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  Hints and Tips for: Edge 
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 Edge Cheats


Steam achievements:
Submitted by: BoneK

A-list               - Get an A rank on all normal levels
An enemy of my enemy - Cross the block-enemy section in "cube invaders" without activating 
                       any of the three bridges
Backpack             - Get at least 8 seconds of EDGE time on the human figure in "edge time"
Balance              - Balance on the floor for at least 5 seconds
Centimeter           - Complete 24 normal levels
Chicken              - Find toki tori
Colorblind           - Finish a level without collecting any prisms
Compact              - Get crushed 10 times
Daredevil            - Get more than 0.5 seconds of EDGE time on the active side of a bumper
Decameter            - Complete all bonus levels
Decimeter            - Complete 36 normal levels
Double Rainbow       - Collect all prisms in the game
Dropoff              - Get dropped off by a platform and continue hanging on the wall
Edgaholic            - Finish a level by getting EDGE time on every edge climbed
Flag                 - Climb the flag in "highest flag"
Hard wired           - Don’t skip any of the moving wires in "wire"
Hectometer           - Complete all extended levels
Hitchhike            - Get 30 seconds of EDGE time on a moving platform
Hitchup              - Escape the clutch of the elevator in "star dust" and get across
Hour                 - Get 60 seconds of EDGE time
Invader              - Get on top of an invader
Jumper               - Jump on top of a car in "peripherique"
Kilometer            - Complete all normal levels
Leap of faith        - Take a leap of faith
Long Fall            - Fall more than 16 meters and survive
Meter                - Complete 45 normal levels
Microsecond          - Get 10 seconds of EDGE time as a mini cube
Millimeter           - Complete 12 normal levels
Minimalist           - Use only one of the nine switches at the end of "click"
Minute               - Get 30 seconds of EDGE time
Monkey               - Unleash the nibbling totem monkey head in "babylonian"
Mythical bird        - Summon the mythical bird in "mystic"
Nailed it            - Get to the exit of "hammer" fast
Perfect landing      - Fall directly on the exit square in "star castle"
Pickup               - Get picked up by a platform while hanging on an edge
Pickup               - Get picked up by a platform while hanging on an edge
Pinhole              - Finish a level in mini form
Pinhole              - Finish a level in mini form
Quick response       - Find the QR code
Rainbow              - Collect all prisms in the normal levels
Roundtrip            - Get picked up by a platform and then dropped off by a platform
Second               - Get 10 seconds of EDGE time
Shuffled             - Get shuffled in "magic"
Snowblind            - Find the six hidden switches in the snow-covered levels in December
Stardom              - Get an S rank on all normal levels
Stubborn             - Press the first nine switches in “don’t click!” and finish the level
Subway               - Ride the complete subway track
Tumbling travels     - Grab the prism after the wall sequence in “higher” as mini cube
Turnstile jumper     - Evade the subway fare

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