duo and then you should hit like 216... After killing him you get more Silver 
Weapons like Movement Sword for level 19 that you can keep to the future or sell it 
in Shop for 239.

Submitted by: carter

Ok when you are in the introduction when you battle the goralliphant you should have 
artix and vaneiclya and twilly. this is reccomended to level 13 to 1,000,000 kill the 
goralliphant then done!

How to get the strongest possible Light weapon:
Now, you might know about this, but there is a weapon type called Destiny. To get it,
you first need to buy the doom weapon from the merchant at the outskirt of Falcon 
reach. After you get the doom weapon (for your class), you go to necropolice and finish
all the quests that asterix asignes you. After that, you may see an option when you talk
to him, purifing doom weapon. Now, if you are a DA holder, I think you can get the one 
with the one which has max damage around 70 - 80. As for Non - DA holders like me, I am
sorry but, the best you can get is the one with 68 dmg for max. Ah, you need some items
in order to purify the Doom weapon. The items are from the quest called (Save Moonridge)
I think.

Easy money cheat:
Submitted by: larry

Go to nythera and do the quest called potion master finish it and you will get EXP.0 
and gold.0; But you will get a junk that you can sell it for 300 or 500 gold.

Zero Attack:
Submitted by: infoscheats
This is more of a warning, but when upgrading the doom/destiny weapons it removes one 
doom/ destiny weapon from your inventory and replaces right? Well, if you have that 
weapon equipped, it unequips the weapon and does not equip your "starter" item. 
You will do 0 and the element will be none.

Good battle strategy:
Aat the beginning of a battle use sleep, then attack until they have 1 turn of sleep 
left. Then use defend and attack until the shield is gone. Finaly use blind and attack
until you can use it again (which is ironically the same turn the effect runs out on 
the oponnent!).

Unlockable Paladin:
Go the Necropolis and talk to Artix. Do the quest called "Save Moonridge" (not the boss).
Give the badge you were awarded to Artix for the Paladin armour. Keep Doing the quest 
and getting badges, take them back to Artix and train as a Paladin. Its quite simple.
You can also become a Neocromancer after you have mastered Palaind and a Death Knight 
after you have mastered them both. Have a blast.

Unlockable - Good weapons:
These are good weps. recommended to be level 10+ with lots of money.

Unlockable                           How to unlock
Dragon's revenge III               - Find on the quests from Galanoth or from artix.
                                     (level 40+) (attack: 54-76 energy).
Icy sword,Icy dagger and Icy staff - You can buy it for 16000 at dragesvard weapon shop.
                                     (level 35+) (damage: 54-62 ice).
Unokobi                            - Buy it in shadow of the wind village.
                                     (level 27+) (41-53 wind).
Shining duo                        - Quest on yaga stone circle.
                                     (20+) (damage- 40+ silver).
Wings of the hundred flames        - 100 room dungeon.
Twin blades of doom                - Buy it from the stranger at falconreach.
                                     (level 8+) (damage:36-68 darkness).
Twin blades of destiny             - Need twin blades of doom you must have finish all the
                                     quest of artix and click purify doom weapon and needed
                                     ten undead slayer badge.
                                     (level 8+) (damage 36-68 light).
Hair with wings                    - You can buy it on osprey cove.
Ranger armor                       - From zhoom recommended finished the quest the hard way.
Dragonslayer armor                 - Finish the second quest from gaanoth then you can wear
MOGLIN PASSWORD                    - kthxhat! theres only hat 2 of it are non DA and one DA.
                                     (including exlamation mark).

Get Heaps of Gold:
In Falconreach, click Free Gold from Ballyhoo and watch the ad and after the ad click 
"Get Prize" and you can get heaps of gold! I've got almost 30,000 gold now!

Turn Dragon-size:
This cheat will only work for dragonrider class so non-da's such as myself have to do this
in the titans of battleon quest.

* Get on the dragon.
* Open inventory (you need chickencow armour or some other armour that is in your inventory) 
  and equip it.
* you should be supersized but they may have fixed the bug.

