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  Hints and Tips for: Empires of the Undergrowth 
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 Empires of the Undergrowth Cheats

Empires of the Undergrowth

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginner's Guide:
Written by GrimyGamer

At the beginning you start with very few resources. South of your nest you 
can find some food, that's it! After enlarging your nest, you can unlock the 
Formicarium map in the north (just follow the path up). At the beginning you 
can only build worker ants. Remember you also have to build food places, 
later you will have to increase your food storage!

After that you can choose one of the two initial missions (top left in the 
corner). There you can set the difficulty level. The level of difficulty 
determines how big the reward is. After completion of the mission you can 
choose a reward! Food, Tech Points or Territory!

The food is dropped in the Formicarium after each mission or challenge. I 
recommend you take the Tech Points as a reward, because then you can unlock 
your soldiers ants!

You need at least 30-50 soldiers ants and some food to successfully master 
the first challenge. After this challenge you unlock more missions, get 
food in your Formicarium. You have to increase your nest every time and
make it stronger. You can upgrade the food and ant places, so you save a 
lot of space!

After a while, as you continue to level, upgrade and build your nest, 
your ants colony will be unbeatable.

Cold Blood Insane Difficulty Walkthrough:
I recently beat cold blood after 2 dozen attempts and have decided to share 
my advice on how to handle it on higher difficulties.

-=Day 1=-
Day 1 is the most important to get set up well with aphids. Immediately set your 
base workers to grab food and begin digging towards the entrance. Once you have 7 
of them, put them all in group 1 and turn off collect food and battle. Once you 
have opened the entrance, immediately send them rushing towards the top left corner 
of aphids. There is a 50/50 chance they make it without being attacked on the way, 
it all depends on where enemies spawn. If they get caught up in battle, reset the 
game and try again. By this point you should have 12 aphids, just set your workers 
near it and let them gather, along with grabbing any loose food nearby.

Begin building 5-10 other workers and then build fire ant nests. Numbers matter 
more at this point. Once you have the workers built, begin making risky plays near 
the bottom to grab the other colonyís aphids. Keep upgrading and building until 
nightfall, and keep your fire ants on the aphid stalk to prevent any theft. Even a 
single aphid can make a massive difference at this point. Get at least a couple of 
tier 3 army ants by nightfall, you will need a good mix of levels and numbers to 
survive the frogs.

-=Night 1=-
Keep collecting off the aphids and any loose food nearby, you arenít strong enough 
to go out yet. In the base, break into the top left corner, and wherever else enemies 
spawn so frogs donít release them. Eventually, frogs should break into your base. In 
order to cheese them in the beginning, set your workers to group 2 and your attackers 
to group 1.

Send group 2 to attack, until the toad does the grab attack. This attack kills many 
ants regardless of level, and also heals the frogs, and since ants fight head on it 
will decimate you at this early stage. However, this attack has a cool down. Once the 
cheap workers trigger it, rush in with your level 1-3 fire ants. They should be able 
to take the frogs before they do the grab attack again.

Once you have beaten the frogs, begin collecting aphid dew and make a play to grab 
any aphids you may have missed. Once you have grabbed most of them, make a play with 
all of your fire ants to the other aphid colony under yellow control. This should 
bring you up to around 19 aphids, although 1-2 lost during transport is fine. Keep 
collecting dew and expanding underground, although donít kill every enemy underground, 
since some frog spawns take a while to get into base, which spreads them out and 
makes them easier to handle. Slowly kill enemies over time to gather food and 
reduce threat.

-=Day 2=-
Relax a little, gather dew and fight off the constant waves of enemies. Grab any loose 
food and just keep upgrading and staying safe.

-=Night 2
Survive the frog invasion once again. It will be harder this time, but if you didnít 
kill all the enemies they should come in at a slow trickle rather than all at once. 
Once you have done this, you can try going to the islands in order to grab rogue 
aphids, if you have enough units to cross the water. The top right one is your closest 
and best bet for this night. Once you grab these (or donít) just stay safe and keep 
collecting. Keep fire ants or those 5-10 workers on the aphid stalk at all times.

-=Day 3=-
Again, stay safe. keep collecting dew and fending off attacks. Youíre probably strong 
enough to attack a base now, but if you attack at daytime the other base will attack 
you. Fend off their attacks and stay alive.

-=Night 3=-
Once you have handled the frog invasion, immediately begin gathering your army to go 
and attack blue base. They are the weaker and closer base, and this should be your 
first priority. Make sure you stop periodically on the march to let your ants clump 
together, you donít want them trailing into the mouth of a salamander or rogue spider. 
Once you are nearby and all clumped up rush inside and immediately head for the queen. 
Once she is dead ignore the base, the food isnít worth it. Grab their aphids near 
their base and bail. Collect any other aphids on islands you can and continue expanding 
below ground.

-=Day 4=-
Continue staying safe and expanding. Expand everywhere underground now that you have 
less attacks coming, and beat all enemies there.

-=Night 4=-
Beat off the frog invasion, and now it is time to attack yellow. If you donít feel 
confident continue gathering aphids and loose food. The pine cone to the top left should 
be safe to grab now. You can attack on night 5 instead. Once you are confident though, 
destroy yellow base. They donít have any aphids left at this point, and the food isnít 
worth it, it will just free you up to fight the bullfrog in the morning.

-=Day 5: Bullfrog Time=-
Time to kill the behemoth. Put all your workers on dew collection, and begin attacking 
the bullfrog. If you have enough workers gathering dew and replanting eggs, it should be 
no trouble at all. Just keep spamming and swarming, and occasionally stop to clump your 
ants up. At this point it is just a matter of time, resources, and replacement. Just keep 
spamming your level 3 ants while collecting dew and placing eggs to replace any lost. At 
this point it should take half a day, but it is doable.

Congrats, you have likely just won. This strategy still has a lot of luck involved due to 
enemy spawns at the beginning and enemy movement patterns so itís far from perfect. Just 
reset the game if you canít win or get a good start.

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