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  Hints and Tips for: Earth 2150 
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 Earth 2150 Cheats

Earth 2150

Cheat Codes:
Update by: suhas
Submitted by: Blonde

Your page on Earth 2150 says that the cheats have not been tested. We'll not
anymore! They work perfectly on the Retail English Version and also work with
the patch installed!! Extra: the "enable fast research for player only"
is awesome! The tech is researched instantly. You can literally research all 
60 techs in only the time it takes to click on them! Just wanted to pass this
info on so all can enjoy.

These cheats have not yet been tested. They may only work with German 
versions of the game. To enable cheats just click return and enter as follows
"I_Wanna_Cheat" and then press just return don't press left shift key or 0 
keypad keys.

To enter any of the following cheats, press ENTER, type the cheat text and 
press ENTER again to activate.

Cheat                     Result
X-mas_pack              = Reload ammo and full repair
Fireworks               = Put mines in area (range 8)
I_love_this_game        = 1000 give 1000 CR
I_hate_limits           = 100000 increase unit limit to 100000 CR
Einstein 1              = enable fast research
Einstein 0              = disable fast research
Help_me_please!!! 1     = enable fast research for player only
Help_me_please!!! 0     = disable fast research
Time_is_relative        = faster researches
Dirt_cheap_research     = cheaper researches
The_hammer_of_Thor      = Kill all enemies in range of 8
Massacre                = Kill all objects in range of 8
see_you_next_life       = kill selected object
Hasta_la_vista_enemigos = kill visible enemy units and buildings
Bad_time_bad_place      = Damage all objects in area
Eagle_eye               = show area
Let_be_darkness         = hide area
No_one_hides            = shows all units
No_more_secrets         = shows all map
Armageddon              = meteor rain

Cheat= "I_love_this_game"  (gives 1000cr to player)

Does not work on the retail English version or the patch.

May work on German Language Version.  
When used on English version, the game responds with "Unknown Command"

Cheat update:
Submitted by: Blonde

1.To Enable Cheat: Type "I_wanna_cheat" then press Enter ONLY! 
  (The simultaneous Enter,L shift, & 0 is NOT Necessary!)

2.Cheat: "I_love_this_game (amount)" : This cheat does work, and any
  amount of credits are accepted in 1000 incraments. It is key to leave
  one space between the words and the amounts.(tested to 50000).

3.Cheat: "Time_is_relative" : Works good, but also has effect on enemy
  research abilities.

4.Cheat: "Dirt_cheap_research" : Works good, but also has effect on enemy
   research abilities.

5.Cheat: "The_hammer_of_Thor" : Works great on invading forces, but has
  also killed my units that were "repainted".

6.Cheat: "No_one_hides" : Shows all enemy positions, but also shows the
  enemy where you are! Use with caution!

7.Cheat: "Armageddon" : Works wonders, and has been tested on all terrains,
  (not just Volcanic),can be used by any race, and does not require weather
  control station.

Cheat Update: 
Submitted by:  Blonde

Cheat= "Massacre" =This cheat kills all objects in range of 8.  
This also includes Trees and Bridges. (Can be used to keep the 
enemy ground forces at bay, or clear trees in your way before 
contruction of structure.)
Cheat= "Bad_time_bad_place" =
Damage all objects in (viewing) area.  This cheat reduces 
HP by aprox. 50%.
Cheat= "Fireworks" =Mines range 8. These mines do not effect 
your units and can be traveled over.

Cheat Update:
Submitted by: Sam Tope

I know this has been posted before, but the I_LOVE_THIS_GAME #.
Cheat has just been tested by me to go up to 9999999999 which will make it think
you entered the HIGHEST possable amount in the game. Any more and you will be sent
back to 0 Cr. Also, for some cool effects, do fireworks cheat and armageddon in 
same place. Meators will strike and the mines will go off. It looks like there has
been a mass explosion.

UFO glitch:
When you get the UFO in the ED campaign, order it to attack itself and it will
start to spin!

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