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  Hints and Tips for: Dragon's Dogma 2 
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 Dragon's Dogma 2 Cheats

Dragon's Dogma 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Spot DragonsPlague:
Written by Rikimaru

-=The signs=-
* The first time you summon a pawn that has the disease, a pop up will 
  open explaining it. 
* An infected pawn will be mean to you in their dialogue.
  (“Don’t tell me what to do!” is one of their lines I think).
* And your other pawns will notice their sass and comment on it.
* Infected pawns will play an idle animation where they clutch their head 
  in pain.
* Infected pawn will disobey some of your commands, as they mention early 
  on when warning you about the curse.
* Infected pawns will have big glowing red eyes that pulse every 4 seconds.

Beware of pawns wearing helmets or glasses or masks! You may not notice!

-=Actions and Consequences - The solution=-
* Simply dismiss the Infected pawn OR have the disease pass onto another 
  pawn OR have the pawn die.
* You could always try throw them into deep water for an instant kill or 
  wait out the bleed out timer if you’re too far away from a Rift.

What happens if you don’t:
* Apparently, they turn into a ******** shadow dragon and kill a large 
  amount of NPCs! It can take 7 in-game days before all hell to break 
* Players say they slept in a town and woke up to most of the town’s NPC’s 
  being dead.
* Which can completely lock you out of some interesting quests.
* You’ll have to use your Wakestones to revive them but it’s important to 
  know that the bodies in the crypt are gone forever after 3 days.

Best practice is not to delay.

-=Extra Info=-
* You won’t be able to notice the signs while in The Rift.
* It doesn’t pop up as a status effect on your Pawn.
* You can’t cure it with in-game items.
* Dragons and Drakes can give the disease to your Pawn.
* Pawns will warn you about Dragonsplague in random dialogue early on 
  in the game.

Guide to Start the Mildred Quest:
* Chill on the bench near the vocation guild until it gets dark.
* Crash at Shakir’s Inn until the morning.
* Hang out at the Stardrop Inn for a bit. Just once should do the trick.
* When you step out the back of the Stardrop Inn, keep your eyes peeled. 
* Mildred might just pop up across the street.
* Update: If she’s still playing hide and seek, just keep hanging out at 
  the Stardrop Inn and stepping outside during the day. Sooner or later, 
  she’ll make her grand entrance.
* Hope this helps you track down Mildred and level up your game!

Guide to Delete Save Files / Use Old Saves:
* The saves are here:
  X:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\yourid#\2054970\remote\

-=Do this steps=-
* Delete the entire folder associated with the game.
* Disable Steam Cloud synchronization for the game.
* Launch the game and create a new character.
* Enable Steam Cloud synchronization again.
* Upon quitting the game, you’ll be prompted to choose between using the 
  cloud save or a local save.
* Select “local,” and it will overwrite the old cloud save with the new one.

Tip to Make the Pawn Follow and Stop Sprinting Ahead:
Your trusty pawns will stick to your orders, but they’ve got minds of their 
own. If you picked a pawn that’s all about jumping into fights or loves to 
wander off and loot, they’ll keep doing their thing.

Now, if the inclination is cramping your style, swing by the pawn guild in 
the capital. They’ve got items that can tweak your main pawn’s inclination, 
but it’ll cost you some rift crystals. Not too pricey though, around 200, I 
think. Just remember, you gotta use these items while you’re camping out.

Oh, and here’s a pro tip on hiring pawns:
* If they’re at your level or below, or they’re a buddy’s pawn, they’re on the 
  house, no rift crystals needed.
* But if they’re above your level, well, you gotta cough up some rift crystals. 
  However, there’s a sneaky trick with “Lost Riftstones” that can snag you a 
  high-level pawn for free. Keep an eye out for those!

Guide to Start New Game:
* Disable Cloud Saves
  - Before starting a new game, make sure to turn off cloud saves. 
  - Steam will just redownload your old save.
* Navigate to Save Location
  - Head to the save location on your computer. You can find it at:
  - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata[Your Steam ID][Game ID]\remote
  - Your Steam ID should be the only folder in the userdata directory. 
  - Look for the most recent folder with the game ID.
* Delete or Backup Old Save
  - Once you’re in the remote folder, find a file named “win64_save.” 
  - Delete it if you want to start a new game. Or you can copy the folder to 
    another location as a backup of old save.
* Start a New Game
  - With the old save deleted or backed up, you’re ready to start a new game. 
  - Launch the game.

Trick to Avoiding Getting Attacked while Camping:
(Been attacked 1 time in 200 hours playtime).

Any enemies in short range increase the chance of being attacked, make sure to kill 
anything nerby. When you’re farming drakes It’s better to just rest or doze off in 
harve for a week, Kill 3 drakes nerby, repeat and reload the game.

Reloading the game helps placing them in the world after their corpse decay / 
respawn timer pops, I usually Kill 3 and run through cave to dragonforged to get 3 
ferrystones, not sure but story progression might affect it, pre coronation was 
inconsistent, not to mention the 2 drakes past harve one have at least 2 spawn points.

When you’re camping at campsites, you can do a few cool things:

* Chill in the Tent: Mess with your skills, skip time till morning or night, 
  and get all your health back.
* Cook: Grill up some meat you found to get a temporary boost.
* Chat with your crew: Talk to your Pawns and any NPCs you’re traveling with.

Wyrmslife Crystal Farming:
Best method of farming them would be to have a thief or two in your party with 
the stealing skill, as they can usually grab 20 – 35 more with the skill. Other 
than that you can access the Dragonforged items in NG+ once you get back to the
Dragonforged in the seaside cave.

Once you’ve killed the lesser drakes and unmoored dragons along with the evacuations 
that’s pretty much it for Wyrmslife Crystals iirc until you’re in NG+.

-=Alternative Method=-
The best way, except unmoored world, is:

* Change vocation to “thief”
* Equip skills: Plunder (or Pilfer if low lvl), and open passive Bump and Lift
* Equip daggers with very low dmg
* Attack the Dragon with normal attacks until its stunned.
* When its stunned – use plunder/pilfer.

* Preferable point for this activity: volcanic island. 
* Start at Inn, run to the dragon. 
* Kill. Back to the inn – sleep for 4 days – repeat.
* In such way you could get ~300+ WLC per hour.

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