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  Hints and Tips for: Enemy Front 
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 Enemy Front Cheats

Enemy Front

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Roger and out" achievement or trophy:
This mode does not require any players for you to win. Start your own game solo, 
capture all the points on the map, and wait for the transmission to complete. 
Repeat this five times.

Easy "Seen Them All" achievement or trophy:
Load all multiplayer three modes by starting and hosting your own game. 
No other players are required.

No intro movies fix:
Written by himmler1

This tutorial describes how to skip all intro movies.

To skip all intro movies just delete or rename "IntroMovies.pak", 
which is located in Enemy Front\Game2\_FastLoad directory

Best Stealth Melee Guide:
Written by Cheesey Broccoli

This is the best way to quietly melee-kill enemies.

-=1: Get Close=-
Move close to the enemy.
Don’t sprint: sprinting makes you slightly faster at the cost of being noisy.

Hiding behind objects, in bushes, and in dark areas makes you harder to see.

Throw rocks to make Nazis look the wrong way.

-=2: Whack Him in the Face!=-
Get in front of that guy and hit him in the face! Seriously.

The game expects you to do the “stealth kill” from behind that makes you go 
through an annoyingly long animation that can ruin your stealth if other 
enemies are nearby watching. If you hit them from the front, the bad guy drops 
instantly. This is much faster; giving you more time to move the body or move on.

-=Step 3: Good Vibes=-
Feel proud that you taught that fascist a lesson. It is your civic duty to hit 
Nazis in the face.

Due to blur (which can produce some bizarre screenshots) and the difficulty of 
pressing the screenshot button during combat, I could not properly capture this 
glorious moment, so go make some precious moments for yourself.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view
your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My profile", 
then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement                    How to unlock
Annihilation                 - Kill all enemies inside the V2 factory
Another Jerry Bites the Dust - Destroy all enemy planes using anti aircraft cannon in 
                               'Fortress at Oscarborg' mission
Archive of War               - Collect 30 secrets
Bag of Souvenirs             - Collect 15 secrets
Bronze Star                  - Become the most valuable player in 10 Team Deathmatches
Crash and Burn               - Destroy all vehicles inside the workshop in 'Final Victory' mission
I guess it's yours           - Throw back 3 enemy grenades (Singleplayer)
Invincible                   - Win a Deathmatch round without dying
Iron Storm                   - Kill 25 enemies using mounted HMG (Singleplayer)
It Was Broken...             - Defend back of the church without using HMG in 'Siege of St. Cross' 
It's a Trap                  - Set and detonate explosives on the enemy truck in 'Officer hunt in the 
                               Loue Valley' mission
Jackpot                      - Obtain all medals in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Radio Trasnmission 
Kaboom Baby                  - Destroy the cable car in 'Winter in Vemork' mission
Knock Knock Lure             - 5 enemies by throwing stones
Leave No Stone Unturned	     - Collect all secrets
Long Day                     - Play 50 Multiplayer matches
Medic!                       - Save Home Army soldier in the hospital
Motor Pool is Down           - Destroy all enemy vehicles inside ruined castle in 'Sabotage in the
                               Loue Valley' mission
My Artifacts                 - Collect 5 secrets
No Man Left Behind           - Rescue prisoners from POW camp
One Man Army                 - Kill 50 Germans and destroy all armored vehicles in 'Home Army 
                               Victorious' mission
One Shot, One Boom           - Kill an officer and blow up the armory with one shot in
                               'First Victory' mission
One Shot, One Kill           - Kill all snipers on top of PAST with a sniper rifle without reloading it
Operation Fall Blau          - Finish game on Expert difficulty level
Operation Overlord           - Finish game on Medium difficulty level
Operation Torch              - Finish game on Casual difficulty level
Plot Twist                   - Use commanding officer inside PAST as a human shield
Polish Resistance            - Paint all Polish resistance symbols on levels that happen in Warsaw
Power of Faith               - Rescue the priest with a single shot in 'First Victory' mission
Prison Break-in              - Get into the prison without raising alarm in 'First Victory' mission
Red Barrels                  - Kill 20 enemies using explosive environment objects (Singleplayer)
Roger and out                - Win 5 matches in Radio Transmission mode
Seen Them All                - Play all Multiplayer modes
Silent Savior                - Rescue Dietrich from POW Camp without raising any alarm
Sir! Yes Sir!                - Obtain First Sergeant rank
Sniper                       - Perform 100 Headshots in Multiplayer mode
Soldier                      - Play any Multiplayer match
The Wall of Flesh            - Take enemy officer/soldier as live shield, then kill 3 enemies
This is Warsaw Calling...    - Collect all Blyskawica radio station parts in 'PAST Assault' mission
Threat Eliminated            - Kill 3 SDKFZ gunners without destroying the vehicle
To the Moon!                 - Collect all rocket parts in 'Fire from the Sky' mission
Two Birds One Stone          - Kill two enemies with one bullet (Singleplayer)
Victorious                   - Win a match in every Multiplayer mode
Vive La Résistance!          - Help all resistance members in 'French Resistance' mission
What was that?!              - Kill 10 enemies during 'Loud Sound'

You’re Robert Hawkins, an American stuck deep in Nazi controlled territory during 
the height of WWII. It’s up to you whether to fight your enemies face to face, 
snipe them from afar, or sneak past and sabotage their positions. Join the fight
against the evil Third Reich in open-ended missions across war torn Europe.

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