Easy Experience for 1 monster (do it lots of times and may get items to make pet):
Submitted by: Tonana

To make things easier, get Valencia(8-18 damage) and Artix(5-30 damage). To make things 
super easy, get the Dragonlord armor, train all of it, equip it. To make it super duper 
easy, get a good energy(lightning) weapon, make your pet a energy element.(such as elementizing 
your dragon) and a good energy weapon is a lvl 17 weapon called "twin cresent blade". OK now go 
to Voltabolt. Do his quests. If you do extreme mode, you get more than 1,000 exp. If you do regular, 
you get a little more than 600 exp. Do this alot of times to lvl up easily. If you do it alot of 
times, you can even get the ingredients to make a pet. Though it seems like it only gives you scrap 
metal, it gives you something else 1/100 of the time. So if you need 44,000 exp to lvl up, you only 
need to do extreme mode 44 times!

Get heaps of exp and gold:
Go Doctor Voltbolt's Challenge and do the quest and click the sign and yes. Then finish the quest
and you get something like 800 exp and 60 gold and scrap metal which you can sell for 10 gold!

Travel back in time:
For those who are in the present time, complete all of Nytheras quests and unlock "storm war".
Then go to falconreach and you will see dark skies with lightning. Warlic is now dead and nythera 
will take his place. Go to that little dragon amulet icon next to your inventory icon and click 
on it. After that click on quest log at the top right corner. Now click "go to warlics zone". 
Click visit warlics zone and tada! youre back in the era when warlic wasnt dead and nythera was
a still a sorceress brat! Try going to falcon reach. It goes back like 3 months or so.

Easy Money and Exp:
Submitted by: Sammy

Go to Dr.Voltrabolt and fight either the one that has more hp or fight the other one and keep 
fighting until u level up! I did this a bunch of times and in a matter of time, i was a level 18! 
Sammy-level 11 warrior SammyBunny-level 17 rouge.

Dragon Amulet:
If you want a dragon amulet Just Go to valencia do the bacon quest 15 time and she will give 
you dragon amulet but don't logout fast because it will be dissapear when she give it to you 
just go to lady celestia and do all the dragon quest and then enter the other quests do the 
resipe for disaster quest and kill all the dragons and then you will get the dragon amulet it
will not dissapear when you logout.

Easy cash and cool wind weapon:
First go to yulgar's shop them click craft your own weaponsthen click train blacksmithingif
u max the skill then no needmake your weapons for a profitthe higher the lv the more cash u
can rake in your wallet. To get the wind weapon go to amityvalle and talk to teusdayclick 
quest then do quest the cryptcollect 4 roses in there then exit the dungun. teusday will give
you a sunsabreone.

How to get doom weapons:
1.Gorgok returns. DA Willowshire Why The quest will give 1 doom weapon in 2 hours.
2.Smells fishy DA sorry forgot quest name at pirate place Why The quest will give you a 
  doom weapon in 2:30.
3.Titan quest from lady celetia non-DA Why this quest will give you a doom weapon in about 3 days.
4.Bounty hunting. non-DA right then up from robina Why This quest will give you a doom weapon 
  in about 5 ddoom weapos.

These are four ways to get doom weapons. If you want to pvp me my id is : 9976069 i'm a lv 25 
warrior (almost necromancer) and i have guilded ax of destiniy or whatever.

Good and nice blade in Dragonfable:
Submitted by: andywong1999

To do this you must desroy sea serpent 2 times to do this and pass him.Go to click Travel in 
Faconreach when you see lot of towns click Amityvale and talk to Thursday and click quest and 
then click Crystal lake clear and go down and go down and go right and go down and you will see 
Lon the Tiger and defeat him the best lv to defeat him is to be lv 40 and equip the Blade of the might get Shining duo or mommet blade or a staff all type is wind or lighting good l
uck my charater name is Andy Lv 40.

Get the ultimate punisher to enemies:
Submitted by: riorenzoneostar

this is how to punish an enemy.
Get an armor that will hurt it so many times, like a ranger armor
Stun and poison the monster, when the enemies stun effect is finally
wearing off, use shield or block or dodge so it won't hit you,
and if you have a pet, and friends helping you, that
will torture the enemy Brutally, like artix and his holy attack,
valencia and her skills, vayle and her undead minions, etc.
P.S. make it so BRUTAL you'll win in less than 1 minute.

Beat the Hydra easy:
First get sir jing's weapon.Then level up I suggest the sneevil quests now train until level 5 
after that get the legendary sword,dagger,staff.Now face the Hydra First take out the extra 
hydra because they deal more damage than the main one.Now if you think this wont work check 
it and youll find out im right.

GPS Ultra-pwnage:
If you have a gps (gnomish personal steamtank), use this technique to totally pwn your opponents:

1. Use Biohazard (2nd to the right of basic attack)(ok if you miss).
2. Use Boiling Point (next one to the right) (MUST NOT MISS).

