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  Hints and Tips for: Emperor - Rise of the Middle Kingdom 
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 Emperor - Rise of the Middle Kingdom Cheats

Emperor - Rise of the Middle Kingdom

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Press CTRL+ALT+C to bring up the cheat console, use the 
following cheats: 

Effect                                        Code
5,000 more Delians                          - Delian Treasury
All buildings in city are inauspicious      - Bad Wallpaper
All elite houses in city get 100 bronzeware - WaresForElite
All elite houses in city get 100 ceramics   - CeramicsForElite
All elite houses in city get 100 hemp       - HempForElite
All elite houses in city get 100 silk       - SilkForElite
All elite houses in city get 100 tea        - TeaForElite
Cause drought                               - Great Heat
Cause earthquake                            - Shake Shake
Cause flood                                 - Glub Glub
Elite house evolves                         - FunForElite
Eventually win mission                      - I Win Again
Get various resources                       - Gimme Goods
Hero in city changes to giant lizard        - Lizardman
Ignore desirability values in housing       - IgnoreDesire
Kill all units                              - Black death
Kill enemy units                            - Kill Enemy Units
Kill loan units                             - Kill Loan Units
One house is infected                       - Chinese Flu
Spawn one bandit in city                    - SpawnBandit
Spawn one mugger in city                    - SpawnMugger
Tax collectors resemble Uncle Sam           - Uncle Sam
Everything is faster                        - TimeBandits
5,000 Delians                               - Shutime

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