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  Hints and Tips for: Erotica Islands 
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 Erotica Islands Cheats

Erotica Islands

Walkthrough by Grave Digger 

Now, make sure you pick up everything you come across 
in the game. 

On the beach scene, talk to the girl three times. Pick up 
the used CONDOM. Go left from the screen and click on the 
red balloon twice and pick up the INFLATABLE CHICKEN. 
Go right two screens and pick up the OIL CAN. Now, go back 
left two screens to pick up the MAP from the chair to get 
MAP option in your controls. Using this option you can reach 
all the possible places on this island. Click on the map 
option and choose the only second location you have, 
The Mall. 

Pick up the CINEMA TICKET from the counter. Click on the 
Pawn Brokers sign on the left to reach the Pawn shop. 
Talk to the guy. Exit and use map to reach back to the beach. 

Pick up the RED TOWEL and the SUNTAN LOTION. Go to the right 
screen and click on the busy couple. Go left two screens and 
pick up the WATCH. Go back to The Mall. 

Click on the Sex Shop sign and go there. Talk to the girl 
twice. Click on the magazines on the tables. Go to the Pawn 
shop and sell your WATCH to get $200. Buy a SILVER RING. 
Go back to the sex shop and give her the SILVER RING. 
Talk with her. Go to the beach. 

Pick up the PEARL. Go right and talk with the man three times. 
Also pick up the SHELL. Use the map and reach a new opened 
location, Gym+Tonic. 

Talk to the girl twice. Pick up the POT OF GLUE. Give the TOWEL 
to the girl. Take the PAWN TICKET. Read the fire note on the 
wall. Go to the mall.

Go to the Pawn shop and give the PAWN TICKET to the guy. 
You will get a KEY. Open you map and go to the newly appeared 
location, Hotel. 

Pick up the CLUB TICKET from the ROOM 69 slot. 
Also, pick up a SWEET from the counter. Open the door with 
the KEY. Click on the green stuff on the bed. Take a TEABAG 
and the PERFUME from near the TV. Open your inventory and 
combine the POT OF GLUE with the PEARL to get a STICKY PEARL. 
Use map and go to the Mall. 

Go to the Sex shop and click on the wanted poster on the wall.
Now, talk with the girl and give her the INFLATABLE CHICKEN to 
get LAP DANCE TICKET in return. In you map a new location, XXX 
Movies has popped up so go there. 

Talk to the boy. Pick up the RED ROSES from the floor. Buy a 
SILVER RING to get GOLD RING in you inventory. Give the LAP 
DANCE TICKET to the boy and click on the upper left window 
with a dancing babe. 

Click on the barman. Click on the girl and pay for SOME show. 
Go back to the reception and talk to the girl. 

Open your map and again choose XXX Movies. Give the CINEMA 
TICKET to the boy and enter the cinema. Click on the cinema 
screen and watch the shows. The entrance to the cinema is now 
open for you to come back and watch all the other movies. 
Use map and go to The Mall. 

Go to the Sex Shop. Combine the GOLDEN RING with the STICKY 
the girl to get another entry in the cinema menu. Talk with the 
girl. Use map and go to the Gym+Tonic. 

Once there, look in the keyhole from the door. Use map and 
go to your hotel room and read the card on the bed. Click on
the phone. Use your map and go to Pink Pussycat Club, which 
is now available on your map.

Pick up the QUILL. Enter the Pussycat bar. Pick up the MUD 
from the floor and the FAKE BAR CHIPS from the bar counter. 
Also take the PIN from the wall poster. 

Talk with the barman. After the show, talk to him again. 
Use the map and go to The Mall. 

Go to the pawn shop and buy the SUIT for $50. Again use map 
and go to the hotel. 

Enter the Casino and talk with the girl. Then go to your 
Room 69 and talk with the maid and to get a JOB CONTRACT. 
Give her the BOTTLE OF VODKA. Use the phone and order a coke. 
When you hear the knock on the door, exit the room and take 
the WARM COKE. Go back to your room and combine the WARM COKE 
with the BOTTLE OF VODKA and give VODKA AND COLA to the maid 
for another entry in the cinema menu. 

Exit the room and go to the casino and talk with the girl to 
find out that she wants another girl to go with her. 
Play a game and use your FAKE BAR CHIPS. You win and lose but 
make sure you to win and get REAL BAR CHIPS. Exit and use your 
map to reach Pink Pussycat Club. 

Click on the right door near the sign "Golden Shower." 
Read the notice. Use map and go to the fountain and temple, a 
new entry on the map. 

Go left to the fountain and take the SQUID. Go right to the 
temple and talk to the girl twice. Take the RARE FLOWERS. 
Click on the top of the statue for some kinky dialogues. 
Go left and click on the fountain signboard to go there. 
Click on the fountain. Now, go to the map and come back to 
the fountain area. Pick up your money and travel back to your 
hotel after you get a message. 

Pick up the message from your slot. 
Read the note and go to Pink Pussycat Club. 

Talk with the girl outside to find out that you need 1000$ 
to enter Crusty Bucket. Give her the REAL BAR CHIPS. Talk to 
the girl twice to find out that she likes girls too. Pick up 
the HYPODERMIC from the floor and use that on the SQUID to 
get INK in your inventory. Use the INK on the QUILL and you 
will get an INKY PEN. Now, use the INKY PEN on the JOB CONTRACT 
and you will get a LAS VEGAS CONTRACT. Go to your hotel. 

Go to the casino and talk to the girl. 
Now go to the XXX Movies. 

Go to the Lap Dance Club. Talk to the girl and pick up the 
money from the dancing stage. Give her the LV Contract. She 
refuses to take it as its not signed by the Mayor yet. 
Go to the Mall. 

Talk to Mayor. Go to the pawn shop and buy the CAMERA. 

Go to the Pink Pussycat Club and talk to the girl outside. 
Enter the Golden Shower and talk to the girl on right and 
again watch the threesome show. 

When the show is over take a look in the hole on the right wall. 
Use the CAMERA on the hole to get DODGY PHOTO of the Mayor. 
Go to the Mall. 

Use the DODGY PHOTO on the mayor to get the LV CONTRACT signed. 
Go to the Sex shop and buy a PENIS ENLARGER. Go to XXX Movies. 

Go left and give the Las Vegas contract to the girl and get 
another erotic entry in the cinema files. 
Now use PENIS ENLARGER and go to the Gym. 

Enter the Hot Tubs room and talk to the girl. 
She wants you to have a tan. Leave and go to the Mall. 

Go to the sex shop and you can buy a SPECIAL DILDO in the sex 
shop. Go to Fountain and the Temple area. 

Go to the temple and give the SPECIAL DILDO to the girl sitting 
by the statue to watch yet another show. 
Once done, go to the Gym. 

Click on the fire alarm above the Sun Beds door and enter the Sun 
Beds door. Use the SUNTAN LOTION and click the button on the Sun 
bed. Go back to the Hot Tubs and talk to the girl. 
After the show talk to her again. 

Click on the black man, then on the box and last on the doll to 
end the game. Sit back and watch the ending sequence.

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