Submitted by: andemaden

first go to robina and talk to her and click at bounty hunting and then yes.
Go to the crossroad (right) and go up.
Go right and complete the quest and if you are lucky you will get over 600 gold.
If you are not so lucky you will get a little bit over 50 gold.
But its good

Level up on Dragonfable every 30 seconds!:
Submitted by: Christianrocks

U have to have Cheat Engine 5.1.1. go to Falconreach and talk to Ash and do treefort quest. 
fight both monsters that u see. u will get 10 exp. 10x8=80. type 80 in hex on CE. click first 
scan. Go in tree and fight next monster. u got 5 exp. 15x8=120. type 120 in hex on CE. Next scan. 
click on the ONE address that is shown. click value, type in 800,000,000. fight another monster. 
LEVEL UP!!! IF U DON'T LEVEL UP TYPE IN 800,000,000 OVER AND OVER UNTIL U DO. I'm a level 40! my 
id is 28577780 if u wanna fight me. On my other person, "Cool Man," ima level 127. 
Hope this helps!

Easy Hydra Pwning:
If you go in Oaklore and go where the catapult is to the far right and press sir jings weapons!
Those can dish out TONS of damage to the hydras. IF I get more than ten thumbs up I will make 
another one.

Crystal shard hint:
Submitted by: phadz

Go to warlic in warlics zone then do the quest crystal shard and when you get there battle every 
monster then when ya see two patsh go to the top and fight all the monsters and thats about it 
if ya watn to lvl up just goto the bottom adn fight all monsters cya!.

Great gold:
Go to valencia and click on the bacon origin quest go to the quest where you battle the 9 hydra
heads.Kill all the monsters then you should get over 8000 exp and 300 gold.You also get to refill
on potions after you defeat one hydra head.When a text appears that "the hydra looks for a chance
to swap" just use a skill that stops your foe from running away.Please rate thumbs up.

How to get the Perfect team for fighting Dark or Undead Monsters:
Head on over to Amityville and go talk to Artix, Invite him as a friend, But clear your friend
list first. Now Invite Artix as "Friend B"(thats important). No keep walking down the path to 
your right, At the very end there should be two ways to go, take the top path. Complete the 
quest. By the end of it you should have 'rescued' Artix, and he will join your party, You will
now have two Artix in your Party. Now all you need is a Light pet and a good light weapon, Then
you will have the perfect Party for fighting Dark things.

Sir Ano:
You can invite sir ano in oaklore to join your party! First click his quest and continue after 
the loading friend sir ano will join your party. Dont click "done" it will remove him. Click 
options button and click teleport to hometown and then after that his in your party now.

Free Full Heal:
If you happen to have a ChickenCow suit or any other armor with you in a quest and you are 
short of potions for healing, try wearing the chickencow suit (where you can get in the 100 
room dungeon) and try changing back to your original armor, then when you close your inventory,
you have a full heal w/ all ur potions back.

Purify Doom Weapon:
Once you buy a doom weapon, go to Artix in Doomwood. To purify finish all of his quests and 
you can purify your doom weapon! Also you need 10 undead slayer badges(I think). The Shadow 
Reaper of Doom is white and gold once you purify it!

Fly Off of Travel Platform:
When you click travel you come to a big cliff with a griffin in front of you. If you click
one of the named places, then you get on the griffin and fly to that place. So if you click
the place to go while simultaneously running toward the griffin, the griffin begins to fly 
away without you and you fly off the platform alone. You get absolutely no gain from this 
glitch, but it is very fun.

Funny griffin glitch:
First go to the griffin {the thing in falconreach guardian tower at the right that flies 
you everywhere} and click anyplace while youre still running, and you will be seated in 
the air while moving crazily in the air! it's a very funny glitch!

Kind of Good Cheat:
Submitted by: CheatMan

Go back to the forest where you first begin. Then, kill the sneevil.Lastly, leave the forest
area. You only get 2 gold,but if you have the patience do it over and over again, you can get
a good amount of money.

