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  Hints and Tips for: Endoparasitic 
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 Endoparasitic Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Defeat Teleporting Hunter Boss:
Written by Wyverncakes

To "stagger" the Predator, you need to hit it sufficiently that it will do a 
little wobbling animation, and will then leave you alone for maybe 10-15 seconds.

You cannot hurt the Predator during the startup of its attack, only afterwards. My 
best recommendation is to just try to evade the Predator until you have a fairly 
spacious area to work with. The Predator actually helps significantly with clearing
out everything around it since it has a sort of “death aura” around it when it 
spawns that will kill nearby enemies, and its lunging attack will kill anything 
it hits instantly too.

This attack though has crap tracking, and so the winning ticket is to wait for the 
Predator to spawn, then pull yourself away/around it so that its attack will miss. 

Then pull out your crossbow and shoot it. It’ll actually be hit this time, and is 
courteous enough that it will leave the bolt behind when it teleports away. Rewind
the crossbow drawstring and load another bolt (and if possible grab your previous 
one) and repeat two more times. 

Voila, you have a very tiny breather. Make the most of it.

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