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  Hints and Tips for: Enemy On Board 
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 Enemy On Board Cheats

Enemy On Board

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Working at Space Applebee's:
Written by Jack Spooks

This is a guide to teach you how to work at Applebee's Neighborhood Grill + Bar,
trademark of Applebee's International Inc. within the confines of Andromeda 

Locating Applebee's Neighborhood Bar + Grill on the Andromeda Station

It's to the left of repair room.

-=Hiring Process
First and foremost, Applebee's hires selectively based solely on species, so unfortunately 
if you are not an alien you may not work at your local Andromedan Space Applebee's. 
Additionally, the Infestor of specie Plagus Mortalis is banned from working at Space 
Applebee's. Although Space Applebee's originally was all inclusive in regards to species 
hiring, we have found the stereotype of Infestors slipping date ??? drugs into beverages 
to be a very accurate one indeed.

-=Job Description
So you're a young and dapper Infestor, Spider, or Leech who has passed the rigorous hiring 
process, congrats! Now is the time to learn what you actually have to do as an employee of 
Space Applebee's. Your primary duty and mission is to serve the customer! This primarily 
means serving beverages, entertainment, deploying pink smoke screens, and an occasional 
tentatickle. All this and more will be discussed in the next section of your worker's guide.

-=Service Guide
So you've clocked in for a shift, shedding your egg sac and revealing your gorgeous pink 
skin, long luscious tentacles, or dripping silky mandibles. Now is the time to provide the 
utmost service experience to our crew customers, first up is beverages: Beverages should be 
handled by Infestors and Spiders entirely by Spiders, as you can provide delicious, fresh 
silk slurp, a refreshingly scrumptious beverage which slides smoothly down the throats of 
desiring crew members. Next is entertainment, and comfort: Infestors can provide the wonderful 
entertainment of setting off colored smoke screens for the crew to dance and jump around in 
This aspect of the job is now handled almost entirely by leeches, and for good reason! As a 
Leech you have access to one of the most unique and wonderful tools of entertainment in the 
entire galaxy, tentacles! Our crew customers absolutely love tentacle tickles, or as we have 
adorably named them, tentickles. All you do is go around the counter, give them a little boop 
with your head, maybe use your lil' fingers too, and give a lovely tentickle. These are the 
primary services provided by Space Applebee's, however you should always remain adaptive as 
a service provider, you do have your company commissioned meat suits that you can wear for 
long periods of time in order to search out specialty items, such as Meth Soda, Cursed 
Fruit Roll Ups, Smoke Orbs, or Bendy Shivs.

-=Good Luck!
We know that you may have a tough time adjusting to your new work environment, however 
we believe that you will soon realize how enjoyable and rewarding of a position this is. 
Should you have any further concerns or needs regarding how to properly fulfill your role 
as an employee, you should never feel bad about consulting this worker's manual. 
That's all there is to say for now, best of luck and remember to always have fun!

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