Some funny stuff!:
Submitted by: Daegan

If u want to some funny stuff ur reading the right paragraph!Anyways comlete most of the 
Dragon Egg Saga then go to Twilly when she's saying"come ur dragon egg is hachting" (or 
somthing like that) and play that 'qeust'.(I think u have to have a dragon amulut for the 
1 on the above not bottom). Also play the qeust Artix gives u in domwood (NOT RANDOM QEUST)

Go back in time:
You might think that i'm crazy, but its true! You can do it 2 ways. There used to be 3 but
they fixed the other one. Anyways, click on the dragon amulet place next to your backpack.
Click the button that says "quest log". Then click "Falconreach." Then click "more quests."
Then click Dr. Voltabolt's challenge. You will be teleported there. Then click leave. 
Galanoth will be standing where the present day weapon shop is and instead of Rolith, you
find Ash there. And it also says something about the Kilguin Arena, whatever that is. The 
other ways that were fixed was clicking Valencia's zone or clicking Warlic's zone. If you 
did the quest that involved Nythera killing Warlic, then you will see Warlic before Nythera
killed him. If you didn't do the quest where Nythera killed him, then it won't work. The 
Valencia's zone was the one that was fixed.

Fire cave:
Go to falconreach and got up the hill to the portal and then got to warlic's portal and then
go up the path until u see a split path take the right one then thats the cave i recommed it
for level 7 or higher. Then continue through the cave to u came to a split again go right (or
straight) then defeat the monsters(6) a head then go throught the skull door. Then after 
deafting 2 monsters ull see the fire boss kill him and hell have a cool weapon one him.

Instant heals for DA owners:
Ok first you have to get the fishing armor witch is 1000 gold. Go east or right from the road
going to the gardian tower and befor the sherwood forest. So wat u do is after a battle and 
you have like no health left click the inventory and then click the angler armor it will say 
you cant use this right now but where u clicked the equip button it will say unequip click 
this it will go into a small loading screen after this is over exit the inventory u will find
all but 10 hp is restored and all but 10-30 mp is restored but u have to put all ur gear back
on and thats how u do it.

Want a Grand Master Sword/ Staff/ Dagger:
If you want it without ranking to rank 20, then you have to have crash override. In crash 
override go to town cheats, then go to Admin Menu. You will see a girl that says I am not in
the game. Then on the right side of her find shop and merge. In shop put number between 80-
90. Meant like 81, 82 .... I think the Grand Master shop ID is 87 or 86. But I am sure its 
between 80 and 90. Then enter 80 something in the shop IDs and buy the GRAND MASTER Sword/
Staff/Dagger. If you want all kinds of shops try ids from 1 to 105. You can find anything.
And for merge IDs there is only 60 so, you can try shops for merge from 1 to 60.

How to find death scythe:
First go to valencia she's on the east side on falconreach, then go to quest bacon orgin
then go to the quest no horsing around once you done that go in the cave and defeat death
it will be a 50% cance they will give you the death scythe one more thing you have to have
a dragon amulet to get the death scythe.

Get Undead Slayer Badges Quick:
This only works if u have completed half of Artix's quests. Select the side quest 'T.A Challenge'.
Choose the Simple Crawler, beat it then quit the quest. This is quicker for getting Undead Slayer 
badges than doing 'Battle for Moonridge'. Also u can get 1 of the Necromancy Brother Helms as 
your item. If you struggle against it (hope not) you can invite Artix to help you.
Note: Doom Crawlers aren't weak against Element.

Easy experience:
Use the following trick for easy undead slayer badges and experience. First, make sure you 
have a very decent light weapon, and if desired a good light pet. Fly to the Necropolis then 
invite Artix to your group. Talk to him about quests, then select the "Save Moonridge!" quest.
Click the "To Battle!" icon. You should be put in front of a row of undead. Fight them. Every
time you fight one, make sure to use Artix's Holy Light attack. Beware of the Necroslimes, 
because they are not weak against fire and not light. Everytime your Artix is running low 
on mana, simply talk to Artix, uninvite all your party members, then just reinvite him.

Anglers Rage:
Go to any barber shop in any city, but Lolosia is recommended. Wear the Angler Suit. Get it
by the lake to fish. Sit down on the barber shop's seat. For a few seconds, your character 
should go berserk, first dying, then getting up, attacking, throwing a dagger, then finally
standing with a fishing pole. This can be done as many times as desired.

Free Dragon Coins and Gold:
Go to Falconreach and click Ballyhoo ( Top right corner ) then press Watch Ad. When you 
finish with the ad you will get free coins or dragon coins. You can keep doing it but there
is a limit.

