EA Sports Cricket 2008 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: EA Sports Cricket 2008 
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 EA Sports Cricket 2008 Cheats

EA Sports Cricket 2008

Bowled easy ,edge or lbw !:
Submitted by: Raj

take australian team in the test match 
take bret lee as a bowler 
bowl over the wicket to the right hand batsman
place marker onj full length on off side within the wickets the batsman would be 
100% bowled,lbw or catch out in the slips.

Bowling Tricks:
Submitted by: sainath

To defeat the opponent team at a score of below '10' or '0' there are some tricks 
to follow:-
Customize your own fielding technique as any custom 1,2,3,4,5 which is seen at the 
top of the screen and set field as maximum leg side and see that particularly the 
fielders should be placed at backward short leg, backward square leg and forward 
leg and then save the customized field position to a profile and then back to your 
game by clicking ok, then take a pace bowler and place the bowl marker towards his 
knee(full toss or full length)delivery and u find that opponent batsman always hit 
towards placed fielders and he will be out.

How to Get an Easy Wicket:
Submitted by: Bilal

Select Indian Team in the test match.Select Ishant Sharma to Bowl.Make sure the batsman 
is a right hand batsman.Set the field to aggressive 5.Bowl over the wicket.Bowl in such 
a way that the pointer is behind the wicket and left to it.It must not be too left side 
or too right side.Just in the middle behind the wicket.The batsman will be caught behind 
by one of the fielders there.

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