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  Hints and Tips for: Endzone: A World Apart 
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 Endzone: A World Apart Cheats

Endzone: A World Apart

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips + Walkthrough:
Written by [W+M1] DirtyHarry07

-=Water and Food Management=-
Water and food is the most vital part of the game for your settlement to thrive, 
having a good balance throughout is the key objective for a health population.

* It’s important to have a variety of food sources which will increase your 
  “Rich food” this will help increase your population confidence, meaning happy 
* Multiple water sources is key.
* Wells will benefit during droughts and will bring clean water.
* Pastures and farms are reliable source of food if water levels are spare.

-=Managing House Happiness=-
Having your settlement live near industrial areas will create chaos, who wants 
to live next to a noisy scrapyard?

This is why it’s important to plan where you’re going to place your “cabins” for 
your settlers to live and where to place “negative” buildings early on.

The Happier your settlers, the more your settlement will thrive.

One thing to mention on this, you can place “Shelter” near the negative buildings 
and place decorations to balance the happiness, this will help a good chunk of 
your population to live near their jobs.

-=Logistics (Roads)=-
Roads can be placed for your settlers to increase their speed which increases 
production.You can see where your settlers are moving around.

You can also place Power-lines on roads later in the game.

-=Work priority=-
Your settlement is always evolving with different needs, so watch out whats happening.

When ever a drought is happening, there’s no reason to have people fishing so a 
little micro-management is involved early game or even late game.

Take advantage of the professions and increase certain jobs around when you’re 
in need of certain materials.

-=Know when to expand=-
constantly building cabins will eventually cause you trouble unless you use birth 
control. It’s important to keep an eye on your population and whether or not you’re 
keeping up with whats needed.

-=Running Out of tools=-
* Housing
* resources
* If you need certain items making faster, create another building, for example, 
  need more tailor shops or recycler as this will increase your population needs.

You don’t want to expand too quickly and you don’t want to fall behind too.

The trading post which can be found under logistics will bring in traders to show 
their hot air balloons.

-=Herbs and medicine easy to farm=-
* unique resources
* animals not native to your region
* New seeds

-=Lets begin.=-
You’ll want to pause the game straight away and find out where the nearest water 
source is, where to place your housing and where to place your negative buildings
(Industrial buildings)

Check areas with radion by clicking the radiation overlay but bare in mind, 
this changes with weather and seasons.

* Set a “Gather all” task at a nearby forest, this will keep resources coming in 
  with your idle settlers.
* keeping atleast 2-3 settlers as builders
* Build a Jetty at the nearest lake. (Water source)
* build a cistern close to the jetty. (Increases work production and stores water.)
* Assign 2 settlers as Water carriers.
* Build Fishermans hut and assign 2 settlers.
* You will get a warning with incoming drought, you can increase these professions 
  to increase your stock before the drought happens, this is ideal if you’re running 

* Build 2 recyclers close to van but not close to your cabins or area where your 
  cabins will be placed. Set them to cloth Set 2 settlers for this profession
* Build a Forester’s Lodge
* Build charcoal Kiln

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