Insta Kill (No Seriously this works):
Submitted by: f00y

First open Cheat Engine (5.5). Do processes, then windows list, then click Dragonfable. 
Equip your default weapon (You know, Baneblade, cos this only works with Dragonslayer). 
Type in 40 and scan. Now equip another weapon. Thake its minimum damage and multiply that
by 8. Enter that into Cheat Engine and click next scan. You should get 1 number. Double 
click on it. Now it should pop up in the bottom box. Double click on its value and change
it to 9999992. Click Frozen so that it has a tick in the box. Change the description to 
Damage. Now fight something and use Bleed (Can only do this if you have a Dragon Amulet,
otherwise you will just do 180 damage). 
P.S. You can now do Titan Fights and do Insta Kills there.

Easy PvP trophies:
* Go to the character selection screen. Make a character level 1 and get its ID #. Go to the
  arena use the "Battle ID" feature. Enter in the ID and keep defeating it to get trophies. 

* When in the PvP arena, go to character ID# and type in 477595. This will take you to a fight
  with a level 1 with only 110 HP. It is an easy kill and PvP trophy.

* For the PvP section type in the character ID# 11788406. Ice is his weakness. He may have a 
  lot of health but it easily goes down. He does not do much damage.

* Due to the updates of the game, only characters that are at least one below you or any number 
  above your level can give you Aeris Battlespire PVP points. One way to do this easily is by 
  doing the other tactic listed above (defeating Artix Krueger). Done repeatedly, not only can
  it be done quickly, but also easily.

Use double and triple attacks:
If you are a Warrior and have the double and triple attacks unlocked, there is a way to use 
both. First, do a normal attack on the creature to enable the double attack feature. Use the
double attack to enable the triple attack feature. Then, use the defend feature and in your 
next turn use the war cry feature. You should now have both the double and triple attack ready
to use. Try using the triple attack first, as you can use the double attack on the next turn 
to enable triple attack again.

"Crystal Clear Lake" quest:
Use a fire weapon for all the monsters except for the werewolf. First go south, then west,
then south, then west to find a healing pad. Then move three times to the east, then go south.
If you have a silver weapon, use it on the werewolf. When you finish the quest you will get a
silver weapon (must be level 17 to use). Keep repeating the quest until you get the desired 
silver weapon. Note: Bring a fire pet, Artix, and Valencia. 

"Give It Till It Hurts" quest:
When you are at levels 5 to 8 and have to do the "Give It Till It Hurts" quest from Robina, 
you can find a bush that leads to a secret healing place. Defeat one monster, heal, and repeat.

"Secret Draft" quest:
Go to Falconreach, then go to town hall. To get there, you must go east once, then go to the
place with a sign that has a black circle. Once inside, go to the left once. Go to the first
bookshelf. The message "One of these books is a secret lever!" will appear. 
Press the "Hit It!" button and the bookshelf will go down. You can now do the quest.

How to level up fast:
If you have a pet dragon, go to lady celestia at sunbreeze cove. Click on DRAGONRIDER and 
summon your dragon. Do the dragon training quest. even if u can't beat the boss, just beat 
all of the kaiju's and exit quest. I'm level eleven and can level up every 15 minutes.

Black Market Moglin:
The black market moglin is standing right in between Reen's house and the empty house. He
lets you change your name for 1000 DC class for, Gender for 1000 DC, and class for 500 DC.
It may not be free, but its cool and if you have a bunch of DragonCoins and you think that
you dont like your class, name, or gender, then talk to the black market moglin.

How To befreind or add tomix to your party:
First go to raven loss then go to tomix then do the quest highway then tomix will befriend
you after that abort the quest then voala you have him with artix and tomix in your party 
you can do any quest.

Walk upside-down:
First go to Battleon, and do the fire war quest "Battleon Burns" then do "Dragonlord's 
Defense". Finish it and go to Falconreach. You should walk backwards. Then go to the 
gryphon next to the guardian tower. Run, then click a random village. When you arrive, 
you will be upside down.

Easy weapons:
Submitted by: Dragon_lord

ok, to get easy weapons for levels 5-10 go to Lim in the new weapon shop and do his quest. 
i recommend having artix and valencia. once you finish his quest you can go to yulgar's 
forge. there you make weapons that are semi-good.

The Ultimate Destiny Weapon:
First of all, you must have a DA or guardian verified account. Next, go to Ash and select
Archknight. Add Ash to your df account and then go to char page ( Note: I'd suggest using
you best character for reasons later in the saga. The best strategy when battling the 
necromancer is to attack, stab and potion when needed. Once you finish the quests, go 
back to the char page and you can buy the blade of awe.

