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  Hints and Tips for: Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights 
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 Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights Cheats

Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Beat Julius:
Written by ExAltair

-=First Phase=-
1.I suggest to equip the trinkets to increase your grounded damage, as well those 
  who give you extra prayers. As main weapons we値l use the claws + the Crow as support.
2.The boss fight is really easy, you just need quick reflexes and time. Basically you have 
  to slide behind your enemy and start attacking a couple of times with your claws, then 
  slide again since he will turn, and keep going on like this. Do not use the crow in this 
3.Maintain an aggressive playstyle, he will chase you or bullrush you, and his attacks when 
  he is afar are more dangerous.

-=Second Phase=-
1.In this phase he will gain a charge attack. You can avoid it by sliding if you are afar, 
  or by going at his shoulders if you are near him.
2.Use the crow from now on, and keep attacking exactly as in the first phase.

-=Third Phase=-
1.In this phase he will litterally become Goku and shot a Kamehameha at you. As always, 
  we値l just slide at his back (but not sticking to him) and keep attacking him with our 
  claws and our crow.
2.Just keep going like this untill he dies. His strength are only the speed, the huge ammount 
  of life , the semi-invulnerability and the devastating blows with who he can oneshot or 
  twoshot you. But other than that, he is easy, just take really long to beat and you have 
  to repeat the same patterns again and again, which can be tiring.

Guide on How to Beat Ulv:
Written by ExAltair

-=First Phase=-
1.The best way to deal with him is to use as your main attack your big heavy hitter + 
  Irene and the Crow + the power up to break enemy defenses quicker
2.When the fight starts, pull out the crow and attack and dash behind him. The reason is 
  that with Ulv there is no safety distance, so better be aggressive.
3.There is a different and slower animation you will recognize when he is doing a wider 
  area attack. There too, dash behind him and keep hitting using this window. Keep going 
  untill his stance breaks and he is harmless. If you hit him enought, once he recover he 
  will do an animation to pass in phase 2. Stay slightly away from him to avoid to be kicked 

-=Second Phase=-
1.As soon as the animation finishes, he will do a cross attack, that will hit you anywere 
  you are, untill you are grounded. As soon as he starts doing it, we値l use the special 
  attack of our heavy hitter to bypass that with our invincibility frames and breaking a 
  good chunk of his defence. He will use two additional attacks here.
2.The first one is the cross attack, when he is doing it, just jump or slide with the correct 
  timing. The second one is an energy wave that will cross all the arena. Slide to avoid that.
3.Here the trick is, again, keeping hitting him as much as we can in melee to break is defence 
  and bring him to phase 3. Stay away from him here, because the wave will be wider.

-=Third Phase=-
1.Here we値l use the same trick as before. He will try to use a wide area attack with pillars 
  of energy. We値l bypass it again with our special attack and we値l deal him all the necessary 
  damage. From here on he will do this attack if we are to much near to him, so we値l stop being 
2.This boss will not leave you time to heal sometimes, he will stalk you around the map or use 
  the wave attack and the cross attack right after (or the opposite), basically getting you 
  with the second while you are healing.
3.Use the crow and Irene to damage him from distance untill you kill him, all while dodging 
  his attacks as explained previously. Beware that in this last phase he can use the wave 
  attack multiple times in a row (to me happened just once, and he never did it before, but 
  it took me unprepared and killed me)

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