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  Hints and Tips for: Escape Mind 
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 Escape Mind Cheats

Escape Mind

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Walkthrough with 100% Achievements:
Written by barondeghost
This guide will walk you through the game and get you all seven achievements.

Escape Mind is a pretty short point and click adventure game with a few puzzles. 
Iíve written this walkthrough in the order I did the tasks in the game, but 
itís totally possible that thereís a better or more straightforward way to do 
things. If you discover one, feel free to comment and Iíll add your information 
with credit. Also, please comment if you catch any errors Iíve made.
NOTE: For the achievement ďLET THERE BE LIGHT!Ē Iíve advised you to snuff out 
the candles that are already lit and re-light them with the matches. I donít 
actually know for sure that you need to do this, or if itís good enough to just 
light the unlit candles. I put these directions here just to be safe.

ACHIEVEMENT: 100 CLICKS! Ė This achievement is self-explanatory and will easily 
be unlocked probably within the first few minutes of playing the game.

Pick up the matches from the floor.
Click on the candle flame to snuff it out, then use the matches to re-light it.
Click on the crow that appears outside the window, then take the strange amulet it drops.
Click on the lizard.
Open the gate.
Go left.
Snuff and re-light the candle.
Go left.
Light the candle.
Click the plant three times and take the blue scarab.
Take the sign piece.
Click on the wooden planks over the door to remove them.
Keep clicking the spider until it lands in the web, the click it again.

-=Spider Puzzle=-
The best way I found to complete this one is to pay attention to the next strand and 
whether it moves up or down. For the strands that move upward, enter them from the 
bottom of the screen. Enter the downward moving strands from the top part of the screen. 
Wait until right after a drop falls, then move right immediately after.

Take the black widow.
Go up.
Light the three candles. Take note of the drawing on the wall, and the word written 
under the candles.
Thereís a cluster of red mushrooms in the left corner. Click on it, and take the mushroom 
that falls to the floor.
Click the tap twice.

Go right.
Snuff and re-light the candle.
Click on the lizard.
Click on the red rose until you collect the petals.
Go right.
Light the candle.
Click on the owl until it explodes into feathers.

Go left, then up.
Snuff and re-light the candle.
Click on the pictures on the table. (Black and purple objects.)
Go right.
Light the candle.
Click on the lizard.
Take the hourglass on the cabinet.
Open the first large drawer of the cabinet, and take the termite.
Click on the mouse hole near the cabinet.

-=Mouse Puzzle=-
The solution to this puzzle can be random. Iíve posted the solution I used for the puzzle 
I got on one of my playthroughs. If you have any others, feel free to comment. (Thank you 
to Defhon for the information about the random aspect of this puzzle.)
Solution: L D L U R D L U L D R D

Go left, down, right.
Take the crystal.
Go left, then up.
Put the crystal in the crowís mouth.
Go left.
Take the empty flask on the bottom left shelf.
Click on the book next to the flask: thereís a hint for later in the game.
Take the crystal on the top right shelf.
Click on the purple hat, then take the silver key that drops out.
Click on the red book on the bottom right shelf for a hint about what to do with the 
moon and sun pictures.
Use the amulet on the book with the cross on the spine on the top right shelf. 
If you click the book youíll get another hint for later in the game.
Go right.
Drag the sun and moon pictures from the wall to the candle in order to burn them.
Click on the window.

-=Aquarius Puzzle=-
Connect the dots in such a way that they form the Aquarius picture from the room 
with the three candles.

Collect the moon moth.
Go right.
Use the key on the bottom drawer.
Take the crystal.
Go left, down, right.
Click on the broom a couple of times.

Go left, left, down, right.
Use the blue crystal with the crowís mouth.
Go down.
Snuff and re-light the candle.
Use the sign part in your inventory with the sign on the wall.
Go right.
Snuff and re-light the candle.
Use the hourglass with the hole in the corner of the clock.
Go down.
Light the candle.
Click on the one brick thatís a bit lighter than all the others.

Click the bat three times and take the fish bone that falls to the floor.
Go left.
Snuff and re-light the candle.
Click the cluster of three skulls on the ceiling, then take the ladybug.
Go left.
Light the candle.
Take the blue triangle with the eye thatís on the dream catcher.
Use the empty flask on the water.
Go right, right, up, left.
Give the fish bone to the cat.
Take the green flask.
Put the blue eye in the top triangle on the wall.
Go left, then down, then right.
Take the eyeball from the skull on the ground.
Go right, up, left, up.
Click the picture of the triangle on the wall.

-=Maze Puzzle=-
Youíll need to use your cursor to drag the black dot over to the larger black dot thatís 
accessible from where you are. It will then appear outside the other large black dot, 
from which you need to drag it to the path that leads out of the triangle. The description
text says that this puzzle is about patience, and they ainít kidding. This will take a 
little while.

Take the red triangle with the eye.
Go down.
Put the red eye in the bottom triangle on the wall.
Put the red crystal in the monsterís mouth.
Go left.
Light the candle.

Click on the lizard.
Click the book under the table for a hint.
Go right, then up.
Click on the lizard tail thatís now behind the bug box, then pick it up from the floor.
Go left, up, right.
Take the dragonfly. NOTE: Iím not actually sure exactly when the dragonfly appears here or 
which action triggers it.
Go right.
Take the sheet music.
Go left, left, down, right, down, left.
Put the flask filled with water on the burner, then the rose petals on the flask.
Light the burner, then take the red potion.
Add the mushroom, magic eyeball, and lizard tail to the mortar and pestle on the table.
Take the mortar and pestle.
Click the picture of the equation on the wall until itís right-side up.
Go right, up, left, up, right, up, left.
Add the red potion, green potion, and blue potion (drag it from the bottom left shelf) 
to the cauldron.
Add the mortar and pestle to the cauldron.
Take the bumblebee.
Go right, down, left, down, right, down, left, down, right, right.

-=Frog Puzzle=-
Click on the frogs in the order shown on the sheet music. The order can be random. 
(Thank you to Defhon for the information about the random aspect of this puzzle.)

Take the firefly.
Go right, right, up, left, up.
Take the gold key.
Go down, then left.
Use the gold key on the door.
Click on the square mechanism.

-=Door Puzzle
Itís the same as the game Lights Out. I didnít manage to keep track of the exact moves I 
used to solve it, sorry! It shouldnít be hard with trial and error, but if anyone does have 
an exact solution, post a comment and Iíll add it here with credit.

After you open the door, you win the game. You should also have all the achievements. 

Note: Mouse Puzzle and Frog Puzzle have some random possibilities.

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