Warlic's Revival:
Ok first you have to finish the mission called, "Storm", Then after warlic's apprentice 
kills him go back to his place he isn't there at first then talk to Nytheria,(the one who
killed the warlic)and click the leae button And warlic is back and alive!But when you 
leave he will be gone!

Good Armours for newbies:
Go to Necropolis and finish all Artix quests and go to 'Other classes' and then choose 
Necromancer then you will go to Zorbak and get undead slayer badges to become Necromancer
and fully train the armour.

Blade Of Awe:
This trick requires a Dragon Amulet or Guardian verified account. Go to Ash and select
"Archknight". Add Ash to your account then go to the character page Use your best character.
The best strategy when battling the necromancer is to attack, stab, and potion when needed.
Once you complete the quests, return to the character page and you can buy the Blade Of Awe.

Recommended armor:
To get good armor for new players, go to the Necropolis and complete all of the Artix 
quests. Go to "Other Classes", then choose "Necromancer". Go to Zorbak and get undead 
slayer badges to become a Necromancer and fully train the armor.

Easy way to get good things:
Go in oaklore go to the left person and do everything intill you see sir vey camp do it
do all his things till you see shop it cost a lot of sand you get sand by doing his thing
keep doing his things at least 10 times.

More HP and MP potion:
Submitted by: Zed Red

If you want to have more hp or mp potion point,You need to go to left side of Falconreach go 
to Health shop for hp potion point and Mana shop for mp potion point.You need to gather some 
reagant,Then you will take a test.If you pass,your hp or mp potion point will increase.
Becareful,watch out if your skill are full.If it full,you'll pass the test but your potion 
point will not increse.

Walk upside-down:
First go to Battleon, and do the fire war quest "Battleon Burns" then do "Dragonlord's 
Defense". Finish it and go to Falconreach. You should walk backwards. Then go to the gryphon
next to the guardian tower. Run, then click a random village. When you arrive, you will be 
upside down.

Healing Tips:
Most quests have healing places inside them, usually near the beginning or the middle. 
Sometimes theyre hidden! Look for a white sparkling object. Touch it and a healing pad might
be uncovered. Also look for any objects that differ from the objects around it. Some items 
like these could heal you. Also, if your not in a quest, click the treasure chest at the 
bottom, go to features and you can heal yourself wherever you are!

3 Good Guests to have + where they are:
Okay, throughout my gametime on df i've found lots of good guests to invite to your team.
Please take note that most will be able to be attacked, and therefore killed. You've been 

* Tomix - Go to falconreach and go into the inn. Then click the option "Rest untill evening." 
  then (in the main area) go down, then left, left again, then go up. Go into the portal and
  talk to Tomix. Then start the Dusk Alley quest. After he is done talking you will be able 
  to start the quest or go back. Tomix has been put in Guest slot A. 
  Click back and go into a battle. He is very good, he has 4 skills (I think) and is very
  usefull for boss fights.

* Aegis - Complete all the ravenloss quests and kill Greed. Then talk to Tomix and start
  "Become a soulweaver." You will go into a fairly lengthy cutscene, and afterwards you can 
  invite Aegis as a Guest. Honestly he's my favorite Guest because his skills are superior 
  to fire types (and most others for that matter) and are very powerful. Only downside is 
  that he gets attacked more frequently than other guests, so put his shield skill to good 

* Rolith (Need a Dragon Aumlet) - Go to oaklore and talk to Rolith. At the bottom you'll 
  see you can invite him as a guest. He hits 2-8 hits each doing around 45 dmg. Very good 
  guest for bosses.

A dragon pet and elementize your dragon:
Do you want to make your dragon your pet? Follow this easy steps to find out.
* Complete the quest "The Hatching" and go to Sunbreeze Grove and speak to Lady Celestia.
* Click "Baby Dragon Quest and Training2, and click "equip".
* Now how to elementize your dragon!

* Speak to Lady Celestia (again), click "elementize".
* Choose your favorite element for your dragon (Fire, water, energy, darkness,etc.).
* Press confirm (Primal dragons are only for DA users)

Smuggling the frozen claymore:
The frozen claymore is an ice weapon which deals 36-44 ice Damage.

To get this weapon you have to do the following:
01.Open the quest log.
02.Choose book 1. falconreach.
04.Go to the weapon shop next to twilly. to yugar and click fire war
06.Now you must have completed (the guardian, the weapon and west).
   Note: these are quests.
07.Now click akriloth.
08.You will be in a cut scene.
09.You will see your character with a the frozen claymore.
10.Click heal and click run away.

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