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  Hints and Tips for: Dream Tactics 
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 Dream Tactics Cheats

Dream Tactics

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
-=How does leveling work=-
It’s inspired by Fire Emblem, but the stat growths work differently. For example, 
an INT growth of 130 will give the unit 1.3 INT per level on average, and will be 
randomly awarded when leveling up. We’ve also designed a pity system to give 
stronger level ups to unlucky units, which should help mitigate bad RNG.

-=Free battles to grind experience=-
The game is more like old-school Fire Emblem which doesn’t have grinding / replayable 
battles, but players can participate in optional fights to increase their level. 
For example the battle to the left of Dew Town is an optional fight.

-=Ashguard House Key Missing=-
If you can’t find the house key to unlock the other two houses in Ashguard then you’ll 
have to destroy a certain pillow in the top-left house to progress.

If you tried auto-attacking the pillow that said “Just kill me now” and the attack 
just passes through him without hurting him – try pressing Y on Controller, or V/R 
on Keyboard & Mouse.

-=Where to find the last barrel (first map)=-
There is a hidden barrel behind a tree. It is after the cave before the world boss.

-=And lastly… if you want to be the villain=-
Without spoiling anything, one of the areas of the game, the Empire of Ashguard, 
might be what you’re looking for.

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